Sunday, 23 November 2008

Ange ou Demon

Self Explanatory one here (masks, ange demon polar-opposite personalities), already posted this one here but it's a good setup for the rest of the ads (some I think are quite old) + added printed advertisement.

More Masked MCM's

Blatant spiral staircase one next, as she slowsly ascends it a cyrstal drops and shatters. "L'instant Magic" - Spiral Staircase = accessing a different part of the mind/spiralling into a trance/altered state. Very symbolic this one. All of these perfume ads (and fashion in general) obviously feature MCM's like the tragic Ruslana/Russian Rapunzel, see her own total symbolic advert at the end of first post (main one of her is at the end) in that link to read my description + direct link here.

Muse + Hillary Swank + all seeing eye + mirror symbolism + etc. [similar, more symbolic one with another Muse song in previously linked post]

"Lolita Lempicka"... 'tf?!

"Hypnotic Poison" Elevator also = accessing another compartment of the mind, this is literally portrayed in My Own Worst Enemy [link to split mind symbolic poster; heh look at the video 'By Split' at the bottom ;p] as an elevator would normally be used to shift between his two alter-personalities, showing a literal portrayal of what is used symbolically (literally in the victims mind) in the internal system for organizing alters and such.

One from Chanel No. 5 with Estella Warren as Little Red Riding Hood + Phallic Eiffel Tower + Wolf + red shoes etc.

Campari, Salma Hayek (... Goddess worship, especially with those twins ;), masked MCMs (you can see in preview image).

More on Miranda Kerr, all of the girls focused on are her; note the checkerboard just before an alter gets out of a yellow checker cab... remember what she was dressed up in that photoshoot? (yellow checker cab).

This one is just classic; firstly at an Alice in Wonderland tea party [that type of quick camera moving from one place to the other seen at the start, with her in both places = dual/MPD symbolism, seen in the all seeing eye dark alley scene in The Hole (Edit: Meant to add this; it's one of KK Keira Knightly's first movies; check out her perfume ad here with mainly mirrors symbolism)], then to the labyrinth/maze ;p

And finally as a continuation of this post; a couple of videos from it with mirror symbolism and such.

More here (naomi watts ad, tiger one), and there's a bunch randomly strewn throughout the blog, probably most in advertising label (David Lynch's Gucci one isn't). Obviously a lot more I haven't posted that are symbolic (they all are), I'll probably do more of these should I see them. It amazes me how the masses can sit absorbing all this symbolism without questioning if any of the imagery actually means anything.

Oh yeah, and happy birthday Miley Cyrus, finally turning 16 today (random images recycled from older post on her).


Anonymous said...

With GivenSHE you can smell like an Angel or a Demon at the next Royal Heaven & Hell Party.

Crown Prince Pavlos of Greece's 40th Birthday Heaven and Hell Party


Anonymous said...

Thats from Funny but makes u think....

Top Psychic: 'Dead Stars Love To Help Celebrities With Matching Initials'

23 November 2008 5:43 PM, PST

Stars with the same first and last initials are twice as likely to find success in Hollywood because the spirits of dead celebrities are drawn to "balanced names".

The spooky revelation comes from legendary Tinseltown psychic Kenny Kingston, who insists the likes of Lindsay Lohan, Sharon Stone, Susan Sarandon and Laura Linney partly owe their big screen success to their initials.

Kingston, who also shares the lucky double initial, explains, "The spirit world is attracted to people with the same first and last initial. "Somehow people who have an S.S. or an L.L. are clearer from beyond.

"As a result, they are always going to have spirits on their side.

"These stars will rise to the top quicker than their counterparts and bounce back after falls. They just have a little more luck about them."

Kingston is so convinced his spirited friends are telling the truth he advises all wannabes who come to him for advice to change their names - so their initials match.

And when former client Marilyn Monroe came to him for guidance as to what to change her name to after growing sick of her M.M. initials, he advised her against it.

Kingston recalls, "She really wanted to change her name and told me she was sick of hearing crowds scream 'Marilyn Monroe, Marilyn Monroe'. She wanted guidance from the spirit world, as she did on many things. I refused to help because I knew they wouldn't.

"She got very angry and threw something at me, so I left. She later called to apologise.

"Ironically, I still speak to Marilyn and, like all spirits, she is drawn to celebrities with matching initials."


Anonymous said...

Just thought I'd mention that the song on Britney's new album "If You Seek Amy" has Britney adopting an unmistakeable cockney accent, at one point a la Winehouse! Makes me wonder if some of these stars are programmed to identify/twin with each other...

Anonymous said...

More twins. A young Bill Kaulitz [lead singer of Tokio Hotel with twin brother Tom] displays a cheerful front alter for the interview. Is it odd he sang "Its Raining Men" at 13????

Anonymous said...

To anony - about the Cockney accent in Britney's song. Beyonce also has one at a few points in her song "Video Phone" not sure what's going on with that for her. It's weird because she has such a naturally southern twang in most of her songs.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip on the Beyonce accent, anony. Many of these stars have British alters it would seem, as Britain is a home base/ headquarters for a lot of the programming ;)

I also wanted to say that after listening to some of this modern music (which I had been avoiding lol) with its electro-based, robot voiced singers makes me feel very different than listening to acoustic and organic instruments. Even the format of todays music "digital" has an effect on the brain compared to wax LP's

There's something to that, I think.... Getting us used to computers robots doing everything. Also, that Britney song reminded me of Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite at some points, especially with the echoing kick drum remeniscent of a circus performance, natch.

Anonymous said...

Kanye was wearing a fur tail at the AMA's. I don't know how I missed that:

he's number 9

Anonymous said...

Sure, fort arts sake:


Anonymous said...

Chinese actress GONG LI and black topmodel GEORGIANNA ROBERTSON as MARILYNS:


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