Thursday, 9 October 2008

Billie Piper as Rapunzel, Katy Perry's Dad Dealt LSD (shock horror!), and RIP Monarch

Just one more post before I break; please post any links to MKelebrity related stories to this one in the comments because I probably won't be keeping up with them and I will add your url's as links at the bottom (like one below) of this post every day or two, maybe with an image from the link if it's relevant. The latest season (2) of Billie Piper's [Pied Piper, in Doctor Who (confusing identities; loads of other MK themes in the actual show too) she played Rose Tyler (won an award for Doctor Who and also in a Shakespeare ((who is really Rosicrucian Francis Bacon; so that series is probably loaded with subversive themes)) re-imagining from the BBC where she played Hero. Billie was born September 22 (another master number, like 11), odd that her parents changed her name 3 days after birth... see wiki] show Secret Diary of a Call Girl premiered on September 11th, and the episode airing tonight, to quote The Sun paper "Billie's in grim TV fairytale" [obviously the Sun-reading masses won't have a clue they are not-so-subtly referring to the occultist Grimm Brothers], the link has a different title but equally as MK suggestive: "Billie Piper is Belle of the Ball" [(video of it there too) as in Beauty and the Beast (Disney, beauty/beast), the show is based on actual prostitute blogger Belle de Jour] The character she plays is called Hannah (her prostitute life is pretty much a secret life until her friend finds out later; like Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus alter-personality type thing). I will be going into this show a lot more when I start a pretty long sex-slave industry post.

Billie as Rapunzel.

Katy Perry (necessary background if you're new, start from bottom up), seriously how can I not post when they keep sucking me back in with stories like this confirming what I've said about them? Her father was a "former" LSD dealer (no, he now probably just uses it for programming at his "ministry"), his mum an obviously MK'd former Hippy (Oh the 60/70's how they were fooled ;S), here's the link. Katy Perry is with Gym Class Heroes, who can't keep his hands out the "cookie jar" [whose cookie jar is that then? ("illuminati's" programmed MKittens)]. "Apparently he specialised in a potent strain of the mind-bending chemical called Strawberry Fields... [It ends with below lines which I found quite humorous] Katy revealed: “Dad would have died from one tab too many if he hadn’t found God.” [he hadn't] Then we’d have no Katy so we should be happy he saw the light." [Murdoch's the SUN are all about teh Luciferianism]

This Britney story looks vaguely interesting, bowler hat; glasses etc (note girl with her in black/white top, more images), could be in an alter-personality or something. But obviously the big latest story in obviously mind controlled celebrities is MK'd MJ's trip to the comic book store; with his kid wearing a white mask [here's a link; thanks to commenter]. J-Lo is sending her kids to a Scientology school.... but denies being a scientologist [obviously she doesn't really know what she is; Scientology is just another mind control op cover]. Check out Eva Mendes' fairy tale Campari calendar, all symbolic obviously [Love? Madness? I R Confused, this ad was banned in America or something; Secret Obsession (Have you figured out what "their" secret obsession is yet?)].

To finish, Queenie's racing horse called Monarch (dual reference no doubt; animals are programmed/trained a lot like humans) has died at 25; which I take as a synch that the Monarch Mind Control Program is about to die! [or be revealed or something; wishful thinking obviously] And they're still using Paris as some kind of a tool for mass-mocking MK victims; she wants Rihanna [I should obviously have posted this article in the Rihanna post; the article it's based on is distracted by the whole "Satanism" bs but still adds more support to what I wrote and is interesting] to be her Vice President naturally ;P [I take her "campaign" a lot more seriously than Obama/McCain's! Well not really but you get my point (they're all MK'd puppets)] Also see this Amy Winehouse/Paris Hilton comparison from the Daily Mail (beehive haircut they call it).

Note in the video; Michael Sheen (president from the West Wing, WW) and his son Charlie Sheen makes an appearance (all MK'd).
See more Paris Hilton videos at Funny or Die

So yeah; again please comment with links to any MKelebrity related stories here if you want to whilst I'm not posting for a few days and I'll add them to the end of this post with images if relevant.

