Saturday, 11 October 2008

More Womanizing

Womanizer - Britney Spears
[Edit: Looks like the original video was deleted from youtube apologiez, replaced. And by the way; Britney's current record label is Zomba Oz, wouldn't be surprised if all their stars are MK'd. 23/11 Edit: Briefly noticed this myself, but cheers to commenter; note the O and Z of all the WOMANIZERs on the wall behind her positioned to make loads of (vertical) 'OZ' for the first part of the vid. More Edits: note her silver belt with padlock and chain (interlocking rings, mental prison) in her black/white secretary alter, the photocopy of her derriere (as she loves to call it) is split in half by her; on the phone it says "Product Placement Meeting" which I found quite funny; hearts and I think roses tattooed on her arm as the dark/biker chick type alter, some water lilies (I think) in the pool in the sauna where she writhes around naked, purple heels in the limousine and loads more... this post isn't very organised! Should start proper posts in a couple more days] And it looks like Beyonce's latest video is going to have her left arm as like a robot/metal hand/wrist or something, check it out, will post it on the 13th probably; which would fit nicely because she is obviously mk'd (below image comes from that link).
Just wanted to post the new Britney Spears video [note the alter-personality change when she spins (on the other switches there is no spinning, but the reality becomes distorted then the switch happens such as at 1:40), i.e. at 3:06 when all 3 are standing next to eachother and they spin and combine (in a cyclone type thing), bringing the new / main personality, the one at the start who was serving (each alter seems to basically be there to serve this man) the man square fried egg]. Seen at Daily Mail. Relating to this (victims of the corporate/'elite' womanizers), Paris is in town (London) with one of her potential new BFFs (first episode titled Welcome to the Dollhouse) and went to the Cuckoo Club, with her friend wearing a similar belt thing to the first image in this link. Her friend also left the club at exactly 3.30AM (see link), which seems to be another common theme in these MK victims... (like Amy Winehouse, leaving the Monarch pub at 3.30 shown in Daily Mail link).

Check out Pussycat Dolls' latest one [hadn't seen it, cheers Corbeau] too with Missy Elliot donning the skull and bones and military/nazi uniform (skull and bones symbol was used a lot by Nazis), some of the dolls obviously wearing more black/white (like they always do), light bulb mirrors, checkerboard, fairytale swings (back and forth like a pendulum; between alters, you have "mood swings" which is like a lower-level personality switch for most people [but in people like PCD's case and other MK slaves it is a literal swing to an alter]), pentagram earring, suggestible lyrics (like all of them) etc. But probably even more MK symbolic is the doors made of light (3 doors within doors [circles within circles, triangles within triangles etc, this type of infinite thing is always used in programming]; the dolls walk through another one on the catwalk) which she tries to access using a key made of light at the beginning, representing the locked compartments of the mind containing memories and/or alters (she symbolically puts the light key ((the colours are probably symbolic)) into the lock and turns it [so spinningish (a turn is half a revolution; also think cyclone/spinning) it sort of; like spin programming each spin brings out a different alter; each "key" (trigger) that you turn/spin brings out a different alter/memory/etc]). This song also references Katy Perry's I Kissed a Girl apparently, according to The Sun.

Edit: Kanye's new video is just pretty damn awesome in my opinion (love the tribal drum-heavy stuff); the finale I thought was amazing with the Goddesses in fluorescent paint (some eye shapes and whatnot drawn on them; almost makes them look like a computer circuit chip thingy), with all the tribal peoples enthralled by them [like they prop up goddesses for the masses to drool over, all about keeping us distracted]. Probably also has something to do with how horrific the African communities/tribes were treated by the white global elites (and continue to this day [and long into the future, hence the spaceship]; under a new/not so new type of slavery that encompasses all races). Apparently the video was influenced by MK Movie American Psycho (note half face, mirror knife; there's a prominent spiral staircase scene and loads of other MK themes; havn't watched it with MK analytical thinking yet), though I don't really see it in the video [MTV link has an interview with him... he liked how clean the non-psycho's stuff was or something apparently].
P.S. Check out Hidden Agenda's latest Illuminati Formula excerpt going into the use of the occult in MK and how it's used in programming in creating people's frames of reference (keeping them in the programming) and other related, poignant things[newbies check out his previous posts with more on them, here's part 1 going into the Monarch butterfly and such; that book is well worth reading, also recommend Cathy O'Brien's Trance-Formation, the Franklin Coverup, many other books are out there just google/go on amazon].

Also added this video in relation to One Eyed Palin and the intentionally delusional FOX News [note typical womanizing of these MK victims by the media; taking a shot of Palin with a dude positioned between her legs], and obviously the 100% planned global economic collapse.


Anonymous said...

The new Ciara video?


Anonymous said...

Britney's head looks photoshopped to the body in the sauna scenes. The only time they show the head and whole body at the same time is from far away. I think that's a look alike. I'm calling shenanigans.

Anonymous said...

Womanizer = raze mi nwo (now)

Anonymous said...

BTW- the "Product Placement Meeting" at 10:15 am on Sunday April 20 would fall on Easter Sunday April 20, 2014...
still in time for "breakfast 'til 11am". Square eggs anyone?

PPM Image link

Anonymous said...
old story but still why would she do this?? and on Sam Lufti:
A so-called ex-friend, Ken Dungey, details and txts from Sam Lutfi
Sam called on the night I had my birthday party on Saturday the 19th, he had Britney sing Happy Birthday to me then she got on the phone and talked to me for a minute. Then Sam wanted to display his power he has against her.

Sam said “watch this, see how much control I have over her” and he said” Britney, I’m going to go to Orange County to Ken’s for his Birthday party” Sam always held the phone up so I could hear whatever Britney was saying. Anyways, I heard Britney say ok, let me get my jacket, then Sam whispered and chuckled and said to me “watch this” then he said ” no Britney, I’m going to go by myself, she went crazy starting to cry and said :” no Sam please don’t leave me here alone” and she was at his knees and he was laughing saying ” get up off the floor bitch.” then she ran out of the room crying and yelling.

These are the things I want to get out so everyone can see how he really treats her behind closed doors.

Ben you didn't post these links - what are they?
Some more links (keep em coming, thanks all) from the comments section; that Britney story, here's a couple of links; should be very interesting ("Open the gate"... gatekeeper alters guarding her [see comments "You're guarded"]

Benjamin S said...

Nice info all; yeah last anon, sorry last few posts have been pretty disorganized, I was just referring to the two links I got from the comments (+ inviting more; links I'm referring to are the Daily Mail and Yahoo ones with the same story) about her upcoming interview, and how the language she used in them sounded MK because of things like (she said "open the gate", and "you're guarded" in it) 'Gatekeeper' alters are used in setting up the internal system of alters as sort of guardians for them, the programmer has to go through them (triggering that alter, which allows deeper alters/programs to be triggered/accessed [can happen unintentially which causes chaos because of what's contained in these deeper levels, like with Britney's break down]; the gatekeeper alters probably broke down a year or 2 ago under Lutfi's handling, which is why she went nuts) to access deeper levels (it's in Illuminati Formula, have not described it very well myself). The extra info you've posted from that BritneyBash site is really invaluable, more evidence of Lutfi's handling of her ;s. Thanks a lot for it.

Cheers again all.

Anonymous said...

methamphetamine (aka Crystal, Ice, Meth,etc) has long been used in nefarious experiments in mind control. I'll bet Lufti had a good source...

Anonymous said...

The resident symbologists will enjoy
this picture of Sam Lutfi

Anonymous said...

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