Monday, 4 May 2009

A Lott of Pixie Kitties

Meet Duffy 2.0, a new Pixie Kitty (Pixie Geldof being the other one on my radar) called Pixie Lott; aside from the name she started training at a very young age (5), they've had a few years to prep this kitten for big things and I think they may succeed depending (got the looks and the voice imo) on the followup single 'Gravity' (I don't expect this one 'Mama Do' to make huge waves). Anyway, before I show Pixie's video (at end); some more on Duffy who, as Vogue plainly states is a 'Soul Kitten', I have noted some of Duffy's previous kitten suggestions (checkerboard symbolism, drinking milk like a cat and such [in Mercy she constantly sings and dances in red shoes as she begs for mercy]) in previous posts; there's a reason why she's begging us for mercy (her explanation is the song is about 'sexual liberty'). From the same Vogue shoot we see an entirely coincidental porcelain cat + spinning record "I've been called the new Britney Spears. Like, what? I'm just me." HaHa HeHe HaHa Ho! (getit? [hint: seek Amy]) Note her black/white duality stripes, virtually all she ever wears.

Ellen's shoots are always interesting, her SPIN shoot with Duffy features some standard symbolism with her in red shoes + spinning washer, but the major theme employed here is black/white duality stripes (Ellen can't help but throw in a leopard-print it seems [on her handbag at the end]); which she was also dressed up in sparkly duality stripes by the Coca-Cola Company for her ad (above) I remember seeing at the Brits (also note her red collar [blood symbolic; decapitation/throat cut]). Everybody needs a fix of aspartame every once in a while.

In this one, Duffy is dressed in a purple dress and is actually referred to as 'A pixie'.

Rounding off Duffy's sex-kitten analysis; like the rest of them (Britney etc, see various posts like this 'Pink Panther' one) she also wore a sex-kitten pink wig.

I include the Geldof family's "Little Pixie" (her actual name) in a pink wig from the 'Pink Panthers' post (already linked).

The above image of Pixie Lott (from here; it is taken just before her Blond-Dollification they're currently seducing the masses with [below with fractured mirror ball ((disco ball))]), this press shot reminded me a lot of 'Brie Larson's album cover which also features a similar chalk-drawn cat (you can make out the cat ears + whiskers though the shape is actually more owl-like) on the wall (along with skull and bones and such), Pixie's with a pentagram + inverted ones, a face and such.

Her video 'Mama Do' goes through various stages, starting off with Pixie alone in her bed (the usual themes of dreams/dissociation) with lights on it, the bed is white and she is dressed in white also (purity/virginity) then two uninvited hands (red + dark blue) come into her bed and take her away to a basically sex-kitten fluffy/feathery white wonderland (as the extra kittens join the video over numerous mattresses stacked on top of eachoether [the mountains of kittens/sex-slaves they've got under control], they crawl like cats seductively).

The Red and Blue (opposite/polarizing colours; together make purple) drags her into an alternate reality (same as following white rabbit down rabbit hole into Wonderland, Cyclone taking Dorothy to Oz, etc).

Note her nails are painted in leopard-print (usual kitten suggestion [+suggestive of cats' 'claws']).

The line that was by far the most MK symbolic (especially considering recent posts; in particular Miley's Black Butterflies) goes: "Little black butterflies. Deep inside me." as we are shown fluttering black butterflies in her white alter-reality.

Here are the rest of the MK lyrics (usual themes of dissociation, helplessness and such):
Everynight I go
Everynight I go
Sneaking out the door
I lie a little more
Baby I’m helpless

Theres something ‘bout the night
And the way it hides all the things I like
Little black butterflies
Deep inside me

What would my mama do
If she knew ‘bout me and you?
What would my daddy say
If he saw me hurt this way?

Why should I feel ashamed?
Feeling guilty at the mention of your name
Here we are again
It’s nearly perfect

What would my mama do…..

All the things a girl should know
Are the things she can’t control
All the things a girl should know
Are the things she can’t control

What would my mama do…..

Continuing on in the video, the second phase of it is reached as the girls enter (through a locker) what appears to be a locker-room (implying some kind of training so programming) designed specifically for kittens, many of the girls have switched to leopard-print, the floor is leopard-print; don't forget Pixie's leopard-print fingernails too!

The next part essentially has them in what is styled like a French cathouse ([cathouse is a generic term used for brothels ((see 'Houses for Cats' post)), hint hint about what many prostitutes are ((MK victims/kittens/sex-slaves))] couldn't make out the other word in pink neon light, but the one on the right reads 'amour', French word for 'Love').

