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Taken Souls

This post focuses on Liam Neeson to begin with, then a few other victims portrayed in the film after going through it, I'll get started quickly because of the delay (technical issues [capping Blu-Ray] and other things have kept me from posting the past few days) with Liam Neeson, the star of Taken playing an ex-CIA agent trying to save his daughter from Albanian sex-traffickers. I briefly mentioned Liam's family in the Dark Knight post as it seemed to be a good example of the kinds of things I was talking about in relation to these MK'd stars' upbringings with his father being a caretaker in a Catholic boy's primary school, and his mother being the cook called Catherine "Kitty", William John "Liam" Neeson was named after the local priest (sorry but I'm automatically suspect of Catholic churches/schools/priests; he seems to have been raised with the local authority's [the church, which is just another establishment tool for control] heavy involvement [logic suggests the high level of abuse in Catholic primary/boarding schools has been influenced/encouraged/covered up by the powers that be, especially in intentionally traumatized places like Northern Ireland (MI5 were responsible for most of the 'IRA' bombings, the step up in violence recently was always going to happen eventually)] the wife's name, religious upbringing, him starting boxing at age 9 then acting a couple of years later suggests his MK imo). This "Kitty" name is particularly relevant to this post as cat/kitten sex programming in relation to sex-slaves features a lot in this movie about sex-trafficking, and "Kitty" and other feline-related things feature in his various movies like in Breakfast on Pluto Cillian Murphy plays "Kitten", see Dark Knight post for more pertinent feline connections [I go into how Cillian will be in a MPD MK movie Peacock with Katherine "Kitty" Pryde from X-Men played by Ellen Page (see DK post), I'm mentioning this as Pheonix from the X-Men films features in Taken and because it illustrates the "Kitty" "nickname" usage (alter name)], and Liam himself plays 'Father Liam', in a Simpsons episode he played 'Father Sean' (who became a priest because his father beat him, and the Wizard of Oz is even quoted in it) and he also played a Priest in Gangs of New York.

His roles in movies also follow this trend as perhaps his biggest Hollywood role is providing the voice for Aslan in the Chronicles of Narnia series (standard MK themes of little children being transported into an alternate reality through a wardrobe or in the sequel the underground train [cyclone taking Dorothy over the rainbow into Oz, Alice tumbling down the rabit hole into Wonderland etc etc]), with hints at royalty as the lion is a major symbol used by the royal family.

But his first film role came in Excaliber, a film based on the Arthurian legend; note the MK symbolic movie poster with the mask. He played the Knight Sir Gawain, it was on this film that he met Helen Mirren (a dame and lived with her for a time.
His next movie was just pure MK (in the vein of dark crystal, labyrinth and such) called Krull, quoting Illuminati Formula (see link on right): This 1983 movie with Ken Marshall and Lysette Anthony is just one more example of hundreds [at least!] of Hollywood movies which show some aspect of the Illuminati &/or their mind-control. Krull is an island ruled by sorcery. A prince searches for a magic ornament to save his bride and their kingdom [princess locked in away in a tower/fortress ("The Black Fortress") is a standard theme]. The film has a poppy field, castles, an All-Seeing-Eye, armies of robots, Satan, and other features that a Monarch internal world will be set up with. A person can turn into a dog, pig or lion. [click wiki for more blatant MK, and obviously the magical pentagram thing, 'Widow of the Web' living with a giant spider, 'The Beast', I've seen the odd clip of this and recall lots of All Seeing Eye shots and such (with the demon/cat eye domineering over the princess), and just to keep emphasizing felines (but obviously this relates to other dehumanized alters) someone turns into a big cat and other animals. It's also worth noting the movie's music was used at Disney's Space Mountain in Paris and Princess Lyssa's role was redubbed by this probably MK'd actress Lindsay Crouse (alters are great for voice-overs, especially Princesses and similar roles).]

A trailer above (doesn't show that much), and a scene showing some blatant MK in the below 'Widow of the Web' scene, note the hour glass and the old woman who sees herself as still a young attractive woman in the mirror.

