Wednesday 5 November 2008

A Leopard Never Changes It's Spots

First of all, I will not be posting as much (going to get that final Britney part going when I have more time available) over the next few weeks due to commitments. Lewis Hamilton's winning of the F1 championship was pretty predictable; it's probably all fixed and Lewis himself probably MK'd (by the way interesting Meredith Kercher [MK] blood ritual [which plays into this post too btw] sacrifice story I saw on Red Ice, here) as the bankers love to show suggestively what they're really up to, as is the case with a Lewis Model being pieced together ("Great things happen when all the right pieces come together."... like programmed F1 champions), note that the eyes open just before his head is screwed on. There is an updated version of the same advert airing now (since his win) that shows how the engineered economic crisis has been designed to monopolize power for the purposes of creating the New World Order and all that fun stuff.

Daily Mail has gone MKrazy with it's sex-kitten suggestiveness to do with Nicole (you can tell they're very excited by this MKouple; Cheryl and Ashley Cole are another similar type) constantly speaking of her in dehumanizing terms referring to her as a 'pussycat' [obviously because she's in PCD, but if you are aware you can pick up on when there's a suggestive use of it, such as this (Roxanne is abused in the show; note her leopard-print shoes)]: "Lewis Hamilton makes a triumphant return to England (and brings his adoring Pussycat with him)" and "I'm crazy about her, says Lewis as he whisks his Pussycat to Berlin for the night". Naturally, as a giddy school-girl alter below she is all zebra'd up pussycat [white(/black) tiger] (they always are, their latest photo shoot above shows this too, as do my previous posts on them; something in that sign behind her?) celebrating Lewis model's win. It's no coincidence that this win occurred when he reached the age of 23.

I think I should go a bit more into Nicole's [Anna Nicole (note zebra floor; you'll find the black/white pattern in various pics in her history)/Nicole Kidman, 'My job was to be seen and not heard'/Nicole Richie/Nicole in Girls Aloud etc] personal history as she was raised in Hawaii (Barack Obama, Mark David Chapman probably both programmed there; in answer to a commenter from a while back I do not know if there's a concrete connection, apart from geography obviously which imo for islands like that is enough) by Conservative Catholics. Her mother is a Rosemary('s Baby is Nicole... devil-child!), her father naturally leaving her at an early age (often the case; these people lack any sort of empathy for their own children; do some early base programming, then leave for others to program her in the future to serve her purpose on the global stage). As we can see they also always wear leopard-print clothing/lingerie.

Speaking of Girls Aloud (a little earlier), Sarah Harding is apparently the symbolic (and literal) sex-kitten of the bunch (not that they don't all have beta alters), "My pain at being labelled the Girls Aloud 'slapper'", in their latest video she sings about 'Walking Primrose', (apparently referring to walking in an place called Primrose though; it's all about the dual meanings) and is wearing a skin-tight leopard-print top...
The Promise - Girls Aloud

In a recent live performance of the above single; Sarah performed wearing a checkerboard that dissolves into a (white/black) leopard-print... as it gets near her 'pussy' (apologiez; had to be said because you this symbolizes her sex-kitten nature).

Wealthy businessman/heir Arun Nayar's own personal sex-kitten is Elizabeth Hurley [daughter of Army Officer, ballet, standard MK movie roles in Oz-Tin Powers with Mike Myers], a few years ago she caused controversy by using her own children in advertising her sexually suggestive leopard-print swimwear range. Like Britney she also plays a fembot in the aforementioned Austin Powers movie series. Edit: Another little newspiece I thought was humorous (meant to put it in but forgot yesterday) considering, was one of the 'sex[-kittens] and the city'... specifically the overly sexed one Kim Cattrall, visited number 10 Downing Street for some "Cosmo [oz] Ultimate Women of The Year" award thing, here's the link. [Edit: added better image from this link, thanks to Chris in comments.]

By the way; I am no big-cat expert so will not be differentiating between cheetah/leopard and the other similar types of big cat skin [edit: in a similar vein to Disney's High School Musical 'Wildcats', above is their "The Cheetah Girls" performing Cinderella].
The EMAs have predictably turned into a Barack Obama love-in... he will destroy us all, fo rlz, we're about to see his evil alter. Katy Perry has not dissapointed at all sitting on a phallic thing to begin with [note the ruby covered nude women below her on the 'lipstick', see Daily Mail link below], then literally as I was writing this post she comes out wearing a yellow leopard skin tight dress [suspiciously not pictured at the time of posting in the Daily Mail's one which shows some of the others so far], The Sun is on top of this stuff [will be covering these awards at some point; loads more I haven't said obviously... the Ting Tings girl (also see her butterflyish dress at the Sun's gallery) is wearing black/white stripes, red shoes and her American (this is European?) co-hosts [30 seconds to mars] asks her if she is the "nice Witch... like from the Wizard of Oz"]. And speaking of Katy Perry, Katy is specifically described in Illuminati Formula as being used as a hypnotic code word/trigger.

Below one was her first costume; nice eyes ^^.

