Thursday, 5 March 2009

Milan Marilyns

Summer/Spring Fashion Weeks kicked off in New York (my coverage at least) celebrating their 'dolls'/'models' (essentially the same definition) with Barbie's 50th anniversary. Dolce & Gabanna's Milan catwalk (worth clicking to see some of the various MK'd kittens [Schiffer, Bond Girl 'Solange' Caterina Murino, Watts, Hudson etc]) featured plenty of MK imagery with Marilyn Monroe plastered all over their 'Marilyns' and apparently the polka-dots and rounded shoulders pads were inspired by Minnie Mouse (see link), so obviously conscious MM usage here.

Don't forget Sirhan Sirhan was triggered by the lady in the polka-dot dress.

Duality was also a big theme in this catwalk with black/white everywhere (note zebra-print bag with above also); checkerboards were also prominent, seen on the below purse.

They went one step further connecting the Freemasonic checkerboard to 33/MM Marilyn Monroe, also note the model walking away to the left, covered in checkerboard.

Not forgetting cat/kitten programming, D&G included a snow leopard in the mix! (below black/white leopard print)

Marilyn was also invoked with their kitten Scarlett Johansson being the face of their first make-up product (below kittens Dita/Katy image break) and appearing in leopard-print at their catwalk, looking very much the 1950's (literal) sex-kitten. I became aware of their MM usage from The Times newspaper's Times 2 section which featured the top image blown up covering the whole page, so a bit hard to ignore.

Katy Perry was there too, in front of some odd gold frame mirror thing and performing in black/white stripes.

Dita (see my big image post on her; very much a Marilyn, with her name-change, looking all porcelain and perfect etc) was also in attendance at the D&G catwalk party wearing usual kitten clothes (leopard shoes/bag).

Marilyn Monroe was the first proper 'doll', fully Monarch programmed sex-slave; so it makes sense Mattel would be making a Marilyn Monroe Barbie to go along the rest of the fucked up celebration, the first (there have been others from Mattel, these two for example) of their 'Blonde Ambition' line (out this month, get your kiddy one before they sell out!) next one will be Goldie Hawn.

While we're on the subject of Barbies and MK, I think it's worth showing a few of Mattel's other mind control related products, like these official Wizard of Oz dolls.

Extremely authentic, perfect for Wizard of Oz programming.

This British advert for Orange (phone company) always struck me as odd... (you can pick out various things; crystal balls, roses, mirror, butterflies [dancing stage scene] etc)

Lots more symbolic barbies (Elvis and such) for future posts. But back to Milan and rounding it off we have themes like bird-cages (please see Coco ad and such), upside down umbrella (confusing up with down), green pyramid reveal and others not pictured, source for these.

I should also mention the crying model from Milan fashion week, Auguste Abeliunaite (I'm amazed that any emotion is ever shown, considering the hollow/empty shell/void look most models have [because they're often MK'd]), here's her explanation for the tears, symbolizing (unconsciously) the use of dissociative bright/flashing/strobe lights: "The lights was very strong and cameras was flashing all the time. My eyes are very sensitive thats why i was crying." They say this girl is 16 but I have a feeling she is even younger (14-15 or so), there is also some confusion over her name (fashion spot thread has some good info on her), thought I should post on this as it's very symbolic of the things I've been saying about the fashion industry, thanks to commenter for a link to it.

A few more images of this girl showing her empty expression + some slightly symbolic ones (pink tutu + eye-grid mask thing, between twin pillars).

Paris' fashion week has just started yesterday, these images (Devastee catwalk) give you an idea how dark that is, duality being the overarching theme.

Note scarey cat eyes/mouth on the stockings (+ her red eyes).

Lie Sang Bong's catwalk (Paris) was full of tigers, again more sex-kitten programming (tiger catsuits on the catwalk).

But this was nothing compared to London's fashion week a few weeks before that on February 20th as you can see from the below images. The "designer" behind this was Ashish, see link for source. Note all the various animal-prints (especially symbolic when used on a hat or on shoes; the final picture for example has the MCM (mind controlled model, click label) wearing a zebra's head, and leopard-print hat and shoes (all American flags go without saying).

Random ad I came across online, showing this kind of kitten dehumanization is a "trend"; bear in mind those that I've picked out are only a small fraction of this kind of thing in the fashion industry, I can only post what I've seen and there is tonnes more that I will not have.


Thuth said...


GREAT stuff here. A couple things I thought you might be interested.

1) In economics “animal spirits” is a term for the unfaltering ambition that drives entrepreneurs regardless of their probability of success.

2) Bill Clinton recently said, "Time to call in the Animal Spirits" in reference to the global economic crisis. A commenter of CNBC said, "I can smell the animal spirits now"

3)The Marilyn Monroe archetype is Freyja. They are using mind control in conjunction with the archetype to control the myth. That is another reason, in addition to the killing of the Templars, why Friday the 13th is so often bastardized.

Look up Freyja.



Anonymous said...

Check out last night's America Next Top Model when you get a chance. It was like watching Mind Control Boot Camp. The whole episode was about duality, including the competition and photo shoot. They even put the girls up in a house decorated completely in black and white. Tyra said something about girls growing up too fast and she wanted to portray innocence. Which sounds noble and all, but why not have all the girls be good girls instead half of them being bad?

americlones said...

caught the news with a story of "new" tattoo barbie followed buy a miley story what a coincidence

Anonymous said...


Eugene said...

Earlier this quarter...

Genes behind jeans...

wanna better delta vector?

MaMaMia were being drawn in....

ahh the abyss.

Emma Louise Layla said...

Hey, great blog and really interesting post. I'd never seen the top MM/ Jessica Stam image before. Don't know how I missed it, but it's fabulous.

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