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I had originally planned on covering a few movies I've seen recently in this post, but only got through one before being sidetracked so expect another quick movie post soon after; first one 'Triloquist' was so bad it's amazing how they get away with it... (continued after the TV/Christian rant jump [the title relates because Christians are dummies; they think and do exactly what they're programmed to, the bible as their main programming script with lots of added emotional triggers not in the bible like the 'Devil'/'Hell' and stuff to scare the shit out of you, into submission]), I caught it (not properly watching) on Zone (oz; being 'in the zone' = like a trance [i.e. naturally occurring mild altered state of consciousness in sport], tv programming) Horror, with it's subliminal all seeing eye logos. Zone Horror and Thriller often show very average MK symbolic movies/shows. "The Horror Channel [former name of Zone Horror] was created by Tony Hazell, who had previously worked for The God Channel." The creator of the Horror Channel came straight from the God Channel, surely that tells you a lot about the people working at the God Channel?

Now the God Channel, wow; just watch that for five minutes, Christians are truly amazing creatures! It literally steals their money and constantly talks about how it's being put towards "programming" (the word is used constantly), you can hear in their voice that they know they're not referring to simply producing more television programmes! Don't forget to Donate... OH PRAISE JESUS, so we can continue our excellent programming! PRAISE JESUS give us all your money, OH LORD WE PRAISE YOU! your money and mind now! PRAISE BE TO OUR LORD AND SAVIOR! thankyou now you have nothing and p.s. accept Lucifer as your personal savior. OH JESUS WE LOVE YOU! Organized religion has been stealing your mind and money since it's inception, Christians are very entertaining/humorous to watch however so it's not all bad.

Wears my dog collar? PRAISE DOG, RUFF RUFF! Seriously though, Christians deserve it (I'm a confirmed Catholic btw, which probably has a lot to do with my anti-Christian sentiment!). "We're going to be showing a video of the End Times Programming now...", the 'MW' Missions Week logo is all part of said programming. God TV's slogan is: "The Revolution Has Begun!", the creators of it are Rory and Wendy (Peter Pan programming) Alec (Alice); Wendy writes a series of biblical books (extra programming for God TV viewers) called the 'Chronicles of Brothers', the first being the 'Fall of Lucifer', here's one review titled 'truth revealed' I found pretty funny: "A must if you want the truth about life.The battle for the mind is in full swing.Satan hates us because god loves us.Just finished book 2 "The fist judgement" [left in the humorous typo, like a Christian sexual repression Freudian slip or something! ;p].Cant wait for book 3.<><".

But back to Zone, which is owned/controlled by Chello Zone, owned by Liberty Global, which is in turn owned by John C. Malone who was educated at Yale University (potentially skull and bones; he is a member of Phi Beta Kappa fraternity which: "In 1831, the Harvard chapter publicly disclosed the fraternity's secrets during a period of strong anti-Masonic sentiment." But his Yale chapter did not, probably because they had something to hide). He funded the 'Daniel L. Malone Engineering Center' which opened in 2005, named after his father who was a General Electric engineer. He recently gave a $530 million loan to save Sirius (dog star; important to 'them' that it be saved [also where would Howard Stern objectify Penthouse Pets and such?!]) Radio, his current net worth is $1.5 billion. He currently serves on the board of directors of the Bank of New York, and many others as he's part of that 'club'. Anyway, just wanted to give you an idea of the controllers of TV programming.

But anyway, after being sidetracked with that back to the movie; it's worse than awful but it has it does have moments of insane incestuous depravity (more in another quick movie post shortly) at least make it not completely boring (standard MK themes, the kids' mother kills herself in front of them, they get taken in by child abusing uncle, then orphaned):
In 1993, in Hollywood, California, the addicted in heroin mother of two children is a decadent ventriloquist that can not find work anymore. When she overdoses and dies, the siblings Norbert and Angelina are sent to a foster house with their dummy. Later they are sent to their uncle's house; the man sexually abuses Angelina and the dummy kills him. Years later, Norbert (who can't speak) and his seventeen year-old alcoholic sister Angelina [Angel, Jolie is another victim] are living on the streets; when the dummy slaughters a boy, Norbert is accused and arrested by the police and sent to an asylum with his dummy. Later Angelina decides to release her brother and finds a woman in order to give an offspring to her family. She breaks into the institution, kills the male nurse and Norbert escapes. When they meet Robin on the road, Angelina decides that the teenager will be the mother of her nephew and they abduct the girl.

... that description isn't the best, here is another (from wiki) illustrating the themes of incest/multi-generational MK...

