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Keeping an Eye on Shocking MKTV Programming

I feel obligated to write-up some of the recent MK seen on TV before getting started on the final Britney part; I'll start by briefly going into the new Futurama film, be sure to check out Hidden Agendas posts on the Beast with a Billion Backs, Part 1 and Part 2. I'm only going briefly into a few of the themes as there's too many other shows to cover + I'm sure others will cover this one, plenty of synchromystic material for a more positive analysis.
Leela (Leela/Lola/Lily/Lila/etc are all interchangeable, in Hannah Montana [Miley Cyrus alter-personality show] the Lily character I've heard being called Lola for added "Lolitaness") is fitted with an electro-shock dog-collar (specifically used in training Monarch slaves in silence & obedience; this use of it in programming is portrayed in the movie Danny the Dog). Leela obviously having purple hair, and one eye, briefly mentioned in Enchanted post in relation to an MK/Oz CSI episode (more CSI coming up shortly). She is voiced by Katey Sagal, who seems to fit the bill in terms of her MK'd existence (look at her early roles, who Katey has worked with, brief appearances in Lost [Lozt has plenty of MK themes] and Eli Stone [brain aneurysm causing hallucinations spoke of that show previously]).

High Voltage! 50,000 Volts specifically.

But eventually she dissociates the pain, and the mind does a complete reversal so her pain from it becomes pleasure (almost orgasmic pleasure).
"Actually it feels kinda good, I think I'm startin' to associate it with the pleasure of beating people up." This is her eventually accessing the primal part of her mind (with the pain dissociated to another part of the mind, eventually to that primal part) by the constant trauma mixed with (at the same time as) her own inflicting trauma on others.

"It feels gooood...."
Bender gets lost in his imagination (previously dormant) and is sent to the HAL Insitute for Criminally Insane Robots where, as in reality their "therapy" is basic and brutal (intentionally; just load the subject with psychotropic drugs, the odd shock therapy... and bam cured! Wonder why it's so ineffective...). The therapist/programmer is DR. PERCEPTION (designed to change his victims' perception) and his head is made of an impractical glass plasma ball (purple) type Tesla thing, which is obviously shattered at one point (a victim of his own "therapy" techniques).

Note his certificates to make it look like these people (many of which are involved in gov't MK) know what they're doing, when really they're just following orders from the controlled medical establishment.

"Now stop... hammer time." shattered glass (sphere). I've done loads of posts on shattered glass (shattered mind), and now Britney's latest album has a song called just that, which wasn't known originally as I reported on the other MK symbolic songs such as Mannequin and Amnesia earlier [it looks like Amnesia has been removed from the final album release], they've replaced it with an even more blatant track in Shattered Glass! [See Circus' wiki for final track list; they're all pretty MK symbolic, also note Max Martin's involved and Lady GaGa too]

Alice in Wonderland's Mad Hatter, so naturally says, "Change places!" Note numbers + purple colour.

"I'm a Little Tea Pot" programming (you can bet all dehumanization type nursery rhymes, fairy tales etc. like that one are used as such) victim is shattered by the hammer.

All these insane robots are symbolic of victims of Tin Man/Robot programming, this 'insane robot' theme is also seen in Wall-E.

The traumatized children (symbolized by the constant slapping for no apparent reason; the children of the 'Illuminati' are always traumatized/MK'd) of the symbolic 'elite' MOM who is engineering a false fuel shortage; more suggestiveness of this MK/secret society symbolism is that they bring owls and pretend to be exterminators (one of them is called Walt).

Naturally her symbol is a purple M inside a circle [MOM].

These third eye Nibblers, are in cages (more symbolic MK victims) they can control memories.

The therapist's "relaxation" technique, more trauma primal-fear type creature (rats, spiders, moths, bats, snakes, bees/wasps etc) and more fear trauma with the (pendulum) swinging blade thing.

Bender [Tin Man/robot] has a lobotomy (removing part of your brain, resulting in a massive personality shift), which is more MK symbolism as it's called a 'robotomy' and the brain is referred to as a computer. Drilling through the eye is also symbolic, it's all about the eyes of course (window to the soul etc), and the drill similar to the screw driver in that it's used by spinning. Then the alternate-reality fantasy world occurs and Leela becomes a Cyclopian Centaur (human/horse hybrid). Cyclone/Cyclopes (the word cyclone comes from the greek for cycle/circle), obviously I'm referring to the Oz cyclone here. That's all I want to cover from this Futurama movie, plenty of other MK themes in the alternate-reality scenes (Fry as Golumn talking to his reflection, the sentient trees etc) and ones I've left out, and tbh my .mp4 version keeps screwing up and staying as a still black image so can't seem to get anymore images anyway. "Drill Baby Drill!" - Mechanical, Republican, extremely suggestive chant.

