Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Cheetah Unleashed! They Like to Compartmentalize.

I just recently posted on the Cheetah Girls; in regards to standard Disney MK sex-kitten programming perversion in this post, then a few days later a couple of "leaked" images of her; nude, in provocative poses, posted above come out. The Cheetah Girls' creator Deborah Gregory; whose mother was "institutionalized" [AKA MK victim], she used to be a model, here she is pictured in leopard/cheetah print with the future Lion King Obama. Adrienne Bailon was the latest to go through this (with plenty more coming no doubt from her 'stolen' laptop; as part of her programming probably), like the forthcoming bird flu epidemic/pandemic; there is nothing accidental or organic about the 'Disney naked pics epidemic'.

The new Cheetah's above (think Adrienne is to the left; but obviously note the big butterfly on the middle one). Some of the older Cheetahs below.

Thought I'd write up a few things from the latest CSI and Heroes (easy posts to do, having just watched them a night or two before so don't have to go back through endless videos/images etc so these types of posts will probably be most common over the next couple of months); I'm not sure how interesting people find them but meh I write these things for my own benefit really, if people are interested then great. CSI this week was appealing to the darker side of the human psyche as it focused on BDSM with the return of the hot-mom from The OC 'Melinda Clarke' [MC Mind Control], Lady Heather who is a dominatrix. But before I start writing on the growing S&M underground and this CSI episode; some supportive (circumstantial; it all obviously is, we can never prove any of this) evidence for Melinda Clarke's MK'd existence as she is the daughter of a ballerina and an actor, her sister Heidi died of a 'malignant heart tumor'; her (doll) alter's name (maybe) is Mindy Clarke. But more than her spinning mother and personality shifting (for each role) father; she seems to be dressed up in leopard-print underwear a lot, to say the least... I'm sure it's just coincidence. ;p Lady Heather's first appearance was in the Slaves of Las Vegas [where we find out her daughter is called Zoe], then Lady Heather's Box, then Zoe (she still has a granddaughter though, called... Allison) is killed off in Pirates (skull and bones) of the Third Reich (more skull and bones connotations), then The Good, the Bad and the Dominatrix, and finally, the episode covered here called Leave Out All the Rest.
Just recently in her Chuck (MKTV CIA show; dude gets a brain chip etc, previously discussed in comments) performance she played a delta-beta (assassination-sex) slave, this is a type of slave often shown on TV these days; please check out the Dedroidify blog for a recent example of these specific slaves depicted in Prison Break. Anyway, the Russian delta-beta slave/'secret agent's codename is Black Widow and her real name is Sasha Banacheck; Barack Obama's ("Renegade") daughter Sasha's SS codename is "Rosebud" and Malia's is "Radiance" (light), Barack's wife Michelle ("Renaissance") apparently wore a 'Black Widow' spider dress at her husband's acceptance speech. In Chuck, to further confirm the beta-alter/sex-kitten, MC is dressed in a sexy leopard-print nightie used for seduction (I haven't seen it; I think Chuck has to seduce her or something; the episode is called 'Chuck Versus the Seduction'), then she pulls out her gun ready to kill (as delta-alter)... they are being very open about these types of slaves used in espionage (and others; used in that field for obvious reasons) it seems.

MC's sex-kitten suggestions don't end there as they were just as prevalent in The OC as the below image shows taken from it, again in leopard-print.

Standard eyes of an MK slave... speaking of MK'd eyes, did you see Heroes? How true was that to life! (with the MK'd wife of 'elite'/'illuminati' scumbag, having memories removed and implanted at her husband/handler's will etc [though this would in reality obviously be done by electroshocks and other methods of compartmentalizing the mind])

The episode opened with Hiro in an altered-state seeing what really happened in the past; nice one eye/checkerboard shot to begin with in the 'elite' family home [Angela first hears about Arthur trying to kill his own son, standing below an arch on the checkerboard then she runs to the kitchen and the below scenes occur].

This painting is consciously positioned so the head is never shown as they walk down the staircase to the checkerboard hallway, this to me was clear symbolism of their misogyny and control (women not being in control of their own heads); how women have been treated by 'them' since time immemorial.

Angela, most/if not all 'elite' wives are MK'd [I wonder if some "trophy wives" have been so dehumanized into actually thinking they are literally a trophy, which is very possible].

"He's my baby...", she tries in vein to stop him controlling her memories/thoughts.

It starts to (note change of facial expression/eyes from angry to a high suggestible confused/robot state) work, Arthur (the husband, below with some subliminal half face/split mind shots thrown in as this occurs) implanting the hypnotic suggestion [one way it would be done in reality; rather than literal telepathy], "It must be done" to stop her thinking about what "it" actually is; circumventing logical thought that would let her see what's really going on.

"It must be done", his hypnotic programming is successful (note 'the eyes'). In a later exchange with the below character she says, "I have no idea what you're talking about. I know he's working on a project, I don't remember the details right now but I'm sure it has to be done."