Darkman is worth posting, his character is severely burned and:
The blast throws Westlake [Neeson] clear of the lab; he survives but is hideously burned. He is brought to a hospital and subjected to a radical treatment in which the nerves to the pain centers of his brain are destroyed [remember in reality this kind of thing can be manipulated in programming]. Removing this sensory input gives him increased strength due to adrenal overload and keeps his injuries from incapacitating him, but it also destabilizes his moods and mental state.

He is able to make masks in advance and store them for long periods by keeping them from light sources. He takes the opportunity to observe important people, such as the henchmen of his enemies, so he can masquerade as them.

There are at least two scenes in which the Westlake/Darkman personas have obviously become so closely intertwined that it becomes an exercise in futility to differentiate between the "facade" and the supposedly "real" personality of the title character. One of these involves a flash of berserker rage that "Westlake" experiences over a trivial insult at a carnival booth. The other involves "Darkman" very calmly, almost sadly, informing a villain that "I've learned to live with a lot of things" just before dropping him from atop an office building construction project.

Clearly you can not ignore the similarities between this and the Dark Knight, with the Bruce Wayne/Batman and here Peyton Westlake/Darkman. This being even more MK-centric as he takes on various personalities (through watching them; quite simply this is how some alters are programmed [monkey see, monkey do]), watch trailer below (note one eye shots, "He has the power to look like any man", revolving door, shattered glass, the way Liam's face/head is used; it's actually very loaded with it so definitely worth watching).
Sticking with the Batman theme he played Bruce Wayne's programmer Ra's Al Ghul in Batman Begins who is actually evil, hiding behind the cover personality of Henri Ducard. I include a promo from it featuring Paris because Taken is primarily set there (Eiffel tower = elongated pyramid + phallus [the "EXTENDED HARDER CUT"actually made me laugh when I saw it, why that wording I wonder ;]).

As Qui-Gon Jinn [Djinn] he played essentially a programmer (below poster symbolizes programming, turned/transformed from an innocent young boy into a puppet for the 'dark side', in the same way an innocent young girl can be made into an extremely dark, willing sex-slave) working for the good side, and other posters have featured Jedi's lack of emotions (and other personality traits removed during programming). I've gone into some other facets of the movie's MK, Keira Knightly playing Natalie Portman's double as the Queen for instance.

Puppeteer Frank Oz's involvement is also worth mentioning, obviously MK'd with his Oz name and both his parents were puppeteers too (he helped make Dark Crystal, Stepford Wives and other MK Movies). Oz' family apparently escaped the Nazis, which I'll just use to quickly mention Neeson's role as Oskar (Oz) Schindler in Schindler's List, unsurprisingly (what with the Oz name + holocaust theme etc) he received an Oscar nomination for this. Frank Oz was also heavily involved in the Muppets and Sesame Street, Liam Neeson has made quite a few appearances on those puppet shows. A couple pictured below, the video of him with the Count (Vladracula, click for more on another puppet version of the Count) won't let me embed it but click link to watch (he puts on the monocle/looking glass, all that counting sounds suspiciously like hypnotic induction to me).

That's all I want to cover to do with Liam, let me know in comments if you've seen a movie of his with something worth noting in it (or anything). The other people I'm posting on follow this Taken write-up, the below poster with some interesting symbolism (position of phallic Eiffel Tower in relation to Maggie and such), in the top poster half of Liam's face is in darkness/illuminated. This post has taken way too long so I'm not going to tidy up the movie write-up.

Taken starts with Liam Neeson's character ex-CIA, Bryan Mills looking at home videos of his former happy life, with his "princess" (see crown) daughter at age 5, she has puppies I think on her pink top.

Liam Neeson's character (I'm just calling him Liam from now on) attends his daughter Kim's (symbolic name on many levels) 17th birthday party. Note the lion statues, and the fountain, twin pillars etc, a checkerboard below (click).

The pampered Los Angeles princess gets a dark horse for her birthday from her rich step-daddy.

Liam looks at previous birthday photos from her life, and showing more cat/kitten sex-programming, Kim is shown at age 14 with two kittens.

Three Little Kittens.

