Saturday, 14 March 2009

Mickey Mouse Burning Your Children Alive! LIVE IN 3D!!!

"We engineer their brains for advanced singing and dancing capabilities, even posing for photos." This would be funny (Onion skit) if it wasn't so true! [BTW I haven't been posting on the latest bout of MK'd killings/Anna Nicole's handler Howard K Stern's arrest (for drugs used in Anna Nicole's MK); cheers for comments, and it's always worth checking out elluminati and other sources for great analysis of this stuff]
Edit: [Big SPOILER WARNING should have included.]
South Park is always right on the money when it comes to social commentary, I do feel my current way of thinking has been influenced in part, from watching South Park a lot of my life. It's now in it's 13th Season, if this is anything to go by it should be an interesting run. These clips will definitely be removed by the insane suits over at Viacom, but you can watch the full episode (if in US) at South Park Studios, I'm not sure how I managed to embed the full episode from that site into the High School Musical episode's post (maybe UK was allowed back then). I hope they haven't finished with Disney yet though, they should just dedicate the whole season to it! Jonas Brothers have popped up in random posts throughout the blog (i.e. Miley Cyrus post skull and bones image), tie Jonas to Janus [scroll down for Janus stuff] (and of course programmer Dr Jonas in Conspiracy Theory is no coincidence), Secret Sun has done some great work on them also.

"You have to wear the purity rings because that's how we can sell sex to little girls. haha. See if we make the posters with little girls reaching for your junk then you have to wear purity rings or else Disney Company looks baad."

JB say they've angered god by using an innocent Christian symbol (purity rings; bear in mind there are NO innocent christian symbols, always a subversive/hidden meaning behind them) for profit, MM replies hilariously (true): "You think god is in control here? I am in control. I've been in control since the 50's in case you haven't noticed. You three faggots are going on stage. And you three faggots aren't going to stop me. No one is ruining this event! I've worked too long and too hard to have anybody fuck this up. Where would you be without me Jonas Brothers, your music sucks and you know it! It's because you make little girls giny's tickle and when little girls giny's tickle I make money. And that's because little girls are fucking stupid! And the purity rings make it okay to do whatever I want. Even the christians are too fucking stupid to figure out I'm selling sex to their daughters, I've made billions off of Christian ignorance for decades. And do you know why? Because Christians are retarded! They believe in a talking dead guy!"

The brainwashed Christians don't even flinch, even when Mickey Mouse turns into the Godzilla-like evil behemoth (the host makes a comment about him returning to Valhalla to feed) that Disney really is it doesn't bother them, "That's it girls no more Disney TV for a while."

Anyway, briefly going through the plot. Kenny has a girlfiend who loves the Jonas Brothers, note some of the above symbolic posters (Phantom of Menace, Felines [both featured in HSM episode], Kanye West, Britney, Celine Dion etc), 730/777.

He expects the JB's concert to have the right effect (putting her in the right sexually suggestible state so he can get a blow job [which worked when her previous boyfriend did it], I noted the JB/BJ deal in my original quick post on them [randomly, it may have been an automatic censorship thing or something but the word 'blow job' was replaced with bonus jonas, which I edited back to blow job a while back]), he buys a box of condoms (note snake head) that don't even work, he dies of syphillis in the end, I'm sure Celtic Rebel will have a few things to say about this episode!

"Mr Slave" with all the sexually frenzied fans.

Kenny's girlfriend is invited backstage to meet JB and they think they're supposed to give them blowjobs, say they won't; but when they enter the Disney programming has the desired effect and they automatically ready themselves. But they do not and are told to wear purity rings and give them to their friends, which Kenny is pissed off about and himself is turned into a Grey's Anatomy watching zombie.

JB complain that they are being used and get traumatized by MM (Mickey Mouse is just symbolic of the corporation, it's mentality and the horrors it's perpetrated [programming these young kids and using them on the world's young kids]), anyway I posted this further up.

As Mickey exits, programming is symbolized (there is a tonne of it in the show, with the Cartman/robot episode and many many others) more with their poster's glass breaking.

Disney Corp makes JB (remember most/all of their performers are innocent slaves) spray their tweenage fans with white foam, with the Good Morning America anchor saying suggestive things like: "You like taking the Jonas Brothers' hot foam in your faces girls?"