American Dad, Family Guy, The Simpsons all the cartoons in fact have been filled with MK lately, please see Hidden Dakini's One Little Word post (admittedly we interpret these synchs somewhat differently, it's all in the best of spirits though ;) for Oz programming in American Dad and Simpsons images (been meaning to write up the alien programming victim Roger's alter-personality episode and others too, may get to them at some point or not).

Now for a few CSI episodes (in no particular order), the latest Las Vegas one was interesting and has kept up the theme of blatant MK in it's episodes.

"Glitter Gulch GLASS" (clearer on full screen), 777, the EL (one of the hebrew names for god) at the end of M/HOTEL in the frame is not coincidental either.
Gill Grissom: "Well, I guess a broken mirror does bring bad luck." Gil Grissom (and his checkerboard floored room, hence his twin Freemasonic G resonating name) is soon to leave due to dementia (or something like that, haven't looked it up) to be replaced by Morpheus which should be interesting!
The case seems to be somewhat illogical; as the apparent criminal robs liquor stores (random items) dressed as a cop, before being caught red-handed then running through a bunch of corridors, crashing through a door, then (this is never really explained) jumps through the window, shattering the glass... landing in a dumpster specifically made for glass... which also contained a dead sex-kitten too... [....] (note she is specifically shown with a piece of broken glass over her)
Shattered mirror (can) trigger self-destruction so perhaps all those mirror pieces from the broken mirror symbolize his self-destruct programming (he kills himself by jumping through the window, for no apparent reason at all [no one kills themself, just to escape from the cops; that makes no sense at all]).

Her sex-kitten existence is confirmed by her leopard-skin top, and her catfish tattoo [she is the daughter of an extremely powerful drug-lord; part of the truly hidden 'elite', he has everyone involved in her death executed, with no hint of him ever being caught]. We know it is a catfish (it is never spoken of; don't want to be too blatant about it, because of the whisker-type things which catfish have).

The sex-kitten is elevated, naturally with bits of shattered glass all over her (symbolizing her shattered mind). When viewing security tape of people enterring the club, the first costume Greg speaks of is "Sexy Kitty" which I don't think is coincidence either, considering all the other references.

"Instant attitude adjustment." when the club-owner (who makes her leave) tells her where she can get cocaine (one of many drugs used to control victims; it's addicive qualities are obviously extremely helpful in keeping them in a constant state of, "I'll do anything you say... just give me the coke!") from (which results in her death as she snorts a line of what is used to cut the cocaine with [atropine, used as an animal tranquilizer] leading to a strange, non-sensicle blood-transfusion [trance-fusion], naturally there is more shattered glass involved in her death, pictured shortly). You cannot deny that shattered glass is focused on to a ridiculous degree in this episode. The name of this episode is Let It Bleed, referring to their obsession with blood ritual sacrifice and all that no doubt.

Another type of Beta (sex) slave is shown in this episode; a S&M one (with all the programmed language, "You've been a baad boy" etc), looking very Paris Hiltonish. She is reffered to as, if I heard this correctly a "Donut Dolly" which I've never heard before but you can easily interpret.

Catherine Willows' daughter Lindsey (Lohan) uses a fake i.d. (symbolic confused identity and alter-personality) dressed as an angel [note the bee in the frame].

It's all about CONTROL (note the C, broken circle; symbolic logo).

The leopard's demise is depicted with her having a fit (above image looking through the glass) then two brain-dead coke dealers give her a blood transfusion, "Frankenstein style". Sex-kittens are sometimes given a fake blood transfusion of cat blood as a child [as part of the dehumanization process, getting them to actually think they're a cat]. The attractive new CSI called Riley asks one of them, "What made you think a blood transfusion would wake up Sleeping Beauty?" The way the blood transfusion is portrayed almost has a sexual aspect to it also.

Naturally she shatters the glass bowl (goldfish bowl).

