Monday, 17 November 2008

Mind Controlled Sex Slaves and the CIA

Going into a few basic things here that I've already covered in random posts in the past and most readers will probably be aware of, but I felt like writing on it today. Note the symbolic book covers (frazzled barbie doll; her dissociative spiral eyes, 2nd one twin pillars either side of the sex-kitten [they should have put her in leopard print]). This post is more generally about MK as a whole, and not MK'd sex slaves specifically (that will be saved for future MCM/sex-slave industry post).

Cheers to emailer for pushing me towards an interview with Tracy R. Twyman on Coast to Coast (it's on Pirate Bay), though from what I heard about it in the interview I would not recommend it as a definitive guide for MK'd sex-slaves (not that it isn't recommended, looks a worthwhile purchase); basically compiling interviews and essays (one of hers published in Hustler, a magazine full to the brim of MCMs/sex-kittens) on the subject from people like Cathy O'Brien and the like. I think it is important to come at this from the right perspective though as like the interviewer, most people would want to avoid this type of thing altogether because it is simply so horrific that it is 'beyond belief'. But what I think people really need to consider for the necessary background on how very real this whole thing is, is that there are millions of people around the world who have been abused as a child; depending on the level of abuse this can lead to (and depending on the mind of the child; no two are alike, many of course will not split, but will be mentally scarred for life) the victim's mind splitting/fragmenting [some basic DID info here and more on mind fragmentation and trauma's involvement in dissociation etc here], which is just standard MPD(can be Dual or Multiple btw)/DID. The NSPCC (in Roald Dahl's 'The Witches' [the movie anyway, cheers to commenter for triggering my memory on this], they [evil witches] are using the NSPCC as a cover for their evil plans) estimate that some 7% of children (in the UK I think) have suffered serious physical abuse, 1% (big understatement, for obvious reasons) having suffered sexual abuse from a parent or carer, 3% by another relative, 11% by people known to them, 5% by a strange (see how they've compartmentalized the figures, making the sexual/physical abuse seem much less vast than the epidemic it really is; and using seriously watered-down figures, it is hundreds of thousands of people in the UK alone [there are literally millions of outright MK victims (2 million + in the US alone according to IF) around the world, I use MK as a general term for all forms of Mind Control including non-government abuse of children at home]). This mainstream, generally accepted 'psychological disorder' (though corrupt psychologists etc still dispute it) can result in personalities with very different characteristics as each dissociative identity takes different aspects of the trauma (as a coping mechanism for the brain to survive through the traumatic experience; the 'alter' that is housed in this part of the brain soaking up all the pain [the pain is dissociated to this part of the brain, where the alter 'lives'] usually never surfaces because it is so deeply dissociated, if it were to surface/be triggered this would probably result in catastrophe for the victim). More relevant here though is the alter that handles the sexual trauma which, in order to cope with it (the pain, which is dissociated to another part of the mind; sexual gratification/pleasure remains [of course this is all relative; alters can be programmed to feel the pain, feel or not feel sexual pleasure and such]) can become extremely sexually open and/or aggressive. Now imagine how that can be employed (with the help of programming; to perfect their pose, attitude and general demeanor that would suit the CIA's purposes) in creating sex-slaves (beta-slaves/sex-kittens), as well as other alters (such as delta/assassination) which can be combined to complete covert espionage and such. These are all things pretty well covered previously in this blog [search top left 'sex' 'kitten' 'beta' 'delta' 'barbie' 'doll' etc].

Anyway, my main point there was that you need to come at this field from that angle, people's minds are known to be fragmented/split/fractured/etc in the day-to-day reality of this fucked up (by design) earth... why wouldn't the fucking evil sons of bitches over at the CIA (and believe me there is no shortage of sadistic parents/guardians/care-workers/etc out there willing to help 'them' due to delusional patriotism/monetary benefit/blackmail/etc) not use this to their advantage? By creating their own split/fragmented-personality slaves... to me this is just a logical certainty that this would be going on for innumerable reasons. With the 'elite's centuries of inbreeding (and obviously multigenerational abuse; it's what happens when you have total power/wealth with nothing to do; greed, corruption, perversion inevitably results), it is easy to see how they are controlled (their children anyway; who grow up still being controlled, eventually becoming controllers of the generation below them and so on) and why you never see a member of the 'elite' coming out revealing some truth (MK'd disinfo agents aside). We need a global revolution from the bottom down (don't expect the pharmaceutical company slaves [AKA all people working in mainstream medicine/psychology ("Here, try this new drug... it's not like I'm being given kickbacks by the drug company to give you this dangerous psychotropic or anything... trust me... I'm a doctor!")] to do anything about it) to repair our fragmented collective consciousness... this is why [all] "evil" occurs [you think people like Hitler, mass murderers etc aren't MK'd?/gone through abuse (most child abusers/pedophiles are as such because they were themselves abused as a child, for the CIA/intelligence agencies)... look at GWB as another prime example of this], pure and simple. And of course the possibilities with MK are endless (any programming script works as long as it has the right dissociative/confusing/dissorientating/cryptic/etc themes, doesn't have to be Oz/Alice in Wonderland/etc, I'm sure there are many built from scratch by the CIA that have then been made into mainstream movies and franchises... child abuse isn't a necessity either; as people have been programmed as adults quite successfully [see Sirhan Sirhan; though the trauma he went through in Palestine helped in cumulatively splitting his mind, making him easier to program and kill RFK]) which is probably why I'm so interested in it as there are so many things involved with it that we'll just never hear about [as I've said, numerous traumas etc existing only in the twisted minds of the programmer and the most traumatized part of a victim's mind], it allows for lots of "creative thinking" ;p.

