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Ameriecan Military Intelligence Puppets

Like Beyonce, Ciara [Princess Harris] also has a public alter, known as 'Super-Ci' [hence the above image, note one eye symbolism and such]. Ciara's father was in the army so she grew up in Germany, New York, Utah, California, Arizona and Nevada... where obviously she went through significant programming. I thought I'd post this seeing as it fits in with the last post's theme of alter-personalities/Beyonce's + MCMs cyborg portrayal and whatnot. Well this is predictably the case in Ciara's most recent video (now a couple months old; cheers to Corbeau for tip [think it was]) as she wears extremely similar cyborg metallic clothing to the ones portrayed in the previous post (specifically again to the MCM Too Funky video, it is very much alike). She also goes "crazy" (even spins for more confirmation of MK [spin programming; specific number of revolutions brings out a specific alter] as the lyrics 'round and round' are sung) inside an elevator [1:27, switching to alter; search back through the blog (elevator = accessing different compartment of mind where an alter is housed, hence the use of it here literally portraying this), very significant; similar thing to Britney in Madonna live tour (going "crazy" in an elevator)]. This symbolizes the change to the cyborg/Super-Ci alter [as she emerges after the alter-switch confidently from the elevator as the cyborg... couldn't be more blatant, watch it; she exits the elevator at 1:34 as the cyborg... these themes aren't difficult to understand and are all consciously included, this video will help you in getting this particular theme (there are countless others) though if you haven't already].

The above image [and the Marionette Puppets Amerie one below; come from Derek Blanks 'Alter-Ego' Exhibit (turning it into a book, click for images + more at his MySpace), depicting stars' alter-egos [alter-personalities].

Go Girl (Feat. T-Pain) - Ciara
Note T-Pain's Mad Hatter hat; check out his checkerboard dwarves and such at the VMAs [his new album is Thr33 Ringz, another name for Ciara is CiCi (as he says in it) which phonically is CC=33] Near the start though her black wig + the others' white wigs are significant, then obviously the aforementioned 100% blatant elevator scene and more I haven't mentioned. A little supposition here: Each alter would 'live' on a specific floor/number [compartment], and you would use hypnosis on the victim, get them to travel up and down the elevator in their mind to access the numbered floor [compartment] where the desired alter is housed, thus triggering it into being [these are really just programmed splits/compartments]. Visualization such as that is used by hypnotists [you can use anything though, hallways, stairs, doors, etc all work fine] in accessing repressed memories (compartmentalized due to child-hood trauma [and such], necessary to access the compartment where the memories have been 'shifted'/dissociated to); and in hypnosis in general. I honestly don't think I've ever seen a more literal portrayal of this theme anywhere else, apart from maybe in the show My Own Worst Enemy where switching between his dual/split-personality is done using an implanted microchip, always inside an elevator (supposed to anyway, his system breaks down in the first episode and switches are triggered randomly)].

Checkerboard suspenders, black/white.

Red shoes; Kylie style cyborg arms [same colour and such, see post], interlocking rings earrings.
Another one that just popped into my radar is Amerie [America]; like Ciara, she is also the child of US Army (and you know what that means); specifically, making it even more blatant than Ciara he worked in the Intelligence Division and thusly, like Ciara traveled all around the world including Alaska, Texas, Germany. The above image should be enough ;p I can't be bothered to go through all her videos and such (if you are aware of blatant ones, and Ciara's please link them in comments and I'll add).

I'd like to also direct readers to another similar RnB singer, Janelle Monae from Kansas City, Kansas [Oz; note her painted eye masks, one alter black, one white from the alter-ego gallery], please see this post for her cyborg existence/Eyes Wide Shut masks/basically auctioning MK slaves/robots; seriously how do people not wake up (even for 'woken' people to 9/11 etc, this is a stretch for them), it's all so blatant imo, none of it is at all hidden.

Wakey Wakey... MK'd Slaves Need Your Help! [Though admittedly, it isn't that black and white/simple.] Added her MK album cover, for more cyborgs/androids/robots/etc; please read first comment in linked post on her for detailed info.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting that older Amerie picture, i always suspected she had a nose job. She disappeared for awhile and came back with a more polished look, straighter hair, smaller nose, designer clothes and much more professional makeup. And MK'd (or playing the "let's play we're Mk'd" game)

Anonymous said...

This reminds me, the robot costume Beyonce wore (Robo-Ho, as people called it), is reminiscent of the movie 'Metropolis'

Anonymous said...

NBC's upcoming ridiculously MK'd and cult shows:

especially The Last Templar and XIII 13:) This adrenaline-charged miniseries begins dramatically as the first female U.S. President is shot dead by a sniper during her Veteran's Day speech. (Palin or Hilary in 2013 maybe?) Three months later, a wounded man is found tattered in a forest with no memory of his identity. The only clue is a tattoo on his neck, 'XIII.' Could his lightning-fast reflexes and killer instincts betray him as the presidential assassin that the U.S. is desperately searching for?

Submerged in a far-reaching conspiracy which threatens to overthrow the entire government, XIII's identity becomes the key to unraveling a complex and dangerous secret that will shock and excite. From the first bullet, this gripping action-thriller will leave audiences gasping for more

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, forgot to add Kings - new NBC show. Monarch butterfly symbolism. Basically about the military and the illuminati.

Anonymous said...

Most disturbing interview ever, the first minute is just mindblowing

Anonymous said...

The most disturbing interview ever? Mindblowing? what?

