Friday, 20 March 2009

Caged Butterflies in Tuscany

Ultra-quickie post, just saw this ad and thought I'd post the butterfly cage (a big step up in MK symbolism from the bird cage [which I originally thought it was based on the shorter version that aired, I was taken aback when I realized it was butterflies]; one example of the bird cage [I think I should do a post at some point, it also features in a few music videos, I've shown Marilyn Manson's (scroll to end) already but I've seen others] being used in fashion and a recent one), conscious checkerboard symbolism etc. It's an advert for tourism in Tuscany [hence the model with her head trapped in a butterfly cage... what? (the Pegasus is on their coat of arms/flag, which ends the advert; virtually all the scenes are symbolic though)]. The first Masonic lodge in Italy opened at Florence [which is in Tuscany] in 1731 [this video is entertaining + read the description for more history of it's associations with Freemasonry/the occult].

Check out Pinocchio Park [Marionette Puppet] in Tuscany which is connected to a butterfly house and features a typical creepy giant owl image and such (top right image on site, looking over children). The new trailer for the Pinocchio dvd to show some of the themes (including, helpfully the bird cage which is he trapped in and lies so his nose 'erects' [all Disney films are made and used for programming], the kitten and other MK themes go without saying [may write up some older Disney movies, I've done one big post on Enchanted but that's it]). This is an official PSA from the US government's (Disney has always played a vital role in the propaganda/programming wing of the military industrial complex, it has always worked with and for the government) '', turning your kids into Marionettes has always been their #1 priority! (joking...ish)

And just for the F of it, a Hannah Montana ad showing various themes, such as all the butterflies and other imagery on Hannah Montana merchandise I posted on here. More tv and printed adverts in the advertising tag, and apologiez for the excessive amount of images, video (and in some of my longer posts) that can screw up your comp when loading; I would fix it if I could by splitting bigger posts up into multiple pages or something but I can't see a way of doing that [other than dividing it up into independent posts which would be a big job. I am looking (slowly) to restructure and create a separate navigation/links web page so the posts are organized somewhat and people can get to relevant back posts easily]. May add some more ads tomorrow if I remember any I've seen lately that I forgot .


Anonymous said...

Hey Ben,

I was over at Secret Sun's reading a post about U2's new hit video "Get On Your Boots". After watching it, I immediately checked your site in hopes of diving into your analysis and breakdown - unfortunately without success. I must admit you've taught me an astounding deal about occult symbolism. As such, I feel the video will provide you with some pretty pungent fodder (i.e. pentagrams, butterflies, columns, androgyny, etc.... you know, the cryptic stuff you write about so well). On further investigation, I found the song was released on [drum roll please]....

January 19, 2009 = 01/19/2009 = 11:11 (maybe a long shot, but I tried LOL)

Either U2 were MK'd sometime in the last 10 to 15 years, cloned with twins or have droid forms performing today, graduated to higher echelons in the world power realm, or were "positioned" long ago as they descend from the bloodlines.

Would appreciate your input,

Anonymous said...

Pardon the error - wrong link on prior comment. But that clip does have an interesting sync at 3:08.


Anonymous said...

U2's ZOO TV Tour was a fairly self-aware exploration of the dissociating effects of fame and the media. I imagine those guys are so caught up in their Rock God status now, they've lost all touch with reality.

Anonymous said...

Bono own 40% of Forbes magazine. He sold out a WHILE ago

Benjamin S said...

Hello Haf, thanks for your comment; on Bono/U2 I can pretty much just echo mal (wow, that concert looks full of it, mirror ball man + his other alter-egos! agreed on your observations, seems very self-aware though I wonder how much input they actually had on it) and anony (cheers), U2 are big corporate sellouts posing as humanitarian heroes; who knows exactly if he's MK'd (though his ridiculous overuse of sunglasses makes me suspect there's something in those eyes he ((or his handlers)) doesn't want you to see [his explanation reminds me of the crying model's one I posted on]). I had seen that vid a while back and wasn't exactly shocked by it all (almost like a 'sigh'/predictable type feeling); nice catch on the release date too btw (definitely a consciously chosen date; these sociopaths at the top of the music industry [the corporate executives and such who make these decisions] can't help themselves in practicing this kind of obsessively ritualized behavior [hence them including all the symbolic imagery in the video and in the media in general]). Just so damn blatant, it's a symbolic collage from start to finish; ending with lots of shattered glass symbolism (after all of the androgyny, models dressed in fascist/military insignia, butterflies etc [lots of "truth"/subversive things from history depicted in symbolism, sort of]), almost like they're saying the truth is breaking out/about to break out or something like that (probably more likely they're laughing at the fact that the masses won't even blink at any of the meaningful imagery)? The video reminded me of another 'propped-up' British band Oasis' Shock of the Lightning (symbolic collage; with butterflies, electroshock suggestive imo, military + historical imagery etc). I've seen a few other music videos lately with some interesting themes that I want to post so I'll definitely throw U2's in with some more detailed analysis (+more on U2, probably post the alter-ego mirror image from that ZOO concert [and going really OTT if I may, BONO; is BOZO, so OZ if you twist the N in caps] and some other info) when I get round to another general music vid post.

Thanks muchly all.

Anonymous said...


Benjamin S said...

Ta Chris, always look forward to your links, watch the underage leopard-print/sex-kitten Jade Jagger's daughters video here btw ("Queen of Teens" it's been removed from youtube... wonder why ;p) [and speaking of Jade's (symbolic name; precious stone + old slang for prostitute), don't know if you're in the UK but the way the media have been covering Jade Goody's death is sickening, ritual voyeurism (at least) to the extreme; issue 666 of OK Magazine was an 'official tribute issue' when she only just died today ffs!); btw check out LiLo's new TV ad... eye in a tiangle (make-up ads are always a good excuse for some one-eyed illuminism)!

Nicole Richie gets the typical robot hand and becomes another GaGa mannequin.

I'd put some that stuff into a post but a bit busy with a Disney post for another couple of days.

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