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Miley the Mannequin + Hannah and Heather Locked In

As you may already know; Miley Cyrus' show Hannah Montana is loaded with MK, this post goes somewhat into those themes but I've hardly even made a dent in the vast amount contained in this Disney show... and don't even get me started on 'Wizards of Waverly Place' (even more blatant than HM; for future post). This post isn't very well ordered; most of the significant info is dotted around it without much order [probably because I covered the alter-personality side and other bits of the show in my original post on her], this post has been in the queue for a while... may have forgotten to include some things.

Please watch the above video; "Miley's Dream" from Season 2 episode 'I am Miley, Hear me Croak.' where those suspicious multicoloured (rainbow) Mannequin legs become Miley's (pictured below) after "I'm not a piece of furniture... Daddy, what happened to me, I'm a table?!", general theme of Miley's victimization by her father (+ Queen of Sheba comparison, note her singing causes glass shattering [obviously a standard singing cliché too], the Buffalo/bulls [horned beast] and the avalanche).

In another Mannequin-centric episode called 'It's a Mannequins World' Miley pretends to be one standing on a hexagonal plinth [below image, also note the gold mannequins AKA Oscars (Osiris/Oz)].
And from the same episode; she receives a gift with more MK suggestions as the pink sweater basically portrays Miley as a kitten, complete with a tail on the back...
Heather Locklear features in the episode 'Lilly's Mom has got it Goin On' she is Lilly's Mom (whose got it goin on) and she wears, what to me vaguely looks big catish; but obviously note Miley's checkerboard top (red/white). View this video for scenes with Heather in; it's worth noting that both Miley and Heather have kept their real names for this show [like Charlie Sheen in Two and a Half Men and other MK'd individuals I can't remember right now; using their own names as their fictional character keeps them confused about which is real and which is fake (confusing their reality), more on this kind of thing further down portrayed in Bolt].
Break from HM; as I take a quick look (this will probably not be my main post on it or Heather Locklear [tonnes of MK in it for obvious reasons (it's about Heather's MPD); the flashbacks to her dad who called her 'pidgeon' often and other such things worthy of a full write-up at some point, might be a good opportunity to do a post outlining the MK/MPD/DID basics too]) at 'The Terror Inside/Shattered Mind' (please see this post for MK symbolic movie poster and Heather's recent breakdown) for another red/ white checkerboard in her home (one side of a box/cube), and also this Freemasonic tombstone consciously kept clearly (as it pans over it; if it wasn't conscious it would be more out of focus) in the frame [on that for added syncness; earlier this year I attended my grandfather's funeral and the only remotely interesting looking grave was a big Freemasonic one with a pentagram, compass and square (as below) etc, wish I could remember whose it was] Ella and Charles Craig (33); H+M (middle names) Hannah Montana. Heather, as one of her alters dissociatively rearranges the flowers and climbs all over her father's grave in an erratic state [can't remember which alter specifically, haven't watched it for a month or two].

Here be the red/white (or cream/wood colour, whatever) checkerboard topped cube; it appears to have animals on the other sides. And another view of this place, note the dolls, dollhouse, rabbit (next to the doll on the couch).

And finally her childhood bedroom where the finale of the movie (very impressive) takes place; note the rainbow (another in the same room not shown), kitten, angels, on the lightswitch are white rabbits (probably picture a close-up in main post on this movie; as with all the mirror symbolism in it and whatnot).

But back to the Hannah/Heather episode; I think this is also in every episode but there is a 'random' checkerboard fridge-magnet which Heather walks past for more Freemasonic control suggestions.

She is looking very attractive at this point; certainly a massive change to this (those eyes should be tearing into your soul) only a year or two later.

At the end of the episode; a 'hilarious' scene ensues as Lilly's mom Heather comes in wearing Oz black/white stockings, a pink wig (sex-alter) and generally dressed as a double of her daughter. The character Lilly is worth looking into (played by Emily Osment [Oz]) because, like Miley; she has an alter-personality name called Lola (=Lolita; all the lola/lily/lila etc double l's) and as this alter she wears different coloured wigs. In this particular episode; we have more blatant MK as she wears a green t-shirt with a big butterfly on her chest... [second and third image is better quality]

Lilly (Ozment) pointing towards her fellow butterfly's teeth (apparently checking for lipstick).

That completes Heather's appearance in HM; there are loads more butterflies and other subversive MK themes and symbolism loaded in the show, they are for future posts; but here are a few. Their clothing is usually covered in symbolism, check out Lola's one (note alter signifying wig; London's (Twin) Tower bridge, black/white striped figure, I assume M.O.D. is a controlled band or something, please click the image and note Lilly's small skull and bones all over her [similar to Miley's here, from this post]).