Malcolm McDowell is fucking everywhere at the minute (note butterfly); I'm pretty addicted to Fallout 3 at the moment and I'm just about sick of the guy [he was in Cat People and a bunch of other MKrap]. He has an interesting exchange with Angela as he feels sorry for her saying, "... all the times he's forced his thoughts, erased your memories. Each time leaves it's mark (fractured mind)... Do you want to live in blind obedience? Don't you want to know the truth?" Allowing Angela to get some revenge.

Finish Heroes with this hexagonal honeycomb tile that I've mentioned often in regards to MKTV/MKMovies with Belle (obviously there is a tonne of electroshock usage in this episode too) having been knocked down on it by Sylar (Gabrielle; son of Angela... lots of angel symbolism).

VeriZOn + black/white stripes + black/white/red + V shape.

I've no idea why CSI is so in sync [see previous CSI posts; other TV shows have been covered in the past too] with the themes I've written about over the past few months of this blogs life (actually, I have my theories); this weeks CSI:NY is just an orgy of shattered glass which I will not be posting on. And this weeks Las Vegas, starts with a faceless victim (facelessness/loss of self/identity in MK victims... this guy is a symbolic MK victim, more suggesting this later) who we come to realize is into BDSM and had been tied to the underside of the car, face down resulting in this facelessness.

To get into the dead guy's apartment Brass brutishly shatters the glass window, where they find various items including bondage equipment (including big cat skin handcuffs; symbolizing the mental imprisonment of 'sex-kittens')...

... and also Womens magazines (often posted the MK advertisements at this blog), note the O of WOMAN is over the MCM's one eye. This is also where they find the MK/occult symbolic LOWER LINX TRANCE CLUB leaflet.

As they entered the Lower (note the O solar-cross symbol, the VV W [666]) Linx (lynx = big cat, hence the misogynistic/objectifying women deodorant) TRANCE (...) Club we see the various entranced members dissociatively dancing to the slow, quite hypnotic (guitar drone, lyrics etc) Velvet Underground's 'Venus in Furs'. On the walls of this bondage club are interesting symbolic images which you never really get a clear shot of so have only capped the below one, and it's floor is very reflective.

Entranced dancers, note mirror floor, loads of people in purple, red lights etc. The below big poster things would be used in controlling what the victims/members of the club see in their dissociative trance.

As the CSI guy and 'Brass' persuade the typically ridiculously attractive dominatrix/Madam [of the brothel/S&M dungeon; note her symbolic wings (from the angel figure behind her)] to show them the back room, through a hidden door leading to a hidden room. As they enter this one of my personal favorites in music was playing as Portishead's (all the heads, Radio, Portis etc include lyrical mind fucks [i.e. Radiohead's In Limbo 'I spiral down... trapdoors that open...etc']/MK lyrics; my taste in music probably has a lot to do with my current way of thinking) We Carry On [read lyrics; 'choking my mind' etc], I think their song Magic Doors would have been more appropriate here. This is the room where they find the chopsticks that were used in 'electroplay' (tied to the tongue via elastic bands), more electroshock programming trauma symbolism [used in compartmentalizing memories specifically too].

Red lampshade, for some added 'Lynchness' in the hidden corridor [the hidden door and corridor symbolizes accessing another compartment of the mind where the BDSM alter 'lives'/is housed (in the below bondage room; where the door and corridor ultimately leads to, note the masked mannequin, chains, stirrup-type feet-rests for butterfly programming ((legs up in the butterfly position)) etc)].

Meanwhile; Gil Grissom is slowly on his way out of the show, to be replaced by Laurence Fishburne (Morpheus). He spends most of the episode talking to Lady Heather (after some pointless Sarah whinging) about the case, note she is positioned between twin pillars.
"Ian liked to compartmentalize... he kept his dark side locked in a trunk." DOUBLE-ENTENDRE ALERT! [Note the ruby ring, watches (controlling victim's sense of time; obviously all part of keeping them in a dissociatied/confused state) etc] Following this particular exchange between Gil and Heather, this rare close-up of the Luxor 'illuminati' pyramid is shown; showing who is primarily reponsible for all these victims and their totally fragmented/fractured/compartmentalized/split minds.

Lady Heather also accurately describes the mental state of these 'illuminati' (sexual) sadists who make up the majority of 'elite' society and, ultimately "they get off on the terror of their subjects"; people often say in regards to 9/11 etc, "why would they kill their own people, that makes no sense" but obviously that is not how they view us in the slightest (they lack any sort of empathy or anything like that due to centuries of inbreeding/multigenerational abuse), the war on terror is another creation of the 'elite's twisted minds designed to instill terror in the masses, traumatizing them, putting them in a state of shock and thus more easily controlled/dominated.

