Friday 14 November 2008

High-Trauma School Musical

They all have cat ears and dressed in pink... hint-much? GOOOO WILD CATS! Statue of Liberty head etc.

Cheers to commenter, absolutely Ashley Tisdale's character is called Sharpay, a dog (homophone; Shar-Pei see this link for confirmation [under Famous Shar-Pei further down], "they named me after a flabby dog") which I guess is just more dehumanization for her; probably look more into this and these Disney stars' MK when I do a proper HSM3 write-up.

Thought this South Park episode was worth posting; High School Musical was its focus this week (click to see my HSM3 observations; waiting for a DVD Rip before I post properly on it and the others), with a symbolic Zac Efron Disney slave, with his lunatic (MK'd) dad beating him and his mum, note all the symbolic musical posters. One of the songs they watch on TV from the movie is all about conditioning the extremely impressionable/suggestible young viewer into conformity, being a sheeple, not to question; with it's actual lyrics:
"If you wanna be cool. Follow one simple rule. Don't mess with the flow, no no. Stick to the status quo..... It is better by far. To keep things as they are. Don't mess with the flow, no no. Stick to the status quo".
I agree with Cartman... "This... is... cool...?" And all the kids want to be like the abused kid, which says a lot about these Disney slaves; I wonder what kind of energy/subconscious effect they get from worshipping these traumatized Disney pawns. But obviously it isn't as simple as the victim physically fighting back against the programmer as this episode portrays, because it isn't just 'slapping' that these victims endure, but it's a nice metaphor for fighting back against it as a whole as these people at the top of society are essentially the type of coward (preying on the weak) depicted here... Worth looking at Zac's solo song called 'Scream'/or 'Now or Never' (Jackson bro and sis did one also) where the hallway turns upside down, and with MK lyrics "I'm so confused, I want my own dream... Whole worlds upside down, Its Spinning faster..... Voices in my head, tell me they know best..." And Zac (every boy wants to be him, every girl wants him), the victor kissing his golden mirror ball/trophy [note winged creatures or something atop each pillar].

These locker numbers struck me as rather 'unrandom'... 33HANNAH33 next to Zac's [as in Miley Cyrus' Hannah Montana; MK'd, so Freemasonic 33 symbolism. Also the one to the other side of it is 21 (777) and Bolton's # is 14 (77) and then 33 on HANNAH's on the right side]

"If I don't do what he wants, he beats me." Note red/blue inverted pentagrams.

Nuts/MK'd actor; abuses family like it's an every day thing (i.e most of Hollywood), note Phantom of the Opera (roses + mask) and MAMMA MIA (M-centric, lots of 13's 1's and a 9; probably very symbolic, hence the recent successful movie, which baffles me [how do people not blow their brains out watching this crap!]), and below FELINES for the symbolic CATS poster (I think, not sure, probably something else; intend on editing this if someone knows what it is). This story syncs up here I should have included, a likely MK'd frenzied killer wearing an Phantom of the Opera mask.

The mom is symbolically placed infront of the FELINES poster (could be something else).

MPD symbolism for this musical (note 17 dancers, MK themes, ballet, nasty childhoods), random 9/11 synch below. Note he is obsessed with the mirror also. [11/9|9/11 doesn't matter what order, 11/9 is 9/11 in Europe] Metaphorical Zac's basketball team # is 11 [K; 11 big MK mirror symbolism, go into it a bit in General's Daughter post]. Black/white cows.

Social workers are confused and fearful of this guy rather than facing up to him they leave, showing how useless these institutions usually are.

+ Random one from a few weeks ago (Peruvian flute bands kickass though imo) "SALE Skirts and Heels"; note red shoes behind the fountain.

A few Daily Show clips to keep things political; Bill O'Reilly was interviewed (edit: it's worth taking a look, probably not worth posting [goes briefly into his backwards religious traumatic school (being serious about the vase smashing/shattering no doubt) and other things (he's no way near as bad as Hannity tho, it should be said)], subtle MKannibalism [note all posts on it linked] reference)

Edit: And cheers to commenter; Papa Bear doin some Oz Programming with one of their "enchanting" (his word) Foxes (Megyn Kelly will always be #1 though ;p) who doesn't want it to end, and Doocy (who goes nuts when he answer correctly who Dorothy met first, the scarecrow... "Talk about the Land of Oz ladies and gentlemen, I am in it" - BO) in a recent show... some of the questions are a bit subversive "was Judy Garland 17 in it" (paraphrased), she sings 'Over the Rainbow'... then BO invokes Janet Jackson (as she 'remade it' apparently, which I can't find any info on, a lot of them do; note Leona Lewis did one at X-Factor)... more of this kind of thing as it goes on. More appropriate add than the interview, thanks again.

Should have included this one originally but, contuining the theme of ObamaMadness (which he was always meant to create, and while we're on FOX's [Murdoch] case; check out one of FOX's [/kittens] 'on the prowl', and previous Barack Obama related posts), also note the symbolism (spider web/fractured glass, Eye of Mordor, Skeletor's Snake Mountain).
"At 11.09 Eastern Standard Time, Barack Obama... is Hitler."
And just for the F of it, you know things are about to go crazy when a one eyed fanged phallic children's monster (+ the daisy on t'other) tells you 'Don't Be Afraid.'

May add to this again.


Anonymous said...

Still puzzled about why they'd name a girl after a dog breed. It's kind of messed up actually.


Anonymous said...

I'm impressed Ben. You caught a bunch of stuff from that South Park take I completely missed. Good stuff here. That "moment of zen" is too much.

I'm even more impressed you somehow made it through High School Musical. You gonna be OK???

ad astra said...

a few days ago I was watching fox news. OUT OF NO WHERE- Bill Reily says "And now! Out Wizard of Oz QUIZ!" Cut to clips of the movie, like the rainbow song, and then having the fox and fiends people answer the quiz.

It made- NO sense.
this was near the end of last month or the beginning of this one if you wanted to look for it.

Anonymous said...

Again this "couple" in sight. I posted about them and mentioned the number 4 as recurring in their lives. And here they are these 2 stooges (with all due respect for Seal yet:))again.

The pic of her dressed as a female warrior/goddess shows again that shes a really ugly woman. Bleah!


The Secret Sun said...

Yikes! HSM3 shots are pretty amazing. Did you glean the phallic connotations of that giant trophy shot? Yikes, I tell you.

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