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Miley's Destiny Hope

I think a lot of people automatically understand why I focus so much on Miley Cyrus (anyone whose seen how this girl has been used in/by the media); but for those who don't, as far as I am concerned she is the front line of corporate controlled cash-kittens (more appropriate than 'cash-cow' ;). Her unbelievably quick rise to stardom, the blatant mind control themes in her show (hidden identity/alter) and of course her Country Music pedigree make her the poster-child of Monarch programmed slaves. I will eventually get to some of the major ones (Mariah etc) from the past but I like to keep things very up to date, MC is the future!
Before I post some images of Destiny Hope, the above images of Miley + the owl are from her latest bout of photoshoots. These types of shoots have always been a part of Miley's life, and have interested me as they are rarely for a particular magazine or something (unlike her Leibovitz topless shoot) and seem to purely be used to portray Miley with various symbolic imagery. The above owl (they can 'see for Miles') comes as a usual depiction of the secret societies behind the corporations organizing the MK globally.

Miley's shoots often involved some type of animal, usually puppies (hence her role in Bolt [she plays the beloved pet-dog who thinks his show is reality], see previous posts); this is also from her latest sets (there are others from the new ones with little things but none really worth posting) with her in ruby slippers + flowers + fruits.

Here are some older ones just to illustrate the blatant Monarch symbolism in her various photoshoots. I posted the below Monarchs (green/red; obviously stylized a bit) on Miley way back in this post.

And you'll never guess what the butterfly guitar is hiding :O A Crowned Skull and Bones of course! [Flowers are never subliminal pentagrams..]

Speaking of which, Miley was put with one of the fellow Disney slaves from the Jonas Brothers; below we see them also displaying their, not very subtly positioned skull and bones (also note the pink wig girls). Apologiez to; credit to their colossal Miley images archive, most of these came from there.

And to confirm Disney's use of pink wig-wearing sex-kittens, check out these screencaps from High School Musical 3 (do intend on doing a full write-up of it).

Disney: Wholesome Family Fun!

Quick random images of Miley, these two striped ones + chalk writing on the wall (more black/white) + a skull and bones on Miley's bracelet thing (the tiny instruments have obvious MK implications [think Alice taking the pill that makes everything smaller, you can make a person think something like that has happened by having all the furniture disproportionately large/small; disorientation of course]).

Another random couple, more horns from Miley (she does it way too often [lots posted previously] for just simply "WOO, ROCK ON!" type mindless spontaneous rock hand-signalling; and obviously remember most of them are choreographed by her 'handlers', and dance-choreographers/photographers/etc).

Another random image I'm not sure where to put; mainly a humorous image as it's obviously just standard red eye you get in photographs, but she has the replicant eye glow in one eye like in Bladerunner ;P Emily (Miley anagram) Osment is also popping her head out.

And lastly, a quick Marionette Puppet suggestive image from the latest season of Hannah Montana.

I try to watch the odd Hannah Montana episode, sometimes they go really over the top; like in the above scene where Billy Ray (as Robbie Ray Stewart) sings Miley (as Miley Ray Stewart [Miley's name only officially changed to 'Miley Ray Cyrus' last year]) a song 'Ready, Set, Don't Go' with images of Miley as a child (so when she was still Destiny Hope Cyrus) shown on screen, the more relevant ones pictured below.

It's obviously completely fucked up how Disney has turned Miley's life into a voyeuristic sideshow; with genuine images of Miley's past being used (Miley butterfly image above, stars and crescent moon bed, Princess/Monarch Miley, doll above that) as part of her fictional character. The never-ending (it's been a while since the last lot, expect some soon?) supply of "leaked" Miley Cyrus images are all part of this process (and for social engineering).

They ended the piece with Miley and the pheonix/OBEY (... posted that in the Miley Mouse Club post) image with them on a purple rollercoaster and Miley's heart/crossed arrows [subliminal S&B].

I also include another image from that linked post (please click it above for more of Miley's Hello Kitty + lots more on Miley) to illustrate what I'm saying about the "leaked" personal Miley images.

Now to some more images of Destiny Hope as a small child showing more her Disney programming (if you looked at some images of me as a kid you'd probably think I was MK'd, along with a other shit that I'm not going into), with her at ELVIS gigs (obvious Monarch slave), then in Mickey Mouse clothing (think it is Minnie) with the Elvis hat on and such.

Good ol' Minnie Mouse... (remember Britney, Christina, Justin Timberlake are all products of Corporate Disney, all having come from the Mickey Mouse Club).

Guess where HannaH Montana "Country Girl" comes from? Crowley Corners (as in Aleister Crowley, [loosely a corner= triangle/illuminism]), if your manage to get through the below video without blood coming out your ears, please note obviously 'Save Crowley Meadows' in the background.