Moving on to this week's CSI:NY briefly there was some blatant illuminist symbolism here, with the eye of horus inside a triangle, on one side of the necklace thing, and on the other unsurprisingly the sun [eye of horus = the sun; standard worship done by the 'illuminists']. The episode itself not having too much MK (apart from the obvious Indiana Jones character confused identities, as the original sold his entire personality to him; the original coming back to kill him) as far as I can recall. The 'Illuminati Pendant' is hiding something deeper [v symbolic of the global conspiracy too imo], a Philip II of Macedon solid gold coin.

I wrote about Melina the day before watching this episode, she is pushed down a flight of stairs, into a dark tunnel, where she is threatened and very much traumatized by a person who apparently works for the Greek embassy (showing secret society/government involvement). Should be an interesting story-arc.

Melina tumbles down the (rabbit) hole [subway tunnel], before being threatened by the gov't/secret society (one and the same) tool.

The CSI:NY before this one had lots more MK as it featured realistic looking sex-dolls [can't really remember much of the details of the episode; I'm sure there were loads of little MK synchs I noticed during it on first viewing].

When visiting the home of one of the doll's owners, the cop refers to them as people saying, "..Ladies" in a 'hello' type of way and the owner warns them about how fragile (easily broken/shattered) they are. When the girl (Anna Belknap) from Montana (in the show, and her name in it is Lindsay Monroe) says, "there's no way one of these can replace a real woman..." the cop said "I dunno, they're not bad lookin', think of all the money a guy could save on dinner." These are all subtle references to MK'd sex-slaves, like this one from Melina's character, 'A city of 12 million, and people need mannequins to keep them company, I mean what does that say about where we are as a species?' At least they (the 'elite', whom MK is an every day thing for, that control the media) can laugh at themselves and their truly sick nature!

The flashdrive was hidden inside the sex-doll's eye, note the empty shell (doll-like MK'd sex slaves) behind the beautiful facade.

Moving to the last couple of Heroes episodes (images of the first part of these Marionette Puppet MK scenes can be seen here; Edit: Originally intended to link to elluminati's post on a recent Heroes too). We are shown more suggestive MK images from inside his Marionette Theatre (including the black/white/red sign), bear in mind that pretty much every single shot is set up to be symbolic (for instance after the above sign is shown, Hayden Pan and her adopted mum in the show are focused on in the car mirror, shown further down).

Ventriloquists, Marionette Puppetteers, stage-Hypnotists are often involved in government MK [i.e Alex Houston described in Tranceformation].

Eric makes Hayden Pan's real mum (in the show), obviously note the ballerina image in the background, it is important to note she is being made by Doyle to shatter a drinking glass, then puts it to her throat cutting it slightly.

"Claire where did you get that thing?", referring to the tazer [electro-shock programming]; Claire: "Dad's closet." [her dad was a symbolic programmer for 'the company'] The tazer is fired into a green Marionette puppet (shown below, under Doyle's behest, symbolizing electro-shocks use in literally creating Marionette Puppets; this is all described in my Vlad the Impaler post)

I found it quite humorous, with a predictable "What do you want you sick..?!" plea from Hayden just before playing Russian Roulette (note sun-flower type thing on the wall, consciously kept in the frame), Doyle responds, "What I want Barbie, is not to be interrupted..." and he refers to her as Barbie another time after that too.

The mirror-table is where the Russian Roulette is played; which involves spinning the gun, "Ok, mom, your turn to spin."

The episode after this (latest one) was also very interesting for me as it saw the return of Kristen Bell, playing Elle Bishop [all of these 'Heroes' are symbolic MK victims, also same surname as Walter Bishop in Fringe; I personally think most of the actors portrayed in Heroes are MK'd too, actually living in the moment of these fictitious scenes in their mind's reality] and we have more electro-shock programming symbolism going on as she emits electricity, Hayden Pan's character Claire is also shown to have gone through electro-shock programming as she shares the electro-shock trauma on a plane (where they are the cause of all the chaos on it, almost resulting in a planecrash [9/11 resonance]). After a cute little catfight (pulling hair etc), they team-up to find a cure for themselves. Water is thrown on Kristen to stop her shooting electricity at Hayden, which results in some serious electro-shocking trauma for Krist and she goes into the classic traumatized fetal position.

Hayden can't feel pain (almost looks like she's enjoying it above), Kristen says she is in agony all the time. Then once they agree to go together she says to Hayden, in total Oz programming fashion: "Alright Dorothy, then we're off to see the Wizard." Then the plane scenes follow and they split up once they arrive at the entrance.

