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I haven't been keeping up with this season's new TV shows with MK themes [already posted on Dollhouse and others previously, like The Listener (guy hears people's thoughts, sounds average and looks it from trailers on TV) but I did catch Kings per the recommendation of a commenter a while back and having seen all the butterfly/Monarch imagery for myself on their website and such. This is the type of show that I think a few people may be interested in covering due to the fact that it is based on the biblical story of King David, so I won't mention everything significant, just picture some of the Monarch imagery and others; it is made by Israeli/American Zionist Michael Green. As usual the American masses have ignored (though Nielsen ratings are obviously a useless method of telling how many people watch something [most don't have Nielsen boxes (+ most people probably download it anyway), they are all apparently consciously given to American Idol/Desperate Housewives/Greys Anatomy watching zombies]) what could become a great show in my opinion, so it'll probably be cancelled after the first season.

The show has obvious parallels to modern day America, including the architecture, the controlled media and many others. Shiloh (main city) is consciously made to look like New York too, NY/OZ; Ian McShane's Daily Show interview promoting the show is very good (goes into the NY connection), which I watched after writing this (took it as a synch + talking about the Queen etc). From wiki synopsis: "Kings is set in the nation of "Gilboa", which technologically and culturally resembles an alternate present-day United States, but with an absolute monarch (it has not yet been stated if Gilboa is actually supposed to be an alternate United States, because no world maps have yet been shown)."

Popular actor Ian McShane plays King Silas Benjamin [Saul], and is a standard Monarch (puppet for the corporations/wealthy, as they all are in reality), the TV reporter states (note 33 synch on TV further up): "Like the King himself [likening him to the new City Shiloh they are celebrating the opening of here], who rose from meager beginnings as a soldier to a Monarch beloved by his people... As Silas explains, when the war ended he stood on the ruins of the city, and a swarm of butterflies began to fly around him, and then landed in a ring on his head exactly in the shape of a crown. Silas took this as a sign that God wanted him to be king, and made the national symbol of Gilboa a butterfly (their national flag is a black butterfly on an orange background."

I should also mention the King's wife (not pictured), Queen Rose Benjamin [Ahinoam] played by Susanna Thompson who played the Borg Queen (so a Borg [robot] monarch [note Hannah Montan "Best of Both Worlds" episode names in that link]; in Deep Space Nine she guest starred participating in one of TV's first lesbian kisses [often how these slaves are used, Katy Perry etc]]) in Star Trek (the other actress to play her was Alice Krige [psychiatrist/physician parents]; not sure which ones were credited in the pictures below, these are probably Alice but obviously there's so much make-up it doesn't really matter).

The first monarch butterfly that pops up, hinting at future events is on the tip of Christopher Egan's character David Shepherd's [David] gun.

He gains notoriety (taking on 'Goliath') and becomes a public hero (future Monarch) taking out a tank on camera and rescuing the King's son who had been held prisoner by them.

Later on in the episode, his brother dies and he manages to do a dramatic speech and convince the enemy to come round and peace-talks ensue, increasing his heroic status even more.

He is promoted to Officer and they try to make him into a media puppet (happens before above scene though, a lot of these images aren't in order), removing him from the front line; note the black/white/red (nazi colours, top half of butterfly white bottom black, duality).

He is getting involved with the King's daughter (in a red dress) Michelle Benjamin [Michal], played by Allison Miller; whose first role was as Lucy in Lucy's Piano (Lucy = Lucifer shortened), I've seen her in CSI:NY where she played a Suicide Girl (all those crime shows are never porn! [it's all about programming us, sex and death is the key!]).

This 'Princess' will be in Disney slave Zac Effron's (wasn't aware his very first role was in Firefly, makes sense though) 17 Again [A 37 year old man gets to do it all over again when he miraculously becomes a 17 year old and goes back to high school] playing 'Scarlett at 17' and in Blood: The Last Vampire she plays Alice McKee [Allison/Alice].

Anyway, the below guy is the corporate CEO (or whatever) William Cross who manipulates the political system, he made sure to put his building right next to the King's so he knows who is really in charge. Below he is offering the King's son Prince Jack Benjamin [Jonathan] (who has a secret life as a homosexual at nights) his father's puppet role as King as he says he is too old and it's a young man's game. The King was responsible for his own son Jack's aforementioned kidnapping as he recalled air support as a means to tempt the enemy into action (so he could retaliate [has always been done by militaries throughout history, leaving a ship teasingly close to enemy waters so if they get attacked they have an excuse to launch a full scale invasion and whatnot]).

