Monday, 2 March 2009

Eyeing up the Dolls I

Quick Dollhouse update (missing out a lot of key MK info, like how the handler is emotionally linked to the slave in programming and other themes I may cover if I do write-up the whole series), the 2nd episode of the series featured Dick Cheney's favourite sport, 'The Most Dangerous Game' as: "Echo's latest imprint has her as the perfect date for Richard, an outdoorsman, who takes her on a romantic wilderness adventure. The experience takes a turn for the worse when Richard indicates he will conclude the "date" by hunting her for sport." Anyone who has read Cathy O'Brien's heart-wrenching accounts of her experiences as a victim of mind control will have automatically registered this as significant, and beyond coincidence that it would be in this victim's account and in a show portraying these exact type of mind control slaves (Cathy even describes in the below video her spirit/identity having been removed by the abuse/programming) in a fictional setting.

Toy with the slave... [intentional use of 'it' btw, showing dehumanization involved, these girls (and boys) are viewed as and made into objects; I'm trying to show the mentality behind it]

...sleep with it...

...then hunt it. This is one of the "elite's" favourite past-times, first-hand accounts of it are limited... for obvious reasons!!

He says something about "Keep spinning...", emphasizing the spin (think he says it twice) which is another major theme in MK, spinning/disorientation/spin programming.

I've transcribed some of Cathy's description from the below video of her experience of being hunted (while you can argue all day about the veracity of Cathy's accounts [also goes into her sex programming, being a Cat and all], obviously at some point in history some debauched rich prince/king/Emperors has hunted humans at some point [out of sheer boredem mixed with perversion/sociopathy]; when you have everything, these are the types of extremes that come from this [you have all the power, you want more; using mind controlled slaves in this way is a natural step up (raping peasants/slaves gets old, fast)], and it only gets worse with each generation of 'elite' up to today's where this is still practiced by them).

"It was early evening when they played 'Most Dangerous Game' with me. I was stripped of my clothing, I was allowed to wear tennis shoes and told that I had to start and begin running before I would be hunted down. My exposure to it resulted in my believing I had no place to run and no place to hide... One of the most extreme situations I ever survived."

This is the kind of secluded area (like Bohemian Grove etc) where things like this can take place in absolute privacy.

As Eliza/Echo is being traumatized by the sociopathic/insane (Cheney and co) 'Hunter' (actually a hired assassin), the mind shattering trauma leads to memory fragments of her past self start to break through the imprint; I have not rewatched it since first watching it a couple of weeks ago but you get the idea here. The Hunter (Richard Connell) is played by Matt Keeslar, who is the MiddleMan (if you've ever watched that show with some background knowledge of intelligence agencies/mind control then his MK seems pretty obvious), which I posted on a while back; at the time I couldn't put my finger on where I remembered him from.

The episode after that (Stage Fright [see above trailer, again mixing in Terminator's MK themes of tazer/electroshock, brain manipulation etc]) featured a corporate controlled sex-kitten, with her British agent/handler (note purple, royalty) whom she wants to be free from. You know this is symbolizing corporate slaves (Britney/Mariah/Miley/etc) as every performance starts with her in a prison/barred cage!

Then the neon light grid/cage comes up as she exits it (more cage/prison symbolism) as she dances like a Marionette (all choreographed dancing like this).

"I just want to be free!" She says often, the episode ends with her (she is Jaime Lee Kirchner [wtf is it with all these Jaime's (('I Love' french origin)), Britney's dad, Jaime Pressly]: "The daughter of a military pilot and a teacher, Kirchner was born in Germany and grew up in Clarksville, Tennessee. She began acting at The Roxy Regional Theater in Clarksville. She worked with her father on her first theatrical production, Camelot, when she was 8-years-old. Multi-talented, Kirchner also enjoyed gymnastics, dancing, singing and painting, but always favored acting and performed in over 40 shows at The Roxy." She was in Beyonce's pink panther Check on it video, posted recently [showing she's a kitten]) emotionally singing, "Freedom is all we need. To heal the pain of His-Story." because the earth's history has been a catalogue of misogyny/control/manipulation/etc (you don't have to be have any knowledge of conspiracy/mind control to see that this is the case), with groups of like-minded people at the top causing this.

Obviously there is a tonne of 'star' symbolism on Jaime's character Rayna Russell, including her glittery outfit (shining like a star).

She performed in the 'Music Box' Theatre (click for butterflies trapped in the music box post), at one point she is ritualized by having her falling and saved by a rope tied round her hands (more prison/shackles, and other symbolism; obviously a tonne of mirror symbolism in this episode).