The movie references modern day popstars (symbolizing they are just like trafficked slaves), Liam Neeson takes up a job with his friends to protect a 'pop diva', "I don't know if you'd call her a singer exactly, more like a cash-cow. 20 million records this girl has sold and she's not even 25." And earlier he buys a karaoke machine (salesman says all the big pop stars like Gwen Stefani, Britney Spears, Beyonce; who is emphasised as Liam says he doesn't know who Beyonce is) for his daughter Kim who wants to be a singer, he gets advice from Holly Valance as Sheerah (some biblical symbolism, She+Ra and also check this out).

Becoming a pop star is similar to being trafficked into sexual slavery; your personality/identity is removed and replaced with one the corporate overlords can sell to pervy old men and use to condition suggestible young girls. Kim goes on a trip with her more sexually open Amanda (her top reads "Anytime Anyplace Anywhere Anyway"), following the band U2 around Europe. But not before having to persuade Liam that she can go on her own with her friend, which he is reluctant to as in the below scene (note large squares checkerboard floor).

But he finally says yes, note the lion-head knocker; more cats, that's a lot cats already!

Her jacket is one of the most symbolic things in the film as it says the words "Doll Face" on it with butterflies and flowers as well (click for better view [above one for phrase, below for butterflies]).

On arriving in Paris the two girls meet a friendly young man working for the human traffickers (spotters/scouts at airports for potential targets [i.e. young attractive girls traveling alone])

That Espresso poster seemed symbolic in the way it was used in the film.

Note below Peugeot's lion, Audi's interlocking rings are also pretty prominent in the film.

Note checkerboard porcelain vase, click to see extra symbolism (gold circles/triangles) on the vase; vases are broken easily (of course they shatter, note Katie's reflection along with the checkerboard reflected [this is obviously conscious symbolic cinematography] in the glass table).

When the trafficker's 'scout' has gone she tells Kim that she wants to sleep with Peter and that Kim should lose her virginity on the trip, the way she ends up in the film obviously ties into this attitude (see further down). Shown also when the kidnappers turn up to their apartment, Amanda has been mindlessly dancing to some brainless music on her own so doesn't hear them enter. The powers that be want all teenage girls to be like Amanda as they are easiest to control and turn into a sex-slave, due to their night after night of drinking/drugs/sensory bombardment (in clubs, flashing/strobe lights etc) and mindless fucking getting them in the right mental state for future sexual slavery on their next drinking tour of Europe. I'm not against that stuff, I've done my fair share (I've said before I'm very much pro Dionysus worship) but most clubs are owned/controlled by the powers that be and are used with an agenda of conditioning new generations (and connect it to how 'tweens' are being programmed [Bratz, Barbie, Hannah Montana etc], to my mind there is a very clear process going on here).

The kidnappers are Albanian (so double headed eagle), Liam's character's friend describes the traffickers: "Their previous M.O. was to offer women from the emerging East European countries jobs in the West as maids and nannies. Once they'd smuggled them in, they'd addict them to drugs and turn them into prostitutes. Lately however, they've decided that it's more economical to just kidnap traveling young women, saves on transportation costs." This is being spoken with Liam and his wife Lenore (played by Famke Janssen who I remember from things like X-Men [Pheonix], Goldeneye [as Xenia, very memorable performance for me as a kid anyway, the organization she worked for was called JANUS (insane amount of MK things related to that name, My Own Worst Enemy and many others in fiction; to do with this mythology)], Circus [Lily], The Faculty and other MK suggestive movies) inside Kim's bedroom where you can spot lots of different MK suggestions, primarily though the cat poster ("Every girl should own one!") is shown as the above quote was being spoken (remember, this film is about sexual slavery so cats feature a lot in this symbolic way).
He tells them that they have a 96 [cats have 9 lives, all about 69, more sex and MK programming spin/reversal] hours before they'll never find her again and Liam jets off to Paris to find her (another cat shown at the end [metallic, you can make out the cat ears anyway, note the sugar and sweet on the photo also], below).

This shattered mirrored was used (this is the room where Kim was taken from) as conscious symbolic cinematography as it lingers and zooms in on the mirror (showing Liam's face to be fractured, so his fractured/shattered mind).

