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Tyra, and America's Next Top Monarch Dolls

Cheers to a couple of great commenters nudging me in this direction; the Top Model's always have loads of MK (Australia/British, all of them), I've been meaning to post on it and Tyra for a while. I think I'll start with Tyra herself; I don't want to go into too much detail of the show (most of these mindless shows are full of MK/occult), I suspect later episodes will have more blatant Monarch imagery anyway. Some of the macabre themes for their always symbolic photoshoots have been posted on in forums I think, worth looking into. So again, thanks muchly; been itching to post some of this stuff (Life-Size anyway) for ages, and apologiez in general for crap comment responses on my part.

Her waxworks (they all get at least one, posted on Kylie/Miley/Britney's etc), note her split mind (half face split/separated from the whole) image they've gone for in the below one.

"She was the perfect doll. Now she's the real thing."

I became aware of this Disney movie: Life-Size months ago, but was saving it for a comprehensive Lindsay Lohan post; that will probably never get going (covered her + her movies in various posts [like here and here for label], this was LiLo's earliest role) so I'll just post it here. The themes are obvious, with Tyra as Eve (Adam/EVE, original scene etc, very occult/ritualistic name) the doll who comes alive. This clear theme of transformation (a huge part of programming, this movie has obvious usage) is shown on the posters and promos for the film featuring a boxed Tyra (as a doll having just come alive through occult practises) with butterflies all over her.

You can watch the film yourself on youtube (first part above, only the first minute and a couple of scenes after are worth; I have not watched it), as most Disney kids films are really jet-black comedies (if you can pick up on all the suggestive phrases/symbolism etc) it is pretty funny (the dolls at the start, leopard-print ["Love animals, don't wear them!"] etc). With usual themes of the main Disney slave's (LiLo) mother having died (Miley Cyrus in Hannah Montana), so you coulds argue this also pertains to dissociation as she uses the dolls to escape the horrific reality of her mother's demise. Lilo visits a website "Mysticism and Spells" to try and resurrect her mother; so there are clearly occult themes at work here (very Egyptian as the book she uses is called "Holcroft's Book of the Dead" [rituals in the Egyptian Book of the Dead are similar to those performed by the 'elite' and in occult-based MK programming, go into it in this post]).

I think I should paste some of the plot, as it's significant:
Casey [LiLo's character, think Casey Anthony] steals a book called Holcroft's Book of the Dead: Volume I from a bookstore in attempt to resurrect her mother using one of the spells inside the book. She is about to begin the incantation when Drew enters the room and disorders her preparations. Moments before Casey reorganizes these, Drew uses a hairbrush formerly belonging to Casey's mother to neaten the Eve Doll. Strands of the doll’s hair are stuck on the brush, apparently obscuring the mother's hair. When Casey returns to her room, she works the magic, using the hair on the brush as a means of summoning its owner's spirit. Because the mother's hair has been covered by that of the doll, Casey wakes up the next day to find a human Eve (Tyra Banks) sleeping beside her.

Casey, furious and desperate to rectify her mistake, brings Eve to the bookstore, wanting her to obtain Holcroft's Book of the Dead: Volume II, which contains the counterspell needed to send a summoned spirit to its native realm of existence. En route, Eve is enraptured by the stimuli she receives in the "real" world, which are implied to be more deserving of enthusiasm than those in the imaginary world created for the doll. At the bookstore, Eve reveals Casey's theft of the earlier book, whereupon Casey flees, only to fall down in the middle of the road. She is nearly struck by a vehicle, but prevented when Eve uses her training as a police officer (one of many roles she served as a doll) to stop it.

"Prepare the Altar" [altar/alter]

A red pentagram of course must be made; there's an inverted pentagram in LiLo's room and even butterflies and such (her bedroom in I Know Who Killed Me is insanely symbolic).

"A remnant from the object to be transformed must be placed int he centre of the altar," Note the below moths/butterflies (they're obviously very similar).

Red shoes always go without saying.

