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The Gilded Girl-My Living Doll: Julie Newmar

Before I take a short break from posting, one more post before I forget about this old show that really blew me away with the insanely obvious MK in it (I had a feeling it was drawn to my attention in the past by a commenter so looked back to check, she was one of the models in George Michael's 'Too Funky' video [wearing a catsuit] so you may have already looked this stuff up); the actress playing the 'living doll' [speaking of Living Dolls, I will be writing up the Dollhouse finale soon, v interesting to hear Roy Orbison's In Dreams near the start of a 100% MK episode!]/robot/stepford wife/etc "Rhoda the Robot" is Julie Newmar... who is more famous for later playing Catwoman (a standard role for MK'd Monarch kittens I've posted on many times before [i.e. Eartha Kitt and Halle Berry + many others in random fashion shoots and whatnot]).

She is one of many of the "elite"'s 'Slaves of Babylon' (note the Cyrus invoking, see her dancing in the film below [historically speaking her character is true to reality as it is a "dancer-assassin" ((seduction then assassination has always been the easiest way for political assassinations, this is another reason why programming sex-slaves (((delta-beta [assassin-sex] slaves in modern day CIA lingo))) that can be used in espionage is so important))]), it amazes me how no one seems to have put two and two together before... obviously there is a clear misogynistic mentality in Hollywood (which is an expression of the powers that be's mentality who control it and allow "pedophiles" [not really the right word] like Woody Allen/Polanski/etc to continue on without fear of reprimand) but it is far more serious and extreme than Hollywood simply being morally bankrupt (they use actual slaves as their puppet performers).

In her other MK/slavery suggestive role in "Serpent of the Nile" she played the 'Gilded Girl' who is painted in gold (also her 'freeze' [like a statue/mannequin/doll] programming until she is triggered to drop the chains, after her dance she is made to 'freeze' [the usual trigger word used to make a robotic victim be unable to move] again after picking up her chains and Mark Antony throws the gold coins Julie stands on [she is an object/possession; programmed sex-slaves are a somewhat rare commodity worth a lot ((like gold))] to the floor for the whipped slave-girls to get excited about ), unfortunately embedding is disabled for the video but I've pulled a few screen captures above to spell out what's going on here.
"Rhoda is an extremely sexy young woman living with womanizing Air Force shrink Bob McDonald. What Bob knows and the rest of the world does not is that Rhoda's real name is AF 709 [codenumbers given to Monarch slaves; AF stands for Air Force], and she is actually a sophisticated (yet naive) robot. Bob's job is to teach Rhoda how to be a "perfect" woman, and keep her identity secret from the world--especially lecherous neighbor Peter."

In the above scene 'Bob' tells the programmed robot Julie "You remember Mr...'s seven wives and the seven reasons he just couldn't stand them.." Julie responds in robot fashion (very much in fitting with trauma-based Monarch programming victims who are often programmed to have almost 'computer-like' memories [in certain alters]), Bob: "Now, I'm going to program you to act like each one of those seven irritating wives all rolled into one big bomb." (he is trying to get her out of a marriage proposal to the other guy in the scene) He then programs her with triggers for the numerous personalities which you can see at work above (touching nose/chin/etc). HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bear in mind the time this show was made, during the 60's when the "Monarch Project" was in full swing ([after WW2/Korean war] programming multiples with impunity! [the fact that this TV series was made shows just how interested they were in creating these Monarch programmed slaves which they had obviously been doing for years before the show came out] Julie was born in 1933, an extremely turbulent age where programming techniques were really stepped up and mastered [by people like Mengele in WW2], which were likely used on her).

Below is the first part of the pilot episode 'Boy Meets Girl', I don't think I need to screen capture much (just did the MK symbolic intro above) as it's all very self-explanatory if you understand MK/have been following this blog. It's quite disturbing the way they're getting the masses to be "in on the joke" (levelled at the dehumanized/objectified slave/victim) in a way as you hear the studio audience laughing at some really dark stuff ("She's not a human she's a robot" 'HRHRHRHRHRHR....' hilarity! why?!).

Below are the final two parts of the episode (this show is the origin of the famous phrase "Does not compute...", shown below) + a few other episodes (I may add relevant screen captures when I get the chance to watch them all [I'm sure it's as predictable in it's symbolism/themes as evidenced by her playing a ballerina in one of them as she was also a ballerina in reality, image from Julie's official site]).

The episode 'Beauty Contest', like MK'd Monarch models in reality the "robot" (dehumanized Monarch programmed slave) enters a beauty contest (she is extremely talented at playing the piano [slaves are nearly always made to learn instruments, to encourage creativity and other reasons]).

Last episode I'm embedding (props to ComedyGynoid for the vids) is 'Uninvited Guest' which has Julie's system malfunctioning and all sorts of hilarity ensues!