He finds the memory card from her smashed phone and looks through the pictures for clues, with Kim being even more cat-like doing making a claw shape with her hand.

He finds a man working for the French government he knows and asks for help, we soon see him tell the Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale to his children as a bedtime story. But, having become a puppet (working for government, in the police) he only is out for his own self-interests, preserving his position of wealth and affluency, so he has Liam followed (he doesn't care about human trafficking/his friend's daughter's enslavement). It cuts to prostitutes (the M is focused on consciously below) wearing fur-coats (cat, some of them wearing leopard-print to confirm this), he attracts the attention of the pimp/handler by taking up one of his product's time, plants a bug on him and follows him to a construction site where sex-slaves are put to work and he finds the MK symbolic 'Doll Face' butterfly/flower jacket on a drugged/dissociative girl with glazed eyes and can only repeat the words "I'm good."

One sex-slave is used as an accidental human shield.

He takes her back to a hotel and medicates her to help her come round, she describes how she was taken to the "house with the red door" where she met Kim and received her jacket. He goes there (it's on the ironically named road 'Rue De Paradis'), kills everyone, sees many sex-slaves who are drugged (injected heroin) and handcuffed to their beds. The point of this scene though was to show Amanda (Katie Cassidy) dead, with her sexually suggestive top on show, her eyes are glassy/glazed over like her DUI described further up.

He captures one of the slavers from the house and tortures him, this is symbolic of electroshock's use in MK/controlling and programming sex-slaves; except the shoe is on the other foot here, the handler getting a taste of his own medicine (again it would be more realistic if the handlers had electroshocks [tazers/cattle prods/etc], you can obviously see how their method of controlling slaves [heroin, tied to a bed] is extremely flawed as they would not be worth much in that state). The trafficker tells him his daughter was sold because she is a virgin so is worth much more than the rest of them.
He goes to the police officer (higher level police officers are just politicians really) who he thought was helping him but now he knows that he willfully ignored this stuff to preserve his own lifestyle and live in blissful ignorance (haven't pictured him).

He arrives at the party where the main trafficker operates, he takes a black elevator down to the lower levels where he comes across an auction of high-class sex-slaves moving dissociatively in the spot light. The first one sells for 250,000 to an Arabic man probably working for a wealthy Middle Eastern man (Sheikhs, oil barons, population of dubai, royal families, etc; he calls him his "excellency"), showing this is global problem with the rich and powerful (they are not all of one mind completely, but they all have vested interests to protect) fundamentally behind it all.

Liam's daughter Maggie (Kim) is saved for last, the female auctioneer's voice saying, "as always we've saved the best till last... certified pure" because she is a virgin as mentioned (she is wearing a diamond/jewel encrusted black hood which have simple metaphorical meanings and are also used in programming [jewels have been known to represent programs in some alter systems for instance], making a slave wear a specific type of jewel/diamond/ruby/etc signifies a specific thing [i.e. diamonds = presidential model sex slave]). Again like the previous one, note her dissociative state as she is displayed, her hair symbolically covering half her face as the bejeweled black hood (slaves are hoodwinked) is taken off. He successfully buys his own daughter, but is knocked out as he exits the room.

He symbolically kills the main trafficker inside the black elevator, and goes after his daughter; finally reaching (after another needless "OMG ALL THIS RUNNING, FIGHTING AND CHASING IS SO INTENSE" scene) a yacht where the aforementioned rich Arabic guy was waiting, we see him; looking extremely Jabba the Hut (remember his Leia slave, a commenter a while back posted on her love for "electroshock therapy") and his harem is brought out.

Obviously there is an insane amount of shattered glass throughout.

He shoots the wealthy Arab in the head (who is threatening to cut Kim's throat [an extremely ritualistic/Freemasonic method]) and rescues his daughter, inside the Sheikh's room is a painting of horns, and more symbolic cinematography as the camera pans out of the room it reveals a leopard painting (sex-kitten programming involved in sexual slavery) and birds (very symbolic) then the previously shown shattered glass, this film is about the millions of victims who have had their minds shattered by the trauma of slavery/programming.