At least LiLo's daddy 'Ben' finally stopped working so much and went to her big ball game in the end :) [/sarcasm] And as for Tyra/EVE: "As the deadline arrives, she is changed into her original form. Thereafter the integrity she has acquired as a human becomes absorbed into all dolls of her name, increasing their popularity."

So that just about covers the blatant Disney TV Movie Life-Size (as always, if you watched that movie through you're bound to notice lots more), in my opinion clearly showing Tyra Banks as mind controlled, it's almost scarily blatant! It also showed her kitten programming at the beginning with leopard-prints on dolls; these images go along with that theme.

It's all in their eyes...

Another one of her awful movies showing sex-kitten programming (kitten trapped in a harness [marionette-ish] with sexy pink lingerie).

As posted on previously, Tyra Banks features (as herself) in the Hannah Montana movie; you can effectively watch this scene above in the trailer as Miley and Tyra (both MK'd) have a "catfight" over a pair of black/white duality striped shoes, culminating in Miley throwing the symbolic shoe at Tyra, landing... just above another totally meaningless butterfly, scene starts at 00:12 seconds of the above trailer.

A few other random themes (I haven't done the kind of lengthy image search I usually do so I'm sure there are many I've missed from her career).

Edit: Should also mention her name; resonating Tara (United States of), Tiger (Tygra); and the actual name 'Tyra' means "Thor's Battle" (so more mythology/occult). Check out some other Tyras too, actors with numerous 'aliases', transvestites, porn stars... you name it.

She recently became Michelle Obama in a Harper's photo-shoot.

In pinky purple wearing the standard style of cross worn by so many slaves (on Miley and others I think I've posted), connected to a chain (interlocking rings/shackles/chains = mental prison).

She was a Victoria's Secret Angel.

Dark Angel above, and Tyra leading the pack of Dolls with her symbolic staff.

Invoking the Circus, ring-master/big-cat handler (leopard spots on chest).

So the actual America's Next Top Model episode. The intro thing had a quick flash of some old photo-shoots from the show, consciously picking a kitten programming one (below).

The headless Nike statue was often shown (and lined up with the fountain etc); extremely symbolic considering Rome was a slave society (mainstream history) and all the girls were dressed up as Goddesses, looking a lot like slave outfits. Each girl had to portray an attribute of the Goddess given to them, which is extremely occult/ritualistic.

All of the Roman soldiers, statues etc all pointed to slavery in my opinion.

Tyra came out as a Goddess alter, apparently Beyonce has the same kind of alter (Sasha Fierce; by the way the doll award Tyra is holding is from the first 'Fiercee' awards): The Goddess of Fierce (announced by soldier). I'll just quote her little programmed script, "I have been the Goddess of Fierce for 2752.7 years. And I am tired, so I a am looking for my successor... someone to light my chariot of fire etc." As all the girls in their slave/goddess outfits go nuts in worship, a crazed frenzy over their goddess.

Tyra's below outfit she wore for judging resonates Hathor I think as it has those horns, but I can't see the sun so maybe it isn't supposed to represent that; symbolic either way. I include Tyra's horns photoshoot (note bull nose-ring for more Hathor synchage) above to back this up. I am open to any more accurate info you may have in comments, the deeper occult stuff is better handled by others with more occult/mythological knowledge in their armory so always keep up with the blogs linked to on the right.

Tyra did her juding thing (or whatever), easily the most interesting of the lot was Allison (Alice) who she describes herself as looking like a porcelain doll (with the below image helpfully included) and how she loves blood, listen to her say "jealous" when Tyra says how she always used to get nose bleeds.

There was always this kind of suggestive use of phrases (as if programmed) like "OMG they look like dolls!" when the two guys came out for the first time ("Miss J" is 100% a programmed multiple, the other one probably is too) and when Tyra was led out as a Goddess with the Roman soldiers around her one of them said she looked "like a complete Barbie doll". With all the doll imagery in their home and such all of this feels extremely scripted.

Below left is "Miss J".