By the way, black musicians have been doing the alter ego gimmick for a long time, especially rappers, i.e. MF Doom, Kool Keith, ODB, Madlib. Schizophrenia is the 5th element :P

Anonymous said...


XIII miniseries is based on the video game of the same title by UBISOFT.

see it here:

Benjamin S said...

Anony on black musicians doing the alter-ego "gimmick", thanks for the comment... makes perfect sense, slavery never really ended; the only thing that changed is that it went underground and evolved (this is something the 'elite' can't survive without). You need to understand the ENTIRE music industry is controlled (do you really think that they all just randomly started pretending [and still today obviously, with Benjamin Andre/Andre 3000 and others mentioned] to be schizophrenic just because it was a cool thing to do... nah this is just more evidence of the industry's long-term totally controlled pawns/slaves), and has always been. They've always paraded their slaves (black and white; there is no real racial motivation here [though obviously there is because they are extremely racist, obviously just look at history] as there are plenty of white MK'd slaves I've posted on) infront of our faces as entertainment for the masses; along with the blatant, overt MK to show what they really are to the 'elite' that are fully aware of it [with most people obviously blissfully ignorant]. And can you really not see the significance of the interview there... (you are aware of some basic MK yes)? [Talking about her code #, programmed not to love/have any human characteristics, etc; hopefully you clicked the Janelle link and saw the blatant Eyes Wide Shut/MK video too.. it all adds up, "She's a cyborg girl without a face, a heart or a miind" ;p, very interesting video thanks alot]

Heh, more totally overt MK TV shows coming out too, I'll be sure to check those out; soon basically every show on TV is going to be MK it feels like! [with Dollhouse and such coming too]

Thanks all.

Anonymous said...

That cyborg girl looks more like Eva Longoria than Janelle Monae.

And can you really not see the significance of the interview there... (you are aware of some basic MK yes)? [Talking about her code #, programmed not to love/have any human characteristics, etc; hopefully you clicked the Janelle link and saw the blatant Eyes Wide Shut/MK video too.. it all adds up, "She's a cyborg girl without a face, a heart or a miind" ;p, very interesting video thanks alot]

She's playing a character? Would you say that a man who records a song about touching lil boys is really a lil boy toucher? See this song and read the comments. Some artists are not Mk'd they're just cynical assholes mocking others :)

Benjamin S said...

Of course, but Janelle doesn't strike me at all as being the type of cynical asshole who would do that. It's all about context, I assume you saw my previous post on her with the video featuring EYES WIDE SHUT (which your eyes seem to be by the way ;) masks in it etc, JanELLE, record company WONDALAND Arts Society, her musical influences (Garland, Jackson etc), the girl is from Kansas City, Kansas for gods sake ;p

Again, it's entirely dependent on the context surrounding the artist who is using these MK themes (and how overt the themes are, in Janelle's case very).

Anonymous said...

"EYES WIDE SHUT (which your eyes seem to be by the way"

Not in the least, take it as I'm just giving you a different angle.

Anonymous said...

"JanELLE, record company WONDALAND Arts Society, her musical influences (Garland, Jackson etc), the girl is from Kansas City, Kansas for gods sake"

Yes, like someone from Mexico would talk in their music about the Juarez Murders, kidnappings, catholicism and rape, satanism, priests, the underworld, The Mayans and all the mythology, Latino literature which pretty much invented magical realism.

Anyone can take from their own experiences and especially from OTHER PEOPLE, appropriate in the name of "art" make a story, blow some things out of proportion for storytelling's sake, make it futuristic or the opposite. Again, i am not disagreeing but It's a fine line.

sara said...

hey ben...very good post. This only concludes my suspicions that Ciara was mind controlled. There were rumors that she was born male/female hemophrdite. This also concludes my theory that Missy elliot is progrommer. Her and missy and really close and missy has had close 'relationships' with other MK'd stars such as

Aaliyah, Ciara, Janet Jackson, Madonna, Lil kim, Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Timberland, Jay-z and the list goes on and on. Maybe you should write a post about Missy, since she seems to be a programmer. Also, I think another programmer could be Pharrell Williams.

Remember how you said you don't think Pharrell is a Mk'd victim? I beg to differ...his father's name is Pharoah (doesn't get any more masonic then this) and his mother was a teacher.

Also, I believe Pharrell's programming occured when he went to a 'summer camp', where he met current music partner, 'chad huge'. It should be noted chad hugo's father was an army man. This 'summer camp' for the gifted was probably nothing more than a cover up for mind control.

Pharrell rarely talks about his childhood past (maybe he can't remember) but MIssy seems to be open with hers. She is defiantely a mind control victim (molested at 8 years old by cousin, abused by father, bad grades in high school, high IQ, father was in the army etc).

I think you should do a WHOLE SEGMENT on Mk'd programmers!! LOL

toure said...

Amazing! I cant believe how close our thought processes are on this. I just found this post of yours, i swear; i didnt steal your ideas. I did just add that Janelle Monae connection to my own post after seeing this. Great work.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Chemical said...

Yo if you listened to Janelle's album you'd know she's signing against MK Ultra & group think and the eye isn't a symbol of the illuminati it's ya pineal gland outkast showin horus symbol of protection is far from occult

Outkast aint loved by the industry

charisse said...

i'm a huge janelle monae fan. why? because she speaks and make music on what matters. before you just throw out a bunch of you have learned else where, please listen to her music and listen to it closely. the android, cindi mayweather theme is a story she's telling based off of the original metropolis. she tells that story to paint the picture of how life really is now. listen to her music to see that she isn't some illuminati puppet. if anything, she is staying true to herself and her supporters.

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