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Stringfellow's Leopard Bella

Quick post; typical upbringing of a (programmed) kitten [convent, Royal Ballet, stripping] I wanted to show, Stringfellow's clubs' logo is a butterfly, and he is apparently obsessed with leopard-print and cats in general (wonder why!). These are just a few paragraphs pulled from a non-interesting Daily Mail article on their "happy marriage". I've included some symbolic images from his strip clubs to illustrate how much programming is involved in the sex industry (also see Stripping while Tripping post for more of this kind of thing like the blatant OZ club etc). Anyway, she is called Bella Wright, now Bella Stringfellow; the story being even more Beauty and the Beast fairytale resonant as she's called Bella (variation of Belle in the fairy-tale).

Convent educated, Royal Ballet dancer, daughter of a Home Counties accountant - her pedigree couldn't be more pukka. So how did Bella fall for Peter Stringfellow?

Mr and Mrs Stringfellow are curled up on a leopard-print sofa in their Spanish villa. Animal prints are the dominant theme of the interior design. Leopard-print cushions and rugs are scattered around the open-plan living space, a fake tiger throw - complete with head - is draped over a sofa and huge oil paintings of tigers and lions adorn the walls.

Peter and his wife, Bella, were married three weeks ago on Valentine's Day. The bride is 26, 42 years younger than her 68-year-old husband. So no surprises there, either.

'Up until I met Bella, exclusivity had not been part of my life. But that has all changed. The old Peter Stringfellow is gone and Bella and I are looking forward to a wonderful future together.'

Is this proof, then, that a leopard can change its (leopard-print) spots? It certainly seems so.

The young lady who has tamed the untameable is indeed a stunner, half-Italian on her mother's side, with lustrous hair and peachy skin to die for.

She met him at his eponymous nightclub, which seemed to confirm the stereotype. So here's another surprise. Bella is a convent school-educated, classically trained ballerina, who went to Stringfellows nightclub one night with some of the other dancers to ["]wind down["] after a performance in The Nutcracker at the Coliseum nearby.

Bella's family were also there, her brother and sister and her mother, Graziella, 60, and 71-year-old father, Neil, a retired chartered accountant.

Today, Peter and his father-in-law are great friends, but at the outset, it took some time for Bella's father to welcome her 'boyfriend' into the family.

'The wedding was like a fairytale - only better,' says Bella, who is clearly as besotted with Peter as he is with her. 'When we went to the beach, there was a beautiful pink sunset, it really was so romantic. We didn't want all the stress of a big do, we wanted the people closest to us around us and for it to be informal. It was a magical day.

Bella is looking at Peter adoringly. She is blessed with a disarmingly sweet and sunny nature and is unlike the hard-bitten opportunists one imagines might seek out Stringfellow.

She even agrees with his choice of decor. 'It's funny, but as a child I had an obsession with Siberian tigers and had pictures of them on my walls.' Leopard-print aside, Stringfellow doesn't resemble the caricature who has featured in the redtops for nearly 30 years.

They have addressed the obvious question in a relationship with a 42-year age gap. Peter says. 'If things go according to their natural course, then I will go first and Bella will still be a stunning woman. She must move on and have a life.'

At this, Bella looks upset and interrupts: 'No, no, I won't, I won't have a life, absolutely not,' and wraps her arms around him.

When Stringfellow and Bella met eight years ago, Bella's life revolved around ballet. At 11, she was offered a scholarship at White Lodge in Richmond Park, Surrey, home to the Royal Ballet School, but turned it down.

'I am close to my family,' says Bella, 'and we all felt I was too young to leave home and live at the school.'

But after leaving her convent school, close to the family home near Reading, Bella began her training with the Royal Ballet School.

She met the ballet star Carlos Acosta, and he asked her on a date. 'I turned him down. He had a reputation with women, which I suppose seems funny now, being with Peter.'

While still a student, she was chosen to join the Royal Ballet and appeared on stage at the Royal Opera House in London. When she walked into Stringfellows eight years ago, she was a member of the English National Ballet.

Stringfellow, the son of a steel worker from Sheffield, is a working class boy made good. After opening his first nightclub, the Black Cat, in Sheffield in 1962, he had come to London to seek his fortune and, in 1980, he opened Stringfellows.

