Friday, 21 November 2008

Man's Weisz

To counter the horrific images in the previous post; a quick (kind of expanded), much more eye-pleasing post. This was originally just going to be an intro image to an MKTV post, with the MCM Patricia Velasquez in ornate body-paint, standing next to an Egyptian cat-god as a nice sex-kitten suggestion image to go with Law and Order SVU going sex-kitten krazy with interesting actors (two MKTV posts coming in a few days; one on the animal-suggestions in SVU and Bones, and one on standard MK in Fringe and a couple of other shows); about to kill her master, Pharaoh Seti I who she is the 'Mistress'/sex-slave/kitten of, "The mistress of Seti I; no other man is allowed to touch her." Go into more of this further down, no time to organize this post better.

One of their MK'd 'stars' walking the Hallway of the Gods, making her one for the masses to worship... (much of it 'one-handed worship'... apologiez but I think it is an important point to make anyway). Many of the "Illuminati's" rituals come directly from the Ancient Egyptian mystery cults [for instance many "Satanic" rituals are quite similar to the rituals described in the Book of the Dead]; quote from Illuminati Formula: "One of the secrets of the Mystery Religions, especially the Egyptian Isis mystery religion was the ability to use drugs and torture to create multiple personalities. The word Oz is known to have been used by its author as an abbreviation for Osiris. Monarch victims have the "golden penis of Osiris" placed into them." Another: "The ancient Egyptian writings many centuries B.C. talk about the third eye and temple trances. Hypnosis appears to have been practiced in these ancient temples. All over the world, altered states of consciousness have been used." As always, there is loads more great info on how it ties into alter-systems and such in the book.

Rachel Hannah Weisz (pronounced vice hence this post's title [small edit: went with just vice originally, changed my mind on using the name itself or just the symbolic homophone]; mother turned psychotherapist, not much on her father apart from that his family "fled" the Nazis, they named their other daughter after one of Disney's MM's Minnie... she is an "artist") and Patricia Velasquez; masked Egyptian Goddesses/sex-kittens (Patricia is the Pharaoh's sex-slave). Rachel Weisz played Evelyn/Evy [EVE, see final snake photo], and Princess Nefertiti (two personalities; Patricia also played a modern day character too), daughter of Seti I (she wasn't in reality see link) in a past life [obvious use in programming, make victim think they're some famous mythological figure for further cementing the programming (i.e if you're creating a sex-kitten, you tell them they're Marilyn Monroe, or an ancient Goddess like Bast or whoever)]; Patricia as Anck-Su-Namen, this site has some interesting info [a woman from Ancient Egypt with a similar name, who was actually the daughter of Nefertiti].

Black Snake Moan ;p To confirm the phallic implication (aside from kissing it, as if that isn't enough), the British comedic actor crosses his legs half a second (felt very conscious to me) before the container the snake is in is opened.

Nothin' to see here... the cat next to Pat (she strokes it with her fingers) means nothing, feels like they were really 'letting the cat out of the bag' here ;) [note in link; the cat o' nine bondage whips used to traumatize slaves into submission (and also in modern day BDSM, by pedophile priests to make them feel less guilty, etc). These seemingly 'inexplicable' cat-related metaphors/proverbs/etc (there are quite a few, listed in the previous link; I include things like cat's having 9 lives [6/9 spin reversal important]) really originate from the MK usage; i.e 'let the cat out of the bag' = sex-kitten trigger (all triggers/MK phrases can just be used as a humorous way for those 'in the know' to discuss such things; many of which would seep into our every-day language over the years)]. From Sex-kitten, to (below) assassin... if there's one thing that remains a constant throughout human history it's male perversion (which is always made infinitly worse when you have power and wealth), variations of the modern day 'intelligence agencies' existed in ancient times (logically; Emperors need to keep power) and it also seems logical that delta-beta (sex kitten-assassin; not with the same names/modern day connotations) existed back then to seduce then kill (there is no more effective way, especially with the lack of technology back then) a rival ruler or whatever. I view this as just common sense; this is how women have been used in ancient history, and continue on to this day where the problem is much more wide-spread and severe, but much MUCH more hidden. This link goes into ancient espionage, obviously most of it is hidden though as it doesn't really go into women's role in it [obviously massive for my reasons stated previously, note MK'd Belle Boyd... she used seduction as a tool, and guess what she 'became' after the war, an actress].

Just before she ritualistically stabs herself in the stomach she says, as she is free from the Pharaoh's bondage/control: "My body is no longer his temple." This youtube video shows her scenes in it and explains how she changes due to all her killing and whatnot.

Ever thought about the word bastard? [Bastet; another version of the name sounding very close (especially in some accents saying the former, + don't think the pronunciation of the Egyptian is set in stone)] I think it might come from the Egyptian Cat God Bast [so typical that wikipedia completely ignores the sexual side of her, only calling her a Solar and War Goddess; both of which are also obviously important to. Another good link here, briefly mentioning the origins of the phrase 'sex kitten'; 'passion' (an older name for her being Pasch) and such things], as in the misogynistic system (by design); women who give birth to children who never meet/know their fathers were usually regarded as 'whores', many of them MK'd prostitutes [sex-kittens/Bast's; son of a Bast, Bastard] and such. Bast is specifically a God of Sex amongst many other things. Her father was the Sun god Ra (she is also a sun-god, most MK'd 'stars' are portrayed using sun symbolism/rituals, i.e. Steve Carell and many others I've shown in the past); she also became known as the Eye of Ra (another reason for seeing all seeing eyes with these MKittens), which you can see on the cat next to Patricia above. Alternatively, you can just buy this explanation (Bast coming from the French word for a backsaddle... "Travelers with romantic intention and opportunity may not have had a convenient bed nearby so the blankets and saddle would serve as bedding and pillow. Thus children who were not conceived in the marriage bed, were said to be conceived “on the bast” and were therefore bastards." I don't buy it myself, for obvious reasons; if you read the link it seems pretty tentative.)

