Thursday, 27 November 2008

Minority Report-style CCTV that spots crimes BEFORE they happen

Thought this was worth posting; I do the odd surveillance society copy and paste post, it's all connected though. I wouldn't do any "loitering" or "standing still" if I were you... GET IN LINE, FACE FORWARD, NO STOPPING OR LOITERING OF ANY KIND!!! Fascism's gadgets are getting funner and funner... still waiting on that microchip, ah Indonesia is on top of that! Daily Mail link. Oh yeah, and watch the crisis in India, MK'd/brainwashed (by Westerners and/or tools working for them) kids with guns shooting Westerners to further the ridiculously blatant NWO agenda some more. And yes this technology isn't exactly new, but it's interesting that they're picking up the pace of putting these Orwellian measures in place.

A Minority Report style CCTV system which helps predict crimes before they actually happen has been installed for the first time in a UK city.

Portsmouth City Council has set up the network of 'intelligent' cameras which can alert an operator to suspicious behaviour.

The Perceptrak system, produced by Smart CCTV Ltd, is able to spot 'unusual' incidents such as somebody loitering or a vehicle travelling too fast.

CCTV frame 1: Two men appear to be meeting on a deserted street. Is a crime about to happen?

CCTV frame 2: The two men are now seen exchanging words and perhaps something else. The operator is alerted

It then alerts the CCTV operator who can assess the situation and take appropriate action if they believe a crime has been committed or is about to be.

The system is being set up to watch quiet areas such as car parks, stairwells or corridors in buildings and streets at night-time.

This allows a CCTV operator to monitor many more cameras without having to watch every screen simultaneously.

Crystal ball: This new CCTV in Portsmouth can automatically detect potential crimes before they happen

Nick Hewitson, managing director of Smart CCTV, said: 'Although we are a long way off Minority Report, it is a step closer.

'It is able to alert the operator to something that might be interesting such as a guy hanging around or somebody running.

'But what it cannot do is say whether that guy is waiting for his girlfriend or about to commit a crime.

How it works: The CCTV system being used in Portsmouth to detect potential criminal behaviour

Under watch: A man is caught on CCTV loitering in a stairwell

'That is for the operator to make a subjective human decision on and make an appropriate response.

'The software is able to filter out all the boring information and gives the security operator alerts on things that might be interesting.' [I'd imagine being one of those big brother operators is extremely fun and gives them nice power trip.]

The system, which has been run successfully in several U.S. cities, including New York, Washington and Chicago, is being provided to Portsmouth for free. [Lucky Portsmouth!]

Crimes are predicted by special CCTV operators in the blockbuster Minority Report, starring Tom Cruise

The city's CCTV control rooms have 142 cameras with live monitoring, watched 24 hours a day.

Councillor Jason Fazackarley, Portsmouth City Council cabinet member for community safety, said: 'This is a fantastic development. It's the 21st century equivalent of a nightwatchman, but unlike a nightwatchman it never blinks, it never takes a break and it never gets bored.' [You are being watched.]

In the film Minority Report, starring Tom Cruise, crimes are predicted by special CCTV operators.

Smile you're on camera: Portsmouth City Council is introducing a new sophisticated CCTV system

Edit: Bringing things back in my comfort zone; Britney's top-hat ritual continues (originally with Madonna and Christina), she won a Bambi award (awww), note grid ball type thing. I'll watch her X-Factor (Simon Cowell programmer/handler/general stooge, Dannii Minogue victim, etc) performance with interest, get started on final Britney part soon (almost finished a Fringe post; finally came out of the closet with its Monarch programming).


Anonymous said...

Should have posted this here and not in the previous. The link says what it is.


Benjamin Singleton said...

Cheers for the links mate (same goes for all others), amazing how overt they're being lately on how 'controlled' her life has always been, hopefully people will start wising up. The courts keep approving the 'conservatorship' I guess because they're completely in on it (see the strange Anna Nicole trial, where 'that' video was randomly shown etc), fascinating interview thanks again + all other links as per usual.

I was thinking if I were more technically savvy I'd make some kind of blog/site where all these MK (from the cult of celeb angle anyway) related articles can just be copied and pasted into, might try to do something like that in future, unless there's someone else out there with way too much time on their hands who wants to do it.

Thnx again, nice finds.

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