"Stringfellow seems quite a fan of leopard print" - Daily Mail caption for the above image.

Well, now it is official. And the leopard who changed his spots and his ballerina bride could not be happier, proof of the eternal mystery of the ways of love. [Ha fucking Ha; again this is pasted from a Daily Mail article]

Many strippers offer "extras" because they are programmed to (all the money going to straight to the pimp/handler), note the butterfly Stringfellows uses for it's logo, and all the other themes suggestive of programming (below gold statues/angel, the insane amount of leopard-print etc). Obviously programming varies in each individual kitten, i.e. from simple MK of doing it for drugs, right up to fully programmed multiples [and all layers in between, including no MK at all of course].

Random leopard-(im)print(ed) stripper from their main site.

Bella with split-personality agent Christian Slater (scroll down for My Own Worst Enemy stuff [with it's wonderfully helpful split/fractured mind symbolic poster]), and below is Bella doing what kittens do best with Colin Farrel.

Rihanna (updated accounts on the incident btw; pretty shocking, makes sense she would still be with him sadly though) and Lily have both gone (both kittens) too (note Rihanna's leopard spotted belt).

So have Oxford University's "Secret Society" (described as such on Stringfellows blog), probably the Bullingdon Club or something, where many of your future (British anyway) soulless political puppets will come from. I almost want to remove this picture, can't stand to look at these apathetic drunken toffs in their retarded duality caps and red suspenders.

A model goes through one of the clubs, describing the "really sexy little cage" [bird cage] she'll be dancing around (at end of video).

"The Cheetah Room" Hopefully the whole cat/kitten sex programming theme is starting to click a little more for those still not quite getting it (those three Cheetahs [note red shoes on far right] are made to look like they're waiting for you).

Illuminated Twin Towers (on tower bridge)/Big Ben/Pole/fractured Butterfly, all VERY symbolic.


Anonymous said...

Hi! So I stumbled onto this blog from another, unrelated site, and proceeded to read through a lot of the content. I know a little bit about the Freemasons and the occult and I am of course aware of the exploitation of women in the media. I'm not sure about this whole conspiracy theory, though: some of the symbols in the media may be perpetrated purposely, but some - if not most - are probably incidental.
At any rate, you point out a lot of things that you see that are wrong about society, wrong about the media, wrong about the treatment of women, but what are the right things? How, in your opinion, should women resist being enslaved? How should women act? For example, I am female and my favorite color is pink and has been for as long as I can remember. Is this because I was instilled with images and agenda of the patriarchy from a young age or because I'm just naturally drawn to the color? I don't know, but I'm probably not going to change my favorite color anytime soon.
It would be great if you had a chance to answer this. I'm just really curious.

Anonymous said...

Ben, in the 1st pic, Peter is wearing a snake print shirt (besides his wife's leopard one, all so fuckin blatant, feline&snake/reptile). Bella instead bears a resseblance with Catherine ZETA Jones and, especially, in the 4th pic, with NATALEE HOLLOWAY.


Anonymous said...

Check out JENNIFER's hand sign:


Anonymous said...

The official explanation for CRANBERRIES' video SALVATION:

"The music video for "Salvation" was directed in March 1996 by Olivier Dahan in France, for the company Bandits Productions.

It is one of the most acclaimed videos by the band's fans. It has a bizarre mood, and notorious references to drug use and abuse. It shows a clown with needles instead of hair, a confused girl whose parents are being held by the clown, all in a torn house at the top of a hill.

The bizarre images are supposed to represent the effects drugs have on people. The clown jumping on the teddy bear is a symbol of the loss of innocence, and the trapped parents show how drugs are a problem that affect not only the consumer, but also his or her close relatives/friends."


Anonymous said...

Just a "mere" coincidence regarding BELLA WRIGHT:


Anonymous said...

consider the fact that the Hells Angels/CIA-mafia own or control virtually every porn company, strip joint, brothel, porn/head-shop/tattoo parlor etc. , and you see why mk is so big a part of the xxx industry. They kill hookers or strippers who try to break away (in other words try to get off the drugs, which ALWAYs keep addicted to their pusher/controller/pimp/gang etc) and try to go 'independent', ie: drug free. The 'serial killer' is a myth.

skrambo said...