Boom Boom Clap, Boom Dee Clap Dee Clap... [shoots self]. Below is a pretty symbolic music video, also from the Hannah Montana movie official soundtrack. Short bit on the film's plot from wiki: "Miley (Miley Cyrus) has become overwhelmed with her alter-ego's Hannah Montana's popularity. After having a catfight over a pair of shoes with Tyra Banks, her father, Robby (Billy Ray Cyrus) tricks Miley into going back to her hometown, Crowley Corners, Tennessee" In this video, the main single off the soundtrack; Miley starts walking on a neverending pathway/road (similar to yellow brick road symbolism/metaphor [trapped on a fixed/set path, no escape off it]), then we see Miley inside a lazerlight pyramid (you can see it's a pyramid at 1:16; though I think it changes throughout), "There's a voice inside my head..", crescent moon, some other stuff, then near the end she walks toward the sun as she reaches the end of the path at a cliff overlooking the ocean.

It obviously doesn't help matters when she has a Mariah Carey-esque 'butterfly' song (everyone knows of this MC's butterfly 'obsession') on the official soundtrack called... 'Butterfly Fly Away'. If you are near your local checkerboard floor 'entrance' (my local one has the same) Disney store, checkout the Hannah Montana section as there are just so many butterflies it's insane (I couldn't find images online of the most blatant ones I saw, with a huge butterfly on the back of a shirt and such). Here is just a few examples of Hannah Montana stuff... i.e. Disney/Hannah Montana butterfly panties for kids.

Or pick up some purple butterfly/rainbow/hearts pyjamas!

The butterfly is hugely important to mind control, symbolizing transformation [Miley to Hannah; alter-personalty themes]/fragility and much more. The fact that her mother is called Leticia 'Tish' and that is virtually the same as Letizia which is a genus of butterfly (you can see it listed in wiki here) should tell you much about the Cyrus' involvement in intergenerational Monarch mind control.

The above image is from this recent Miley post; with her 'mom' (I have my doubts that she is actually her birth-mother as there seems to be a big theme of Miley Ray's mother [remember it's her actual name too, her fictional life and 'real life' are completely blurred] having died in Hannah Montana) Leticia (Letizia) the genus of Butterfly. I include Miley and 'Tish' at the recent Oscars, with Miley in her fish scales/mermaid-style dress (gold Osiris'/Oz, red carpet bloodline, flowers etc).

Two butterflies out and about shopping, note Leticia's butterfly necklace (more suggestive of her name; tbh I doubt it's the name she was born with), this (butterfly necklace) continues with Miley below in another photoshoot.

And a few random ones from an old shoot that was made public recently.

Her career in the country music industry started extremely young (she was in the above [note TIGERS] video too 'If Heartache had Wings'); you can skip to the last 40 seconds (of the below video) because Miley as a toddler appears only then. Please note the one-eyed cat on Miley's sibling (Harley Davidson T-shirt)... and obviously Miley's extremely freakish looking doll (very creepy ventriloquist dummy-style)!

This is Billy Ray Cyrus' video for 'Deja Blue' (things like Deja Vu, confused memory, etc are connected to MK), I'll definitely have to check out his other videos; and it's always worth looking back at previous posts if you missed them (more images/info on Miley Ray/Billy Ray etc). Edit: Miley defends her "cuddly" relationship with her dad as "not weird at all", of course it doesn't seem weird at all to someone who hasn't known any different their entire lives (this is again all about intergenerational abuse). She also has come right out and said she is the next Britney media pawn.

  1. Edit: Also worth noting, Billy Ray's song "We The People" was used by the Bush/Cheney and co (Donald Rumsfeld above was the Secretary of Defence [the military is 100% MK, heavily involved in the MK'd entertainment industry]) as it's main campaign theme song back in the stolen 2000 election, years before Miley was made a star (showing he is working for the establishment [made up of pedophiles/war criminals/mindless puppets/etc], essentially selling his daughter to the corporate overlords; "Cyrus was named Destiny Hope because her parents believed [should be "knew" obviously, because it had been planned] that she would accomplish great things.").


Anonymous said...

in the crescent moon video, do you feel that shes bends her arm to form the shape of a triangle just to many times. Or am i just being to paranoid

Anonymous said...

Her dad never smiles in the pictures with her and sometimes he just looks downright miserable. I wonder why, since his daughter is so successful...?

Would be interesting to know what Miley's ethnic background is. I've had a hard time finding out. The last name Cyrus belonged to a famous Persian [Iranian] king!