On the plane it is discussed how Kristen's character Elle was essentially programmed by 'Daddy' working for the company to be a sort of 'super-spy', "You know, my father pushed me into this life, I wanted no part of it." Which is symbolic of all of the people I write about (Britney, Paris etc), themselves having gone through electro-shock programming at some point in their lives no doubt, obviously none of these MK-slaves choose to be MK'd.

Finishing with another CSI: Las Vegas (I could go into Fringe and the rest too, but think I'll just do one more episode), the episode before the first CSI described in this post. These fuckers have got so arrogant that they're even putting the British Royal Families (also features in random things like MiddleMan) coat of arms (variation of it anyway; note the Lion creature and the unicorn in chains; on the front of it is a pink rose) on the first victim of the "Mannikiller" [he sets up his victims to look like mannequins]. This was interesting as it portrayed models as basically mannequins too (totally zoned out/glazed over eyes for hours on end during a photo-shoot), this is the type of thing I've written about in relation to MCMs (mind controlled models; with the flashing lights keeping them entranced etc).

Octagonal topped streetlight; the lightning travelling down it.
Their first theory is dry-lightning, which is clearly just an excuse to get some electro-shock symbolism shown on these mannequins [I watched some of Kim Cattral's (one of the 'sex-kittens and the city') Mannequin today on Sky, but that's for another post]. One of the lab-techs approaches her thinking she is actually a human (the main coroner and him always have humorously suggestive, 'pointless on the surface' type of scenes [in the first CSI episode described, him and the coroner have a strange removing a shard of glass from the victims head scene, that all seems rather pointless]), speaking to her as if she were one.

This half-face shot (ish, one eye) occurs as the coroner's assistant talks to her as if she were alive (showing it's symbolic of MK'd people who are basically mannequins). The victim here is described as a, "model, club-dancer, convention booth babe... you know typical Vegas, pretty-girl stuff." they also discuss the possibility that she has epilepsy (flashing lights triggering seizure, symbolic of MK use of flashing/strobe lights).

To 100% confirm the use of MK; the drug used on the Mannikiller's victims is Zolpidem [Oz], and as well as having the Oz in its name (think about who creates these totally meaningless [to the masses] names) Zolpidem is specifically described in Illuminati Formula as being used as a hypnotic sedative (it's hypnotic/sedative qualities are described in wiki). The above image does not show zolpidem but they say it is the drug used on the victims; note "The eyes are not dissected." (though this is what is written in all coroner's reports I think, which I'm sure there's some reason behind). Anyway focusing on this page which mentions eye dissection and the "Head and Central Nervous System" is not coincidental and is more suggestive of MK.

Note the MCM mirrors the victim here [facing opposite ways in similar poses]; sort of, and the green 'ghostbar' the MCM is depicted on wearing green.

Note the MCM on the Moon on the yellow cab [#7021, 21 =777]

Next victim of the Mannikiller. This guy is actually a homeless person, the runner is actually a hustler/druggie (those two confused identities), only the nurse is dressed in her own clothing (with suggestive coat of arms). The only thing that all 3 have in common is 'traces of zolpidem'.

"The naughty draw" Note the leopard skin + condoms suggestive of MK'd sex-kitten (remember her numerous "Las Vegas pretty-girl" jobs, her main job was a nurse). And the new chick Riley says about the weed in the draw: "Hydroponic, medical-grade, put you on your ass, send you to dreamy-land weed... nurses always get the good stuff." I do like this new character I think [SVU also has a new sexy MM in Michaela McManus as the D.A., they were thinking of putting her in CSI:NY as Lindsay (see wiki)].

"An original of Carla" (first victim's name) Riley: "Bizarre, she looks kinda." Cath: "Dead?" Riley: "Yeah, a little." This is the kind of zoned-out/tranced, frozen state I've talked about in regards to these posing MCModels.

Note the Mirage etc. [pyramid in background to the right]

The fourth and fifth victims are an elderly, bird-watching [double meaning, MK victims as birds/pidgeon carriers/etc].

Note the black carousel horse. This is where we meet the artist played by the father in the Arrested Development, who has a twin in the show if you remember.

Note the blatant Marionette Puppet suggestion here (the ropes obviously being the Marionette strings) holding them in the right poses to become Mannequins.

The final victim who survives, is a child (symbolizing how the MK programming starts when very young) and the warehouse he sets them up as mannequins (symbolic programming centre) is located on Franklin Street (intentionally invoking the Franklin cover-up).