Fanmade video, showing some more of the sun/moon/light symbolism and such. Admittedly I absolutely loved the first two Mummy [note all the M's/13's (u=21=777), with the M in the centre lit up on the posters] movies growing up, going back over some of my old dvd's is very interesting; it's like watching completely new movies [when you can pick out the symbolism/themes].

"In the Roman Empire Bast was viewed as the sexual partner of every God and Goddess..." She has a twin sister: "Twin sister of Sekhmet and creators/destroyers of time and space [dissociation/hypnosis/altered states]. See Cosmic orgasm. Bast was a goddess of Lower Egypt and Sekhmet was a goddess of Upper Egypt and joining the two goddesses mirrors the Pharaoh [the Pharaoh probably viewed his #1 mistress/sex-kitten as this combined Bast/Sekhmet]." Link '['usually always means my adds btw']'
A few Patricia Velasquez images for your perusal.

Vague hexagonal honeycomb body-paint (looks less so in close-ups), more fish-scaley.

Original Sin (invoking the serpent without it actually being there; apple, red, 'one eye hair', and 63: 666).

Butterflies on the mind ^^

Pat the Cat; she crawls like a kitten below. Obviously the leopard-print usage + cat prowl/crawl is conscious, she reminds me of a cat who has just heard a noise and looks back to see what it was.

This MCM's very first movie was the French film 'The Jaguar'...

In another movie she portrayed her S&M kitten alter, see short video below (+ she has sex with MK'd secret agent Christian Slater [My Own Worst Enemy] in another, I assume Mindhunters note below MK symbolic poster one eye and on alternate poster, fractured glass... I'm sure it would be a very interesting post going into Christian Slater's MK movies).

Obviously Weisz' movie career is absolutely loaded with MK; from the first one Death Machine dealing with A.I./robots, the second with MKeanu Reeves in Chain Reaction (wow, read the story; 'Bubble fusion' etc) where she plays a Dr. Lily [she would later again play a Lily in Confidence], and it goes on and on [just click on some of the movies; i.e Beautiful Creatures with her playing Petula (petal/flower, pet/animal) Susan Lynch playing Dorothy]... Constantine another blatant one (re-uniting with Keanu from her second movie; in the film Keanu cuts his wrist with a piece of shattered glass, obviously not one of the most symbolic scenes by any means), as well as The Fountain (the director Darren Aronofsky "is married" to her). She of course won an Oscar, which of course is Osiris/Oz to end where we started on Egypt.

Weisz is also apparently a model as she is represented by Independent (irony?) Models (the fact that she isn't really a model [major actors don't need modelling agencies, they are naturally put in magazines and such], further tells me that these 'modelling agencies' are nothing more than covers for organizing the global MK'd circuit).
Check out more of this "Disney Dream" portrait series by Annie Leibovitz here, including Beyonce as Alice, Scarlett as Cinderella, Gisele as Wendy and various others, very interesting... all perfectly innocent of course!!! She is Snow White above, with all the animals around her, specifcally touching the blue bird. But she was also the Little Mermaid in her Lux advert, see below.

Checker Chick, half face in the dark [duality on two levels].
Appearing very tranced in black/white stripes, signing an autograph [altered-state automatic writing? Probably would happen anyway though, most un-MK'd celebs would probably dissociate from the physical writing of it due to the constant repetition (paparazzi flashing lights, usually around the same area as the frenzied fans, also help this)].

More Leopard, from Vogue UK in 2006.

From her recent, October US Vogue shoot, note the masks, lion statues (on the left, and a smaller one on the right by twin pillars symbolism, all the birds, she is in red, her handler in black... And the money shot to finish ;p

I hope this has cured any post-Amy Winehouse anxiety, the previous blogpost may have caused ^^.


Devin said...

Benjamin-I haven't stopped by to say "hi" in a long time. You are great! I have linked your blog to my RSS feed-I hope you don't mind.
My blog is not along synchromystic lines it is more of a general poetry, writing, general conspiracy-actually a little bit of everything blog.
Best wishes to you as always!-Devin

Michael Skaggs said...


Aww man, I cannot wait to read this when I have more time, I've only skimmed it as I am so tired from work tonight, but you wrote about one of my favorite actresses..Rachel Weisz.
Loved that last pic of her wrapped in the phallic snake. ;)

Great work, will comment when I get a chance to dive into this!
Be well bro.

Anonymous said...

Patricia Velazquez, a real beauty, among others the ex-lover of SANDRA BERNAHRDT, but whats the use of it all? Check her out in BREAKING THE GIRL video of RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS and also another famous video of theirs, GIVE IT AWAY. A lot of sun symbolism/sacred bull/satan/gold.


Anonymous said...

The baby in the second to last photo is an owl- moloch etc.

Anonymous said...

Benjamin S said...

Thanks for comments.

Devin, thanks for the plug + kind words in your blog, your stuff there is very interesting. Cheers for dropping in.

Mike! Oh yes Weisz is one of my favourites too, though I haven't seen anything of hers since the Fountain [discounting Eragon where she voices a blue DRAGON called SAPHIRA]. I realized both she and Patricia were worth posting on; perfect that they were put together performing for the Pharaohs and such wearing masks.

Chris mate, on the ball as usual man, thanks a lot.

And anony, you are right, I wasn't 100% sure if the baby was supposed to be an owl or not, there was enough in that image worthy of noting though so left it, thanks for mentioning it. + final anony, kind of responded in a post so thanks again!

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