Edit: Couple of preview images from that same episode (funnily enough it was an elite/government party who were having the fairytale theme [hint hint; elite's programming], the house was yellow with twin pillars and masonic checkerboard, even had some odd type horned Pan dude just outside the house). More on this later.

Some more links (keep em coming, thanks all) from the comments section; that Britney story, here's a couple of links; should be very interesting ("Open the gate"... gatekeeper alters guarding her [see comments "You're guarded"] System, she managed to break through the guardians when her programming was breaking down a year/couple of years ago... but her system is pretty well secure now), here's a video preview and a couple of links Daily Mail and Yahoo. Her mother's book (obviously not to be trusted) reveals that her father (has legal control over her at present) is an alcoholic (so likely abusive, standard family selected for MK) and also that the Mouseketeers Justin Timberlake and Britney will be reuniting for a song; also described is Sam Lutfi who is obviously one of her (many) programmers/handlers (obviously a shit one ["You're a maniac trigger"] who messed it up completely, this was when she was taken to the psychiatric hospital), hence his drugging of her and apparently "abusing her", we see him here with Britney in a pink top with cats/kittens all over it ([though some look more dog-like] sex-kitten programming, look at the way he is dragging her along like all handlers do), and he wears a standard nasty looking Phoenix (it reads "Just a fucking shirt"... hilarious! because it's MUCH more than just a fucking shirt!) a lot and other symbolic things [more info on him here and on his "violent past" here].

On the "replacements" thing; while it could be very possible (and probably likely is) I will not be speculating on that; her programmers wouldn't be very happy too, they've worked very hard getting her back to perfection! ;p [see Larry Rudolph, who organized that interview, handling Britney at the VMA awards a few weeks back]. Whether it's Britney or her replacement (looks like one at the VMAs, that "fresh" sort of look same as the one in the above video [where you can see her looking into the mirror/light bulbs from it and other shots])... it's still an MK'd "Britney Model".

Katie Holmes in a catsuit (described as such by Daily Mail) from the show Eli Stone (Disney/ABC crap, read the plot description; such standard MK) where she appears as a hallucination (it looks like anyway from below clip), another cat-programming suggistive thing comes from Carrie Ann Inaba on some PETA(philes) campaign thing, "Spray or Neuter Today!"

MK'd Katie Holmes (Scientologist, appeared in Ice Storm with Christina Ricci, note split mind + one eye poster; just read her wiki: "At St. John's Jesuit [The Jesuits are about as scummy (I'd stretch that to a large section of Roman Catholicism too; which she was raised as) and completely involved as they come], a nearby all-male high school [she went to a Roman Catholic one], she appeared in school musicals, playing a waiter in Hello, Dolly! [seems to be important MK thing, featured in WALL-E post and In Shattered Dreams] and Lola in Damn Yankees." and a bunch of other stuff)) Her kid seems to have an endless supply of dolls (commenter pointed this out), and the media has become extremely obsessive over her.

Jeez, this story is depressing, as horrific as this is MUCH WORSE things are happening right now by people who will never be touched by the law or even have any worries of that ever happening (that guy has probably done far worse unreported things also ;S most traumatized women will have their psyche's damaged to much to report it, so good on them, maybe our "evolving consciousness" as we approach 2012 [debatable] will help them all to break out of it...). And yeah been meaning to cover Aaliyah for a while (too many damn MK victims in the world!), will get to her at some point with some of her videos which I've noted as meaningful. Other links in comments also good, those Solange Knowles albums (will reply to the comments soon), with her as an angel (red wings, so a devlish angel ^^, rainbows, there's two points of a pentagram on show in the other one I think), get links in comments, probably post the images and such with future Zolange stuff. Also you knew something odd was going to happen at the High School Musical 3 premier with all those Disney Zombified kids coming out of the woodwork to worship their programmed human idols, I agree about Zac too (who was randomly attacked by some old "deranged" fan).