I think I'm going to throw up now. This is exactly why you always see beautiful women with guys who are old and/or loaded with cash. Through the "kitten" programming being displayed everywhere, women are drawn into the absolute myth that disgusting wealth is "sexy" and guys who will actually love them aren't worth it. Sickening.

Benjamin S said...

Thanks all for comments, Chris amazing info there to go along with the post, cheers for looking into it (and the other links). Anony before Tommy, spot on all round mate, I was watching From Hell on TV the other day; people should watch that if they want some clues as to what 'serial killers' are (Jack the Ripper, being like the original serial killer, killing prostitutes of course). And yeah, it's very sad that everyone just assumes they're all gold diggers, which I guess people are conditioned to think in that money-obsessive/greedy way.

Janna, you seem to be pretty aware of what's going on, just haven't quite caught up to just how severe it really is I think. I hope some of this makes sense and helps to understand what I do here at POM, more specific answers to your questions are further down and apologiez if much of this comes across as rantish and I probably contradict myself in it or something. Also, any more specific questions you can send to my email (, if you want to get in a dialogue I mean.

I don't view it as a "conspiracy theory" really (I think you need to stop thinking along those lines btw), I am not pushing any specific "conspiracy theory" so I'm not sure exactly what you aren't sure about in the blog, I'll try to explain. Obviously you can't ignore "conspiracy theory", as the entirety of HIStory is the result of a misogynistic "conspiracy" as it has been controlled/heavily influenced by a small cabal of wealthy 'elite' families, fucked in the head through generations of inbreeding; who use things like Freemasony, Skull and Bones, Rosicrucianism and such as vehicles for keeping power consolidated in a cloak of secrecy (this also allows for the horrific things that go on under this cloak [an abuser will feel safe if he has the legitimacy/secrecy of a "secret society" where only the "best and brightest" are allowed in; in the same way pedophile priests have been helped by the authority given to him by the church]).

The realities of sexual-slavery/human trafficking is not a "conspiracy theory". There have been hundreds of millions of women (and men) trafficked for sex in human history (it's really an infinite number when you think about it); like I have said in a good few posts, 'mind control' is an obvious, logical tool needed for maintaining this extremely lucrative industry (big business/intelligence is heavily invested in). The problem with this "conspiracy theory" as you call it, is that it is so multi-layered (even without getting into the media); many sex-slaves/prostitutes are controlled by keeping them hooked on heroin (and others), this is just a basic form of mind control (blackmailing them, threatening their families etc all on a similar level), but many of them are programmed multiple slaves, with specific alter-personalities programmed to meet the needs of wealthy clients (another layer, of many involved in global MK). You have to consider the logical truth, that as long as the human mind has existed, humans (men in particular obviously; I've grown up in a matriarchal household btw [with all the magazines and shit in my sphere of influence]) have seeked to manipulate, control and use it for their own ends (so we are talking about thousands of years of research into MK/Mind Kontrol, with people like Mengele really stepping it up in modern times). This is when you have to research MK-Ultra (all the various MK techniques; trauma, electroshock, drugs, hypnosis etc), Monarch, examples of victims like Cathy O'Brien, how MPD/DID factors in and how this psychological disorder can and is being manipulated as part of MK/Mind Kontrol (again, it's difficult to comprehend the true extent of it and just how far it's gone back]). Once you research this, much of the imagery/themes I post on would not be "incidental", and if you look at the industries involved (fashion/music/movies) and their history of control, I don't think they are coincidence at all (surely if you've read a lot of my posts you must accept many of them aren't just coincidence, if you read my explanations to go along with them anyway). Using some of the imagery from this post, there is nothing 'incidental' about positioning the models in a spiral shape (again another facet of this multifaceted "conspiracy theory" as you call it), or dressing one model up as a sex-kitten then a few weeks later putting a cat-head on her chest on a catwalk. Would you say all my examples of 'doll'/mannequin imagery is "incidental", I don't really view it as difficult to understand even to those with no knowledge of mind control (I do my best to make it accessible to those who haven't read Springmeier/O'Brien/etc). They, literally (in the victims' minds during programming) and figuratively sexually objectify women (and dehumanize, quite similar techniques though obviously), this exploitation of women in the media is patently obvious to anyone who looks at it objectively (which I would hope may encourage people to look at the jet-black reasons behind it). I mean, it must be hard not to 'get it' with shows like Dollhouse (don't know how much of my stuff on dolls you've followed) showing this kind of thing every week (ffs next week's episode is about rescuing a young girl from a CULT [so really driving home the horrors of cult mind control]).