Two teenage orphans and their living killer dummy make a path of death and blood on their way to Las Vegas to make it big. All the while, the sister Angelina proves to be much more harm than the dummy. The three of them kidnap a girl named Robin [bird] so that the brother Norbert can rape her and continue the family bloodline. Norbert fails to do this, but instead takes part in incest with Angelina. The movie ends with Robin escaping and Angelina killing Norbert. After this, Angelina goes into a depressed state until realizing that she is pregnant with Norbert's child. She has the baby in a motel room, where the final moments reveal that Angelina had given birth to Dummy's child.

Angelina is played by Paydin LoPachin (note her one eye/half face reflection in the knife at the top poster of this post; and in the other "One's a doll. The other's no dummy." suggesting she is a doll), who "grew up performing in her hometown until she was 11 years old. At that point Paydin signed a contract with Product, a modeling agency [models are products/objects] in New York. She modeled for Limited Too and Abercrombie Kids and several other companies. Paydin then transitioned to commercials for companies such as Kohls and JC Penney, and eventually signed with Osbrink Talent Agency in Los Angeles."..."Paydin composes piano music—her composition "Caught in a Dream" won first place in a state competition and third place in a national competition."

She was also in a movie tied to Sharon Tate's murder/Charles Manson called, 'House at the End of the Drive': "shot just a stones throw away from the infamous Sharon Tate Murders of August 8th 1969. The house where the film was shot is haunted." [see linked post for lots more on Sharon Tate]

Previous ventriloquist movies I've posted on have included Dead Silence and Saw (to a lesser extent); please see Elluminati for info on the below MK'd killer (images from there), he killed 5 people on Valentines day last year. I have posted on ventriloquists I suspect as being involved in MK like Paul Winchell.

This one called 'Magic' (have to understand that magic/illusion/suggestion is a huge part of MK) with Anthony Hopkins (cannibalistic serial killer Hannibal etc) as the MPD suffering (blatant MK, similar psychological themes to Triloquist) Ventriloquist:
"Magic tells the story of Charles "Corky" Withers (Hopkins), a man that has just failed his first attempt at professional magic. His mentor says that he needs to have a better show business personality. A year later Corky comes back as a ventriloquist with a foul-mouthed dummy named Fats. His agent Ben Greene (Burgess Meredith) is on the verge of signing Corky on for his own television show, but Corky bails out for the Catskills, claiming to be afraid of success. In truth he doesn't want to take the required psychological testing because doctors might find out that he suffers from multiple personality disorder, and that he hears Fats talking to him."
Standard MK themes in the below trailers, also note Anthony Hopkins jumper has a line of black/white checker pattern as his alter tells him to do something he shouldn't (second trailer is longer showing more MK symbolism, mirror [I assume it is shattered/fractured at some point in the film] etc). I'm sure if you watched the whole film through there would be lots worth noting, link to part 1.

"The trailer for this film was pulled from TV due to calls from parents who claimed that it gave their children nightmares. The trailer in question is less than 30 seconds in length. It features Fats reciting the tagline, after which his eyeballs roll into the back of his head. This is followed by a cast reading, then Fats opens his eyes and gazes to his left." That trailer is below, we can surmise that taglines like these are often designed to be used as triggers.

This would be a good time to post a few of Anthony Hopkins split mind (half face in darkness/missing = their face split in half, not a 'whole person', duality + one eye illuminism; obviously other MK symbolism in the posters too [the Instinct one MPD symbolism]) movie posters, starting with his latest movie and perhaps most blatant, which he wrote the screenplay for and directed Slipstream. Remember he played a ventriloquist with MPD/DID, which is a disorder where the mind is split into parts that are dissociated.

"Aging screenwriter Felix Bonhoeffer has lived his life in two states of existence: in reality and his own interior world. While working on a murder mystery script, and unaware that his brain is on the verge of implosion, Felix is baffled when his characters start to appear in his life, and vice versa."

Kyle MacLachlan (Twin Peaks) and Anthony Hopkins are both given the treatment [note Hopkins is green and Kyle is purple; the kind of thing I just posted on] in this one. He was also in Lynch's Elephant Man, with themes of dehumanization.

Playing presidential puppet/mythological hate-figure Nixon.

This is a nice little poster for 'Shortcut to Happiness', note the red shoes/devil's tail. Also below is his 'Mask of Zorro' poster.