Then they head back to LA, a sign "Welcome to Los Angeles" is shown.
And finally (having been initiated into sexual slavery) she can be a pop-star as he takes her to Sheerah's (Holly Valance) house, the button (sun symbolism on it) focused on, symbolizing that sex-slaves and corporate pop-kittens are very similar (a red button was pushed at the auction to make a bid), the door closes and the movie ends.

Quickly to make the obvious connection of this Taken and Spielberg's Taken as they are very much connected; alien abductions have always been used by the military as a cover for kidnapping/taking (Taken) someone then programming them. I implore you to head over to Carissa's In2Worlds for some extremely important work, specifically on alien abductions here. Dakota Fanning plays the main victim that is 'Taken', who I wrote a lot on in my Phoebe in Wonderland post (new poster). In the same way "aliens" kidnap then 'alter' people (programmed, by humans), human traffickers do the same; they kidnap victims (at least over 1 million slaves are trafficked every year [source, I personally feel the number is so high it's beyond comprehension], do the math) then 'alter'/program them for their own ends. The colossus of MK is something hard to grasp, considering Spielberg has created things like United States of Tara about dissociative identity disorder I think he is more than aware of what's going on.

Now for, quite frankly my favourite parts of these kinds of post, using the above Holly Valance [Holly tree, considered sacred by druids, used in magickal rituals; hence Hollywood. Valance is probably symbolic too (it's not her real name); the above movie with it's symbolic poster, is relevant here] as a perfect example of a corporate controlled kitten from Oz, just like Kylie she also started on Neighbours and then went into music, released a few singles with as much perversion as they could get away with, then in the last few years she's been acting in various TV shows you're bound to have seen her in something. I should mention Prison Break here, I wonder how you can possibly not make these connections (once you've seen them) when it seems so obvious?! Anyway, her role in PB: "Michael's wife, married the day before his bank robbery, which landed him in prison. Nika was brought from the Czech Republic to America by sex traffickers. Michael paid them off for her freedom and arranged a deal." Nikita ties in here (Nika), Luc Besson created Taken; he also created Nikita with similar themes (a young girl taken and programmed, instead as a delta-beta [assassin-sex] agent [post still to come]). All you have to do is look at Besson's "relationships" to see he is involved (he married the star of Nikita, then he married Milla Jovovich from his Fifth Element), and obviously the many films he's made with relevant themes. But back to Holly and here are the usual suggestive images suggesting Holly's programming (primarily sex).

An adorable leopard pussy(cat; note bikini bottom)!

This set I have fond memories of in particular ;) Holly with a fake symbolic tattoo ([she has a real one on her back that translates as "Love"] hard to make out, click 2nd image down for best view, looks Chinese dragonish) a wig, catsuit, other bondage getup and the "bottle" (with the often used, one eye hat tilt).

From her BDSM/dominatrix alter (signified by black wig/bondage gear) back to her standard sex-kitten images.

"No Kitty, this is my pot pie...

...No Kitty. BAD KITTY!...

...Mom, Kitty's Bein a Dildo!...

...Cartman's mum: "Well I know a certain Kitty Kitty, who's sleeping with Mommy tonight." [Sorry for South Park kitty quote (probably remove it later), bored of usual captions + about to watch new South Park season :O (watched last night, lmfao @ Mickey Mouse, spot on as usual about Jonas Brothers might post it like the High School Musical one)]

Holly Kitten and her cube.

1800-REVERSE! [note her duality black/white zebra-print bikini] Her role as Christie in Dead or Alive is also interesting (this video is also), Jaime Pressly was also one of the 'fighters'. Here are a few of her music videos, firstly (she's been a) "Naughty Girl" where you will hopefully pick up on a few things in the lyrics and imagery (reflection, NY, she is a product etc).

It's all about her "State of Mind" next, seems to be about sexual slavery as she drives by (after a red light ["red light district" showing red light sex connection]) prostitutes at the start and by the end of it after she's changed a few times (one girl is wearing leopard print 2:53) she ends up lying on a bed with a camera watching over it (it focuses on her red [looks different due to the lighting] shoe as she gets on the bed and writhes around, on all fours like a cat and such).

