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Was Lewis Carroll a paedophile? Discovery of cryptic letter raises questions about author's relationship with 'real-life Alice'

Saw this on Daily Behemoth. Daily Mail link. Couple of random MK movie trailers at the end of the post. This is obviously nothing new; Lewis being a pedophile is hardly a secret, but it's interesting that it's being put into the mainstream media now, in time for Burton's mind-fuck.

Lewis Carroll: A letter apparently addressed to 'Miss Liddell' - inspiration for Alice In Wonderland - adds fuel to the controversy about his fondness for children [Edit: removed fake image that looked pretty legitimate, thanks to commenter for pointing out that it was in fact a fake]
More than a century after his death, Lewis Carroll has answered speculation about whether he was a paedophile.
A letter has emerged in which the Alice In Wonderland author discusses his fondness for children and apparently suggests that he prefers girls to boys.
But characteristically, its cryptic nature does little to resolve the questions about his sexuality which have long preoccupied the experts on his work.
Carroll was the pen name of the Rev Charles Lutwidge Dodgson [alter? Makes sense; pedophile priest alter]. He wrote Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass after telling stories to a girl named Alice Liddell while on picnics and boating trips with her and her family on the river in Oxford, where he was a mathematics don. [and probably programmed]
The letter was written in his rooms at Christ Church College in February 1877, when he was 43 and Alice was 25.
Although the name of the addressee has been scribbled out it appears to begin 'Dear Miss Liddell'.
Written in his customary violet [purpley] ink, it reads: 'Thank you for the sight of the pretty photographs, but don't keep the child in for me - I am fearfully busy - and what could Miss Lloyd have been thinking of to say such things of me?
'She must have taken some remark of mine about liking children and have said to herself for "some" read "all", for "girls" read "boys" and for "ten" read "two" - such a method of exaggeration is wholly unfounded, and yet she professes to be an admirer of Dr Liddon. Believe me.' It is signed 'Yours very truly, C L Dodgson.'
The letter was written 12 years after the publication of Alice in Wonderland, and three years before Alice married.
Dr Liddon was Henry Liddon, a friend of the author, and the Miss Lloyd to whom he refers is almost certainly Catherine Lloyd, a contemporary of Dodgson whom he knew because she was the sister of another don at Christ Church.

Alice in Wonderland was one of the most successful stories of all time. Carroll wrote it after telling stories to Alice Liddell, right, pictured posing as a beggar maid for a photo taken by the author
Speculation about just how close Carroll, a lifelong bachelor, was to the children he loved has simmered for decades.
Alice's father was the Dean of Christ Church and Dodgson was a close friend of the family until there was a mysterious cooling of relations in 1863, when she was
He had many 'child friends' and was an avid photographer, taking pictures of young girls, often nude.
Dodgson hated anyone knowing about his private life and never gave interviews.
Following his death in 1898, aged 65, pages from his diaries were censored or destroyed, and not one of his ten brothers and sisters ever spoke about him to outsiders.
The letter, which has been in private hands, is to be sold next week by auctioneers Hampton and Littlewood, of Exeter.
Yet the parents will still happily take their kids along to see Disney's new movie based on a pedophile's work... [check out my stuff on the movie, Depp as Mad Hatter, + my general Alice in Wonderland related stuff (probably not all labelled)] For some reason I own some opera of Alice in Wonderland [you can make out the MK in it in the link] + some other Alice DVD crap that I'd like to write up at some point... godamn banality.
Be careful what you wish for? [Very Djinn/Genieish, Have you seen Wishmaster? Might write it up.]
Couple of movie trailers; one for Coraline with Alice in Wonderland standard themes (going through the mirror; trapped in it; shattering, etc; her eyes replaced by buttons, etc. etc.) Neil Gaiman standard MKrap (that movie also having similar themes). The protagonist is voiced by Dakota Fanning.

And The Rock/Dwayne Johnson (every movie he's been in has MK/Freemasonic symbolism; I was just today going over the Mummy + Returns for a post [not focused on those movies; though you could do big posts on them obviously; what with the checkerboards, all the occult/egyptian symbolism etc]) in Race to Witch Mountain.

And finally, this one looks sorta interesting; note octagon (2001 Space Odyssey and such, leave that for others to cover in future; there is tonnes on it in the sync blogosphere): "Rockwell stars as Sam Bell, an Astronaut who has been mining Helium 3 on the moon three years alone. With only two weeks before he returns home, Sam begins seeing and hearing things."
While we're on MK movies/actors; be sure to keep up with elluminati's great stuff (we're on similar wavelengths it seems), some more excellent info on Megan Fox (below one eyed MM [with the tattoo visible] image stolen from here); did not know of the serpent tattoos + the symbolic broken heart one, fits in perfectly with the Shakespeare/Bacon broken butterflies quote + Marilyn Monroe; the cat all the new generations are programmed to emulate [I would imagine; I would also guess that these MK victims are considered 'works of art' by their programmers, another reason for the tattoos/body-art]). She's marrying an Austin (Oz-Tin) Green, nice leopard-print heels.
Edit: Oh yeah and I meant to add this odd video of Miley going into a child-like giggly state when discussing her "boyfriend" on Ellen...