And props to Monique speaking some truth, why would they even air this?

Monique is dressed up symbolically in a peacock feather [eye symbolism; with a blue heart in place of the usual circle] (note the statues; like mannequins symbolizing the blank slate/empty shell/vacuum/etc created, positioned behind every single one being judged).

Their house is loaded with MK, particularly duality as the commenters point out (please read them for some more details) black/white being the main color scheme and obviously pictures of Tyra and dolls everywhere.

As well as a 'vampire' (not literally obviously) they even have a burn victim ;S Again sorry I'm not going into any detail, there would probably be interesting things if you looked at each individual. If I do another post on future episodes I may go into more detail, I really want to get started on some other stuff though.

The main catwalk task involved splitting the group into two sides, a good and bad. So more dualism/duality here. Strobe lighting featured in this catwalk which put Isabella (she lost in the end anyway) at risk because she has epilepsy (strobe/flashing/bright lights is something I've been banging on about for a while, nice of them to include it; I've used the epilepsy example in showing that flashing lights can significantly effect/trigger your brain and is very much used in MK). I mainly just wanted to post the Life-Size movie to show Tyra's obvious MK, to go along with all the themes in Top Model.

The advertising campaign (TV spots, posters) featured fragments as it's main theme (fragmented/fractured/shattered/split mind), Tyra done up with doll-like lipstick and such.


Justin R. said...

Private message

You may find this blog entry from Michael Goodspeed interesting:

Especially this quote as it realates to the themes you so often go over with your blog:

"We are a generation of men who are programmed to worship at the altars of porcelain mannequins and inflatable sex dolls. Little girls in the United States are instantly aware of this perverse, collective idolatry by male beasts. They sense the energy field coursing through the air around their skin. And they know that in order to absorb this stream, they must become ideal capacitors for its electromagnetic frequencies. This means transforming themselves into objects of worship and obsession. Billions of human beings pray to the very gods before whom they tremble in fear and want and pitiful desperate aching privation. One need not love a god in order to hand one's soul to it."

Anonymous said...

Great Post! I was aware of Tyra for a while now too. I find it interesting that they would spill alittle truth on this seasons Top Model. No. They don't know who the Elites are, but they know the Elite Modeling Agency. I like the little info on Rockefellers with 101 underneath. Its double symbolism,to me, she is trying to educated the headless goddesses on the history of that infamous family. It also tugs at alarm bells going off on Moniques' re-education in room 101 like in Orwell's 1984 (2+2=5). Which is what she will probably get before she hips anyone to the truth on that show.

Anonymous said...

Really great analysis. My favorite moment of ANTM was Tyra telling the burn victim that some designers will hire her because she has scars. Think about that for a moment. Is there another profession in the world where people get hired because they're disfigured?

Anonymous said...

Funny you should post this now. I just saw the most blatant MK model image I've ever seen in the Daily Mail...

Scroll down the page until you come to the photo of Pamela Anderson strutting the catwalk wearing a bizarre pink tutu that doesn't quite cover her posterior while literally having her arms tied bondage-style behind her back.

Also on the subject of fashion, if you haven't already, check out the Michael Jackson press conference video on YouTube and the photos on the Daily Mail and Huffington Post. Looks like the MK'd MJ is being programmed with a savior complex. Fun thing, the jacket he's wearing to the press conference is almost identical to this one, shown at a very recent fashion show...

Anonymous said...

Good stuff Ben, planning on doing anymore podcasts?

Have u seen the 'Butterfly' Barbie Tattoo Vid yet?

Anonymous said...

The picture of TYRA on the catwalk dresses in rainbow colors, holding a stick in the shape of Y in her rite hand - the Y stands both for phallic/androgyn symbol.


Anonymous said...

REMEMBER MADONNA's toyboy JESUS LUZ has a tattoo with his own name on his back, now EMMA has it on her chest...


Anonymous said...

Drew uses a hairbrush formerly belonging to Casey's mother to neaten the Eve Doll.

