Wednesday, 8 October 2008

One Eyed Palin

Quick last one, wanted to show this recent Newsweek magazine (October 13th) cover featuring Sarah Palin, with only one eye on show naturally [the other in the dark], looking for an HQ image to see what that gold earring is + could be something to the light reflection in her eye.

Edit: These two ones from TDS are more relevant (also to Barack Obama who I just posted on; and the suggestible ad campaigns [note Lewis Black's doll usage too, his show (scroll to bottom of link) seems pretty suspect (twin pillars, headless statues + trident)]) which I just saw (UK gets Daily Show 24 hours later, usually just download though).

Edit: Sarah Palin and Princess Diana are cousins [10th cousin; also related to Franklin Roosevelt] See link [Better link at Red Ice]. Previously posted on her ancestry here; this was kind of predictable [they knew it from the start I'm sure hence that article comparing them both "randomly"]. Other odd stories are coming out such as Hustler creating a spoof porno "Nailin' Paylin". Click below image for story on the Palin condom!


aferrismoon said...

Considering the build-up of your past blogs this = a great culmination, they even back it with 'she's one[eye] of the folks'. I imagine some strange village where the 'folks [volk] live
In the Kingdom of the blind the one-eyed psycho is Monarch
+ the computer memory always saves these 'word verifications' - what's that about?


Anonymous said...

can u recommend any good books to read about mind programming?

Anonymous said...

^Here is one.


Anonymous said...

This is amazing
y Hillary Clinton, (a 6th level Illuminati witch & sadistic Monarch slave handler)


Anonymous said...

Hey Benjamin, I'm not sure how else to get this to you, so I figured I'd post it here. But this one combines both stuff you talk about as well as Celtic Rebel. It started when I saw a blurb about how there will be an upcoming music album for Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes coming out, six years after her death. She was one third of the band "TLC" back in the 90s before having a falling out and going out on her own, only to die in a car accident in 2002. The posthumus album will be released on November 11th.....1111.....and called "Eye Legacy." !

No big deal, right? I'm paying attention to things such as "one eye" and all that thanks to your blog ;) and thought to look closer at Lisa's story. Here's her page on Wiki:

Things to take note of:

- Left eye, as in, one eye. In the early days would appear on stage with one eye covered by a condom. Supposedly to promote "safe sex." (cough) See Celtic's great write up on the great condom conspiracy for more on this particular agenda. As well as all your own write ups talking about the significance of the covered one eye symbolism.

- Had tattoos, one of which was an *eagle.* Think Celtic has also covered the significance of the Eagle symbolism with relation to the powers that be.

- Died one month short of her *30th* birthday in a car accident. You know all about the whole ritual sacrifice at age 30 thing and have covered it (in particular the story of Lebanese pop singer Suzanne Tamim, murdered one month shy of her 30th birthday, which I had forwarded to you.) So yeah, amazing coincidence there. 0_0

Maybe it's all a coincidence, or maybe not. Just seems odd to me. Lisa Lopes wasn't one of the huge, major players in the industry, a Madonna, Britney, Christina, Justin, Janet, etc., but she was still famous and well known, with some possible synchs going on, whether purposeful or accidental...

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