It's worth also mentioning one of the character's whose identity is confused (you think he is a genuine contact rather than a 'doll'), he: "is an Active who is imprinted to be Lubov, a member of a Russian mob family that runs a human trafficking ring under investigation by the FBI. His purpose as Lubov is to keep Agent Ballard away from the Dollhouse." The Russian mob are deeply connected to MK/human trafficking/sex-slavery; I previously posted how the Japaneze mob, Yakuza would tattoo their slaves' backs (and pictured Eliza as a mannequin/doll from official Dollhouse posters), Eliza Dushku even has the double-headed eagle tattooed on her back, her father coming from that area (need necessary background from previous posts here and here, and more if you click Dollhouse label); this has been going on globally for centuries, this isn't a 'conspiracy theory' (not that most aren't true); just the harsh reality (Human Trafficking/sexual-slavery grows and get's more profitable every year [which the 'elite' are heavily invested in], we're talking tens of millions of slaves on this planet at present [and many of these are outright programmed multiples]) of the world we live in.

Here is one quick quote showing tattoos use confirming a lot of what I've said in numerous posts (click for context in article): "Liquorie explains the tattooing, or branding of victims is not unusual. Traffickers regard these women as property, assets to be accounted for and traded." The branding/marking of slaves as they are property, the same has happened to Eliza which I go into (Ablania, her dad etc) in this post. [I realize I've been repeating images lately btw]

[Dollhouse stuff ended, probably do a similar one of these in a few weeks, hence the 'I' in the title]
A few other celebrity kittens now, I've done lots of stuff on the Geldof's; so seeing Little Pixie (actual name) in #1 kitty, Katy Perry's carousel dress (click image for bigger image to see symbolic details, from the EMAs) wasn't exactly a shocker [the Daily Mail article I got images from has since disappeared, anyway they came from an androgynous issue of Dazed and Confused photo-shoot]. Pixie is apparently tied to a stick (more slavery/bondage), which I think is supposed to represent a the stick/pillar-things on a carousel with the horses attached to them, so doubly symbolic.

Little Pixie at the recent London Fashion Week, lady in red on the red carpet (note facial expression).

Pixie's sister Peaches was at some fashion week event in Lily Allen's outfit (frames with images inside, like windows/paintings [think Mary Poppins] into another world/dimensions, entrances [en-trance]) from her extremely MK symbolic (the tiny caravan inexplicably turns into a huge checkerboard floor palace) for 'The Fear' ("I don't know what's right and what's real anymore. I'm being taken over by the fear." numerous quotes from the lyrics worth posting) I posted on here. Again with Peaches below at fashion week, with a Goddess-looking Daisy.

Speaking of Katy, her 2009 year of living in a feline travelling circus continues as the giant cat heads/leopard-prints/tails/etc posted on here (then was Hello Kitty at the Brits) headed to London performing at the Koko Club (Coco, KK, cuckoo etc). "Kitty Katy: Miss Perry unleashes her inner feline with a leopard print catsuit" Remember she is the daughter of an evangelical preacher who dabbled in drugs used heavily in mind control, LSD (goes without saying that it has recreational use, but the drug's use in mind control is well documented [i.e. MI6 experiments and such], and was more than likely used by her father, in programming Katy).

Finishing with our last branded slave Alice [check out a Peaches Geldof/Alice Dellal post with more on this] (all of these girls are Cathy O'Brien-esque slaves; with parental involvement, rather than low-level [i.e. only drugs/electroshock/low level psychological pressure ((all used in the higher level of mind control too of course)) to achieve compliance; rather than a life time of abuse and programming creating these Monarch programmed multiples] MK'd kidnapped and trafficked slaves, they would have to be for them to be paraded so publicly), Alice Dellal who was one of the earliest (from this group of people who all know eachother) I posted on; her tattoos are dark as they come, matching her programmed persona, as in a recent macabre catwalk she showed them off and also from Dazed and Confused she shows of her "scissor-hand" (as in Depp's Edward Scissor Hands type deal, making a victim think [through drugs/hypnosis/etc so you'll genuinely believe anything] his hands or any part of their body isn't human is part of programming) with a shark by it, I think I've described some of her tattoos (you can speculate on their meanings, usually to do with their specific programming I suspect) in the past but you can see them for yourself (also note her spiked pink dog collar, chain necklaces etc). Cheers to any commenters for any of these linked to ones.

She invokes Madonna with the below conical (spiralish) bra.

Her trademark 'half-shaved head' (covered in earlier postings) inspired the Issa catwalk to make all the models do it (not actually shaving but using make-up to make the illusion), note zebra dehumanization below on poor little Dazed and Confused Alice.