This image above from the show probably comes from the episode 'Dancing Doll', other MK episodes with MK themes (as you'd expect) include 'The Mannequin', 'Love Machine' and others.

She has been used suggestively in advertising (standard alcohol advertisement selling subliminal sex [gun/bottle phallus, hot female target], Smirnoff = double headed eagle also), sounding very robotic below.

She is still a functioning corporate kitten at age 75!

In the "trigger happy" show 'The Twilight Zone' she played Miss Devlin/the Devil for an episode (note the armless/headless statue behind her + that probably says PARIS). In Star Trek she played a pregnant Princess Eleen, and I've posted a few of her other movies' posters below with MK themes you can pick out (carousel/robot hand/prostitutes/etc)

Hollywood even made some sort of fucked up celebration of Julie Newmar called "To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything Julie Newmar!" where she played herself, containing the standard MK theme of androgyny [Wesley Snipes!? my brain hurts].

In Backlash: Oblivion 2 she played... "Miss Kitty", dressed appropriately ;) [note the guy's tall tophat] no idea what's going on there but I assume she's playing some kind of sex-slave related character (I think she plays a cathouse's ((brothel)) Madame ((which would make sense as Kitty Schmidt sometimes went by 'Miss Kitty'; this is a good example of what I was discussing earlier, how these kittens are used in espionage)) [who is often just a more mature sex-slaves ((this is well-known in the sex-trafficking industry, as it's much more easier/beneficial for a victim to be on the side of the handlers than the other victims)) handling the younger kittens]).

Here Julie Newmar in a child-like ballerina type alter (note voice/posture/mannerisms) is split into three parts in the standard saw MK magic trick (the victim thinks it is 100% real and is extremely traumatized by the confusing situation). I think it's done over a checkerboard floor though the video quality makes it difficult to see.

Video unrelated to Julie (though obviously related to her as she is also a living doll).


Anonymous said...

Julie Newmar ressembles MICK JAGGER (and others, lol) main kitty JERRY HALL...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

‘Today I’m Alice’: academic victim of child abuse with split
personality pens autobiography and wins over £400,000

jerry_beck said...

yeah, i have also wondered WTF purpose had movie To Wong Foo...everybody response then was that was lame, sick joke, i remember i rented this as a teen and i was shocked (guy in a videostore said i has Swayze, Snipes so i assumed it was some action fun movie lol) i think this movie would be celebrated at the Oscars and Globes...and that was only 10 years...beside Newmar, also a cameo from presidential slave Naomi Campbell...

great find with Newmar, when was beginning of this, i mean Mengele or it was earlier?

PS: another movie suggestion Hardcore with George C.Scott ( - Scott's daughter caught up in a world of underground pornography

Anonymous said...

Robots in the lab. Honestly it makes me sick:


Michael Skaggs said...

Brilliant work Ben!

Outstanding. Peace bro!

Anonymous said...

Interestingly her character in the Living Doll is called 709 and in one of the Star Trek series there was a half-human half-robot character called 7 of 9.

The Living Doll takes on a creepier aspect when compared to the 80s sitcom Small Wonder. The robot is a little girl.

Anonymous said...

You are very skilled at spotting these symbols in the media. There is no doubt that something's up with alla this sh**.

I am guessing you have heavily studied the work(s) of Fritz Springmeier (you provide a link to his book with Cisco Wheeler). IMO Fritz is a misinformer. Please see the following article:

You may think this is character assassination, but Fritz discredits himself in his own work with a lie - he states that marijuana IMPEDES dissociation (in chapter 3 of his book). This is a lie, anyone who's smoked it should know this. The cliche 'pot-head' is someone unambitious, because people dissociate on the drug and tend to do... nothing much! But if you need more proof, see this article:

"Cannabis intoxification has been implicated in the manifestation
of dissociation. Marijuana has been found to affect
short-term memory in clinical participants (Schwartz, 1991).
Not only is there an immediate decrement in short-term memory,
but this recent memory decrement can have more long-term effects.

[in a study] Stillman et al. found that participants recalled material better when they were in the same marijuana drug state as when they learned the material than if they learned the material in a marijuana-intoxicated state and then tried to recall it in a
sober state. They observed that state-dependent recall phenomena with marijuana intoxification has been demonstrated as well with other drugs, including alcohol, stimulants, and barbiturates."

Meaning that a person with MPD/DID who learns information or a skill while in a pot-smoking "high" personality, their "sober" identity will not recall it. So it is linked to dissociation, recall and amnesia walls.

So why did Fritz lie? In the first article I referred to above, he was busted for being linked with the Army Of God, a militant, right-wing group violently apposed to abortion. In one of the raids they found 50 marijuana plants, weapons, ammonium nitrate and fuel oil.

My guess is that MC slaves running to him for help would be deceptively offered pot as part of the 'therapy' since it 'impedes dissociation' (lol) and continue to be handled by Fritz, never breaking free.