Cindy Anthony (Casey's mother)and "Hair brush gate":

An e-mail obtained by Belich suggests that Cindy Anthony could have deliberately given the wrong evidence -- a hairbrush -- to investigators in July. They had sought a brush with the hair of missing toddler Caylee. WFTV anchor Bob Opsahl said, "She gave up Casey's brush, knowing full well it was the wrong one."

Anonymous said...

Wow that picture of Pamela Anderson was disturbing. It looks like as she nears her end of usefulness as a sex symbol her controllers are just letting all her MK craziness hang out. They're totally humiliating her and watching her self-destruct.

And to think I was jealous of her in college because my boyfriend thought she was "hot" I'm glad I'm not one of these sex icons. They're clearly not even considered human beings to the people who use them, and when they're old they're just thrown away.

Oh and its obvious that ANTM uses monarchs. I found it rather revealing and even a little funny when at some point during the show they all have nervous breakdowns due to whatever programming is being triggered.

They go from being these nice, young "all american" girls to screeching and ripping each others hair out or sobbing uncontrollably becaause they had to do a shoot underwater, or wear raw meat or whatever...

Who knows where these girls come from and what they've experienced.

Anonymous said...

she says she has an "obsession with hemophilia" as though it is a dirty word, a philia, like necrophilia or pedophilia. Which obvious means that she has been trained to do buddhist menstruation rituals (blood drinking)
also grotesque is the fact that Tyra Barbie comes in a box, covered with butterflies, which is obvious reference to live burial/coffin confinement trauma.

Anonymous said...

Hey ben. Good post. I think I was the one who nudged you about writing about Americas next top model, claiming that I saw the black and white dualities in the floor and theme of the rooms. Man....this pretty good stuff man. Thanks for considering even writing it. I'm glad to know that you went in this direction and you read the commentors stuff.

Now if only you would write about monarch slave, Aaliyah (singer actress), I would be happy as a jaybird.LOL good work, Ben :)

P.s. I'm addicted to your site.

Anonymous said...

Wow, those dolls are amazing! They really look like the real one!

Anonymous said...

I thought the handlers preferred white slaves---this is a rhetorical question coming from a black woman. I read that black slaves do not dissociate in a way that meets their agenda that's why we are not their TOP choice. I can't speak for everyone but I would kill myself rather than be subjected to rape, electroshock and SRA. I have a hard time believing that Tyra, Rhianna and the few other black stars in the entertainment industry have been subjected to all this. I'm not being biased I'd just like to know more.

Lostworld said...

Great that you did a post on Top Model! I've been covering some on my Stepford thread too over at David Icke's + also been commenting some about it here. There's so much blatant symbolism in that show, it's just crazy...

toure said...

Mind blowing, man, really. Amazing stuff. I'm trying to make sense of some Doll synchs that have crossed my path, and you seem to have somehow read my mind... keep it up.

I came here after reading up on the green-flower heart chakra, anahata... wv: sungut. in green.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know about this film. "I want one with a microchip!" I've already found a few that speak when you touch a certain spot on their back.

Lindsey playing a boy's sport. Lindsey checking out the girl's ass. Lindsey as a lesbian. "Lindsey making choices." [my thoughts]

"I'm not a kid anymore," she says. God knows what she had been subjected to by that age? Watching her dance shows a deeply traumatized little girl.

The golem creates a golem. Not much different from today's brain-washed zombies procreating and then handing their off-spring over to Disney, is it?

Hahaha! Miley/Tyra kitten-fight! And that Allison is a scary fembot! Keep it up man!

Anonymous said...

Hello and cheers for such a fantastic blog! I've been "lurking" for sometime now and this has been a great help to me. I don't know if anyone is still reading this post, but I came across it and wanted to add something.

I just wanted to send a quick and important reply to the poster who mentioned "black" slaves... And this is coming from someone who is bi-racial, so please here me out.