This green (again) seems to be another 'elite' Coat of Arms (note unicorn in chains/lizard creature on other side)... from another episode; I see a subliminal ouroborus here (click below; it may not be but the top left one looks reasonably clear to me [Edit: just to clarify my mind's thinking here; the eye and mouth of one of the dragons can be seen just to the left of Miley's hair on the left]). This type of thing (ouroborus/serpents/similar coat of arms etc) can be seen in my Vlad the Impaler post. Royalty are also invoked in the v symbolic (probably go in more detail in future posts) intro-sequence with Miley changing (with a spin naturally) to HannaH wearing a crown on her top.

Below, note butterfly covered notebook infront of Miley.

Her bedroom is predictably loaded with symbolism; bigass Sun window.

The earlier checkerboard is confirmed as being conscious as they've given Miley's school a nice checkerboard floor.

Dolly Parton, The Rock, Donny Osmond (another Disney slave; performing at Disneyland age 4) and other MK'd 'stars' feature; below is Dolly Parton, again acting under her 'real' name as 'Aunt Dolly'... in real life she is Miley's Godmother. The Country Music industry keeping things very much "in the family" ;). Below is Miley as Dolly; note all the leopard-print (well the bangle is for sure), and in the image below it in her dressing room (to the right; the chair below the big silhouette (looks big-catish also) and to the right of it the bag thing).

When I see that HM logo I see two sets of Twin Pillars, one connected with a straight line (H) in the middle and the other connected with a V (M) in the middle of them. Also H=8 + M=13; 21=777. In this room is Mileys spinning closet (not pictured, to quote Katy Perry... "You, change your mind, like a girl changes clothes." ^^, the spinning, clothes altering personality [literally, from Miley to HannaH]; all very MK)

I've been meaning to cover Miley's latest movie Bolt for a while (I've seen it mentioned in a few other blogs also); as obviously with the talking animals, electroshock symbolism (used in dehumanization trauma also with things like electroshock dog collars making themselves almost [and] literally think they're dog [again none of these are a constant in MK]), total metaphor for MK'd stars. 00:38 "He's the star of the biggest show in Hollywood... The only problem is, he thinks it's all real!" (as a checker pattern floor is shown when this is spoken) There's also a subliminal All Seeing Eye thrown in there while that is being spoken, note that the I's ('eyes' i.e in Miley Cyrus at 1:19) are replaced by an electric-bolt. Miley's character 'Penny' (she has two sides remember, like a coin ;p) wears black/white large stripe stockings and is kidnapped 'by the green eyed man', it even has Malcom McDowell in. I do not for one second buy the King of Kloud Kuckoo Land's assertion that all these talking animal movies are symptomatic of 'the return to the Golden Age of Centred Being'... (there is such a thing as conscious intent...) but I think I've made my feelings about that 'Pie in the Sky' outlook very clear [looking forward to tomorrow as Labyrinth and other films of Jennifer Connelly (she was born in Catskill mountains; i'm sure she's a very 'skilled cat', pictured leopard-print wearing JC looking very sex-kitteny below) movies are ripped apart as new age mumbo jumbo (as much as I disagree; I do respect and it is fascinating work, extremely well put together, can't wait for the live video tomorrow tbh) rather than the sick MK programming movies that they are; check out In2Worlds great Labyrinth analysis (+ other movies, but I figure that will be a focus for what it's actually about]. Edit: And jeez; don't get me started on the Truman Show [similar theme to Bolt] and Jim Carrey's MK.

Check out this quite creepy duet Miley did with Scientologist [Super Adventure Club; major Hollywood programming cult] John Travolta (playing the talking dog Bolt; by the way check him out dancing with MK'd ritual sacrifice Diana at my General's Daughter post... performing puppets for the onlooking 'elite' crowd).

From leopard to zebra ;p (also note dissociative spirals below too) Below says 'Green Eyed Girl' syncing up to Bolt's 'Green Eyed Man' Malcolm McDowell.


Anonymous said...

All this mention of Oz and singers has reminded me of the Assassination of Dimebag Darrell (of Pantera and Damage Plan) by former marine Nathan Gale

The male name Nathan has the exact meaning of the female name Dorothy.

Google Nathan Gale


Anonymous said...

Heather Locklear is part Scottish

Anonymous said...

I was just thinking about why on some people the left eye is covered or obstructed and on other people, the right. After seeing a recent People Magazine cover with the Obama family on it, Michelle's hair is almost completely covering her right eye, I think that left eye obstruction is the controlled/MK'd while right eye obstruction is the controller. I know controller's can be MK'd too, though.
So the Malcolm M. character in Bolt has a green right eye.

After watching "Head of State" with Chris Rock again recently and seeing it's jaw dropping prescience of this election I've come to the conclusion that Michelle O. is one of Barack's main handlers. She's like a cross between the two main female characters. One is really sweet and innocent and the other is a shrewd, controlling type. Oh, yeah, and that hilarious post- election South Park episode where Michelle is definitely the Head woman in charge.

Anonymous said...


There is a recent Miley internet death hoax. Interesting considering one of your recent posts.

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