Dedroidify said...

hey ben
what do you think about: if Charlie is mk'd how come he (was allowed to) talk about 9/11. Thanks to that the 9/11 stuff made it on mtv and surely woke up a few people.
The only reason I can think of is to make it ridiculous I guess? The media spun it that way.
He even was allowed to keep his show lol!

lol at talking about a fake president in the Paris video, but talk about a fake face wtf is wrong with that! Nice acting dummy ;p

Anonymous said...

Here´s Michael Jackson and his kids wearing masks in the daily mail:

very creepy as always...

Benjamin S said...

Dedroidify; yeah I remember hearing his interview on the Alex Jones show and was all excited about the fact that this celebrity was coming out speaking "the truth" (I think I was a lot more optimistic back then ^^).

Well, obviously I don't know for sure; but I suspect the Sheen's are mind controlled (not their real name; sheen = "glistening brightly" so Luciferianism; based on this Catholic dude, now that's devotion to the "Lord"; he wrote !73! books). For starters his personal life seems suspect, all the drugs (helpful cover for why they might seem so fucked up; "Charlie" is slang for Cocaine ((in the UK at least)), he injected cocaine ((charlie)) into himself leading to an "overdose", probably a cover for something else though), shooting his MCM wife in the arm (note her mother worked at mental health center, used by Scientologists and is one herself! Seriously man, you should just assume they're all MK'd); his involvement with "a number of Hollywood personalities" [more than one in each girl no doubt ;p], porn stars 'H'eather 'H'unter and Ginger Lynn and endless amounts of call girls (prostitution is obviously awash with mind controlled sex slaves), then Denise Richards... who he had two kids with, one of them is called LOLA (lolita) ROSE (both standard names for kids in MK'd families, posted a few in the past).

Martin Sheen's father was a representative of IBM (they helped track human stock in Nazi concentration camps etc) and was contracted by the Air Force [I suspect as a poor immigrant he was "tapped up" by the "illuminati" and got all these well-paid jobs because of it]. The Estevez' (actual family name) lived on 'St John's Road', and Martin attended "Sisters of Charity", a Catholic ultra-religious institution. I suspect many religious institutions (esp Catholic and orthodox+evangelical ones) as being centers for programming in many cases (obviously not all). But, this is what seals it for me (MK is intergenerational usually, certainly seems the case with the Sheen's) anyway; Martin's first appearance on Broadway was in The Subject Was Roses, EYE inside a ROSE on the red book cover. [Remember Charlie's daughter is Lola Rose also] Could pick apart all of Charlie's movie roles, but I'd be here all day. MGM (13+7+13=33, MM, G mirroring M) remaking Red Dawn because of 9/11 naturally, he played a talking dog called Charles B. "Charlie" Barkin (an alter of his probably; he does a lot of voice work), played HIMSELF in MKMovie Being John Malkovich (covered briefly in Angelina Jolie post), and to cap it off look at his latest film (plays Dex DOGdetective) which is 100% corporate brainwashing which should give you another hint about him...

My take on it is that they need a lot of these actors from the MKapital of the world: Hollywood to at least appear to speak some liberal common sense (regarding 9/11), they have to keep the illusion of normalcy up (GRR LIBERAL MEDIA/HOLLYWOOD NUTJOBS). They know a large number of people have woken up; but they at least need to stop their brainwashed base from being "awakened", so they use these drugged up, washed up actors to speak the truth rather than say someone respected by the masses who they would probably listen to like Tom Hanks (who is used to promote insane magic bullet theories and such, see this link don't know if that's still being made though), check out his box office totals which exceeds 3.3 billion!

So yeah, I've probably missed out some obvious stuff too in regards to the shiney Sheens ^^ Hope it was coherent, jumping between the different Sheens, but again, it's usually always intergenerational.

Cheers dedoidrify.

Dedroidify said...

Wow dude thanks for that, that is awesome information. Really appreciate you going through all that trouble. I'm exhausted myself after making that long family guy post, just about to go to bed.

"you should just assume they're all MK'd"

Geez man that is fucked up lol... I usually subscribe to "assumption is the mother of all fuckups", but I'm beginning to see your perspective might be on the mark. Ok assume, but not believe ;). Maybe in a few months when you've posted on everybody hehe ;p You're doing excellent work man.