Unrelated, but before I wanted to mention this; Channel 5's listings yesterday (Sunday the 1st of March) were amazing, it was MK practically all day. Starting in Oz, with Walkabout, then the Wizard of Oz, then Jumanji (MK themes), (1 hour break from MK for Ice Road Truckers), then it goes over the top with Conspiracy Theory (extremely revealing on MK as most will know, showing strobe/flashing lights, drugs etc all the standard MK usage; I've had it on DVD for a while so I should probably write it up at some point) and then to finish the night... The Manchurian Candidate! Which was great as I hadn't seen the original, only the modern version (both are excellent imo), couldn't help but take the number of times the name 'Ben' was spoken (referring to Sinatra's character Major Bennet Marco) as a personal synch. But seriously, all that in one day?! Wonder if it woke anyone up, probably not (and no doubt triggered someone, or a bunch of programmed people watching, to do something as those movies, the Wizard of Oz in particular are perfect for programming triggers contained within the movie [haven't checked for "random" killings or anything like that yet, it may not have happened yet of course; i.e. the sleeper is preparing it now having been triggered to do so, and carry out the action ((a bombing or whatever)) at a given time]).


Anonymous said...

Knightley Cloned For New Movie

British actress Keira Knightley will be cloned for her next big screen role in a science fiction thriller.

Director Mark Romanek's Never Let Me Go will pit Knightley opposite actors Andrew Garfield and Carey Mulligan, whose characters grow up in a boarding school with no contact or knowledge of the outside world until they discover they are clones grown for the sole purpose of organ donation.

The thriller is a more futuristic adventure for Knightley, who bound herself in petticoats and corsets for the Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise and 2008's The Duchess. She will also star in the upcoming remake of My Fair Lady.

Production is scheduled to begin in April in London and Norfolk, England, reports Daily Variety.



Anonymous said...

Alice Dellal is ugly

Anonymous said...

^She is really uglay.

Her boyfriend broke up with her via text. right. could be. how professional. doubt it, but possibly. show must go on, no?

word verification: chowlize (lol inside joke)

Anonymous said...

Katy Perry is disassociatingly fingering herself in carousel dress.

That episode of Dollhouse is what it must feel like to be in a relationship with certain people.

Anonymous said...

This episode of DOLLHOUSE made me think of the movie Surviving the Game. It stars Gary Busey, and Ice-T. I think it came out in the 90's. It was about this group of elite men that would hunt homeless people for their heads. I remember all the disembodied heads were put in jars, and kept as trophies. I know it's not exactly the same, but first they fed Ice-T's character, and the next day they started hunting him. Like how Eliza's character slept with her hunter, and thought she was safe, and then she bacame the hunted.

skrambo said...

I think we should try and get these sick, disgusting shows off the air... Every time I read your blog I feel like you've provided more than enough evidence to show that there is definitely a connection between MK and modern "entertainment".

My literature class in 9th grade was assigned to read a story called "The Most Dangerous Game".

Alice Dellal looks like a corpse.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ben. speaking of fashion week, I happened to tune into "Americas Next Top Model" yesterday, and thans to you and your blog, I now see through a heightened awareness. OH MY GOSH.

First off, guess what the theme was of the show? Greek mytholody Godesses. The models had a challege where they had to potray a different type of Godess for what they were known for. Some of the them included goddess of rage, goddess of love,, goddess of justice, etc. it was like sooooo occult.

Then, the next scene snaps into the girls going in the their new home. Guess what the colors were? yep, you guessed it and white themed. Ha ha ha. Wow, it was just crazy.

Then, the girls had to do a fashion show. And guess what the theme was of that fashion show? "Strobe lights", in which one model was afraid because she had epilepsy. I was just amazed at how many contestants on the show had so many problems. They really kicked it up this year. One girl had sever burn scars on her body from an assignment that happened when she was young.

You know Ben, it would surprise if all of these contestants on the show are either mind controlled actresses or just plain actresses. thanks to you ben, everything I read and see is now focused on the occult! :) But I'm happy I'm aware. I think I'm going to through my tv out the window now.LOL

Anonymous said...

I posted a short comment and a link to your website on the mail article about dollhouse with its many pictures of the Geldorf girls .
Within a short time the whole story had gone and only one comment was ever there (not mine)Funny that eh?

Anonymous said...

"Lubov" in Russian means "love".
The hunt and kill scenario fits perfectly with the new Grimm series. The episode Bears Will Be Bears features a Goldilocks type character and her partner breaking into a posh home. The owners can shape-shift into bear-creatures. As a 'coming of age' ceremony, the 18 year old son & his mates tie up the girl and said beau, torture them and at sundown set them loose to be hunted. It's also noted that this posh family is high society and let's viewers know how they roll.


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