And if what he said in his book is true about many of the babies needed in their sick MC tactics come from adoption clinics, it's no wonder as a programmer that he'd be secretly involved with a militant group bent on preventing women having the right to abort (many of these women, without abortion as an option, would end up giving their children away to these adoption agencies).

What is really going on here? How much of what 'Fritz Springmeier" (not his real name - he's had at least 7 different alias and has legally changed his name) is true? Maybe these people really can be helped, but the programmers would like us to think not. Or maybe they just don't want their true identities leaking out when one of these 'slaves' breaks loose and seeks help.

About his name: "Fritz was the name Josef Mengele used while hiding out in South America. "Spring" in occult lingo means new. Meier may be a derivative of the German word meister, which means master. Hence; the new master in the likeness of Josef Mengele."

Benjamin S said...

You need a joint ;)

Benjamin S said...

In all seriousness though, I did read that article against Springmeier a few years back when first getting into his stuff (don't remember everything but I think I viewed the Christian writing it as being taken in by the court's/police's side [the whole "White Separatist Group" just sounded so clich├ęd and the standard set-up along with all the myriad of illegal stuff allegedly found]; which considering what he was writing about it would be logical to set him up in this way I suspect).

All I can say is don't focus so much on the personalities producing this info, focus on the actual material/info; many of them are probably slaves/programmers/handlers (I'm quite frankly very surprised there have been any first hand accounts of these mind-controlled slaves due to their mental state and obviously the programmers would never talk [except potentially through things like Illuminati Formula; if Fritz is one]), you have to use your intuition to take from them what is legit information and what is probably misinfo; I doubt his quick remarks about marijuana impeding mind control (he hardly goes out of his way to praise Marijuana's wonderous deprogramming properties... if he did I might agree with you, he does not say Marijuana stops dissociation; there are far better drugs for dissociation and putting someone in a mild trance) is any conscious misinfo on his part (most drugs have mild dissociative properties as they're invariably used but the individual to dissociate from reality [obviously there are far more effective ones than marijuana ((everyone knows that it can cause short term memory loss but why use something that would probably not work in most cases [there are far more effective methods of compartmentalizing memories/controlling what each alter learns/knows etc])) so I'm not sure why the obsession with that drug in particular ((you're suggesting this because he says in his book and because they allegedly found lots of marijuana plants)), while your idea on how Fritz may have used it, if extremely speculative does make sense, again though there are much easier ways of doing just that with other drugs/traumas]).

Thanks for your comment, very interesting to me personally as I have [probably shouldn't mention this in fear of backlash but mehh] smoked a lot of marijuana in my time as a teenager admittedly (I am 20 now btw), and I understand perfectly what the study is saying about only remembering/realizing/recognizing certain things when under the influence of it (I actually feel it has helped me make some of these connections through watching the media in this mental state, though that could always just be the paranoid schizophrenia kicking in ;p [may get into some more personal stuff later in the future, i.e. my grandfather who died last year ((Peter Morgan, the Singleton name comes from my dad's side)) was a psychiatrist/hypnotherapist ((so I've been been exposed to the idea of hypnosis/MK from a young age, I can remember being shown a pendulum and being interested in it; don't think I was ever hypnotized however)) and my family received an interesting cat sculpture from his estate ((planning on taking a symbolic photo with it, so I may elaborate on this stuff then [+ there is some stuff I will probably never bring up])); this was during the period when I was focusing a lot on that exact kind of feline symbolism, at the funeral there was a very interesting pyramid Freemasonic gravestone ((the only one remotely interesting [pentagram/C&S/etc] in an ocean of Christian monotony)), so last year after starting this blog has been an interesting personal "synchronistic" experience)].

All the best (+thanks for your other great comments all).

Michael Skaggs said...

Wow, that personal story was amazing Ben! Thanks for sharing that. Your wiser than your numerical years show, great work here.

I still follow your blog everytime I get the chance!!

Be well bro!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing Ben! I just want to share my valid experiences with marijuana.. in fact, it's the opposite of what's being said here.

Quite by accident I found that (in my early 30's) when I had experimented with "mary jane" it actually brought back unfinished memories of possible abuse. As seemed to open up a portal to a memory that I could not fully remember being sober. It's like a hallway with a door at the end. Under the influence, I was able to open the door and "see the rest". This has happened on 2 occasions that brought back at least one memory from about age 3 yrs.

Also, do not forget the shamanic use of various plant medicines used by our ancient elders carried down to present. They have a unique way of helping us connect spiritually and to other realms, memories, mysteries and other cool things to help us HEAL.

Here's a link to an article which is channeled information from Archangel Metatron, in which he explains the role of PLANT JOURNEYS in our spiritual progression... yes, from the DIVINE point of view (and some of it sounds scientific)...sure, some are going to think this is new age fluff, so just use your own discernment, as with ANYTHING:

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