I recently saw a weird "young angelina jolie" vid where the photographers (or whatever) asked her about her Boxing and other weird hobbies.
What did you think about the Svali "illuminati whistleblower" post that a lot of these MKids are being trained for combat at early ages too, do you think there's something to the Wanted plotline in reality? ;p

Peace dude and thanks again, you rock


Anonymous said...

Wow you have researched this a lot Ben. Ever feel scared walking down dark alleys??
Incidentally I cannot stand that diary of a call girl rubbish - its complete tosh and attempting to make prostitution look like 'a laugh' but I will await eagerly your blog on the sex industry as its probably meant to be that way.

Interesting that Disney high school musical guy Zac Effron was almost attacked by a 'crazed' fan recently in London and strange how mind-controlled Zac always looks, blatantly

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Back to SOLANGE KNOWLES. Check out her albums, both with rainbows incorporated: and They bear strange names, especially the last one, soundin to me occult as hell. WONDERLAND for instance is the name of a song from the 1st album; GOD GIVEN NAME, DANCING IN THE DARK, COSMIC JOURNEY are from the 2nd.

Anonymous said...

Britney's handler and manager Larry Rudolph executively produced her 'tell all' interview where she talks about her breakdown - all part of getting her back into public acceptance.
She says 'You're guarded. You have to be that way, so I'm kind of stuck in this place and it's like: How do you deal? And you just cope, and that's what I do. I just cope with it, every day.' Hmmm, telling.
also don't you think she looks odd? like they've swapped her with a double? She looks too clean and sweet and healthy considering the black-haired woman running rampant round LA wasn't so long ago...

Anonymous said...

Benjamin, mabe some time, ull approach another subject, also MK victim, AALIYAH and, together with her, her handler/child rapist/molester R. KELLY who married her when she was just 15. Thank u anyway.

Anonymous said...

Another addition connected to CHARLIE SHEEN: shortly after a misunderstanding with him, porn actress CHLOE JONES was found dead.Her relatives blamed SHEEN but they were hushed up... DENISE RICHARDS accused him of browsing net after porn and child porn. And the 9/11 in his is a joke. To deceit more they pretend to be in quest for truth, but if one diggs deeper, things are completely different.

Anonymous said...

MK Courtney Love's dad was an LSD 'dealer' too at Stanford during the Ken Kesey, [CIA funded] acid test days. She claims he fed her LSD at four years old:

Anonymous said...

How about Stacey Dash?

Besides looking good she also has child named "lola" and in Myspace he is friends with Jenna Jameson.

In the cover of "monarch"magazine.


Anonymous said...

Hah Pussycat Dolls video.

Seen here:

Missy Elliot as a nazi rocking "skull n bones"imagery? check.

Checkerboard? check.

Mirror? check.

Did you already cover this?


Anonymous said...

Love reading this blog but I am confused about some things.
How does this MK stuff happen to people? I can't imagine just signing up to be abused and traumatized for money and fame, but that's just me. I mean what do the "handlers" start with, "come in here and let me hypnotize and electroshock you"? Do they give them drugs? How are these MK stars picked to be MK stars? How come no one hardly ever comes out about it? I understand the ones who are child stars are forced into it but how does an adult allow him/herself to submit to this? Is it possible to be famous in the entertainment industry without going through this?

Benjamin S said...

Thanks for all the comments people; great info won't address them all, already did some in the posts. Dedroid that Svali story sounds legit from what I've briefly looked up, synchs up with what I've read about "illuminati" families, all their kids go through various traumas/programming to keep them loyal (too much to lose, too many centuries of sadism and incest) and yeah things like Wanted (which I said I'd do a post on ages ago but never got round to it).