I'm not sure how much time you've spent looking at the meaning of the symbols I show being used in the media (many of them are just simple psychological metaphors anyone can understand [i.e. the bird cage image used a lot in fashion]), I would be interested to know which of the symbols you think are "incidental" (I don't mind getting into a dialogue through email btw). I must stress mind control and the mentality that has allowed it to flourish globally, as being key to knowing why they aren't "incidental", for instance while everyone knows the vague association with sex and cats (pussy, sex-kitten phrase etc), most don't know the true reason behind it, and it is very much associated with MK/Mind Kontrol as sex-slaves are often programmed (again, this would go back hundreds/thousands of years; dehumanization/drugs/trauma requires no modern technology) to think they are actual cats. In effect you want them (as they are growing up being programmed) to be like a "cat in heat" (dog in heat same [though dogs work better in programming ferocious/frenzied/violent alters], dehumanization is key), so they grow up into a leopard (metaphorically speaking, MK'd sex-slave, I would have hoped this post would help you understand leopard-print symbolism on these girls I've posted about for ages); always ready to be triggered into that "cat in heat" alter-state where they want and need sex (it's obviously deeper than that). But again, I must stress that no two victims have ever gone through exactly the same programming so nothing is set in stone; reading Springmeier (and others) will give you a good idea on some of the programming techniques, and things we know to have been used by them (from various accounts from victims [I find it surprising we have ANY, considering the mental state of victims]); and mind control in general, but again I feel that only scratches the surface of what's going on and does get distracted with certain things (religion etc). These people came up with the Atom bomb, raped, pillaged and enslaved indigenous populations, blew up the twin towers, smuggle drugs on a daily basis, etc etc etc; and you think little girls aren't being horrifically abused/programmed with 'their' help (CIA/MI5/etc [all intelligence agencies are involved] advice/handling) as I type this? It needs to stop, it won't stop until the whole pyramid comes tumbling down, from the TOP down. Only then can we even think about "what's right", obviously no one should tell you that ever, you should always think for yourself. I'm trying to show how obviously fucked up the whole situation is on this planet, so we can hopefully, eventually pull ourselves out of the abyss; but we can't do that until people start lighting up said darkness.

Are you saying there isn't anything "wrong" with the things I write about existing in the world, would you disagree that human trafficking, mind control and the media's exploitation of women are "wrong"!? The way I see it, a lot of the stuff I write about is so blatant that you can't avoid seeing that something is very "wrong", I'm not here to tell you what's "right". Obviously the girls enslaved in the media (Britney/Christina/Rihanna/Miley etc) could not have avoided their enslavement (as these ones tend to be abused as children; posted on much before) so I'm not sure how to answer your "how should women resist being enslaved?", until the system is brought down we are all essentially enslaved at the same level (women and men, again though my primary focus is the abused, fully programmed/literally enslaved ones; not the social engineering of society, which Celtic Rebel does great stuff on [see links on right of page]).

I am not trying to say how women should act (let's not forget a few women [and men] want to be dominated/enslaved of course); all I'm doing is showing the harsh reality of how they have been so horrifically used by the media, which again is controlled by a small corporate cabal; the imagery and content can easily be controlled on a global scale [with people like Murdoch and co at the forefront]. There is no "right thing", I'm not sure what I can say here other than you should just do/feel/believe in whatever is most comfortable for you. I personally think you shouldn't be threatened by the fact that much of your personality/beliefs/etc come as a result of social conditioning/engineering/programming, it's something we all have to accept, move on and try to help the situation through whatever means. I am attempting this by showing just how horribly mistreated women have been and used, in particular by the powers that be (who have always treated their wives as mere property, and used sex-slaves/mistresses on the side), the media they control today and all the symbols and themes in it are an expression/reflection of their sociopathic/misogynistic/obsessively manipulative mentality (i.e. imagery they have a 'secret' understanding over it's true meaning, whether it's the checkerboard, pyramids, all seeing eyes, and mind control ones like simple but subversive slavery metaphors [Britney's latest concert as one example], makes them feel powerful, in control and 'the Master') even if some of them aren't used consciously (which I suspect most of them are).

