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The Broken

The doppelganger/doubles-centric readers will like this movie I think ;p (undoubtedly many doubles out there for politicians and the odd celebrity; so it is a legitimate reality tunnel in my opinion, please see this forum for more [though I disagree with a lot of it; photoshop/surgery/facial changes when switching to alter/lighting/etc are the likely explanations in most cases, definitely not all though], there is some really great MK info in there too such as on Brooke Burke [final couple of posts Nov 11th by lostworld] Edit: Should have said; they are very much connected (MK stuff + the doubles stuff) as some of these MK'd 'stars' will have backups/doubles/etc waiting in the wings should something fuck up in their programming or whatever. And there are obviously lots of other resources out there on the net on the subject, if it interests you google.) I view this movie's use of the doppelganger theme, more as symbolic of their MPD (mirrors/creating double images are a big part of MK; help create splits as you start viewing the mirror-image as an individual rather than it as yourself [with the aid of drugs, sensory overload, trauma etc; leading to the mind fracturing and that 'individual'/alter-personality can then be programmed]) and the double life they have to lead (i.e the public beautiful facade, and the reality of their tortured/broken minds). Had to post this poster for The Broken. Note one eye still present, not removed along with the rest of the shattered head/mind [shattered glass/shattered mind; just go back through blog, main post is this one I guess but you can search through it yourself easily using below tags/top left search bar], illustrating perfectly what's written about in this blog, looking for a trailer. Doubles/Twins/Twinning/Mirror images are a massive part of MK is basically the overarching point to do with this movie.

"A woman wakes up in the hospital following an encounter with a mysterious doppelganger. Her life begins to turn into a nightmare as she tries to come to grips with the incident and learn the woman's true identity."
Lena Headey [note her shattered Head/mind] is Sarah Connor in Terminator Chronicles and she was Angelika in uber-occult/MK Brothers Grimm [Heath Ledger MK'd ritual sacrifice; loads more stuff out there, get googling] amongst other things (Queen in 300 etc). She is the daughter of an English police officer (checkerboard), who moved to Bermuda to train other officers... probably an ulterior motive for that as it was timed perfectly for the birth. Check her wiki for other 'syncs'. As expected; this MK'd 'star' comes with a butterfly tattoo, among others (lotus flower).

And randomly to illustrate Tom Cruise's MK'd existence (scientologist etc, everyone is familiar with this tool); in all of the posters (blood-line one above) for Valykrei the lighting is specifically set up to give Tom the half face illuminated/split mind theme... and obviously his one eye (which is the side always in the dark). In the trailer the first shot of Tom is him looking into a mirror (00:22); more double/mirror symbolism

And with Star Trek returning (check out Illuminati Formula for some of the themes, though there's more in the actual book; by the way I do read that with an objective eye, being the anti-religious cynic that I am, so by no means should anyone take that book as gospel... it's an extremely helpful resource though); Sylar from Heroes [Zachary Quinto] as Spock (I seem to remember there being lot's of Freemasonic/qabalism connections with Leonard Nimoy and 'Spock's Greeting' hand signal), with the same lighting.


Anonymous said...

The Jewish Synagogue origins of the Vulcan Greeting "Live long and propser" hand gesture.

Anonymous said...

I agree that there's disinfo in Illuminati Formula, but for me, personally, I would never have been able to see and understand so much of what really going on in the entertainment world without it.

The Disney material alone is gold. I have never seen Disney broken down so well anywhere else. That was a real eye opener-just the information even about how the CIA was involved in building the theme parks!!

The information about electro-shock and electricity being used to erase short term memory -when you consider that along with the psychiatric and medical community treatments in the 1950's - invaluable.

I'm sorry but I disagree with warning others against the material. As someone who has studied this stuff for a while I would say Illuminati Formula is way more valuable and trustworthy than for example Cath O'Brien with her (former FBI) husband [?] helping her write [!!] who never seems to get called out on her wild claims.

I would also say that the Christian centric stuff in Formula is there for a reason, and it tends to work exactly as its supposed to: to turn people off to the material as the ravings of a fundie Christian. I felt the same way when I started reading, but once you've done independent research you can easily begin to pick out the disinfo and the religious rhetoric.

What I come back to time and again is how stuff I've read in Formula bears out over and over in the independent pop culture-it just falls into place. And without it I know this field of research would not even exist and grow as it has.

Anyway thats just IMO

Anonymous said...

Hi Ben

I'vegot a screenshot from the Sex and the City movie that you'd probably be interested in - how would I go about sending to you?

Fantastic Blog by the way

Anonymous said...

Worked it out, emailed you!


Anonymous said...

ariah Carey is featured on the cover of the new Parade magazine, where the 37-year-old talked about getting older. “I’m eternally 12. And that 12-year-old inside me is an eternal optimist,” the lamb and rainbows enthusiast said. “I know what it feels like not to have fame or money, and I do still feel like that same person in many ways. Honestly, I don’t even have birthdays. I call them ‘anniversaries’. It really is about being as young as you feel. Some people convince themselves they’re old, or they think, ‘I have to grow up now; I can’t have fun.’ I will still always choose a day at Disney World over a night in Las Vegas, because that’s who I am.”

Anonymous said...

Again KLUM &doomed fashion:


ALLEN lookin like shit:

Poor kid:


Anonymous said...

Benjamin S said...

Cheers for links + info, that Vulcan one cleared a lot up for me, cheers. Most recent commenter; link to the first one about Britney making fun of her dad's control, interesting stuff on him 'controlling her sanity' etc. Other one interesting too; I posted the GMA video at the end of this post btw; with it's fragmented words. Nice links from Chris + anony the Mariah one is great too cheers (worth reading the Parade interview too if your interested about her breakdown etc). Check out Britney's new photos for Circus (if you can call those probably 100% photoshopped [shove her head on another girl's image etc] images 'her') with a slight fairytale type theme + the final one pictured with black/white stripes.

On Illuminati Formula comment; 100% agreed with all that you've said there. I wasn't warning people against it, just saying how people might think I agree with everything in it like the Christian stuff because I use it so much, it's by far the best resource out there imo. And yeah I was trying to say what your saying (about looking past the disinfo, religious rhetoric) with 'you shouldn't take that book as gospel' because you can easily pick out the disinfo + religious rhetoric once you've done your own research and of course using your own intuition/logic. But yeah, as I said 100% agreed with your opinion of it (esp in regards to the info on programming techniques/Hollywood/Disney/Marilyn Monroe/general media/etc), certainly don't want to warn people against the book by any means (but people might instantly put it down due to some of the disinfo + religious rhetoric, so I was just explaining that all of what's contained in the book shouldn't be taken as gospel [that EVERYTHING in it is 100% undebatable truth] which might encourage people to stick with it as there is by far more truth than disinfo in it, that was my intention anyway).

Cheers all.

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