Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Perkins' 14

This film I caught last night is incredibly dark [apologiez for the messy paragraph btw, might clear it up tomorrow], 14 children are kidnapped and programmed to kill (only very brief examples of the cult-like programming methods; double-binds, confusing the child, keeping it caged and such are shown [and the victims (just about) no longer feel pain and have superior, almost superhuman strength (think of "hysterical strength", "berserkers" and such; all MK/mind control is, is the manipulation of countless mental processes/disorders for whatever goal the manipulator has in mind [and all the various techniques/methods employed in moulding them, in this case into rabid/frenzied dog-like psychos (but obviously it can be anything, and the techniques would change as these are just simply brainwashed to think one way, not fully functioning programmed multiples)]; this 'mental manipulation' will have been perfected over thousands of years [going way back as it requires no technology ((electricity and other technological advancements have been hugely important to MK, for obvious reasons)), to the ancient mystery cults of Dionysus ((click for why)) and in Egypt I personally think]), which is accurate; the pain is dissociated, everyone knows hypnosis and drugs can be used to anesthetize you]), including the son of a cop who is the protagonist. He is the only one who doesn't see the programmed maniacs as "monsters", he knows they're just programmed people, victims. When they are released they cause total chaos and the police don't know what to do, symbolizing programmed serial killers, "random" school shooters etc (and probably symbolic of some future MK massive "End Times" style event, where they trigger perhaps millions of victims in one massive chaotic global event). The film itself isn't that great, though I enjoyed most of it (helps that the premise is very possible; the amount of children that go missing every year is ridiculous, many of these are being taken by programming cults/intelligence operations and the like and turned into whatever they feel like, it could happen to any parent) and the ending was insanely dark:
Perkins' 14 follows the life of Ronald Perkins (Richard Brake), who becomes mentally unstable when his parents are brutally murdered inside their home when he was six years old.[1][2] His paranoia has him convinced that the killers will return in the future to kill him as well.[1][2] At age 34, Perkins snaps and kidnaps 14 people from his hometown of Stone Cove, brainwashes them, and creates a unified team of psycho killers.... Perkins builds an army of 14 people brainwashed through cult-like methods to protect him from his parents' killers [that isn't the only reason shown in the movie; he kidnapped children from happy families because he was jealous that he could never have that loving relationship with his parents (as they were killed; the "illuminati" are jealous of our 'normal', mostly happy family relationships which they have the opposite of)]. When Perkins is imprisoned, the police unwittingly unleash his followers on a small town and they've only got one thing on their mind: "Kill for Mr. Perkins." [A Judge is a friend of Perkins, this is never really explored or explained at all.]
It contains all the usual movie symbolism, checkerboards (he is even shown playing chess with his kidnapped son a few times), a few one eye shots, and of course it contains it's own subversive MK symbolism with Humpty Dumpty ([after a great fall] he breaks into pieces [like MK programming, the mind needs to be shattered into dissociated parts that can be programmed into alter-personalities; or just simply using military programming as an example they want to break you, so they can build you back up again as a killing machine with no capacity for empathy]) and lots of little things I haven't screencapped. Humpty Dumpty has been used as a self-destruct/suicide program according to Illuminati Formula, and as I've said, is associated with mind shattering programming.

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.

All the king's horses and all the king's men

Couldn't put Humpty together again.

As you'd expect, Humpty Dumpty features in the likes of Alice in Wonderland, Batman, Wizard of Oz theosophist Frank Baum also did a version, see wiki.

The Snoopy top on this kid shows dehumanization in MK.

Model Shayla Beesley plays the protagonist's daughter, called Daisy; who he really should be paying more attention to as she is planning on losing her virginity to some punk. The name 'Shayla' means "from the fairy palace" and "blind".

Her friend (takes a banana) also has skull and bones imagery on her, and Daisy takes the apple (original sin; very conscious as she is shown biting it again in a random quick flashback thing). Scroll to end of post to see her dressed as a suicidal Snow White, for more of this type of symbolism (Snow White bites the apple triggering her into a stupor/trance, this is also seen in other Disney stuff like Enchanted, more on Disney soon; Brothers Grimm were big occultists/MK practitioners).

Shayla grew up on a Navy based town and was trained as a belly dancer at age 7 by her mother whom she emancipated from at age 16. Expect her to see more of her in future (based on her getting on a cover of a foreign Vogue mag, the below mask image [one eye covered, doll make-up], her skull and bones bag etc).


Anonymous said...

Impossible not to notice a simple "coincidence": ANTOHONY PERKINS/PSYCHO/PERKINS 14...


skrambo said...

That movie looks bad on too many levels, it's interesting that it blatantly displays MK procedure though... 14 = 7+7, the number of people killed (7 children, 7 adults) in the 3/22 Butte Montana plane crash "magically" went from 17 to 14 yesterday...

7 is the number of Venus (7x7 magic square)/Taurus/"slave mind". Quite fitting if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

Check out the zebra-ed floor and not only:

Fuckin symbolic if u ask me! Cindy being hung by her hair! A female "joker" mabe? ABSOLOM was also hung by his hair...


Anonymous said...

This is the most pertinent blog going right now. This occult stuff is EVERYWHERE.


Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the "double bind." I've had experience with it myself a few times. Not fun. It can create further personality splits if traumatic enough. When it's not that intense, it produces a freezing in the victim where they have no clue what to do next leaving an opening for implanted suggestions.

Anonymous said...

I want to respond to the person who made the comment about softening up the public to accept strange looking/alien looking people.

Yes, I would agree that the supermodels look very otherworldly nowadays, not exactly beautiful by traditional human standards. To my mind its both genetic engineering and an alien agenda.

I think they have the ability to custom build humans right now which is why you have modeling agencies such as "DNA modeling" etc. Big hint.

And you're right: Where DO they happen to find all these towering, naturally skinny and unusual looking women? Ever been on a modeling database? There's like thousands of them. Its funny how you don't usually see those types just walking down the street on a regular basis.

Anonymous said...

I was about to say they have another secret twin sister, but no... Just a "normal" sister, anormally ressembling them (IMO):


Louis said...

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