And as a spoiler for a future post to illustrate some of my points made here in regards to the symbolism and MK "conspiracy theory"; I'll be going into human trafficking (with usual symbolism) more in a Taken post I started today, though I may have to delay it as there has been no image/poster release of Maggie Grace (who plays the daughter, who becomes a kidnapped and trafficked sex-slave) as ALICE in Malice in Wonderland (again, another huge facet of MK [programming specifically, but also obviously the themes of a lost and confused young girl is just a basic analogy to abused/programmed/dissociative young girls]; pedophile Lewis Carrol and his 'Wonderland'), if you think her roles in Lost, Taken (and the imagery displayed on her, i.e. she has butterflies on her as she is being kidnapped, there is a checkerboard in the room they are being kidnapped in) and now as Alice in Malice in Wonderland, are these all just happy coincidences? I don't think so.

From a drugged, abused sex-slave in Taken to this, post should be up in a couple/few days hopefully:
"An American law student in London. Knocked down by a black cab, she wakes with amnesia in a world that's a million miles from home - Wonderland. We follow her adventures as she's dragged through an underworld filled with twisted individuals and the lowest low-lifers, by the enigmatic cab driver, Whitey. She needs to find out who she is, where she's from and use what wits she has left to get back home in one piece."

Anonymous said...

Interesting that he does ressemble a bit the famous Backstreet Boy NICK CARTER. Could he be a black sheep of the fam?


Anonymous said...

Another "suicide":


South Korean Actress Found Dead

Korean actress and model Jang Ja Yun has been found dead in an apparent suicide.

The 27-year-old, best known for her role as Sunny in hit TV show Boys Before Flowers, hanged herself from a railing along the stairway in her home in Bundang, South Korea, according to local police.

She was reportedly discovered on Saturday evening by her sister. The actress was believed to be suffering from depression.

Yun is the latest in a long line of Korean celebrities who have committed suicide in recent years. Actress Choi Jin-shil was found dead in October, a month after Ahn Jae-hwan took his own life.

Michael Skaggs said...

Great scoop Ben!

Peace bro!

Benjamin S said...

Mike! Nice to hear from you again mate, peeps should check up on his Hidden Agendas blog; currently on hiatus so time to catch up before it gets going again. Looking forward to it, I'd got a bit behind on reading some of the blogs the past few months but it's absolutely essential in keeping a balanced perspective.

Re: Suicide comment, + I just wanted to mention this; I didn't put it in the post but this Stringfellow's stripper Kerri Atkins killed herself last year, almost exactly 1 year after her 'boyfriend' died she made two suicide attempts (apparently to "be with him"; aaah how romantic!), firstly overdosing at her boyfriend's grave, then finally she hung herself (the boyfriend also hung himself [over an argument over a dog... sure], just like the Korean star you posted on, looks like the Korean MK celebrity network is falling apart somewhat). Pulled a few interesting pics (I'm not sure, but that looks a lot like a Chinese tribal tiger tattoo): 1 2 3 4 5

Anonymous said...

A royal kitty:



Anonymous said...

Roses, roses...


Bahns Welcomes Baby Girl

The Mentalist star [SIZE="4"]Maxine Bahns[/SIZE] has welcomed a child with her adventure racer husband Patrick Watson.

The actress gave birth to daughter [SIZE="4"]Madison Rose Watson[/SIZE] on Sunday in Santa Monica, California.

The tot weighed in at six pounds, two ounces (2.8 kilograms).

The star's spokesperson tells, "Madison is doing great and the happy parents are excited to bring her into their home."