Anyway, the above William Cross is played by Dylan Baker (Spiderman etc) and the below King's son Jack Benjamin is played by Sebastian Stan.

Most of these images are out of order.

The butterfly fairy-tale Ian McShane's character told actually happens to David (ordaning him as the future true Monarch) as all the Monarch butterflies land on his head as a crown to the horror of the onlooking King Silas Benjamin who probably knows his time is up.

Christopher Egan reminds me a lot of Heath Ledger (more so in the show than the above image). He comes from Sydney (Disney) Australia (Oz), and like Ledger he also appeared in Home and Away (all of them from Oz pretty much get put through that or Neighbours it seems) for a time before moving to America (like Ledger). Please see the Dark Knight post for more on the ultimate Monarch sacrifice Heath Ledger. Egan also appeared in a short-lived Freemasonic ritual show called 'Vanished', screen-capped the intro (the A V of Vanished combining to make the compass and square, AV is always used in this 'as above so below' sort of way in corporate logos and such I think [i.e. I'm looking at my ADVENT PC screen logo now as an example literally infront of my eyes]) and an image pulled off a Freemasonic website (I stopped watching the show after a few episodes so couldn't cap that ritual scene, note compass and square on their robes obviously). In it, he played Ben Wilson who was romantically involved with a Senator's daughter (like in Kings, he's going to get with the King's daughter) before being framed (senator's daughter was raped by a Judge) and a tedious conspiracy is exposed.

Even probably the most infamous monarch child-slave of the 90's Macaulay Culkin will be in this show later on. Kings is made by NBC, so the below image from him as a kid (in NBC's Peacock logo) bears more significance, especially considering how much Monarch imagery features in it.

Two generations of Monarchs below, click image for info on the child abuse case. I also include below that, images of him dressed as a Monarch (note the British Royal Coat of Arms for more Monarch connections) and other items from the Neverland (where Macauley Culkin was abused) auction (more in the link [Jacko robot head, Disney stuff etc]).

A clearer image of the above Neverland's royal coat of arms is at this post, pictured the British royal one below to show the obvious similarities between these two types of Monarch.

Edit: Added some new images of some even more blatant monarch clothing being auctioned off.

Recently he announced (you'll notice the obvious Monarch orange colour in the link) his final performances at the O2 (Oz) arena wearing military and royal insignia (you can barely make it out so click to see the 8 pointed star above; it's there on the silver and below on the Queen [symbol used by the Order of the Garter] much larger but still the same style [without the St George cross inside MJ's], also worn [different colour/style] by Vlad the Impaler and presumably other relatives of our royal family like Vlad).

Queen Elizabeth, our Monarch is a sex-kitten! [not entirely serious ;p (in the sense that the British Monarchy are the products of centuries of consistent inbreeding, Monarch programming is largely about this kind of intergenerational abuse/incest ((named after the butterfly as it passes info on to it's offspring through genetics, just like inter/multigenerational abuse families pass on the abuse from generation to generation, thus passing on their susceptibility to dissociation and so are extremely programmable [there is no official documentation for 'Project Monarch' like we have documentation for 'MKULTRA' and others, but obviously the most fucked up shit (selecting victims of intergenerational abuse families to be mind controlled slaves, i.e. Cathy O'Brien) would never be documented, this is just logical])), please click the link for more detailed info at Hidden Agendas)]

Edit: Caught Nathan Fillion's new show Castle, was alright; interesting symbolism in the first episode with the bodies displayed in an occult/ritual manner (sunflowers on her eyes, rose petals all over her body; and the pentagram on the other) and someone is murdered on a checkerboard floor and put into a dryer (so spinning) in the second. I could do a full write up, there's quite a few things in there that you'll probably notice if you watch, but I should get started on some new posts.

Law and Order: SVU continues it's interesting MK suggestive story-lines, this time with an episode called 'Ballerina' (regular readers should get the significance) about a ballerina (nicknamed Birdie [she's a bird trapped in a cage, a simple psychological metaphor often used in the media and used in programming]) who murders her abusive husbands over many years (she was a typical 50's sex-kitten in her prime), usual suggestions of programming feature (an obviously conscious positioning of a tiger painting + roses next to her [here's a ballerina kitten in reality], and all her ballet studios were turned into strip-joints/brothels).