"Down Boy" next with again obvious sex themes, a butterfly belt buckle at 0:47 (better view at 1:49) on one model who Holly does some suggestive lesbian titilation with.

Finally her most famous hit, showing flashing lights and her used as a sexual object (she's naked, except for skin coloured panties) for "Kiss Kiss" (hopefully you've sensed a theme going on with these singles). She's also wearing purple, a few one eye shots, she looks like she's in some kind of alien spaceship or something, and all the flashing different coloured neon lights are significant too.

Masked Caged Sex-Kitten

Amanda is played by Katie Cassidy, who is another probable victim; here is a story from a couple of years ago in regards to her confused identity, don't be fooled into thinking all these pissed-up young Hollywood stars MK'd Hollywood stars' drunken adventures (like Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Heather Locklear [note eyes] and many others are just the type of teenage binge-drinking madness they've got us all doing, that's just what we automatically associate it with when the behavior could also be symptomatic of their MK. Katie (a cat) is the daughter of 70's pop star David Cassidy (whose father I suspect is involved with the "coincidence" around his death and his bisexuality), she trained as a gymnast who then got into show business (funny that! it's almost as if they are all genetically disposed to becoming corporate puppet performers [helps to understand these kinds of families, the Osmonds, the Jacksons etc are all intergenerational Monarch programmed slave entertainment families]). Anyway, here's the story:
Katie Cassidy, David Cassidy’s daughter, was arrested for underage drinking. She panicked and lied about her identity because she knew she was under-aged. Katie, a blonde, pretended to be Taylor Quinn Cole, a dark haired actress. This happened a few weeks ago and was kept hidden until the source unearthed it.

Katie was stopped in her car in Tucson, Arizona. She was driving erratically. The police noticed the smell of alcohol. Katie’s eyes were glazed. They asked for her driver’s license.

Katie, who had a role in “Supernatural”, mentioned the name of another actress who appeared in the same show. She lied that she was Taylor Cole. However, she tripped when her supposed birth-date and age did not match. Katie then broke down and confessed to the police.

The P.R. people for both Katie Cassidy and Taylor Cole did not respond with comments when they were questioned about this incident."
Katie was put with Jesse McCartney for a time, who is himself a typical Disney slave (on Hollywood records [Disney], has been in Hannah Montana, "co-wrote" Leona Lewis' dark/blood sacrifice song Bleeding Love about his break up from Katie in 2007, his old band "Dream Team"); above we see him with Katie covered in green butterflies.

Black/white striped duality (similar to Maggie's further down) for this photoshoot, the below Ezekiel t-shirt (with E in a shield, as always note star/pentagram on these 'stars') seems significant, Book of Ezekiel is from the Old Testament which Freemasonry is rooted to (Solomon/Abiff etc).

Her role as Ruby in Supernatural, a demon is worth noting as they put her in symbolic attire (I've never watched the show so I'm sure there are more, and read some of the wiki page, extremely dark [unsurprisingly it's made by McG's Wonderland]) such as the below skull and bones (click, very much similar to the Yale Secret Society one, with the coat of arms' other features making it more symbolic [lion on top, knight helmet and such])

And another one showing the crucifix with sun symbolism behind it.

I think this catwalk was at a Los Angeles fashion week (can see it in third picture down), nothing untoward about this that's for sure ;) Note her symbolic cross (patteé cross, worn by Nazis, it's even silver/iron coloured etc [I view all these patteé crosses as interchangeable, like the Maltese cross worn by Miley +1/Tyra/many others like Roy Orbison]) and stuff, Rock Heiress (note the Union Jack as well, remember the earlier sunbathing polka dot Union Jack towel shot of Kat, anything related to British royalty [Monarchy] is another hint at their control).

Note the model she confronts also has that type of patteé cross mentioned earlier (showing it's not just a one off).

