Thursday, 26 March 2009

Eastenders MK, American Idolatry and More Kitten Dolls

I don't watch this crap, the point of that never-ending 'soap' drivel is beyond me ([you can speculate on the conditioning purposes of those shows, you react to similar situations in reality that are portrayed on the TV in the same way the actors react to them, so usually with anger/violence] I recall seeing an MK storyline a while back which I could write more on [inside the abused girl's home there were eyes wide shut style masks on the wall and other things like that]) but this trailer was shockingly blatant MK of Barbara Windsor (she is given like a porcelain spray-on face/mask, one eye etc quite disturbing actually); "Windsor is rumoured to be playing the Dormouse in Tim Burton's upcoming 2010 film Alice in Wonderland." More on Alice in Wonderland shortly, the post I'm working on is taking too long so I'm just going to split it into parts, the first part posted tomorrow; in the second (or third, want to cover some other movies/Disney themes) part I'll get more into Disney's old and new Alice in Wonderland. Here's that Stepford Wives/crop circles [it's shape can be interpreted as internal structure MK symbolism] BBC promo thingy too (which aired just before the Peggy Mitchel MK ad [obviously not a coincidence considering the themes] and The Apprentice [yes I watch a lot of crap], if everyone in this Apprentice isn't either an actor or MK'd I'd be very surprised [could do a post on it, probably not though]). Some more MK on the BBC here.

I thought the below set ('American Idolatry') of images with MCM Anna Selezneva (synchronistically she was the model in the 'Dolly Mixture' set I posted on in my Mind Controlled Models post, included one image from it above with her in duality socks + red shoes [the whole set had the dissorientating/MPD symbolism with multiple faded images of herself]) were interesting enough to post.

She is the left snow-leopard from a recent fashion week (obv note the other models symbolic apparel).

Note the Andy Warhol Marilyn Monroe style images in the background, reflected off the floor.

"Sitting on Jacko's lap is always a thriller." Seriously... how sick are these people?! [note zebra-print, chains etc]

Pedophile suggestive Madonna album 'Hard Candy' + leopard-print (sex kitten) + worst Madonna I've ever seen (still looks healthier than the "real" Madonna though!).

Mad Hatter Depp (can't wait to get a post going on him), wearing a skull and bones pin; Anna is covered in symbolic pins in all the shots (Egyptian beatle, checkerboard, REDRUM etc), no time to write on each of them.

Barack Obama is obviously the most worshiped false idol in America at the moment (starting to wane as people realize they've been duped), Katy Perry wore that dress at the EMA awards by the way (how sad that I know that ;p).

Illuminist photographer Annie Liebovitz and another one.

Jessica Simpson in her red shoes + phallic mic/stand.

And to end on some random Doll Decadence, the Dutch Doll, Ancilla Tilia.

She's the Bride of Chucky!

This insanely adorable Kitten loves her Kitties ;) [one is named after fellow kitten Dita] see lots more images at her Myspace (set up by her agents/managers, I doubt she has anything to do with them [p.s. how Fing scarey looking is that cat below?!]).

Speaking of Blonde Kitten Dolls, Katherine Jenkins is opera's main one; from Wales (Land of the Dragon). Opera is on a par with X-Factor these days, it seems all they do now is to just sing a bunch of famous songs again in opera style; the fact that people actually buy that shit almost makes me want to switch sides! She apparently had 'secret half twin sisters', but the article has interesting info in regards to her father (picture of her with her father reminding me of how Alice in Wonderland was allegedly created).

'Solarpix' (all the papparazzi companies are symbolically named like that) note the sun symbolism on her below album.

Very Twin Peaks/Black Lodge here (for another album cover 'Second Nature' [all symbolically named, 'Living the Dream' and such])

The black fur = black panther, more kitten suggestions.

[It's all in the eyes btw]

Like Marilyn Monroe and co she is used to "entertain the troops" (above one of MM, below of Kat in red shoes).


skrambo said...

One of Anna's buttons is Stewie (from Family Guy) as Malcolm McDowell from A Clockwork Orange... I think that ties in to a lot of what you've been posting about here.

These people are tools, every last one of them...

venusinpisces said...