Showing more programming is the fact that each kitten gets her own mirror which they stare at, pose and such (major theme in programming kittens).

Then the men show up on motorbikes (Pixie is like a rabbit caught in headlights above), some suggestive violence between the sexes (all about creating division between the sexes [I view this 'clapping'/slapping as suggestive of domestic violence]).

The video then ends (showing it's all been dissociation) with one of the phantom gloved hands (dark blue; these gloves represent the handler/programmer/abuser I think) removing her sunglasses (she's been looking through a false perception/she is kept in the dark/etc)

She seems to be quite a talented doll (in comparison to most of the others) anyway, I've enjoyed her covers of things like The Strokes, expect them to give her more and more exposure over the course of this year. Murdoch's 'The Sun' tabloid has been pushing her lately and so has Murdoch's 'The Times' (pertinent quote below comes from that Times link with some more interesting info if you read onwards [her "media training", signed up at age 14, she is a 100% manufactured product, etc]):
Outside the post-Brits party at Claridge’s hotel, in London, an army of paparazzi is turning feral. A succession of limousines and people carriers disgorge their celebrity cargo and the flashbulbs ignite. One especially violent explosion occurs when a diminutive blonde is practically carried from her car and through the chaos by security guards. But it isn’t Duffy, the triple Brits winner. It is an 18-year-old from Essex, unknown for now, but who will, with luck, be wresting trophies from the competition in years to come. One of the best and most naturally gifted female singers this country has produced in years, Pixie Lott looks as if she was born for the part as the paps snap furiously. “I think,” she says drily, a few days after the awards, “they thought I was Lady GaGa.” Could she imagine getting used to the lenses? “I do quite like it,” she laughs. “You come out of some place and you’re almost blinded.”


toure said...

have you come to any conclusions about the pattern of pop stars and motorcycles? I read on another blog that the girl-on-motorcycle theme symbolizes the woman as a vehicle on one hand and the man-machine cyborg symbolism on the other. thoughts?

skrambo said...

Nice post. I'm guessing we're going to start seeing a lot more women dressing up in tacky-ass leopard print clothes and pink wigs, not having any idea what they're really representing. Most girls I've known think these aspects of the fashion world are the least appealing (and I always saw it as prostitute wear anyway), so I don't know who's actually falling for it besides those with the programming already firmly in place.

WV: Froth, lol

Kris said...

Again, Ben, great post.
Duffy posed on top of the washer with the red shoes reminded me of "Alex" (Jennifer Beals in a role she filmed just before heading to Yale) in that infamous total MK movie, Flashdance. Alex often wears red high heels, goes to the laundromat and afterwards enjoys watching some breakdancing (which she later performs herself as well of course). This film, even though it is over 25 years old is actually deserving of a long post just as you performed with "Cat People" because every scene is just so chock full of all different kinds of MK themes and imagery and because it had such an influence on popular culture that continues to this day. Even the main poster for the movie has Jennifer creating the Masonic "M" sign/mudra with her legs and arms.

Anonymous said...

Strong work, Ben! Interesting that Duffy's "Mercy" kept repeating "why don't you release me?" and many other MK-suggestive phrases. I must admit, not being super attractive, but having a certain sex appeal... but also a remarkable voice. She's definitely been groomed/programmed by her handlers. Anyways, thanks for bringing her to our attention (of course, we eventually would have un-occultified her after graduating the University of the Pseudo-Occult Media :)

Good stuff,

Anonymous said...

In the Pixie Lott video, at about the 6 - 7 second mark, do her eyelids flutter strangely, as if changing alters? I didn't see her eyelids blink this way in the rest of the video.

As always, great post and kudos to the author for his insight.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

hey i'm another anonymous. Just wanted to say i luv your blog and i hope even with whatever expansions your planning if you will still keep this type of comment thing open! this is the most user-frindly system i've used.
thanx & May God Bless You

Anonymous said...

Marilyn-ing again:


Anonymous said...

Hmm, Could DUFFY's name be a play on DUSTY springfield who was also a blue eyed british soul singer??

Ummm wow...they are SO original. NOT! They just recycle things that worked before. No coincidence there, I'm sure.

Just like the band Velvet Revolver (which combines Velevet Underground and Revolver the Beatle's famous album). And people buy into it without even knowing why.


Anonymous said...

Hey Ben, check out this backmasked copy of Marilyn Monroe's Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend.

You should post it just for interests sake. Its kind of creepy.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me where I can get the wedge converse Pixie is wearing in her video for 'Mamma do'?

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, Pixie Lott is not really a manufactured product, she writes all her own stuff. and dance routines she sort of does as well, but i see what you mean. Good work though! :)

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