Fracture features a lot of fractured mind symbolism, as you'd expect. The actual definition of 'fracture' is very much MK related (stating the obvious I know):"A fracture is the (local) separation of an object or material into two, or more, pieces under the action of stress." Which you can obviously relate to psychological fracturing (splitting/compartmentalization/shattering/fragmenting/etc [all are related to dissociation]) of the mind which occurs into parts under the action of stress/trauma. Remember he played a ventriloquist with MPD/DID, which is a disorder where the mind is split into dissociated parts (through the process of extreme dissociation as a result of trauma).

Instinct contains MK themes of abuse in mental asylums; hence the symbolic posters (also note in the below MPD poster, one eye/half face covered by hair + the eye colours [one is blue, the other you can see is red it looks like; symbolizing opposite/polarizing personalities, like a calm peaceful one and an angry violent one]).

Freejack looks very painful to watch; note the grid + split mind symbolism [Emilio Estevez is from the Sheen Jesuit family].

And of course (I'm not that familiar with his films so I've probably missed a lot of relevant roles) his role as Hannibal Lecter is a standard serial killer (so programmed, traumatized as a kid and such [see Hannibal Rising; in his traumatized/dissociative/suggestible state he witnesses murder and cannibalism: monkey see, monkey do]), Red Dragon's below tagline is very true.

I posted on the silence of the lambs MK posters in this Salvador Dali post. All of the various posters (above one, split mind, note the colours similar theme to Instinct poster) featured Salvador Dali's skull made out of nude women photographs as the head of a moth (closely related to the butterfly, kind of insect [along with spiders/snakes/etc] that could be used in trauma [see Christina Aguilera's video 'Stronger' in this post for more; which is amazingly blatant MK, even featuring the above Fracture poster style Christina's one eye through a hole in fractured glass at the end]).

I had originally planned on putting a couple more MK/incest/abuse movies (I've found it a little strange how really blatant they are all getting) I'd seen recently up in this post but no time (the ventriloquist/MPD 'Magic' film was an unexpected find leading me down this Hopkins alley; probably could have done without the whole God TV), have to do that in a separate post quickly tomorrow (need to start the second Disney part too).


mr_pessimist said...

Just wanted to tell you I love reading your blog! (Wanted to know if I decide to comment on an older entry, do you get notified so you'll see it?)

Anyways, right now I'm trying to find a picture of Madonna licking a creepy-looking puppet in her "Erotica" video - there should certainly be a lot of MK stuff there. I can't find a link to send you right now, but I will keep trying. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Great blog. this comment is a bit off topic but just in case you haven't seen it, there's an interesting story in the gaurdian online today about a korean actress who killed herself and left a seven page letter describing how she was used as a sex slave ...

Anonymous said...

Since u mentioned NIXON, I remember alst year's movie FROST/NIXON and the leading actor in it, FRANK LANGELLA who also played a paedophile in Adrian Lyne's LOLITA.


Anonymous said...

BTW, CANDICE BERGEN's father was also a famous triloquist...


Benjamin S said...

Cheers for interesting comments Chris, mr_pessimist all comments are sent to my email automatically, so yeah I'll definitely see em.

2nd anony, thanks for the link posting it now, I remember someone commenting on the Korean suicides a few weeks back... hopefully people might make the logical conclusion that this isn't just a South Korean problem but a global one and has always been a part of the entertainment industry.

Anonymous said...

Although I really like to read your blog I don't understand your anti-Christian attitude. The people who are fighting the NWO most are Christians like Alex Jones. Christians are the ones trying to homeschool their kids in order not to let them get mind controlled in state schools, a lot of Christan parents don't allow their children to watch TV, some Christians have already started with survival training and getting armed in order to be able to resist the microchip. At evangelical churches they teach the congregation to never allow anyone to hypnotize them. the bible is clearly anti NWO. In revelation the bible even warns to take the microchip. Yes there are false teachers too, especially those who teach the money gospel, which is opposed to the teachings of the bible! jesus said that these teachers will go to hell. The words of the bible will give a lot of Christians the strength to RESIST the NWO. I am asking myself where do atheists get their strengths from when they don't believe they have an immortal soul to protect and the going gets really tough ...

ConspiracyRealist said...

I support all of your works and you are very accurate with all your informing but if you wanna attack God Tv. Do so but to attacks christians is totally wrong. Being your a catholic too! I mean we all worship the same God. And can't stand the NWO, the illumanti and everything they stand for. Don't criticize all christians for false prophets and money hungry people claiming they're christians when they don't know Christ his methods or haven't accepted him into their hearts. That would be like me making fun or taunting all catholics because some catholic priest are pedofiles.

Lol, on a lighter note excuse all the typos. I was typing very fast and watching Romeo and Juliet and was slightly distracted by the occultism.

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