Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Caged Britney

Quick preview of Britney's upcoming Circus tour starting at the New Orleans arena tonight at 7.30pm, with the Pussycat Dolls supporting; as posted on earlier. The "synchs" keep mounting having just posted a fictitious corporate kitten portrayed in this exact way, trapped in a cage! She is modeling for Candies lingerie above with clips from the tour after, note the, checker/black white duality coat at start, then leopard-print and tings. Daily Mail link.

Raunchy: Britney Spears performs in a cage wearing a sexy basque with a Swarovski-crystal bra and knee-high boots. Sound/look familiar? That is the Daily Mail's Caption (another one further down). Caged Kitty

Exact themes you'd expect from this, Britney as a ring-master, trapped in a cage, a stripper/belly-dancer; lots of slavery themes (bondage, cage, military, animal dehumanization etc) I'll post on when some good quality images (maybe replace these[Edit: See new images further down the page])/video comes out from the tour, probably get that part 3 out of the way of the first 2 parts here and here of the main Britney posts [Britney/Marilyn/Circus post here] when I get it started.

Bondage chic: Britney's PVC nipple tassels appeared to have been inspired by Madonna's Erotica look

Roll up, roll up: Dressed as a ringmaster, she kicks off the gig to the strains of her song Circus

Quick change: Britney goes from sexy soldier in her military jacket to Bollywood beauty in her belly-dancing outfit

"Shh.. I have a secret [doing the standard 'shh' finger, they all do (command of silence, though I think it's more of a humorous 'we know something you don't know' on the part of the controllers)]. I'm the new Candie's girl."

Art reflecting life? She attempts to escape from her gilded cage

And to top it off: It's magic! Britney appears in a box after she is unveiled by a magician

The magician who makes Britney disappear/reappear is Ed Alonzo; note his top hat and purple bag (presumedly Britney disappears in it).

Check out the symbolic official merchandise from the tour.

Sticking with kittens, Scarlett Johansson turned up to the Milan fashion week as a leopard-print 1950's kitty.

Last random bit, Angelina (I don't think we'll be seeing her 'daddy' singing a little girl a 'bedtime story' at this Britney tour! [Jon Voight, see here]) goes all Hannah Montana for her next movie Salt. 'Mistress of Disguise' where she plays a CIA agent (presumedly the type of programmed multiple delta-beta [assassin-sex] agents [the ones used in real espionage (assassination/blackmail/drug smuggling/various black projects/etc)] I've posted on in things like Chuck, Nikita [haven't started that post yet] and such):
Filmmakers say the central mystery of the movie is the true identity of Evelyn Salt. 'She's a character you never know,' said producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura. 'People who think they know the real her may or may not.' 'Those who think they can tell whether she's in a disguise also may or may not.' [her character is accused of being a Russian sleeper cell]

Edit: Updated images/info on the Britney Circus concert (more detailed post in future, quickly add these before starting another post tomorrow), new Daily Mail link on it. Just realized it was on 3/3, 33.

Looks interesting with Britney as the "amazing tattooed woman" descending inside a frame obviously meant to be a mirror (so the "tattoed woman" [AKA art-covered catsuit] comes out of the mirror).

Britney blindfolded on the bondage swing with a spiral bra over her tattoo-looking catsuit.

Britney in metallic gold + gauntlets = typical portraying her as a robot and warrior/gladiator.

Britney with a carousel bar/pillar thing.

"I'm a slave... I'm a slave... etc" Yes Yes Britney we know, we're working on bringing the whole system down and freeing all victims of this global slave society.

Uber-Kittens (see link further up for posts) Pussycat Dolls kicked off the Circus.


Anonymous said...


I never seen anyone so disgusted at having to eat a banana.

Do you think these are tests these girls have to endure? Public humiliation as punishment for something? Conditioning?

Anonymous said...

interesting stuff. if you look into the abyss the abyss looks back at you be careful or you will be sucked into britney's spiraling tatas

meme drop:
shows about parents with too many kids, sometimes kids with disorders/defects

ex: john and kate plus 8, table for 12, uhh the one about dwarven family... uh the one with 17 kids, the one with 18 kids... uhhhh what else i just saw one about a family with 6 autistic kids.

basically the meme is that people are having too many kids and not good enough kids
discussed on oprah was the more popular jk+8

also sunshine pattern like the old japanese rising sun flag is in right now for prod ads.

that is all

Anonymous said...

FrugDeala if you're not mature enough to view mind control programming material with a strong enough psychic forcefield then don't come to the blog until you've developed said maturity.

This isn't even the right section to drop topic suggestions you should use email. You think you're being cute? Now "they" are onto you if you're going to give out info than elaborate and make your own blog or partycrash someone else's mkultra resistance shrine.

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