Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Jennifer Connelly's Shattered Mind

Baby shit is a symbol for galactic alignment and cosmic consciousness... sometimes it's slightly green juust like Osiris, and sometimes if I look reaaaal hard enough at it you can make out what looks like a face, or a disembodied head... more galactic alignment... We are truly approaching a new age of enlightenment/cosmic consciousness! You get the idea here, all the symbols and themes you see in movies are consciously put in by the twisted minds that run Hollywood/Disney/Media in general, using their MK'd slaves as their own ritual puppets... there is nothing random about Jim Carrey's movie roles or Jennifer Connelly's or any of the rest of them for that matter.

The new Red Ice Live with Jake Kotze was worth posting; hopefully my readers can pick out the obvious misinterpreting of MK symbolism (pretty much all of it; starting with Truman Show), but especially when it comes to Jennifer Connelly and shattered glass (I had not yet looked deep into her movies yet so was not aware that was a major theme, but it was obviously to be expected with all the work I've done on that theme) was another big MK theme following her around, in the scene below (start at end 9:16 with Labyrinth [another one torn to shreds from what it actually is] with the shattered mirror scene [followed by her falling deeper into the trance; tumbling down the rabbit hole; going through the stargate; etc. these are all MK metaphors], then on to final part with Labyrinth shattered glass scene). The whole thing is worth watching so I've embedded the google video version too above, but please do not take his pie-in-the-sky outlook on all this symbolism seriously.


Anonymous said...

Breaking mirrors is a big one. Its a breaking down of the barriers in between alter personalities that live in their own compartments-once the mirrors break you have integration which the programmers do not want-memory recovery etc.

Kurt Cobain mentions breaking mirrors in the song Lithium.

Anonymous said...

Could it be both? Both programming cues for the MCS AND the attempts of TPTB to guide us into their philosophy and knowledge which could in fact derive from their ability to tap into other worlds through ritual. Naturally, that doesn't mean where they're steering us is a good place, and that, I think, is the problem with giving them too much awe and power. TPTB DID connect with another world through their sick ritual games, but who's to say that other world/dimension whatever has the best interests of humanity at heart? That to me, is why its dangerous to romanticize hollywood as revealing something beneficial for human consciousness. Its the opposite. We wuz robbed!

Michael Skaggs said...

Hey Ben,

Many know Hollyweird is about control, controlling your conscious and subconscious mind. Our minds are already "shattered" thanks to the Flood/Cataclysm/Catastraphobia [check out her book, here is a link to an interview:]


CIA/Gov't/Drugs/MK/Hollywood etc. all about control and swaying us, stealing our consciousness. Perhaps Jake is seeking himself, maybe he's seeing himself reflected in that shattered mirror. Both of your works are valid, just different paths my friend. Maybe once people break through the barrier of "control", what lies behind the veil deeper into consciousness is what he is attempting to point out?

Anyone's guess really, but your work is great, and valid. There are those that seek the 'feel good' explanation over the cold, dark reality thats thrust upon them right now--even I do. Hence why T.H.A. has covered many different topics. You ran with the MK and did such an excellent job, I thought I'd pale in comparison.

I think both you and Jake's works are valid, and appeal to different seekers. You and I are on the ground floor trying to help people scale the wall of control, while Jake is trying to take them on a wild cosmic ride. Its all good mate!

Be well my friend!

P.S. Seems more ritualistic sacrifice is continuing with Hollyweird, check out Wise Woman's Adrianne Shelly post if you have not already.

P.S.S. the confirmation word I have to type is "wherigno" LOL OMG, "Where I Gno[know]", maybe thats cosmic consciousness permeating the weave--but then again, I did eat Chili and was passing some wicked gas! Be well!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Shit jokes? Really?

Anonymous said...

religion has evolved electronically from churches to movie theaters, from Bibles to bestselling paperbacks. Whether its a church service or a matinee, It is still the same thing, a mass. Cinema = Synagogue devotees of popcorn communion. Movie stars are the clergy of yesterday, so look for evidence of mind control among the clergy way back when.

Benjamin S said...

Really. We can all relate to shit jokes ^^ + Kotze analyses shit (the 'feces'/produce of twisted programmers/pedophiles/Directors/etc in Hollywood) and produces shit... 'Meowww' indeed ;p (that comment made me laugh btw) Nah his work is great; I just disagree massively with his interpretations. We need to be exposing what's going on in Hollywood, not worshipping it. I think he would benefit a lot from taking 5 minutes to look at Kentroversy's Eyes Wide Shut work going into the MK in that and the clearly conscious MK themes/symbolism in many movies like Labyrinth.

Most in fact do have these themes; I just watched Johnny Depp's the Austronaut's Wife (note Depp's half face illuminatied/split mind on the poster) and wow, another one totally loaded with checkerboards, MANY MK themes, etc; they even give Charlize Theron short blond hair for added Rosemary's Baby-ness (polanski being one of the aforementioned pedophile Directors I speak of), as she is impregnated with 'evil TWINS' (after Depp [a NASA astronaut] is 'possessed by aliens'; NASA/Alien programming).


Anonymous said...

The Labyrinth part where she's marking the floor and David Bowie is holding the baby reminded me of Pan's Labyrinth.

Hollywood keeps making the same movies over and over and over and over.

first word verification: aeaugh

...ugh indeed

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