Click to read blurb on back.
In the UK, MI6 (all of the intelligence agencies are so interconnected that you can pretty much say CIA/MI6/Mossad/etc, working for; and also controlling [it's a fucked up/totally insane paradigm, hence why no one must talk about it] 'the elite') are very much on top of this; as are the media in their hilarious MK suggestive tone. I had a feeling there was going to be more in the below magazine than just literal cats ;p as in a few pages after that piece they portray the media's various MK'd stars/sex-kittens dressed in animal-print, firstly leopard print... with my recent focus this is just a perfect sync (or perhaps something more conscious?) that I had to post.

In the multi-page spread, various kittens/cats were pictured with symbolic color patterns (not pictured), but in the same magazine near the cat-piece was this 'The Human Zoo' [Zoo=Oz], note all the various MK'd stars dressed up in zebra/leopard-print/etc.

"Glamour Puss" Daisy Lowe and the rest [Sex (kittens) and the City's SJP, Paris goes without saying, Fearne Cotton etc] "The zebra will never have the leopard's 'grr' factor - even if you are Sharon Stone."

#13 "Victoria Beckham is one step closer to becoming a walking, talking Barbie Doll with this zebra number."
One such potential MK'd sex-kitten I've been tracking is Alice Dellal for some time now, I'm always amazed at how much fodder the free magazines that come with Murdoch's papers provide for my blog as now, in the standard blatant sex-kitten as if they're asking me to post it ;p Dressed in leopard print (this was from another free magazine with the weekend papers) and then a couple of pages later (may add the other images; though not in the same league of symbolism).

And then draped across a checkerboard floor, the black/white triangles are just as symbolic as the checkerboard (as above so below; these are found in most Masonic lodges too, check out this one). Also, her new Agent Provocateur images from that occult compaign 'Season of the Witch' (more images, Helena Christensen is the main MCM, video; note Pirate Skull and Bones [swords])


Anonymous said...

This is an interesting article written by a Black woman who claims to have DID after escaping a Nazi cult.

Anonymous said...

Please do a post on Amy Winehouse. I think she's MI6/mossad. Did you hear about how she called that young contestant on X-factor? Also how she pals around with her goddaughter, a child! while stumbling around out of her mind? Have you SEEN those pictures!? WHy would that little girl's family let her hang out with Amy while she's high at night, just running around?

And if you could also tease out why she is put before us in that constant deteriorated state..? There's a reason why, I just haven't figured it out yet. She stands for something in their sick tableau circus I just can't figure out what it is.

Michael Skaggs said...

Great work Ben!

It's all about control my friend!
Keep up the fight bro, the word is getting out! I totally mention your blog to people who question the fashion industry or Disney.

Take care bro!

Benjamin S said...

moni, fascinating article thanks alot.

anony, I don't think I'll be doing a proper post on Amy Winehouse in the near future, unless she comes out in her typically deteriorated mess wearing something symbolic or doing something worthy of posting. But yeah, I think she is just another MK'd (fragmented mind, hence why she appears so screwed up... also for other social-engineering reasons [so the average suggestible young Amy fan thinks it's acceptible to become like that, screwing up an entire generation; like Britney and Christina were designed to do to the previous generation, except now it's much worse with people like Paris Hilton, Amy Winehouse etc serving as the archetypes]) star used up by the media until she is eventually ritually sacrificed (in an 'overdose' or whatever; like Anna Nicole, Marilyn Monroe, Heath Ledger and co). I have done a fair bit on this MK victim (got a picture of her at a 'jewish purim party' wearing Mickey Mouse ears and checkerboards (+ all her tattoos [marked property], seal of solomon necklace etc) in this post; and some others posted randomly throughout the blog [do ctrl+f 'Winehouse' to quickly get to the stuff on her]) Maybe you've seen all that but I don't plan on doing a big Amy Winehouse post any time soon; she will 100% definitely be appearing in future posts though for sure. And I doubt she is MI6/Mossad (though most MI6/Mossad agents are MK'd/programmed multiples, so who knows; she wouldn't know it if she was), I just see her as another victim of the media's MK'd 'ritual sacrifice circuit' (like Britney, Anna Nicole etc). TBH the X-Factor is loaded with MK victims too; Leona Lewis being the last major big one, and Simon Cowell is obviously involved. So it doesn't surprise me that the kids parents would allow that to take place.

Cheers Mike man, very interesting stuff over at your blog lately mate, keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Amy Winehouse etc serving as the archetypes]) star used up by the media until she is eventually ritually sacrificed (in an 'overdose' or whatever; like Anna Nicole, Marilyn Monroe, Heath Ledger and co). Prophetic

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