The Mind Canvas (note triangles in the A's). The MK victim's (mannequins, marionette puppets, dolls etc, all things that feature in this post) mind is a blank canvas (made as such through programming; in all its many forms) to be programmed to the programmer's desired specifications; is the implication here I think.


Michael Skaggs said...


That was intense, well done.
Did not know about the new Futurama movie, but great calls on the symbolism interpretations.

Also, the visualization of the 'puppets' can be two fold, imo anyways, as MK and also Transhumanist agenda--getting us associated subliminally with sex dolls/androids so we'll be ready to "command them" at will. I think they are feeding the heavy MK in t.v./movies now so people will see it as the norm...thusly, when the time for agenda push arrives [i.e. Singulariy], people will associate it with their favorite t.v. show or movie and say "hey thats cool...DUH" drooling out of the sides of their mouths wanting to either "be" a minaret puppet or being able to "control" one. See where I am going here?

Top quality work as usual my friend!

Anonymous said...

Britney's number 10 track on Circus is "Mannequin".
And for "Shattered Glass", a lot of songs lately are in that same vein. Rhianna had "Breaking Dishes", Jazmin Sullivan has "Bust Your Windows"

Kellie Pickler might bring her snake to the CMA's

Anonymous said...

"Sex-kittens are sometimes given a fake blood transfusion of cat blood as a child [as part of the dehumanization process, getting them to actually think they're a cat]."

i was going to call you a "liar, that's not possible" but then i realized you wrote "fake". ;P It's all pretend. Wow. I guess i really need to read that book you and eris mentioned, i'm assuming these things i have never heard of are in there? Actually nevermind i don't think i want to read it =\

This is a long post still more to read, thanks Ben.


aferrismoon said...

From WIKI page on Judy Garland -Reputable biographies following Garland's death would state that after this latest dismissal, she slightly grazed her neck with a broken water glass, requiring only a Band-Aid, but at the time, the public was informed that a despondent Garland had slashed her throat.[42] "All I could see ahead was more confusion," Garland later said of this suicide attempt. "I wanted to black out the future as well as the past. I wanted to hurt myself and everyone who had hurt me."[43].
Got some pics of Futurama too


Benjamin S said...

cheers for comments, on the cat-blood transfusion thing, that info comes from Illuminati Formula by the way, wouldn't recommend it if Tranceformation (the book you speak of) is too dark for ya ;p. Absolutely, MK is all about fakery, illusion, suggestion etc nothing needs to be real, the victim just has to genuinely believe it is real. And none of these traumas are set-in-stone as it's totally dependent on the programmer's own imagination, each individual victim's own traumas are very much personalized and there are obviously thousands of methods and techniques used that we'll never hear of; existing only in the deepest, most traumatized parts of the victim's mind who suffered them (and in the messed up mind of the programmer obviously).

Mike yeah absolutely, 100% right on the dual meaning there, in my opinion they've been extremely effective in the conditioning you speak... A little personal experience on that front; TBH one of my favourite films from a good few years ago (pre-my awakening to all the conspiracy stuff) was A.I. [admittedly I only ever watched it stoned, can't deny it's very visually stimulating; Spielberg created the below linked MPD/DID show too, showing more of this dual-motive] with it's ultra-sexy catsuit wearing, partly purple-haired fembot (played by Ashley Scott [see roles in DARK ANGEL and others] and Jude Law for the female viewers), honestly it's the only movie I've got properly emo about (the abandoning the robot in the woods scene) empathizing with a robot; need to watch that again with MK-eyes (all the fairy-tale themes etc). So yeah; films like that, and all these shows are definitely being pushed so much lately for the reasons you state.

Aferrismoon, v interesting Garland info in relation to the themes in this post, awesome work (and over at your blog too ofc). Readers, be sure to click on Michael and Aferrismoon's names and check out their excellent, very different blogs, if you haven't already.

tj, cheers for that Kellie link v interesting (breakdown imminent?), agreed on the Britney tracks + the others. Also, cheers for your great points and kind words in the comments in other posts; much appreciated.

I was thinking of covering the really obvious shows like My Own Worst Enemy and Fringe [loads more being put out soon such as this one, Spielberg creation pointed out by a previous commenter], but I tend to think the types of shows I use in this post show the subversive use of this MK in things that shouldn't really have anything to do with it. In the Heroes episode tbh I was most shocked by the electo-shock bolts shot specifically into the Marionette puppet; when that's exactly how MK'd Marionette puppets are created in reality [how can people explain that away?], probably more-so than the Oz line.

