Saturday, 22 November 2008

Meet The IKKI Twins

[Not an entirely serious post] These identical twins, Vikki and Rikki Ikki [double K 11 11, double I, two eyes, IKKI 911|119]; came across my radar a short while ago when they did Playboy (pick out the suggestive stuff in the video above, "Meet my other part" + all the imagery etc), image below is from it... nothing untoward going on here... They first worked at Hooters (owl), one is a little devil, the other an angel (they were thinking of getting tattoos illustrating that, from interview); they are replacing Tila Tequila (I saw a couple of these episodes of the show 'A SHot At Love'... now 'A Double Shot at Love', all of this reality/E! celeb crap is so disturbingly entertaining with practically everyone dressed in something symbolic and sexy ;S) as the bisexual object of perversion (the twins are also [programmed] bisexuals), check out her tattoos suggestive of her control (heart/stitches, phoenix in a heart, scorpion, etc) when she was younger she was 'searching for a sense of identity', see wiki. The Ikki twins don't have a wiki page yet but expect to see them pushed more by the media in the future.

Random shift of gear; Dick Cheney is one of the worst human beings (yes he's [most likely] human) alive, Daily Show video on typical 'abuse', death and facial trauma that seems to follow him around so much... wonder why. The music and FOX News' reaction is just hilarious.

'Does That Get Me Fired?' [general Alaska being corrupt to the core + Ted Stevens/Amy Winehouse invokation]

ObaMadness continues with the corporations that control him cashing in on his 'historic' 'change-bringing' election win, get yourself an Obama plate... and watch it shatter, like the hopes and dreams of those that voted him in will be shattered when he himself 'changes' [after a false-flag blamed on Iran or whatever]. More on this in Lewis Black segment.

Cheers to commenter, had the image of Kylie as a leopard from that performance ready, wasn't sure when to include it or add to main KM post; I did not know the video was on youtube so I'll just add it here (also check out Dannii's video in teh comment, nice 'spots' ;P her other videos symbolic too, might do a Dannii post at some point like the Kylie one, who is essentially I think their #1 sex-kitten/Marilyn Monroe-type figure [Edit: Despite her age, she's still much more attractive than any of the younglings (compared to Britney, now Miley etc) in my opinion] as she recently performed for them at that Dubai 'Atlantis' resort where virtually every MK'd celeb from the global network turned up).

Edit: Pertinent (leopard-print, wigs, sexy sisters [virtually twins, in how they're thought of] ;p) images of them recreating a 'Dynasty' catfight... Daily Mail link (has video, note checkerboard).
EVE [same crowd as Gwen Stefani who she collaborated with] - Tambourine kind of fits the mood of this post; note sex-kitten imagery (mainly after 2:10; but she has kitty cat paws tattoos on her chest), dude's (stylized) skull and bones t-shirt, EVE in sun-bathing mirror thing.

And while we're on the the K subject (IKKI), the killers new video [Human, also the name of MK sex-slave Goldfrapp video: with Allison's similar lyrics, "Are you human?" and the Killer's, "Are We Human?"] is total symbolism from start to finish, always liked their stuff though and have been enjoying this video, thought I'd post seeing as it mentioned in comments.

One more Killers (an early one of theirs, to show what the above big-cats are really referring to), very symbolic Mr Brightside (note Chinese lion sculptures, recognizable actor [he's been in loads of symbolic stuff like Oz and Lozt, a couple of half face/red curtain shots] with red apple which he throws to victim [this is her trigger to take a man up to 'service'; his biting of the apple acts as another trigger (you can tell this because immediately after biting it she runs back to him, and the second time; a green apple, she faints)], black/white stripes, blue goddess, the Mormon lead singer Brandon Flowers is playing the role of her 'rescuer' from the old ('daddy'esque) looking handler, the white-powdered main girl/victim magically comes out of a checkerboard (at 2:58, very symbolic, they play for her ownership)... well you get the idea of this video here I think ;p (they are hiding nothing, well worth watching). The main kitten in the video is Izabella Miko, a Polish ballerina [was in Coyote Ugly + some others], now actress/model.

Britney's Circus Promo to finish. Looking foward to Lily Allen's new video (not only because of the balloons; there is a tonne of checkerboard/box symbolism in it I saw some preview thing on MTV; she is another leopard-print fanatic + checkerboards are apparently almost always put in her videos [see Lily link]). [Edit: Oh yeah and I meant to post this somewhere; Lynx (big cat) Vice (previous post) claims a victim.]


Anonymous said...

Just noticed all the OZ printed on the wall in the first 30 seconds of Britney's Womanizer video. Hmmmm...

Anonymous said...

Aaaaargh! I caught that iKKi promo while watching the Paris Hilton show (something I'll be writing about sooner methinks). It was disturbing from the perspective of the whorification and bisexual agendas.

Thanks for 911 sync. Strong magic in the works here. A twisted talisman indeed. A one-way ticket to hell.

Anonymous said...

More twins...?

Are we entering the age of gemini according to the secret zodiac?

Anonymous said...


Pisces also has a "double symbol" and as it draws to a close we enter the age of the 11th sign of the zodiac, Aquarius the water-bearer (symbol the double waves).


Anonymous said...

Another sync to the twins and water bearer idea can be found in the latest episode of

Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles.

The episode opens in Sarah's dream vision with her dark man-made cyborg twin Cameron (also in a P!NK dress) pouring water on a primordial egg-looking cactus bud which then explodes out from three dots '.' into a trinity of metal cacti, one of which wraps tentacles around J.C.

The metal of the sign of Aquarius is Uranium (which was made infamous last century at the Trinity test site).

Sarah is then seen to vomit and J.C. approaches her carrying a water bottle.

Before rising, Sarah turns the water creature, a tortoise, right side up and sets it safely to freedom.

Later, Cameron brings an orange colored liquid to Sarah in bed and tells her it is "Re-Hydrating Fluid".

On an interesting side note we hear that The Greys helped the trip 8's (888's) and work for Skynet.

I`m looking forward to reading a more in depth article about `Mad-at-gas-cars` 2


Anonymous said...

Watch Gwen & Eves 'Rich Girl' closely, there is an inverted satanic crescent on the wall behind her & the words Red Rum (as seen in The Shining). Around halfway through the video Gwen does a sneaky devil horns hand sign when she's standing in the crows nest, lot's of Skull & Bones symbolism in the live performances of that song, which was originally called If I were a Rothschild...

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