I have been reading your post for awhile and hugely appreciate the thorough, no, exhaustive, research that goes into them. so thanks :D. I recognized one of the people standing next to Annie Liebowitz(sp?)
as having been involved in the infamous Vice magazine. Vice is a publication that is exceptionally violent even for today's standards. Their do's and don't section has blatantly advocated war, rape and eugenics, to mention a few. I would love to see you do a write-up on them if you are at all inspired to do so. I do realize that you probably have a backlog of material though, considering how our media is so saturated with MK themes. But their website is in case you get the chance

Anonymous said...

That hairless cat is an Egyptian breed called Phoenix, u probably know this. Nice, isnt it? Hmmm, Jenkins ressembles country singer REBA MCENTIRE....


Anonymous said...

American I-doll?

like I-phone

American I-dolls, the role models for us all to aspire to be like, to conform to in thought and behavior.
We all become dolls in emulating our I-dolls,with the only exception that
each individual dolly gets to choose his/her own clothes/tatts/piercings/hair color/ eye color, makeup etc. Every good doll thinks the same as all the others, so the only opportunity for distinguishing one's identity is through ever more extreme means:
outlandish fashions, starvation, piercings body modifications/tattoos/S&M fetishes etc.
This is mental conformity dressed up as 'diversity', and it even extends into the 'art/music world', where variations on the same masochism/nihilism vie for top billing.

All good dolls believe in:

- environmentalism/nature worship

- one world government

- depopulation

- masochism in all its forms

- zionism

but oh look they are DIFFERENT from eachother in so many other ways!
one has green hair, nostril rings,
and anorexia, while another over here has a pierced belly button, breast implants, a butt crack tattoo and lives on bodybuilding supplements. Surely these are INDIVIDUALS

Anonymous said...

"Inheritance" from JENNIFER HUDSON?


Actress Davis Launches Appeal For Missing Sister

Grey's Anatomy actress Aasha Davis has launched an appeal for help in finding her sister, who has been missing for seven weeks.

Leslie Herring, 45, who lives in Los Angeles, has not been seen since 8 February and was reported missing by the actress two days later when she failed to turn up to work.

Her famous sister, 35, has joined forced with the police in a bid to uncover clues to her sibling's whereabouts.

Davis, who has also appeared in TV series Friday Night Lights, held a press conference in California on Tuesday, asking for the public's help in finding Herring.

Davis tells U.S. TV programme the Early Show, "I think something terrible might have happened to her, just because I know that my sister would be in contact with us. She would want us to know where she was. She would know that we would worry about her so much.

"But my hope is that she's okay and that she just needs to know that we want her home soon and that we miss her and love her and that she's safe to come home."


Anonymous said...

There's nothing wrong with wanting to protect the environment, its about time we did actually.

Perhaps you feel that the way they're going about it is fascist in nature, but someone has to look out for the animals and the plants. Or would you rather we destroy all of earth's natural resources completely?

Anonymous said...

ANCILLA TILIA. Check out where her name comes from:


Anonymous said...

imo, this phony 'green' agenda is nothing but a death sentence for billions of people who the elite view as expendables

Al Gore is a liar, and this 'love the animals, hate the humans' ideology so permeates the mindset of youth today that they care nothing about what is done to their fellow man.

Anonymous said...

The photographer with Annie Leibowitz is named Terry Richardson

He's her antithesis, he shoots with a polaroid or something.

Still, much of the work Richardson is famous for is provocative and confrontational: a close-up of Richardson performing cunnilingus; a nude portrait of a bruised young woman crying on his bed; a close-up crotch shot of a woman wearing pink polyester underpants. One of his early assignments, a startling advertising campaign for the British designer Katherine Hamnett, captured a young woman staring at the camera with a frank, unashamed look. Her legs are open, showing a profusion of pubic hair. The photographs, after causing a stir in Britain, where they were published, provided Richardson with his first big break and foreshadowed the controversial "kiddie porn" Calvin Klein campaign.

Anonymous said...

I never could stand shows like Eastenders and similar series that supposedly portray ordinary people like you and me. These characters are snagged with problems every which way they turn, if something good happens it is soon followed by misery. Portraying this as real life is perhaps where the conditioning comes in. Nothing good ever lasts, real life is full of problems etc. How often do any of these characters raise their eyes to the horizon and envision something grander, or take in the bigger picture? Never.

Anonymous said...

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