Cheers again all.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the book links. Started with 1st one suggested. Upon looking up the 2nd one I realized that i had googled the author a long time i ago and came across a horrific video of her talking about her case and other disturbing things. Why have they let her live to tell? Very frightening.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ben - You mentioned the new show "Fringe." The concept was interesting enough for non-TV owners like ourselves to go out of our way to watch it on the 'net, but at this point I'm just like, "eh." Probably won't watch any more. Personal subjective opinions of the show and its myriad of flaws aside, a repeating theme I noticed with "Fringe" is the idea of people being held captive, having torturous procedures done to them. The show's creators seem quite fond of the idea of people being taken/abducted, hidden away in abandoned buildings, strapped down to beds, under fluorescent lighting surrounded by the mad scientist white coats - Very
"MILABS" esque. Sometimes with the stainless steel clamps pulling their mouths open and stuff - very "Saw" torture porn-esque. That kind of imagery is running rampant in our society nowadays, I'm totally sick of it.

Also on my website I cover the number "141" with its apparent uses in mind control, how it was connected to my mind control pawn brother, then transferred over to me, following me around in life; how it appears in the movie "Fight Club," and now, I've seen it in "Fringe." Got a great screen shot capture on my computer of a scene in "Fringe" where Olivia Dunham is knocking on the motel room door of the character played by Joshua Jackson. Big 'ol "141" on the door. It follows a scene where there's mention of
"compartments" or compartmentalization or something, can't remember.

I'm not a fan of JJ Abrams and his agenda shows that are designed to suck people in and string them along with the never ending mystery - such a formula. I never watched "Lost" but I've read enough of it to know what the deal is. No thanks. But his shows could seriously be endless posts in themselves. Lots of mind control stuff, lots of agendas and programming of the masses going on with them.

Benjamin S said...

Carissa, absolutely 100% agreed on your Fringe points and on Abrams' shows. I also noticed the number 141 on the door and I remember specifically thinking of your work on that # at the time. The character W'alter' 'Bishop' [Elle BISHOP in Heroes features in this post] says (think this might be different to the one you are referring to; shows how filled with MK this show is tho) to Joshua Jackson, "You cannot imagine what it's like for a man like me to not have access to PARTS OF HIS MIND." Joshua Jackson's ['JJ' Abrams, nice 'coincidence'] character in The Skulls goes through an initiation of sorts, check out JJ's movies at his wiki (originally working with MKatie Holmes in Dawsons Creek), Shutter is another one of his with 'mind controlled model' themes, japanese remake.

As I said, I can't agree with you more on JJ Abrams's blatant agenda. I think that a lot of people who are 'aware' of their symbolism (MK/occult) get perhaps a shot of dopamine in the brain/some sort of macabre thrill (or something; particularly my generation who are essentially raised by TV and internet) everytime they see (myself included) an all seeing eye/pyramid (etc), MK theme and symbolism in TV shows and movies... I think a lot of people who read my blog or are into 'synchromysticism' would probably be extremely bored if these themes weren't so saturated in the media (so it is probably wise just to avoid it altogether)... just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Good stuff as usual, Ben. An overwhelming amounts of finds in [un]related shows.

I recall someone finding the M Circle = MOM from M&M candies.

Lately, I've been wondering if breaking a mirror can be a symbolic act of liberation. Otherwise, why would the media have focused so much energy into frightening us that 7 years of "bad luck" will follow?

Donut Dolly? I don't get it ;-)

Anonymous said...

Did not know where else to post this:

Thanks for this blog. It sums up so much and many things I did not see before (because I watch other movies and series and am usually more into eastern asian movies).

For a classic case of MKUltra assassination programming and a programmed multiple, you might want to watch Identity:

and Crying Freeman:

The whole Smallville series actually has it all. Twinning, superhero programming, end time programming, mirroring, scarring, sexual identities, androgyny, foster child (kent), trauma, electricity, psychiatrists etc. etc.

Benjamin S said...

Anony, thanks for the comment. I'm so glad you've mentioned Smallville, I've been watching that show since it started (though I haven't kept up with the latest season or 2) and yeah it absolutely has all those themes, great spots. Also the checkerboard floor in the hospital is worth noting. Identity looks like my type of film (they've even put one of the actresses in black/white stripes for the premier from the imdb link), looking foward to checking them out. Cheers for the great recommendations.

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