And on that, a little 9/11 sync from the faceless victim, as his last phonecall was done at 9.11 PM, and one before that at 9.11 AM too. And a personal synch, his drivers license (note the ram, horns) expires on my birthday 28th July ^^. There were a few other personal synchs in there which I certainly won't be going into, some of it was a little creepy. In the end, Grissom uses Lady Heather's services and they never find out who the sadistic killer is...

Little disclaimer on the the S&M scene follows; S&M does not = MK automatically of course, though I'm sure the master/slave dynamic comes straight from it and it's again getting us to think like 'they' do, I feel.
Obviously people are free to practise as much sadomasochism as they wish; there's nothing wrong with it occurring consensually (same with hypnosis'/altered states'/etc use in sex), though I do feel the whole master/slave dynamic comes directly from MK's routes (i.e sadistic kings/princes/shahs/religious leaders/etc inadvertantly discovering they could create submissive, totally obedient sex-slaves merely by subjecting them to trauma [fracturing their minds, I do not see any point in repeating how this MK works as I have already described it times before]; which is a win-win for them then!). It's also worth noting that, while there are thousands of free-thinking subs and doms/'masters' out there; MK victims and perpetrators are deeply saturated within that underground (growing exponentially) industry [it's a natural environment for them to work with their fragmented sex-slaves/kittens, for obvious reasons; their strange behavior would seem normal to that crowd]. One dodgy master/dominant who is seriously sadistic and is part of MK; who you might think is just taking things a little too far with no malicious intent, could permanently damage your mind and potentially turn you into a fully-fledged MK'd sex-kitten after a few repeat 'sessions' with said programmer. This is something I'd like to go further into in future posts on the sex-slave industry and a future blog dedicated to such adult themes.


aferrismoon said...

Have also checked out these type of progs - each week the story grows less visible while the 'high wierdness' filters in . The 'cops' see so much whacked out violence that they of course disassociate and invent more and more ludicrous reasons why a crime has been committed, only at the end, to be wholly outwitted by the even more ludicrous truth.

The cuts and images with the occassional 'odd' one liners turn these episodes into the kind of stuff Malcolm McDowell had to watch in Clockwork Orange.
Many homes watch TV very loudly on High-Def Widescreen Swimming Pool TVs, DIYMK.

In the last shot u got the guy called DEVLIN - this , I think, is the same word as Dublin and so means Black Pool.

Also in the SPOOKS episode with the Russian sub , a 9.11 appeared on a digital clock, with the MK'd in Russia British Spy.

The word verification = KINGRA - ???

Anonymous said...

"I have my theories..."

I´m sure you do :)

I´m always having experiences with personal and creepy synchs too!



Anonymous said...

With their "tax and spend" rhetoric the gods have effectively used the Republicans to transfer responsibility for the $14 trillion national debt to the Democrats.
Ronald Reagan spent the communist block into submission with defense buildup, and in the process increased the debt from $1 trillion in 1980 to $6 trillion when he left office.
W charged both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars to the national debt, honest numbers to come.
Recall Clinton ran a surpuls at the end of his Administration. Fueled by low petrolium prices, understand how the god's other tools were used to create this "revelry cycle", one which assures people have little motivation to pursue the path and repair their relationship with the gods, for contentment never motivated anyone.
As the gods used W to initiate the recession with deliberate legislation changes, ones which allowed the sub-prime fiasco and corporate irresponsibility which led to the multi-trillion dollar stimulous package, expect this wasn't the first Republican-led attempt or the beginning of the god's "reverse positioning" strategy designed to create an enviornment to motivate people. Much like the immigration issue, where the intent of the vocal masses contradicts the god's true intent of clue warning against coming to the US, many (most) conservatives and those capitalizing had alterior motivives to these eras of "deficit spending":::::
With legislation facilitating temptation to those who are in position the gods have created a trap, much like the tax code and other examples throughout the economy, which will be addressed in these individual's future lives, and fulfills the goals of motivation the gods have laid out for the peasantry:::The gods prey on the wealthy with temptation too.
These are FINE examples of steps the gods took to ensure a sufficiently deceptive environment as the masses began to understand the god's sytem and methodology. For those who would listen I was used to assist people to rapidly increase their understanding of this system. Unfortunate for me, the gods can claim they never intended this, despite being control freaks who guide everything specifically and have the power to force it with AI, and now they are free to fuck my brains out subsequently. Lucky me.

Those whom the gods wanted to have confidence in their relationship were told when to take their money and put it into real estate. After selling at the peak of the market,they were able to reinvest in the market at DJIA 6,000.
This is a big part of the scam we have recently witnessed. Expect this to be the way gangsters and those who "go along" steal in this modern era.
I do not want individuals such as this to learn from me. You wanted a bitch should have used JC.
If you had any worth you'd be killing all along now, no reincarnation. Fuck saving everyone for the Apocalypse.
Buttfucking gods. I hope they die.
"The Crucible" happened with Amy for a reason.

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