The actress who plays her is Carol Burnett, playing a role similar to her own life; born in 1933 to alcoholic parents, she would get her own show filmed in CBS' Studio 33 called 'The Carol Burnett Show', she was married to her producer at the time. Couple of wiki quotes: "When Burnett was in the fourth grade she created for a short time an imaginary twin sister named Karen, with Shirley Temple-like dimples. Motivated to further the pretense Burnett recalled fondly that she "fooled the other boarders in the rooming house where we lived by frantically switching clothes and dashing in and out of the house by the fire escape and the front door. Then I became exhausted and Karen mysteriously vanished."[4], and: "Burnett was cast in a minor role on The Paul Winchell and Jerry Mahoney Show in 1955. She played the girlfriend of a ventriloquist’s dummy on the popular children’s program." Former Puppet George W Bush gave her a 'Presidential Medal of Freedom' award so you know something's up!

Judging by Paul Winchell's history (click link), he is another ventriloquist involved heavily in MK (i.e. Alex Houston)... "Winchell was also an amateur inventor, becoming the first person to build and patent a mechanical, artificial heart, implantable in the chest cavity"..."Winchell also created 'Ozwald,' [think mind controlled puppet assassin Lee Harvey Oswald] a character that resembled Humpty Dumpty...In 1961, Berwin Novelties introduced a home version of the character that included an Ozwald body, creative pencils to draw the eyes and nose and a "magic mirror" that automatically turned a reflection upside down." He voiced Tigger in Winnie the Pooh (and as a Siamese cat in 'The Aristocats', the last movie Walt worked on) and has done a hell of a lot more Disney stuff, as I've said, MK'd individuals make for the best voice-actors; his daughter has followed him into the business and she has spoken of his "mental health issues". But the clincher, showing the MK is completely connected to (many, obviously not all) ventriloquists (his building an artificial heart just blew my mind [you don't even want to think about how horrificly that could be used on slaves ((think of Crank 2's "plot"))], he married a Dorothy showing more Oz programming, along with his humpty-dumpty [easily shattered] 'Ozwald' dummy pictured below [check out other Oswalds, the cat, octopus etc I remember reading about them in other blogs]): "He also worked as a medical hypnotist at the Gibbs Institute in Hollywood." This has obviously gone off-topic but I felt the Paul Winchell info was worth posting.


Anonymous said...

Regarding Kings, not sure if you're following the rating numbers, but they're predictably bad.

Too bad really. I find it interesting and with great potential.

Of course the networks here don't seem to give good scripted programmes a fighting chance against the brainless reality tv shows. Probably a production cost thing?

No, that makes no sense. They reportedly spent $58mil on Kings to shove it at the 8:00pm Sunday slot... what's up with that?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for a great article. I want to point out something important that I realized when watching about a dozen Dateline Predator shows with Chris Hansen.

If you connect the massive numbers of child molesters showing up (something like 50 in days in Jersey including, doctors, teachers and even a Rabbi) with MK Ultra and incouraged worship and sexualization of these little girls etc you realize that they are purposely creating child molesters via internet influence.

I'm all for liberalism but a total break down of any moral character in society is apparent and they seem to be really amping it up (the denigration of women) everywhere.

Then of course there's a youtube vid of FOX 20/20 danming them and trying to stop what Dateline was uncovering. They don't want these people arrested and they don't want any potential molesters or victims for that matter to be too scared off. One of the things that struck me listening to their excuses was that some of them seemed honestly out of place like it really was the first time they had the nerve to make their fantasies a reality.Isn't that what took down the Roman's? Waht can we do?


Anonymous said...

Michael never abused Mcauley.
Mcauley went to Michaels defense in the 2005 case and if you remember Michael was vindicated, not guilty on all four counts.

I'm sure that you are right about a lot of things but don't become one of those people who assume everything is conspiracy. if every symbol meant something bad then I couldn't even look at a straight line without thinking of phallic symbolism.

Anonymous said...

Both Heath and Michael were sacrificed by members of the Illuminati. Death to the Illuminati. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit...
Oh yes, and Jester and the King...

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