Friday, 24 October 2008

Cannibal cult mother who skinned son and made him eat his own flesh gets 9 years in jail

A cannibal cult mother who tortured her son in a locked cellar while relatives skinned him and forced him to eat his own flesh has been jailed for nine years.

Klara Mauerova, 31 - a member of a sinister religious cult and her sister Katerina led the sickening torture of her eight-year-old son Ondrej and his ten year-old brother Jakub.

A court in Brno in Czech Republic heard how relatives partially skinned Ondrej and forced him to eat his own flesh. [I pasted information briefly mentioning the skinning alive trauma programming technique in this X-Files post ('The child that is not loved is skinned alive before the other children'; in this case the other child being the other brother) and also mentioned its use in MK randomly in the Kylie post]

Klara Mauerova, right, has been jailed for nine years for abusing her sons

The judge also jailed Katerina, 35, for ten years for her role in the sickening abuse.

The two boys had told judges how their mother and relatives had stubbed cigarettes out on their bare skin, whipped them with belts, and tried to drown them. They were also sexually abused and forced to cut themselves with knives. [self-mutilation; all these things described are standard traumas used in MK]

The terrified youngsters said they were kept in cages or handcuffed to tables and made to stand in their own urine for days.

Klara Mauerova, far left, and fellow torturer Barbara Skrlova are pictured with Klara's sons Jakub, 10, foreground, and Ondrej, 8

The sick sisters - both members of weird religious cult the Grail Movement - refused to reveal why they tortured the brothers.

But state prosecutor Zuzana Zamoravcova said: 'Their aim was to make the boys blindly serve their religious goals.' [Standard cult-mind control programming]

Judge Pavel Goth said as he sentenced the women: 'Their aim was to create a person with a completely broken will. Ondrej and Jakub were repeatedly psychologically and physically tyrannised and held in locked rooms.'

Mauerova's sister Katerina was jailed for ten years for her part in the torture

Another defendant, 34-year-old Barbora Skrlova, was also jailed for five years for her part in the torture. Three others who took part in the abuse were also given jail terms.

Hana Basova, 28, and Jan Skrla, 25, were sentenced to seven years each while another man, Jan Turek, was jailed for five years.

Skrlova had posed as an innocent 13-year-old girl when police arrived to free the boys. She later ran away to Norway but was traced earlier this year by Czech police who brought her back to face trial.

Barbara Skrlova, seen here in a beanie hat, is pictured after her arrest in Norway. She posed as a 13-year-old girl to escape capture

Mauerova at first admitted abusing her children but she said she had been manipulated by her sister Katerina and Skrlova.

All three of them had been part of the Grail Movement cult which claims to have hundreds of followers in Britain as well as tens of thousands of others world wide. [no doubt, millions of MK victims out there, hundreds of thousands of which are members of cults living in their communes]

The sick abuse was discovered when a neighbour installed a TV baby monitor to keep watch on his new daughter.

But it picked up the signal from an identical monitor next door showing one of the victims beaten, naked and chained in a cellar.

Mauerova had installed it so she could gloat over her victims' suffering from the comfort of her kitchen.

The defendants are expected to launch an appeal.

My post on this case here [more on the woman who posed as a 13 year old and other relevant MK things] and Daily Mail link here.


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Makes one think...

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Former basketball player and coach Isiah Thomas is recovering in a New York state hospital after suffering a mystery "overdose".

Police have confirmed they were called to the 47-year-old's home at midnight on Thursday, and that an ambulance was dispatched to take Thomas to a nearby clinic.

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Officials have refused to disclose if drugs or alcohol were involved - but sources tell CBS that he overdosed on sleeping pills.

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