Thursday, 13 November 2008

The Royal Family's Neverland is No More

A lighter post this time, less depressing than my previous ones I think anyway ;p

Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch has been sold; I was not aware that this MK'd singer had the British Royal Coat of Arms on it's gates but this certainly fits as I have noted this type of CoA (variations of it; it's all about the Lion + chained Unicorn, even the motto + some of the inside iconography is the same) on various MKTV shows, I guess it's just another way of the 'elite' marking their property. See eLLUMINATI link, and for more on this type of thing [interesting MK'd 'Fergalicious' revealing Rockefeller's new star, have her videos + Black Eyed Peas queued up for a post at some point], link to story and below image. Obviously slightly varied from the Queen's one but if you can't see the conscious similarity/what it is clearly based on, then there's something wrong with you mentally... same if you don't see the significance of it ["so it's like the Queen's crest... so what? That bears no significance to me."]. The 'Jackson Family Crest', the Jacksons are a stereotypical multi-generational abuse family [his father's abuse is mainstream knowledge]; perfect for MK, so it makes sense that they'd give them this 'elite' coat of arms [as they're the ones ultimately in charge of it] after his family was selected for MK.

MJ being a victim of Peter Pan [and Pied Piper] programming goes without saying.

The Carousel at Neverland.

And to sync up completely random things (well obviously not; this MK network is vast, they are all connected); Jodie Marsh has gone lesbian like LiLo, with a similar looking 'girlfriend' (handler) to Sam Ronson [they are set to get married in Paris]... note this one's Skull and Bones t-shirt, whoever she is. Jodie Marsh has a Michael Jackson tattoo [and other symbolic ones], and the die (dice, two of them like Britney)... another standard MCM like many I've mentioned previously. Link to story. And The Sun weighs in; wouldn't surprise me if Jodie actually 'serviced' that horrific creature John Prescott [MCMs (predominantly beta-slaves ((sex))) are often used in that way; keeping politicians on side, and/or blackmailing them etc].

Edit: Speaking of LiLo; thought these images from last night were worth adding; note LiLo's gold/black checkerboard dress. Sam Ronson always wears skulls (skulls/bones, each on their own connotes skull and bones; Bonesmen call the society 'Bones' and the movie 'Skulls' obviously depicting them... so this is a common theme with handlers [see above and examples from past posts], also a reference to controlling their heads/skull probably)
And Miley Cyrus attended the MCA [Country Music Awards] looking radiant, can anyone make out what's depicted on that dress (flowers?)? She recently looked in a happy-trance at the BMI Country Music [so MK Ground Zero then ;p, images below] awards with her 20 yo 'boyfriend' MCM. More on Miley coming in a few days, check out some of the great comments in recent posts for more info on her and my previous posts on her (best to start from beginning; I go into the fact that she is another potential blood sacrifice, like all these MK'd stars; but Miley is clearly being built up more than others as noted in my original post). Lots of CM awards that MC went to this week; Keith Urban attended with Nicole Kidman.

Note checker pattern walls at these Country Music Awards. There are obviously more blatant MK stories out there (the Paula Abdul fan committing suicide; added image from it showing her MK, note green doll on her ankle [MK is her 'achilles heal' so to speak], confused face on her chest [note eyes+ green], and the interview people mind find interesting... Simon Cowell I think is very much aware of what's about to happen). Britney's album has predictably turned into a celebration of all things MK and her sex-kitten existence successfully conditioning the masses, 'all the boys and all the girls want to fuck me' [confused lyrics; fellow MK'd star Amy Winehouse resonating here also].

Thought this image of Catherine Zeta Jones in sun radiant dress was worth posting (cheers commenters; same to any linked to in comments), check out her latest advert for Lux shampoo [sham-poo] where she is dressed in gold and symbolically climbs the stairway to heaven/stardom. And lastly; M&S' [S&M] new ad (see the one before this, more MK symbolic one here; I thought this MCM one for Littlewoods was particularly blatant too [talking cat etc]) has standard sex-kitten suggestiveness, image below [note she is holding a box (compartment that houses the sex-kitten alter) and doing the typical 'Shh' we've seen often, symbolizing the 'secret' being portrayed here, naturally hidden in plain sight].


Anonymous said...

The flowers on MILEY's dress - as far as I can notice - are poppies (Heroes remembrance day scam just passed) and a morning glory. We discussed poppies' significance and I looked for some info on the last one. Morning glory - glory to the sun, when it is first rising/glory to Aurora, the Greek dawn goddess; Aztecs used a species of it that had halluncinogenic properties.


Anonymous said...

'It's like stepping into Oz,' he once said of his prized home. 'Once you come in the gates, the outside world does not exist.' M Jackson

Anonymous said...

That is such a LLohan facial expression with the come hither eyes and MMonroe 1/2 open mouth/little bit of teeth showing (Miley's backside flower gown pic)

Anonymous said...

!!! The MK 'Paula Abdul' slave draws life-size pictures of her idol! This same type of MK "fan" was depicted in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Christina Ricci playing the character of Lucy. Lucy drew pictures of Barbra Streisand and travelled to Vegas just to meet her. Its so funny to see this portrayed in real life! I think some of these crazed "fans" are used as sex slaves for the star in question.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe one bit of that story, that this woman killed herself and sent Paula Abdul flowers the day before. I'm sorry but it just doesn't jive with me.,,20240399,00.html?xid=rss-topheadlines

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