Then the boys show up to complain about the purity rings, Cartman tries to expose the truth: "This whole thing is a frickin sham. I see what you're doing now, you're trying to sell sex to young girls and then confuse them by..." He is knocked out by a poisoned dart fired by Mickey Mouse. One girl in a purple dress with a butterfly on it tries to stop them (below).

They wake up at the main 3D concert, note the JB symbol in a pink crowned heart with Mickey Mouse ears.

The curtain is raised and the truth of Disney is revealed to the little kids, MM is the man behind the curtain, and as the rant says correctly Disney has been in charge for the past 50 years or so. Please watch this further up for more context (assuming it isn't removed already).

Edit: Full episode below in 3 parts (again, apologiez of any of these videos get deleted).

Might as well use this to post a few Comedy Central videos I've been meaning to post, first one mainly showing Jackie Kennedy's mental state [thanks to commenter for heads up, comedy central embedding is totally insane, longest code I've ever seen so I'm not surprised it isn't working for some people; I think it should work if you only load this post (so all the images from other posts don't stop it loading, you still have to wait a while for the video players to load [do they make it intentionally shit?]) as they are working for me, I will add direct links to the videos though (so click to view) and try to see what's up with them tomorrow (if they start working let me know)]: Direct Link

Humorous Limbaugh one (at least the American political situation is vaguely interesting, more than you can say for the morbidly boring British one). Direct Link

I've been watching Glenn Beck's new FOX show every once in a while and it hasn't disappointing! Colbert's summary is accurate, you can absolutely tell that Glenn Beck doesn't really believe a word of the hilarious crap he spits. Posted on this guy a while back. Direct link to below video.

This Moment of Zen freaked me out a little, obviously this guy is a child abuser... (most of them are). Direct Link

Finally, another video comparing the obvious similarities between Bush and Obama (both puppets for same people [so their scripts are the same]). Direct Link


Anonymous said...

so. Shows like TodayNow are beginning to respond by parodying us. This shows what an effect we are having in getting the message out about mk. They typically put out things to mock their detractors and people who try to expose their secrets. This is a modern day version of Dr. Strangelove, which was made to mock the opposition when their was a growing outcry against water fluoridation. There hope is that in making light of the topic, anyone who tries to expose mk will be ridiculed and not taken seriously.

Anonymous said...

btw, the comedy central videos aren't opening/streaming. Not sure what or where the problem is, but can you check into it?

Anonymous said...

1st Anon, no movie in history has been more pointed in its satirical aim at the members of the power elite than Dr Strangelove. Kubrick wsan't make light of those who believe in water fluoridation as much as he was those who believe in mutually assured destruction.

jerry_beck said...

Firstly i want to say this one of the most important blogs in the Universe and i thank author for it. From time to time i backup everything what's posted here, cause i'm sure when Internet will be shut down this would be first place to burn ;).

I'm from Poland and i always thought that MK is only Us-British-France etc Western theme, that Poland is well off this...i suppose, it isn't, this is going everywhere as blatant as in States

please look here

this is promo of programs on biggest polish tv station TVN (this is international finance group, they surely have ties), you have here EVERYTHING (just look, i was almost speechless), i mean well maybe this is just coincidence, i sure hope so.

I also watched today one of the old episodes of MacGuyver, you know one of those HARMLESS feel good shows...think again....episode 1x12 titled Deathlock (title also sounds "familliar") is happening on some old castle with checkerboard on floors, on walls some bizarre paintings, McGuyvers friend is electroshocked etc etc...well, is it just WEIRD or what??

Anonymous said...

Just wondering if you happened to catch Mad TV on Saturday night, I thought immediately of your blog while watching the parody of Family Feud where it was the (actual) Kardashian family VS. the Disney Kid family. I think you'll enjoy it :)

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's paranoia, or maybe the SP Guys are reading our material. Looking at an old post of mine after watching this series, made me wonder why they kept repeating the "3D" phrase in this episode.

You might like this old image. I was trying to avoid responding to the medes for this episode, but after watching it again, I found even more stuff hidden under the layers, and it will sync too well with my new series.

Yea, no more "for a while" says Christian America. Good work Ben. Keep it up.

Had missed the boys with the snowman image. Syncs too well with my Mickey-Pan and Snowjob images.

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