I haven't seen many of her films, I have seen Black Christmas however on Sky; I recall a snow-globe type thing with a pink ballerina inside it being focused on a lot throughout, some butterflies (image below), dolls and other usual imagery, watch the below trailer and read wiki for more obvious MK related themes of incest abuse/childhood trauma (his mom rapes him and has his kid) that created him.

Note symbolic posters, half face cut off in dark/half illuminated, eyes removed, christmas lights etc.

Anyway, note the butterflies in squares on the right, Katie is the blonde one called Kelli Presley.

The last film of hers I'm covering is Live!, starring sexpot Eva Mendes as Katy (no prizes for guessing why she is always wearing leopard print on red carpets), Katie plays Jewel an aspiring actress/stripper. About a Russian Roulette reality TV show, with obvious similarities to modern society. Trying to make it big in "showbusiness" is like playing Russian roulette with your 'soul'.

Russian Roulette is used in programming (instilling fear, confusion, helplessness, the ability to physically kill yourself etc) and can also be imprinted into an alter as a suicide program.

And finally Maggie Grace, who Lost fans will remember as Shannon Rutherford a spoiled Paris Hilton archetypal character who was a ballet instructor. Ballerinas are used consciously in this show with episodes like Sun's "The Glass Ballerina", where Sun breaks a glass ballerina and lies about it (obvious symbolism here). She is the daughter of jeweler parents (jewels have featured a lot, Katie was a jewel, Maggie wearing a jewel covered black hood), attended a Christian school and was moved around a lot.

Her brother wearing skull and bones (she sleeps with him in the film, though he is only a step brother).

Her next starring role will be in a film I'm looking forward to, Malice in Wonderland as Alice. Unfortunately I can't find a trailer or anything yet apart from some concept artwork (from here) which should show you where the movie is headed, I feel Maggie is a great choice for these types of roles (great ability to 'fake' emotions). Here is the plot summary for Malice (obviously Alice/Malice, posted on it back here):

An American law student in London. Knocked down by a black cab, she wakes with amnesia in a world that's a million miles from home - Wonderland. We follow her adventures as she's dragged through an underworld filled with twisted individuals and the lowest low-lifers, by the enigmatic cab driver, Whitey. She needs to find out who she is, where she's from and use what wits she has left to get back home in one piece. As her journey progresses she discovers nothing is what it seems, realizes that fate and life are terminally entwined, and finds true love lurking in the unlikeliest place.

All the characters from Lewis Carroll's story will feature in a modern-day setting, so instead of the White Rabbit she is taken to Wonderland by Whitey (White Rabbit played by Danny Dyer) in his (Black cab, duality; he knocks her out with it), hopefully they don't fuck it up. Lost is always referencing Alice in Wonderland, with episodes such as "The White Rabbit" and "Through the Looking Glass". So Maggie Grace goes from a sex-slave (with butterflies + flowers + Doll Face on her) in Taken, to Alice in Wonderland; which if you know what Wonderland is really about (dissociation, lots involved in sexual slavery also) you can't really fail to make the connection here. Her next film (after Taken) will be Theme Park playing Molly according to wiki, so probably a Carousel/ferris wheel/etc will feature in that.

Her first notable film role (TV movie) was in Murder in Greenwich (don't know about US but Greenwich in London is very significant to the occult). She played the main victim, MM Martha Moxley; a 15 year old who was found dead with her underwear pulled down (though apparently not sexually assaulted). Unsurprisingly, there is Kennedy blood involved in this murder, as the apparent perpetrator was related to the Kennedy's (this one has defended him, note his heroin possession and such). As expected the film features usual symbolism, with a butterflies, daisies, that cat picture was just too much! Remember the picture of Kim (played by maggie) aged 14 with two random kittens also.

Note tiger toy on octagonal bedside table.

Big butterfly positioned directly above dolls, Daisies etc (a ghostly, apparition looking white rabbit below the desk made me laugh out loud for some reason, looks like a Raving Rabbid ;)

Like every other MK'd actor (even the previously mentioned Jesse McCartney was recently in one, I've posted on Hayden Pan's mannequin/blow job one here) to walk the face of the earth she has guest starred on Law and Order SVU (I include all the CSI's etc in the same bracket, they are passed around them all) as an up and coming tv star (note one eye shot, dog-collar) who is being used as a sexual object by the media (+ her 'handlers'); a radio host supposed to be representing Howard Stern (a handler in reality) says what he'd like to do to Maggie so one of his listeners takes it literally and effectively rapes her.

