Monday, 23 March 2009

Marionette Kittens

Filler post, the above video shows some MK at the 2008 Olympics. Below video is quite deep and meaningful (TV/media conditioning and such), people may have already seen it.

Thought this was a little funny, from America's Next Top Model (showing more of it's MK themed photo shoots, they were all transformed into different types of dolls [others included ventriloquist dummy, mannequin, barbie type doll etc 1 2 3 4 5 6]); "What's a Marionette Doll?"... you are!! It goes without saying that this Marionette (Danielle Evans) went on to win that season a few years back.

Ultimate Marionette Kittens, the Pussycat Dolls (as always scroll to end for original postings) are depicted symbolically with canes and top-hats recently (echoing the Oscars, general phallic symbolism + Masonic top hats).

Some pretty kitty fashion pictures now for your perusal.

This is an Ocelot breed of cat, probably chosen for it's leopard spots and other reasons. Insane genius surrealist Salvador Dali (scroll to end for start of my stuff; there are quite a few movies in the works about this guy coming out soon, probably all bullshit), had a pet ocelot (above, and below is some of the short film he made for Disney, Destino) which he would bring on the luxury ocean liner the SS France... I'm sure that wasn't the only kitten he brought on those trips [Disney have recently announced two luxury liners called "Dream" and "Fantasy"]! [this is a pretty good article (showing his kitten Gala [Picasso had a similar "muse" (MK'd models goes way back) in Dora Maar, see In Shattered Dreams] and her various alter's names etc) on his mental state (i.e. uncontrollably laughing state where he imagined tiny owls on people's heads etc) and his sexuality] Walt and Salvador were best buddies, more on Walt in an upcoming post in a few days time.

Don't Kill The Kitty!!! (see it?)

Naturally the model in this kitten set has butterflies on her head.

Another set, with a masked model, again this is just a filler post.


Anonymous said...

I dont know and it dont matter if GALA was a kitten or not, but its certain she&Dali had a penchant for torturing children (probably provided from Disney's "stock") in one of their apartments from NY. Anyway it is rumored Dali sleeped with his own sister (which I believe its true) and never had another woman again, xcept gay relationships, mabe the most known that with FEDERICO GARCIA-LORCA. He and GALA had what is called an "open marriage" and IMO they never became really intimate to each other. They stayed together for completely other reasons.


Anonymous said...

Check out the bio of this "kitaen":


Benjamin S said...

Speaking of incest...
"Ross' pink ladies", Jonathan Wossy named his daughters Honey Kinny and Betty Kitten.. (who even has red shoes + pink hair)

Anonymous said...

I don't know if someone ever mentioned this theory, anyway I want to share it with you. Ever noticed that a lot of the younger models look like aliens? E. g. Gemma Ward, Lily Cole, (see also

What is unusual about them is usually their very high forehead and the huge eyes. I am asking myself if these models are being hyped because the aliens/reptiles want to establish their own beauty standard in our world, or if these girls might even have partly alien genes ... because some of the faces seem so strange, and in combination with the tallness and thinness this is really extraordinary. I never came across people looking like that at all in my life, and suddenly they appear from out of nowhere.

Another thing: Lily Cole wants to star in a horror movie produced by Marilyn Manson. Title of the film is "Phantasmagoria - The Visions of Lewis Carroll". What a strange coincidence ...

Benjamin S said...

Anony, thanks for your comment, it's an interesting idea. Tbh, I doubt we know what proper 'aliens' look like anyway so I'm not sure how we can say they look like them. You might want to check out my comment in the Secret Sun post where I posted lots of images + my thoughts on that theory; also linked to all my Lily Cole posts. I posted on her in in that Lewis Carroll/Marilyn Manson thing a while back here, and posted some more info on the film in that comment. Here, mine is at 2:43pm time marker, I'm planning on putting some of those images I linked to in a quick post soon.

To me, it's all pretty obviously mind control (that's just my tunnel-vision speaking ofc ;P, all the Lewis Carroll, Marilyn Manson [here's one of the images I posted, with a Lily PORCELAIN DOLL and more info on it, note the doll's red hair, blue eyes as it's supposed to be Lily], those big tranced/dissociative eyes [same for all those models] etc) though (along with potentially [I'm not sure how you could ever prove it or go anywhere with it though so I tend to keep my feet on Earth and it's human inhabitants, I'll leave the otherworldly stuff for the experts :)] messing with their genetics [yeah, some could even be alien, who knows right?] to create these alien/doll looking models [though I'm skeptical, I'm pretty open to the possibility of genetic manipulation, alien-human hybrids, cloning etc]).

I'd definitely put the Allison-doll from the new AMNTP in that category too. I've done lots of posts on models and mind control btw, not sure how much you've seen.

Cheers again and thanks for the great link with some wonderful images (may do some posts on some of those models if I see them in a symbolic photo shoot or something), hope some of my response made sense.

Anonymous said...

Hi Benjamin,

thank you for your post. I have another one: I guess everyone knows the song "Human" by the Killers. The chorus is:
"Are we human or are we dancer?
My sign is vital, my hands are cold
And I'm on my knees looking for the answer
Are we human or are we dancer?"

Some lines which I find quite interesting in the light of MK:

"I did my best to notice
When the call came down the line
Up to the platform of surrender
I was brought but I was kind

And sometimes I get nervous
When I see an open door
Close your eyes, clear your heart
Cut the cord".

Anonymous said...

Ok, here I have pics of Lily Cole ( without make up where she looks like a 100 % alien. Apparently a model scout discovered her on the street and then her career started. If I had seen this girl on the street, I would have never got the idea to ask her to model.

The other photo of her looks like a pedophiles dream. So we have alien features + lolita appeal ... all very NWO!

Here she dresses like a child (

And about supermodel Agyness Deyn: I have never met a person who thought she was particularly attractive. In fact she looks like a teenage boy. To me another example how the NWO tries to confuse our beauty standards and gender roles. 20 years ago neither Lily nor Agyness would have made any money with their strange looks.

The first time i have noticed that suddenly extra-terrestrial beauty standards apply was in the 90ies with Reese Witherspoon (whose ancestor has signed the declaration of independence by the way... Reptile bloodline?). She has also a funny shaped head, but all the newspapers seem to overlook it. They see fat butts and thick thighs, wobbly arms and cellulite, pimples and bad hair, but they overlook funny shaped heads, as if they have a silent agreement about this.

We are all getting manipulated by the media to accept non-human beauty standards.

Anonymous said...

Good job ben... I also see you have taken the habit of shortening your post, which I also like. It helps me in following the info and soaking it all up without being hammered with too much info. Good post :)

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