Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Theoretical Princesses

I thought this video was pretty cool, by Theoretical Girl; enjoy the MK symbolism [note the triangle hand sign other controlled/controlling entities use like Jay Z, Ting Tings and others]. For some reason a tonne of random indie bands seem to have (one I've seen which I've forgotten the name of is just literally a black room filled with shards of a shattered mirror there are a few others I'll probably put in future posts).

I just saw this ad on TV and naturally I instantly (anytime you see 'Princess'; and the fact that every little girl wants to be one, remember what these 'elite' children/princesses really go through) think "sex-kitten" as the male MCM strokes her white pussycat/kitten, suggestive use of dogs wearing crowns. Bigger MCM post up shortly. Vera Wang is standard MK'd figure skater (lots of spinning) turned puppet for the fashion 'elite'.
Vera Wang Princess

Edit: Cheers to Secret Sun as I did not know the MCM pictured above is Camilla Belle [beauty and the beast; mirrored el, Ba'al etc], added some extra images of Ms Belle.

Note position of the rose..... (look down ;p), Belle's chain (interlocking rings; mental prison), the Male MCM with white/black stripes.

Crowned [sex]Kitten.

One eyed star.

On a similar theme (MK themes in advertising), this advert for Lenor Infusions has standard mirror symbolism, spiral staircase, diamonds [the Bold Infusions ad also has similar themes] etc.

Finally an advert for Oztralia: "Sometimes we have to get lost to find ourselves." (implying a walkabout; which are obviously great in 'finding yourself' and all that, but can also obviously be used as a traumatic programming experience) "She arrived as Ms K Mathieson. She departed as Kate."


Anonymous said...

Another kinda princess:

Anonymous said...

It always creeped me out when i hear little girls and females in general being referred to as "princess."


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