Blacks are no different than whites. The world's first royal family was in Africa, as that is where life began. Do you think the elite don't know this? What do you think the pyramids are about? Slaves were sent to America by Black royal families in Africa. ALL races have slavery at some point in their history, so it's not a new concept. The "monarchy" is an ancient ruling bloodline which has nothing to do with colour.

So it's important to understand that racial differences and racism is something that was created to keep people at odds because people who do not stand together are far easier to conquer and control. The elite, while making the black/white distinction in public do NOT do this in private. It is a facade.

We are so bombarded with nonsense from such an early age that many of us buy into these silly myths (blonde is better / dark skin is poor or ugly, etc.), and indeed, our very identies tend to be shaped by whether or not we believe or rebel against "the myth". Whites who believe this nonsense are just as much slaves as anyone else.

The elite know that there is only one people and they capitalize on us being in the dark of this truth. There is NO difference in how anyone is brainwashed. We are all vulnerable and even brainwashed to varying degrees, and I think it's more than obvious that Tyra, Naomi, Michael Jackson, etc. are just as brainwashed as many others. I just hope that all this ends and these children don't have to keep suffering the way they do!

Anonymous said...

I remember wen antm first came out, i was so excited,because i want 2 become a model...but now im like idk b-cuz of all of this mk-utra stuff....but i was wonderin if i cud still join the modeling industry an not be a part of the mkutra, satanic agenda? plz anyone give me sum serious advice,thanx!

Anonymous said...

Tyra has done a show where she confronts phobias including her own and broke down in tears trying to get into a pool with dolphins. She said that when she was younger she would have dreams where she was stuck under water unable to come out and all the time dolphins would swim at her and repeatedly poke her with their nose. I thought that was an odd phobia and kind of random to have but she was petrified and visibly shaking. Also the day that she retired from being a Victoria's Secret Angel she invited her whole family onto the show and her father came out holding that V staff. Her mother I think must be MK as well, if you see pictures of her smiling you can't miss it.

Anonymous said...

Good post. I suspected Tyra was an MK Ultra. After reading up on the subject, she was one of the first people who came to mind.

Even before researching MK, something she said on ANTM always resonated in a bizarre way. In Cycle 9 (interesting that they are called "cycles" like a processing facility) one of the girls (Heather) has been having a difficult week. Tyra tells her to compartmentalize it. Check this out around the 6:00 mark.

-Noneya Biz

One of the basic concepts of MK is programing the slave's brain into compartments. Think of it in the way you program a computer with files, folders, and drives... These schematics can be as simple as a flow chart or elaborate as a double helix (in 3D!). Imagine telling a young woman to "compartmentalize" to deal with life's trauma so that she can be a better doll... uh... model.

Think compartmentalization is not that bad? It's a psychological state of disassociation! Think Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (think of the poor soldiers who return home after war... think Vietnam vets especially). It's a slippery slope to Multiple Personalities (Hmmm... Sasha Fierce...), Schitzophenia... and more.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, here is the link. Check the 6:00 mark

-Noneya Biz

Anonymous said...

This is incredibly stupid! She is one of the most amazing woman in the world! She is an example for most people and other "celebrities". She deserves what she have, she has been working so hard for that. Most people is just jealous...... MK utra thing or what ever....... it's just for people incredibly...... fool....ignorant and with small brains.....

Poisonfawn said...

Hi ben, tonights finale has lisa d'amato the all stars winner. i noticed a few things...her photo was the one eye covered thing of course, and she was wearing a mirrored dress. a makeup artist with a butterfly tattoo did her makeup. she said she was sexually abused as a child. alot of times, tyra would say, "this is not the lisa we know, where is lisa?"....during commercial break, a secret commercial with butterflies came on, afterwards it was victorias secret.

you know, i went to india with miss universe 2005 and camille from this all stars cycle and the first or second one. now i wonder, were there handlers around? i went with sanjana jon, (rapist anand jons sister)....i am trying to remember if i witnessed anything...well, i did witness alot....anyways...hope you make a new post!? perhaps a 2012 one?

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