And Bahns has already devised a plan to get back into shape - she will compete in a half-triathlon competition in July.


Andy Christ said...

ben, thought this may be interesting,

also... i do need to contact you personally..

Anonymous said...

10 people killed here in the US today by the ubiquitous lone gunman.

No doubt the media will blame the "gun culture" in America, as opposed to blaming the actual culture they (the corporate media) have created. Your blog presents the best documentation that the media is deliberately driving us crazy. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Dont u find it strange that an ADAM is the winner with BLACK&WHITE (masonic)(song) now that JACKO's goods and property are on sale/his life going to pieces more and more?


Anonymous said...

Nice T-shirt for SOLANGE. Ironically its like KKK to me:


Just for info: KELLY RUTHERFORD's son is HERMES. They just love the (greek) mythology...

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN is seriously fucked up:


skrambo said...

"Dont u find it strange that an ADAM is the winner with BLACK&WHITE (masonic)(song) now that JACKO's goods and property are on sale/his life going to pieces more and more?"

Interesting you should bring that up, "doesn't matter if you're black or white" sounds dissociative to me, the chords go up and down spiral-like.

I really hate that as I'm reading this stuff and typing away, my entire family is upstairs watching TV and pretty much ignoring me and everything else they actually should relate to, when they sit in front of that big HDTV it's the only thing that exists in reality apparently. Warner Bros. (brotherhood) logo on the screen, blue and gold (masonic) WB (white and black) shield in the heavens.

You're on a roll lately, keep up the awesome work.

Anonymous said...

A bit more on the "rampage shooting" in Alabama. Apparently there were some kind of snuff videos found in the guy's home. He was also briefly a US Marine.

Anonymous said...

Thank u, poster Tommy in the first. Dont feel pushed aside by ur family (or others), there are many like u (and me) in this situation. Just keep being urself and keep walking, if u know what I mean. Dont waste ur time trying to change stupidity and ignorance into BOB DYLAN's lyrix:)

Secondly, mabe the link below is not a big deal, but AMBER LEBON ressembles PEACHES GELDOF...

See on the bottom of KATIE's pics whats written? MATRIXPHOTO... Coincidence?


Anonymous said...

Remember Playboy DASHA ASTAFIEVA was also pictured with a white parrot... Now goes PARIS HILTON:

And look what I found about parrot symbolism:
"As is well-known, flowers as well as animals frequently convey a symbolic meaning to religious figures and scenes. Thus, in the well known Defensorium inviolatae virginitatis beatae Mariae the parrot symbolizes the virginal motherhood of Mary. Why is that? Already in antiquity the parrot was considered a miracle of nature because of his uncanny ability to imitate and reproduce human speech"

Of course the explanation above is bollocks, but its interesting anyway. Besides, this bird also symbolizes the SUN and the rain and the nature in bloom.


Anonymous said...

I for one find it strange.

FRom imdb:

"Williams Fronts Eye Donor Campaign

13 March 2009 12:05 AM, PDT

Actress/singer Vanessa Williams is spearheading a new campaign to encourage people to donate their eyes when they die - as a tribute to her father.

The former Miss America has teamed up with New York's Eye-Bank in a bid to expose the desperate shortage of eyes that medics need to help those struggling with sight issues.

The Ugly Betty star became a supporter of the organisation when her late father donated his eyes to help someone else see after his death in 2007.

She says, "When he passed away two years ago, he gave the gift of sight... See what your eyes can do for others."


Anonymous said...

Hey Ben. I feel a little embarassed because I just ran across the message you gave me about aaliyah. Your right, I will start a blog and write on it so I won't bug you anymore about it! LOL :)

But yeah, that was a good post about Tyra you did. Wow, I knew something was fishy by looking at the contestants on her show, which all look to be Mk'd.

I remember you were saying that Pharrell may not be Mk'd in one post. I'm a big fan of his and find it mind boggling that any sane human being would want to be involved in something such as the occult without having their mind 'altered' in some way. H

After doing a little research myself, I found that Pharrell is under the arista records which is/was ran by L.A. Reid who I believe is a programmer/handler. I also read somewhere (how to create a mind control slave) that some Mk'd celebrities (people) don't nessarily have to be "programmed" at a very young age such as the illumanti children do such as Paris Hilton, Nicole Ritchie. Maybe pharrell got 'altered' later when he got deep into the music industry as an adult.