Which is a good point for the last anonymous commenter to consider (they have no choice whatsoever when the programming starts at shockingly young ages); the performer's are never suddenly chosen (by the "illuminati") at like age 20, hypnotized and suddenly become a slave. It doesn't work like that you are right. You have to understand, the traumas and control invariably happen as a small child (and often even when still a fetus in the womb), little children are far more suggestible (you can make them believe anything) and imaginative which allows you to shape them over the years through programming to be a star performer in the future, i.e. Britney Spears, Kylie Minogue. They are picked to be MK stars long before any of us have ever heard of them (pretty much never when they are an adult), and are programmed as children to basically act as their little ritual puppets in the future. This is why I always try to emphasize their upbringing; what kind of parents they have, what kind of area did they live in, what religious denomination that might have an MK history (I'm working on a post on the Fanning sisters + movie where this comes in for instance; Katy Perry's ministry parents [who from this post obviously are using it as a cover]) etc. But I cannot know for sure when every single person that appears in the 100% controlled media was programmed, at what age and by whom so I just try to analyze the available info.

That's not to say adults can't be programmed to become MK slaves, such as Sirhan Sirhan (and other programmed assassins [pretty much all secret agents are programmed too; like Bourne Ultimatum a lot of them as adults, but not all (dependent on how secretive a mission needs to be)] like Mark David Chapman too; whose mission was very concise and quickly executed so does not require long term handling, whereas MK stars like Britney need constant handling or their programming goes haywire and they appear to go nuts (ie Britney a year or 2 ago, Heather Locklear recently, I just watched her Terror Inside movie last night which I need to write up).

You're right no one signs up to be abused, that is of course insane; the "illuminati" (corporate/elite controlling entities with their various tentacles) have no shortage of sadistic child abusers (many of them at the VERY TOP) in this fucked up world, literally millions out there for them to select and use throughout their lives for many many functions (not just singing/acting that's for sure, many hidden things like drug trafficking, prostitution [all those programmed alters come in handy serving the 'elite']). I recommend you read one of those books described in the penultimate paragraph of the More Womanizing post for more on how people are selected for MK, it virtually never happens when they're an adult (because the brain is fully developed, belief systems already exist as an adult whereas you can program a child to have whatever bs you want to fit with their programming, they are less suggestible and hypnotizable as an adult etc).

It is possible to not be MK'd and be an entertainment star, but then you basically have to be on their side because they control literally all of the industry (and the rest of the media); so it makes sense that you would either have to be 100% controlled and/or 100% on side.

I hope that clears some stuff up for you, even if they only surface as actors in their adult years; that by no means they have not gone through the standard Monarch programming starting from the earliest (and I mean earliest) of ages. Here's a link with some good info on Svali btw.

Benjamin S said...

Another decent link on MK in the music industry here. Which goes into how they are selected and other things pertaining to your queries that might help clear them up.

And yeah like one of the commenters says about Courtney Love, she was fed LSD at 4 years old by her father, in the modelling world another example, Karen Mulder was hypnotized and raped at 2 years old by her father... there are many many examples of how this occurs when they are babies/small children and are then selected to be an MK star, for various motives (including shaping/adversly influencing the minds of the youth, who look up to these MK stars in the media who do and act exactly as they are programmed, so the kids want to be rock/pop stars like Courtney/Britney; which is probably one reason why us youths are an apathetic disgrace these days; it's all about total control). Corbeau nice catches on Stacey Dash, PCD and Ciara's new vids cheers.

Thanks again for your comments all.

Anonymous said...

Commenting on Britney's grey bowler hat. There has got to be something with grey headwear. D-listed (written by Michael K -MK) pointed out that celebs have been wearing grey hoodies right before going berserk on somebody.
Britney started it last year with her umbrella attack, Kanye was wearing one when he broke the photog's camera then Lindsay punched a photog while wearing one.

Anonymous said...

JANET's programming is giving errors...

Check out also Mariah's back, silver butterfly:

Anonymous said...
TOO young to die of such a banal cause? And lately there have been an "avalanche" of young athletes whose death was ruled as heart attack or anyway smth that had nothing to do with a 20-30 yo healthy person. "Coincidentally", ALEXEI died on TEMPLARS DAY...

Anonymous said...
Also check out her bio on wiki: WIZARD OF OZ&bar codes tattooed on her neck, also a preference for JENNA JAMESON...

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