Tuesday, 4 November 2008

MCMs in Vogue

With Kate Moss (mirrored MK) draped on the floor amongst her dress, looking vaguely Marilyn Monroeish for her 26th birthday spread (across 3 pull-out pages) and with the butterfly drawn on the first letter F(6) of FANTASTIC this was obviously going to be loaded with MK, as most of these types of magazines are, but this felt totally surreal as I flicked through it (I haven't even pictured half of all the fairy-tale/fantasy/checkerboards/MK themes contained in this; next time you see it lying around in a shop or something have a flick through); see previous posts on this type stuff (not all with that label I think; a few all seeing eye shots and things were present again but I've already posted them from previous magazine issues). Edit: Forgot to mention this; this was the first issue to print Rihanna's new ad campaign for Gucci called 'Tattoo Heart', standard rose/heart/keys symbolism with Rihanna inside a ring/circle, here's a link with scans of them.

I'll start with this section featuring Tim Burton and his slave (see below image) Helena Bonham Carter (wrote about her families Rothschild/global elite connections in this post as she is appearing in his Alice in Wonderland) in various MK-resonating depictions. The above one obviously having her dressed up in a large checkerboard dress (some of it is cut off; these scans have more of the checkerboard dress shown). And obviously the MCM in a smaller checkerboard pattern on the right, her zebra shoes; the eyes, the shattered glass of the TV etc etc.

Nice relationship they have :p

This one I thought particularly blatant, Helena in a broken elevator (charlie and the chocolate factory one), note all the shattered glass pieces in the elevator, the purple smoke, the spiral above the elevator [elevator = MK symbolism accessing another compartment of the mind; it is symbolically shattered/broken here].

She's a Fox!

Random zebra MCM [there are others in the mag], and below black/white theme from above shoot.

"Eyes everywhere so you better be careful..."

More fairies, seeing a hell of a lot of those lately [plenty of triggers in time for all the chaos (causing a lot of it through their triggered programs), post-election].

MCM + Butterfly = MK [there are a good few more butterfly jewelry advertised in it than just these ones]

Red Riding Hood perversion [gunfire (in this case) = ejaculation] "The small girl smiles. One eyelid flickers. She whips a pistol from her knickers." From Revolting Rhymes; this whole set of images with Burton and the MCMs is based around Roald Dahl fairy-tales/poems/etc, who I'm not saying is involved (anyone has info?), but naturally his themes resonate with the programmers/'elite' perverts/pedophiles (like the 'pistol from her knickers' and 'Eyes Everywhere').

Note everything dissociatively hanging upside down by (dream) bubblegum; she is the 'spoiled princess' character in CATTF. Below one to finish from that segment has a big emphasis (in the written part on the opposite page) on ruby, with her dress and the red shoes; Burton's pose.

There was a heavy emphasis on masks in this edition. The below one shows that "masks" eye-shadow is now in fashion; wonder why... check out the blatant All Seeing Eye one (gold triangle, rays below it), "the make-up was supposed to represent masks".

Synching this back up to MK'd obvious sex-kitten Kate Moss; at Halloween she had that type of drawn-on mask as she dressed up in a poor attempt at Catwoman [Purrfect (ach not quite ;s); previous posts on KM (she is also pictured in a few; like Cat People)] accompanied by two Coneheads.

And in-keeping with the MK-centric trend-setting on the part of the 'fashion elite' these look extremely interesting with cracked/fragmented mirror bags and all that (note all seeing eye, the dark side etc).

There was another strange series of pictures in the magazine (the whole thing was all very surreal) about a hidden 'elite' billionaire party where cameras were not allowed, but they had someone painting them at the time, as ye do [typical elite 'Masquerade Ball' full of victims and programmers]. Every one of the guests pretty much had masks on so I just picked out a few.

Naturally one of them dresses up as MK'd ritual sacrifice Heath Ledger.

And I'll finish with one that just confirms how long this has all been going on for (look at the dates of many of these) in Vogue and the rest of the magazines, everything is present from a sex-kitten, to a mask, to butterfly/fairy girls (note the small monarch one to the upper left).

I thought it was deeply symbolic (of all the trauma associated with the imagery contained within them) when in the Simpsons (this is at the very start; right after the Oz in reverse cyclone intro sequence), Homer says to bart: "You better settle down boy or I'll drag you into the blind-spot of that security camera, and beat you with one of those big thick womens magazines with all the ads in it." A couple of screencaps from that episode called Double, Double, Boy In Trouble where Bart switches places with his doppelganger and the standard Freemasonic/'elite' (twin pillars, checkerboard [more than the below large-square one], skull and bones) and MK (spiral staircase, mirrors, doubles, fucked up 'illuminati' families etc) features.


Anonymous said...


After TRAVIS BARKER, now this one and in the eve of elections...

Anonymous said...

These Vogue pics are great! Well messed up and so blatant, what a find. You have such an acute perception.

Anonymous said...

Look at those white/black guys behind her:

Anonymous said...

Check out the creepy eye of the big black rabbit


Anonymous said...

ALISON NIX. Nix was the personification of the night and nix means "nothing" in German. Silence trigger: http://supermodels.nl/alisonnix/pictures/6


Anonymous said...

As much as I love Roald Dahl he was a RAF officer as a young man and worked with British intelligence to supply info to Washington during the war. Also, read 'The Witches' with your thinking cap on: a secret organization of witches with branches in every country that likes to harm children while disguising themselves as helpers of children! And if you ever read his autobiography "Boy" he undergoes the usual trauma of being caned at elite public schools etc. So he seems to have knowledge of some of this stuff at least.

Anonymous said...

All MK-ed unite: http://news.yahoo.com/s/eonline/20081106/en_top_eo/67392

Anonymous said...

from imdb.com

Arnold Was Abused As A Child

Actor Tom Arnold was abused as a child by his male babysitter.

The comedian, 49, has revealed he was molested by a 19-year-old from the ages of four to seven as he was growing up in Ottumwa, Iowa.

He tells People magazine, "(The abuse) started shortly before I turned 4. This guy would babysit me three or four times a week. He wanted me to play a game, and he wanted me to learn it so I could play it every time. I knew it was weird and I was scared, but I didn't know what sex was."

Arnold kept the abuse a secret from his parents - because the unnamed babysitter bribed him with sweet treats and threatened to hurt his dad if the news ever got out.

He adds, "The guy gave me a candy bar at the end of the game. I wasn't allowed to have candy at my house, and I felt ashamed that I took the candy. And I was afraid of him. The message was clear he would hurt my dad if I told, and the thought of losing my dad was impossible."

But the abuse finally came to a stop after three years when Arnold made a threat of his own against the teen.

He explains, "There was an incident when I was seven. The guy had showed me his gun and aimed it at my dad one day when he arrived home from work. A few days later, I stole my dad's gun and went out in the middle of the street, waived it around and pointed it at his house. It caused a stir in the neighbourhood to say the least. After that, I think it slowly stopped. I remember it as him moving away. "

But Arnold, a reformed addict, is now ready to put his painful past behind him - after tracking the man down and confronting him over the abuse: "During my last week of drug and alcohol rehab in 1990, I told what had happened to me for the first time... With the help of a private investigator, I found him and confronted him at his office. Coming out of the building, I felt pure joy."

Read what this puppet is riding... As for myself LMAO.

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