Here is another thing I want to point out...after doing some research on these Mk'd victims, I found that most of them are from the Maryland/Washington D.C. area, which tells that a lot of mind control experiments are done there. A large part of md'd celebrities (mostly african-american) came from Atlanta Georgia, Philadelphia and Arkansas. The other half come from California and New York......i think the biggest thing that has my mind spinning is what these celebrities went through..I mean it's hard to swallow that our "celebrities" were chosen for us...we didn't chose them. Wow...Keep up the good work Ben

Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah, I want to add something else too....another thing I found out about mk'd celebrities is about the relation of their parents occupation. Most of the mk'd people had one or more parent who were either:
These are examples----
A.teacher (pharrell williams)
B.Pastor(brandon t. jackson)
c. Jehovah witness(serena williams, michael jackson, lark voorhies,the wayans brothers)
d. Involved in the military (jessica alba, martin lawerence)
e. Celebrities themselves (that list is too long to name


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your reply, and sorry for taking so long to acknowledge it - I've been having some internet issues.
I have read quite a few of your posts but I don't know much at all about MK so I think I'll take your advice and read up on it.
When I used the word "incidental" I wasn't so much talking about celebrity sex slaves but more about the average person. Many women (and some men) wear leopard print all the time, and I doubt that many of them are aware of the implications it holds. I also doubt if many fashion designers and photographers know exactly what they're doing here, either. I guess that's what I meant by "conspiracy." The way you write about it in your posts, it makes it seem as if you believe every photoshoot or t.v. show or movie with MK themes was created by people who knew exactly what they were doing, who perpetrate these images knowingly with the intent of enslavement. Maybe that is what you mean, I'm not sure. But what I'm saying is while a large number of these "elite" may know exactly what they're doing, I suspect that an equal amount aren't really aware. Images such as butterflies and cats, the colors of red and blue, et cetera - as you show in your blog - are everywhere. Some times a young starlet may be seen in a leopard print dress because the person who dressed her is trying to turn her into a sex slave, and other times it may be because leopard is fashionable at the time. The reason leopard is fashionable, again, may be controlled by these elite people but those who wear it aren't aware that they are being controlled, and those who encourage others to wear it aren't necessarily aware that they're controlling them.
I guess that's what I missed about your blog, that it's intended to talk only about the celebrity sex slaves in popular culture. I can't help but relate it the average person, the average female. I can't help but find it frustrating. It is difficult, if not impossible, to see where my own desires end and where socially imposed wishes start. I grew up with Barbies, watching Disney Channel, all that stuff. Even as a kid I was aware that Barbie was grossly deformed portrait of an idealized figure that I would never be able to attain, but I didn't really care. I could feel dissatisfaction for the dainty Disney heroines in the movies and shows on t.v., but I still watched them and enjoyed them anyway.
And a lot of the images on this blog I actually enjoy. They're glamorous and well-photographed and, well, pretty. I think they're wrong and exploitative and kind of scary but I also think they're pretty. It's supposed to be that way, I get it, but it still bothers me. How can I avoid being controlled when I don't know if I truly like the things I want or if I only like them because that is the feeling that's been grafted on to me? And in the end, will it really even matter if I can make that distinction?
Sorry for being unclear before. I hope that this comment makes a bit more sense.

nickatnoon said...

Hi all! (= I was watching the US Open Tennis, and I noticed Serena Williams is from Saginaw ,MI. In the past I have read that many "Monarchs" are from that area of the U.S. Googling her name brought me here. I KNOW Monarchs are real b/c I lived with one for just about a month. It was a nightmare, and I had to evixt her after only 3 weeks living together. She was MPD, and I quizzed her and got some info from her. She was programmed by Bnai Brth in Ontario. She had no real memory of her childhood, just pictures and what her parents told her. One personality was a vegetarian holistic type, but the other ones were sex trade ,drugs, and so on type personality. For anyone who has lived with a multiple....I REALLY HAVE SYMPATHY FOR YOU!

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