And Paris' new handler will be Prince William...?! lmao. They are set to meet in the new year, the Prince (future King/"anti-christ") says he'd like to according to always reliable FOX News' insider sources. Winona's programming goes haywire [Daily Mail link; standard 'overdose' cover, she collapsed twice on Flight 282, she is 37 (777)]. Rihanna ritualistically reveals her new (painful) tattoo, at UNICEF's snowflake lighting ritual on (11/19; interesting how she is portrayed in T.I.'s video for [ironic] Live Your Life, the first time we see Rihanna infront of the mirror; the time says 5:33. Later in the video T.I. (portraying various alters throughout the video; also with symbolic times like 6:33) tries to buy his freedom ("I want out" 4:37) from the handler/scary lookin dude who says something similar to "You know, just like her (pointing to the Performing Puppet Princess Rihanna) there is no getting out." 4:43). And be sure to check out the links in comments as always. I was trying to find a picture of Paris wearing a crown with the humorous caption, 'Future Queen of the World?', but found none to my liking so a couple of her symbolic costumes from Halloween's past both very old and pictured previously and in other blogs; but fits with Alice in Wonderland obviously. Prisoner + Alice... do the math.
FOX News contributor (Claudia Rosett [link to her making delusional Al Qaeda/Iraq connection (Saddam funding Al Qaeda via Oil-For-Food) for FOX News in 2004... why aren't these people in prison?! Seriously... REVOLT!!!!]) on Iran just now, I quote: "Diplomacy has failed. Something much more aggresive must be done." And with their man Barack now in office, that won't be a problem in the near future.


Anonymous said...

You might be mind controlling me, coming here is a rush :P


Anonymous said...

Paris wore similar contacts for another halloween costume.

I guess this one's supposed to be radioactive alien soldier?

Anonymous said...

"For some reason I own some opera of Alice in Wonderland"

"Korean composer Unsuk Chin"

UNSUK CHIN!! lmao!

Anonymous said...

Dead Amy Winehouse (not the real Amy)


iAdmin said...

Nice, one! Yep, we both picked up on the BS story. You absolutely must, watch the latest FRINGE EPISODE! Its all out there in that one! I would write it up, but I must join the m(ASSES) in some ritualistic drinking. Good luck...

ps. red light green light!

Anonymous said...

very good thank you.


Michael Skaggs said...


Wow my man, you just keep coming!

Its funny about the Moon storyline, because John Leer was on Coast to Coast Radio [major Illuminati distractors] saying years ago we were on the Moon mining already, and I think Helium 3 was one of the items mentioned. Go figure.

Can see its pretty obvious that Hollywood is Illuminati/Masonic playground with MK/Monarch puppets everywhere. Gavin at Atlantean Times had started to dive into Heath Ledgers "real father" and had a theory that many famous "male actors" had fathered many children with different women, all of them having hidden names..meaning Hollywood is bloodline run. Would not surprise me a bit! Hence why any John/Jane Doe that thinks they are going to go make it big in Hollywood never do and end up getting used up and spit out the Porn industry.

Only the bloodline children become the big stars! Definitely encourage your readers to investigate the big "gods/goddesses" out there on pedestals. Didn't it make the news that Obama is distant relation to Brad Pitt? Wonder why THAT is.

Lewis Carroll was not a surprise at all. Tsarion pushes a lot of his crap, I threw my L.Carroll books away when I had discovered it myself. Rubbish. Too bad about Megan Fox, what a waste, some sick fucks probably pass her around like a cheap pack of smokes.

Keep up the great work my friend, and don't forget to cleanse yourself every now and then, reconnect with nature and remember, Hollywood is just there to mesmerize and dish out false propaganda. They wouldn't exist if people didn't support them.


Anonymous said...

The second photo, the one in which Alice is kissing Carroll, is a fake. It has Carroll from the first photo + Alice from this picture Shame... but am I surprised? Not at all. It's a dirty, dirty world we live in.

davo said...

Hi there,
I am currently writing a doctoral thesis on Lewis Carroll and Alice and the transition of the Alice Archetype to the disturbing world of Walt Disney. I think I know very well where you, and probably most of your readers come from. Please don't take it the wrong way, I set out to write my thesis to reveal Dodgson as a paedophile but, lo and behold, it can't be done. Because there is not an inkling of evidence that he was a paedophile that isn't circumstantial and therefore needs the belief of the beholder. I'm not "alarmed" by the badly researched half truths and non-truths that are being expressed on this blog. But I invite you to do a serious research of Charles Dodgson by reading his diaries and letter correspondences. A good mythbusting book is Karoline Leach's In the Shadow of the Dreamchild or Jenny Woolf's The Mystery of Lewis Carroll. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely agree that the legacy of Lewis Carroll has been usurped by less than wholesome individuals and organizations (Disney, paedophile porn rings etc.) but he himself, surely not a saint but most definitely not a paedophile, is hardly to blame. If you have definitive proof of any kind of wrongdoing on his part I'd be glad to read it. You remember the photo that you were evidently open-minded enough to remove and admit it being a forgery? Just think how desperately someone wants us to believe that he was what you purport him to have been. Ever wondered? No doubt that Dodgson was a controversial character and that many aspects of his life leave more question marks than satisfying answers, but tagging him as a paedophile simply shows how little research you guys have made. It is not enough to read a few excerpts of a few freudian enthused biographies.
Anyway, keep up the good work but stay vigilant of badly researched history..

Anonymous said...

I often find myself "chasing the white rabbit", and every once in a while I find myself on some website....I thought I would leave an opinion here.
Doubleheaded eagles were "sticking out at me" I was just "noticing" them all over. Then I found the masonic link and found a huuuuuge double headed eagle in "Sleeping beauty" in the scene where the two fathers meet and wait for Aurora and get drunk and sing. The beginning of the movie shows various crests of one headed eagles. Well needless to say I hopped over to Alice to watch the first couple of scenes and I wanted to know why the rabbit's clock is stuck on 5 and 12....and then it occurred to me, but other than meaning 12/25...would you suggest another link? Has anyone else noticed it?
Now that my eyes have been opened I can never watch Disney the same again!!!! I don't have kids , but knowing all this and it's just wants to jump in some hole...oh...there's a rabbit hole...and off I go

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