A few images now to finish the post off, Grace in red shoes to start with.

Maggie with Goofy (AKA the mad hatter due to the hat and personality [he's "goofy"/mad, so mad hatter]) on a fake street.

She is excellent at blocking out the chaos ;)... or she's a helpless, distraught little girl (below).

Split mind anyone? Note the polarizing personalities signified here in this split-symbolic spread (half is a dark, sinister personality and the other is a light, wide-eyed kind looking one [duality factors in here obv]) The use of "Amazing Grace" (done in more magazines than this) is ironic as the song it refers to is about slavery.

Most of the photo shoot is shown below, in all her various alters (others came from a magazine called Zink).

This shot clearly has a conscious duality theme here with the black/white striped scarf and the rest of the outfit.

Some more duality on Maggie.

She's on the left, on a checkerboard floor.

Random green one coat of arms twin lions one (a recurring theme in Taken).

Throw a sprinkle of 'Original Sin' into the mix.

Duality + HOLLYWOOD (below one can be interpreted more, with WOOD and the tower shown behind her in an ecstatic/uncontrollable state on top of a red car [think Blue Velvetish]).

Annoyingly Maggie's main fansite apparently is worried about copyright so removed all photo shoots, I think I've probably missed most of her more blatant ones such as the above zebra-print top one which I can't find the original (cropped from site), which brings us from duality into dehumanization as she also is also a (very classy) leopard.


Anonymous said...

1. LIAM (LIE/AM) is literally surrounded by lions. Not also he was the voice of ASLAN (lion in Turkish), but also was GODFREY (another "god" connection) OF IBELIN in KINGDOM OF HEAVEN, serving under the rule of RICHARD LIONHEART, plus his wife's name LE (O)NORE...

2. His daughter's name from the movie reminded me of another MK-ed, LIL KIM, stepping in the footprints of JACKO regarding physical transformation. I remember her once at a Hollywood party she was dressed as LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD (clitoral hood/sex symbolism mabe? sorry if I was indecent lol).

3. FAMKE JANSSEN played in CIRCUS (as Lily). In the movie the name of another clown is LEO.

4. SHEERAH/SHARAH is another form of the name SARAH/SARA (princess in Jewish). Also reminded me of SHEENA, QUEEN OF THE JUNGLE (the resonance of the name) and the 2 kittens who played her: TANYA ROBERTS&GEENA LEE NOLIN (related to president WASHINGTON as far as I know).

5. In the pic with the Templar/Nazi cross around her neck, KATIE looks like MARILYN MANSON; in the pic above with she and another chick are at with their back at us, theres another on in which she looks like BRITNEY SPEARS.

Anonymous said...

Bubbly shit:

BTW... since SAUDI ARABIA is mentioned in ur post I also have smth to say about that. The royal Saudi family has Jewish origin. The historian who discovered this and sustained his theory is also Saudi, was imprisoned and was sentenced to death by decapitation (probably he died meantime and as usual nothing transpired thru the press).



Anonymous said...

Oh, and not to forget: FAMKE played before another troubled mom due to the kidnapping of her daughter in DONT SAY A WORD, plus that BRITTANY MURPHY plays there again a "mental" character like she did in "GIRL INTERRUPTED"

When u mentioned "the house with the red door" from the movie, the porn movie "BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR" popped in my mind... Coincidences over coincidences, rite?


Anonymous said...

They are calling Natasha Richardson's condition the "talk & die" effect.....what a sad but bizarre situation....with all due respect...sounds like some sort of warning to someone.....just doesn't add up for me....Skep

Anonymous said...

Katie Cassidy is dating Jarret Stoll from the LA Kings.

There is more than meets the eye in the NHL as well. Don't forget that hockey is an elitist sport, it's not like soccer where anyone can play. It's expensive as shit and a lot of the top players got there because of rich parents.

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