Anonymous said...

that is very interesting about the 'deja-vu" song you brought up. By the way, Beyonce (another MK's slave) also made a song called deja vu. You know, I'm starting to think the producer, Pharrell, who makes a lot of hits, especially for beyonce is also mind controlled. He has worked with Beyonce, Madonna, Solange and Justin Timberlake, all of who are mind controlled...hmmmmm

Hey man, when are you going to get to the Aaliyah post? I'm dying for it! LOL

Anonymous said...

Here's a few suggestive pics with NADJA AUERMANN and BJORK (especially with swans/swan symbolism since I posted them on icke's). Hope u dont mind:


Benjamin S said...

Chris, great finds on those pics, saved most of em; thanks for posting them here, couldn't see where in the Icke forum you posted them. Readers may want to keep an eye on those threads (linked to two on the right of the page), the Cobain one in particular does great original research. The Stepford Wives one also does, though I feel a little like I'm rereading some of my stuff sometimes in that one ;p, just being paranoid, we are bound to crossover and repeat MK'd people/topics/images so it's all good, as long as the info gets out there.

Cheers rest of the anony posters, agreed on the most part. Spot on about Beyonce's Deja Vu video and Pharrell mate, though I'm not sure he is MK'd, seems to me to just be on-side and heavily involved rather than a victim himself. Checkout some of my posts featuring his stuff (Gwen Stefani vid with him writhing with leopard-body paint covered sex-kittens, Madonna's vid "Billionaire Boys Club", and of course Common's "Universal Mind Control" with Pharrell portrayed as a robot) you may have seen these but might as well link to em:

He also created (in the Neptunes) Britney's I'm a Slave 4 U, which was originally made for fellow victim Janet Jackson!

Beyonce stuff, again you may have already seen.

And have patience, I'll get to Aaliyah at some point soon. I've got offline commitments and shit tying me down at the minute (hopefully be sorted soon) so haven't been able to post as much as I'd like to the past few months (though I think the posts have been more substantial to the kind of things I was posting in the first few months of the blog), Aaliyah isn't my #1 priority, probably do bigger Beyonce/Mariah/Britney posts before I get to Aaliyah. If you are that into her (I think a lot of people who are into this stuff have a particular one they are most interested in [whether it's Mariah or whoever]) then do write something yourself about it if you have lots of good information, and start your own blog or send the info (cheers for the previous stuff you linked to btw) my way in an email (it's in my profile) so most of the post is done for me and I'll just add relevant stuff from her movies/photo shoots/etc. I was given Romeo Must Die (she was in) as a gift on DVD years ago, and it has an image of Aaliyah with half her face in black (split mind [split in half/half of it missing/also duality]) on the cover (linked to below), so I'll need to give that one another watch (and as mentioned before Queen of the Damned) too.

But yeah, you may have successfully pushed Aaliyah up the queue ;p

Anonymous said...

Here's the thread on Icke about swan symbolism:


Anonymous said...

Love the 'handshake' with Rummy....

Great stuff, keep up the good work!

Thrace said...

Love your blog-
Though I'm also quite creeped out as I read. Stumbled upon it after a link from SecretSun. It's sad, and horrible. Our entertainers are (our!) are slaves. We think they're cute, sexy and rich and we admire them. It's pathetic. they are mind controlled slaves, and to some degree most of us are too. Thanks for going to such links to make these things clear. I've studied O'brien and others for a number of years. Each time I see the earmarks of MK or see a Manchurian Candidate blow somebody away ( can you say V-Tech?) I want to tell friends and family. But what do you say? Where do you begin? You're doing a fine job. May God bless you with strength to keep on going and keep shining a light on our twisted, stolen culture, and the sad slaves who are plastered on each cover of People and Us magazine.
Thanks again,

Anonymous said...

Love your posts. Keep it up.

Mylie is a facinating subject when it comes to this stuff. You have covered it brilliantly.

For future note:

While watching "Hannah Montana: The Movie," I noticed this interesting subliminal:

While singing a duet with Billy Ray, aptly titled: "Butterly Fly Away," this image pops up in Mylie's song book at the end of the song.

That doesn't look like a butterfly to me. What do you think?

Disney at it again is what I say.

Anonymous said...

To compliment the post above about the "butterfly" in the song book and the Billy Ray duet:

Watch this video: A duet with "Daddy" and Mylie. Notice while singing the duet, she has her eyes closed the entire time. She can barley look him in the eye. Drugged perhaps?

Whatever it is, it's kind of strange...

Anonymous said...

Sorry...forgot to post the link for the above post:

Anonymous said...

Look at the last pic with Billy shaking hands with Donald. I can't remember if it's a 'master' handshake or not but it's deff. a 'club member' shake. Do you put your fingers on a man's wrist when you shake his hand?
There's a picture of this in the link btw, BBC claiming freemasons are good people. *cough*


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