Friday, 7 November 2008

Christina's Target

Thought this was worth posting quickly; note all seeing eye shot, mirror (with an alter in it; this is specifically shown when she says, "Yes I know what I am") etc. The Target image comes from Celtic Rebel's quality article (last image pulled from it) which I thought of when seeing the ad: Post-Subliminal Era Has Begun for more on the target symbol's origins and the store itself (this was made for Target, note all the targets obviously). Previous Christina stuff.

Daily Mail caption: 'Meow: Christina turns cat girl in a red mask and matching lipstick'


Anonymous said...

You've almost got to watch that commercial frame by frame (pause - play - pause)!
When you do you'll see that as she sings "I know who I am.." the lips have a speech bubble that contains "No I don't" and then the "give a" appears a fraction of a second later.

In her red superhero suit she shatters her own picture and you can see the Eye in a trangular fragment fly out of frame.

Remember she told you it would
"come at you fast"

Her name is interesting in context as well

CHRISTINA-Christian, Anointed
MARIA-From the name MARY
AGUILERA-Definition: One who came from Aguilas in Spain, a city near Córdoba; same origin as Aguiar, both from a Mozarabic knight of Toledo.

(Interesting to note that Toledo,IT is historically known for its witchcraft)

Surname ALT:
feminine noun
Language: Spanish
: aerie, eagle's nest


Eagle's Eye
Bull's Eye
Point within a Circle

Anonymous said...

I don´t know what to say about this (have too many useless bad words popping up so I won´t say anything):

but thought you might be interested...

p.s my word verification was "caticar" hehe :þ

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