Sunday, 15 March 2009

Dark Mirror

Dark Mirrors have always been used by the occult to access 'spiritual realms' and all that stuff (so can of course be used in programming as it's just helping you enter a trance, dark mirrors work/are used differently in programming to regular mirrors it seems logical to suggest), they describe in the trailer below the occult concept of mirrors. And as mentioned loads of times they are a huge part of MK, I do enjoy these kind of psychological horror films (if you understand MK and all the symbolism that always features [fracturing/shattering glass, one eye, mirrors, masks etc] then you can take a lot more from them). Note the half face/split mind poster along with all the lines running through it creating a fractured image. Dark Mirror is: "about a photographer who moves her family into a home filled with mirrors which seem to reflect a different reality."

[btw it's always worth having a look back through the blog if there's a film you noticed that you may not have seen my posts on, like I remember Coraline being mentioned in comments (plan on writing it up in full when the DVD or a good rip comes out); I posted some of their posters/info on the themes in it in a couple of posts here and here. I include the butterfly (on her head) poster from it I hadn't posted yet to further emphasize the movie's MK significance, and of course note the cat and other things I've noted in previous posts.]

Back to 'Dark Mirror', and to show it goes way back in terms of Hollywood's use of it in their MK movies, one from 1946: "This psychological thriller tells the story of a pair of identical twins, one loving and nice and the other severely disturbed. A doctor is killed and witnesses identify one of the twins as the person seen having a quarrel with the victim shortly before his death. A detective investigating the case cannot determine which twin did the killing since each can provide an alibi for the other. The cops ask for assistance from a doctor who studies twins to help crack the case." Olivia de Havilland plays the 'twins' (Edit: and yeah it always goes without saying to note all her roles too [The Snake Pit, see comments for info, which I'd seen the symbolic title of but didn't look into how blatantly MK the plot was so I thought I should add it in here and thanks a lot! She is electroshocked, has childhood flashbacks etc (the cure is subservience to man! hehe); Lady in a Cage, The Heiress ("I have been taught by masters..."?! directed by a WW) and others] I'll usually only link to the person's wiki if there are more things worth noting than I've put in the post which you can see for yourself). Jane Seymour played them in a 1984 remake (named [not her real name, changed at age 17] after a Monarch, hint hint; her various roles are also very suggestive of her MK, in particular as 'Solitaire' in Live and Let Die, one of my favourites of the Bond films growing up where she is treated as a real MK victim, locked away in seclusion, used for 'psychic' powers and for ritual functions [as many victims are], reading tarot and almost being sacrificed [as far as I recall], lots of snakes and duality and such [that creepy guy with half face painted white]).

Obviously all the mirror (mirrors [I briefly covered the film 'Mirrors' a while back btw, MK Culture did a good write up of it saving me the trouble] used in engineering MPD, creating polar opposite alter-personalities [making them think they actually have a double (so becomes an alter/dissociated part) using drugs, trauma and mirrors, who is evil (not always)], fracture/shattered/split mind symbolism is extremely blatant in these posters/covers. For more info on such things see In Shattered Dreams post and others.

This next one called Orphan (orphans being easy targets for MK programming [due to no families]) has some pretty clear MK themes and symbolism (note fractured mirror at 2:02). The red collar represents the ritualistic cutting the throat and decapitation.

Esther is also an important name (click for occult links + means 'Star' and such) to synch up to the latest episode of Dollhouse, Eliza's new personality imprint this week was Escher Carpenter a cult member who is made blind through programming. Guess what the cult leader was known as (among other names, but the main one was)... JONAS Sparrow, another non-coincidental 'Jonas' MK synch (see previous post).

Jonas and Esther.

Finishing this quick post with a 3D film that I think will interest some people who haven't heard of it already, Battle for Terra which is [Terra is another big occult deal, also Tara/Terra (it is also, like Letizia a genus of butterfly)]: "about a peaceful alien planet which faces destruction from colonization by the displaced remainder of the human race."


Anonymous said...

You should know that Olivia De Havilland also starred in a movie called "The Snake Pit" where she plays a woman who has amnesia around a certain event and missing time...I believe it was a 1946 release date.

The woman is taken into a mental hospital for examination where she spends much of the movie apparently falling for her doctor for some odd reason [rolling my eyes].... It is eventually revealed what traumatized her in the end, but her problem clearly stems from something more sinister than the movie was willing to suggest in those days.

Anonymous said...

Mentioning DONT SAY A WORD movie in my previous posts, came to SKYE MCCOLE BARTUSIAK. SKYE was ISIS/ICE 6 in RAZOR SHARP&SUNSHINE in KILL YOUR DARLINGS. Ironically she's a friend of LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE ABBY BRESLIN.


Anonymous said...

On Dollhouse, Episode: "Gray Hour" there was an all seeing "one eye" picture on the fridge in lab nerd's break room. It aired March 6, 2009...
so what IS J-Oz's M.O. anyhow ?????

Anonymous said...

what is a dark mirror? either way it looks scary...

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