First and last Katy image are random ones from the past; in the first note the owl, moon + other animals. Obviously there are tens of thousands of other images (I have a lot more; some of Britney for later posts and others) of other MK'd celebrities dressed up as a sexy leopard (there's probably literally thousands of Paris wearing them alone!).
I wanted to focus more on the Brand/Ross Georgina Baillie "controversy", probably designed to further stamp down on freedom of speech? But I think it was more to give the MK'd SS members (they use Nazi SS insignia and other things; Nazi ideology is the same as 'illuminati'/'elite' ideology, for obvious reasons [nazis were controlled by 'elites']) and to promote blood ritual sacrifice and all that. The above image shows that Georgina Baillie is just an MK'd sex-kitten who has been used as a tool to serve a hidden agenda, in her Sun photo shoot she naturally wears red shoes, as does one of her fellow 'Sluts' in the below recent "performance", note black/white striped stockings. I'm pretty sure her grandfather really didn't give a fuck.

It's all for the blood, they want us to subconsciously go along with their blood-lust. I think I had some more things to put in this post but I forgot for now.

Yes We Can! You ready for some change?.... Some serious change, the shit is about to hit the fan, I think probably any day now [you know how those "terrorists" love to strike just after an election].

Paris herself is obsessed with leopard and other animal prints (will definitely be posting on her and this in the future) as are most of the other MKittens in LA and around the world. Obviously not everyone who has a liking for animal print clothing/accessories is MK'd; which is important to stress.

Britney won two awards on the night, appearing with Marilyn Monroesque hair/look while shooting her video for Circus, came across the below Britney invoking Marilyn Monroe (suposed to be Madonna, doesn't really matter though; they're all the product of similar programming tracked by the M/MM sigil) image here [and on Britney heart Madonna; MMC's Britney and Justin both performed (not together) at her recent concert, with all the standard MK'd celebrities in attendance like Heidi Klum, Hayden Pan etc (Daily Mail focuses on Hayden's her dog-leash chain)] from an Australian (Oz) Cosmo (Oz) magazine cover.

Which obviously fits nicely here with MM being the first presidential model MK'd sex-slave/sex-kitten (it goes without saying though that she is by no means the first MK'd prostitute to serve our perverse leaders [harems, mistresses etc]; she was the first specifically designed as a 'president model').

So I won't be posting much over the next few weeks due to offline commitments [will get to the final Britney part when I have some more time to focus on it]; the EMAs ends with Katy singing Hot and Cold (duality song; sings about having bi-polar and such too) with half her body as a groom, and half as the bride [The Sun correctly calls it a ballerina for more blatant MK], which is essentialy what is portrayed at the beginning of Tinto Brass' (110% involved, view androgynous intro here) Salon Kitty [based on this obviously MK'd beta slave brothel used for espionage, which I discussed in previous posts] the poster featuring in the aforementioned post link but I'll put it here as it fits in with the Satanic Sluts Nazi SS [squared S 'bolt'] insignia and all that. Katy even wore a spinning mini-carousel dress earlier in the show too; the main table where they go to speak is a spiral/coil too, I'll get all this screencapped.


aferrismoon said...

Primrose - Arthur Primrose , 5th Earl of Rosebury, married Hannah Rothschild, won the Derby, became P.M., began the Primrose League [ Prime Rose]

aferrismoon said...

Ruby also interests as it = Jack RUBY [ an important Masonic 'implement' in the assassination of JFK. Read KING-KILL 33 by J.S. Downard. The lipstick made me think 'Ruby['s] Gun.
KP [via Hebrew] = spelling of Kaph , the fist.
Perry = an alcoholic drink made from the juice of pairs


Michael Skaggs said...


How do you do it! WOW!

Isn't it funny how they blame the MK on "mental illness", but of course, we knew this doing the research on MKUltra/Monarch systems.

That photo of Sarah in the cheetah dress with all the "black ties" behind her, either benefactors of the sex kitten MKs or controllers. The sex cults of old have not changed much have they? Just different attire and bigger orgy parties...and their craftiness has gotten worse, IMO.

Flaunting them to sell sex and then put their so called "tragic lives" on display in the magazines, so people think its "normal" you know---Oh Britney is just depressed or my favorite, "her boyfriend is such an asshole", which I constantly hear women saying about Brad Pitt now, "supposedly" cheating on Angelina. All hogwash I say, its just the grand show to cause more rifts in the man v.s. women ordeal. *sighs*

Anyways, great stuff my man, I definitely need to re-read some more!

Thanks for the heads up on Hurley, did not know that! I remember her from Beelzebub with Brendon Frasier.

Cheers mate!

Anonymous said...

More Kats...
(and more than a little applicable to this article)

There's so much Leopard and Kats lately, I'm seeing spots!

Taylor Swift & Def Leppard

Crossroads Episode Info

Great music knows no boundaries as Great Britain's premiere arena rock band and a country superstar take the stage together in Nashville. You won't want to miss it as Def Leppard and Taylor Swift collaborate on each others' hits in front of an invitation-only audience.

Tune in as the rockers join Swift on chart toppers such as "Our Song" and "Love Story." Also featured are Def Leppard classics including "Pour Some Sugar on Me" and "Photograph."

The new installment of this popular performance series, CMT Crossroads: Def Leppard and Taylor Swift, premieres Nov. 7 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on CMT.

Anonymous said...

And the wolf shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them.

Isaiah 11

Anonymous said...

Hate to link to this but it's the first i have seen this at and got it right (OZ). Sydney. Funny it happened right before the "you could be my cinderella" part. Her chip is malfunctioning or maybe hung over :P


Anonymous said...
Kat Williams made the news for a gun arrest!

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