Sunday, 3 May 2009

A Rumorous Night for Monarch Butterflies

Things are getting interesting (if slightly predictable and tedious ;p)! Heidi Klum hosted a "Rumorous Night" event for her new phone by LG, with multi-coloured monarch butterflies as it's main design. Which totally non-occult/MK design will you choose, The Eye? Leopard-print? (see official site) or perhaps the most promoted style, Butterflies? (most are monarch butterflies specifically by the way in the above image; there are different types of butterfly also) The most interesting attendee was Christina Aguilera who showed up in usual symbolic style wearing a huge skull and bones on her back, which obviously has no sinister overtones or anything to do with secret societies (it is pretty much the same design as the Yale one) or anything of that nature; certainly not more suggestive that she is a programmed Disney slave for the powers that be to use on the masses (symbol for death/poison), employing all the tricks of the trade they "learned" (programmed) at the Mickey Mouse Club way back when. Anyway, thanks to a comment in the 'Collecting Butterflies' post for the image (print ad for the phone, looks the same as the one I pulled off their site; did not expect there to be an event for it though). I did a post on LG randomly a while back by the way (it's a subliminal one eyed face yes? see post for more detail).

Probably fill out this post with some more images of Klum later (note Christina's ruby slippers; her scarf is also duality symbolic [black and white squares over grey]).

Two from the new generation of Disney Monarch slaves showed up in the form of Ashley Tisdale (above) and Vanessa Hudgens (below).

Something that I was not aware of, Jennifer Love Hewitt is also a Disney slave (got her break on the Disney show KIDS INCORPORATED); I found this to be interesting, Diana (remember 'Diana' is a species of butterfly [also, as far as I am concerned 'Satanic Ritual Abuse' is a miniscule fraction of MK; of course there would be the odd pedophile occultist abusing children in a ritualistic manner that could be construed as "Satanism"; but I think the reason it is promoted so much is to discredit the whole of MK... everyone knows 'SRA and mind control' are not real and are purely the result of a 'moral panic'. Most mind control cults ((i.e. Children of God)) have nothing to do with Satanism and most MK victims are abused by certain individuals ((stepfather or whoever)) and then trafficked/sold into total MK slavery, I view 'SRA' as conscious misdirection by the powers that be. ((not that tptb aren't heavily into the occult, they obviously are if you have your eyes open; but I think they confuse what mind control is and how widespread it is by constantly focusing on "Satanic" ritual abuse))]) Napolis: "Napolis accused Hewitt, along with director Spielberg, of controlling her thoughts through "cybertronic" technology and being part of a Satanic conspiracy against her." [really....?! seems she was put out there to discredit mind control as a whole]


toure said...

I've been doin a lot of thinking about all the Satanist talk thrown around whenever I view someone's blog or vid on programming. It makes perfect sense that Satanism would be thrown into leaked information purposely as a red herring; if we dismiss it as evil, there's no need to find out why it's happening. It's just evil. Plus, Satanism fits right in with the general fear-mongering that fuels "Us-versus-Them" movements.

Nice work.

I'll be referencing your stuff once again in an upcoming post...

skrambo said...

Personally, (and I seem to say this every time I comment) I don't know how anyone could view this stuff as being anything but pure evil, but I also don't necessarily want to categorize it as solely the work of Satanism. I feel I already know why it's being done, that much is obvious (what more explanation is needed than the mass control of human minds?). If it were to be exposed, the illusion would be presented that it was stopped, while underground it would continue to happen, and probably thrive even more from the attention.

I'm tired of the "us vs. them" thing as well, but we do need to keep in mind that these are not people with good intentions carrying this stuff out... The ritual aspect of it makes me think it is organizations far more powerful than your average Church of Satan making sure the triggers are in plain sight at all times.

jerry_beck said...

I recently watched TRAINING DAY and in one scene in Macy's Gray apartment there are some interesting things (lepard figures, pillows,lamps with zebra pattern) which makes me think obvious, that Macy is MK which also makes perfect sense, from her bizarre behaviour

Also did anybody remember Baywatch teenager Jeremy Jackson, now drug addict, alkohol abuser, pretty messed up man. As i'm avid CD collector i came across his cd, look at the photo from the inside
he doesnt look happy here

Author: Please publish comments feed, i would love to keep track of that postings, as they are as interesting as blog entries.

Anonymous said...

What a lot of you don't realize, is that many major label artists, don't have much control of their music or the videos being produced for their song. Most of them also have stylists who give them what to wear.

So what your seeing could just be symbolism used by their handlers(stylists / directors / producers / managers / etc..) that they have no clue about.

There are many people who also enjoy butterflies, leopard print, zebra print and other animal and tribal related designs. To think all of these people are mind controlled drones, is rather ludicrous.

When I was younger I loved butterflies, and nothing weird was going on in my life. I also enjoy zebra print and leopard print.
These posts are fascinating, but their highly speculative, and on the verge of paranoia to the extreme.

Benjamin S said...

I think everyone realizes that... I would hope they do anyway. Part of the problem is that people don't realize that, just how little control these artists actually have over anything (they actually think Rihanna wrote/was the creative artist behind 'Disturbia' [that Britney created all her suggestive songs (("hit me baby one more time" etc; suggestive abuse dressed as a school girl.. nice.)) etc] and have probably never questioned who is putting all the predictable symbolism in her videos). If you've listened to my Red Ice interview or read my stuff you should know that I am fully aware that these 'artists/etc' have virtually no control over their material, their outfits for staged paparazzi "candids" and outfits for events are of course picked by their handlers (stylists/managers/etc; this has kind of been my whole point by showing it over and over, not sure how you missed it)...

You seem to have summed up exactly what most of this blog is about; these people are puppets (of course they have no clue about the symbolism they are told to wear or the deeper meaning behind their videos and such) to be dressed up like Barbie dolls (and posed specifically [i.e. horns hand signal/ sexually suggestive poses (both favoured by Miley Cyrus' handlers as I've shown her doing these poses often)] by photographers/directors) and used by the powers that be that run the media who are clearly obsessed with all this symbolism as it is repeated so often (whether the media pawns shown in my posts are fully blown "mind controlled drones" [(I'm assuming you have a working knowledge of the many levels of MK; the various levels of psychological manipulation) some definitely are/were, i.e. Anna Nicole Smith] or not they are still "mind controlled" in the sense that everything they do in the public is controlled by their corporate handlers [it's obviously impossible to know the level of MK each individual has (i.e. just told what to do by their managers/stylists/photographers; having gone through no abuse or anything and lives a happy life in wealth and luxury, or the highest level of MK ((i.e. Anna Nicole/Britney)) programmed multiple slaves ((abused/programmed from birth and sold into corporate slavery))])... you've stated the obvious point behind most of my blog, do you really think I thought that these artists were putting all the symbolism in their videos themselves, Christina herself chose to wear ruby coloured heels + a big Yale-like Skull and Bones on her back?, and little Miley Cyrus was putting Monarch butterflies on her head and dressing up in black/white butterfly dresses and the tonne of other stuff her handlers working for Disney has has put her in? And of course I've also said before that there is nothing wrong/significant with liking leopard print/butterflies or any of the imagery I post in my blog (I know family and friends who also enjoy them, obviously they aren't mind controlled drones... you really just have to use some common sense, obviously it is ludicrous [and I've clearly never suggested this] that everyone who wears butterflies/leopard-print/zebra/duality/checkerboard/skullandbones/etc is a "mind controlled drone"); it is all about the context in which it is used by the media (which I've done my best to sum up in posts on the respective victims and tried to cement the meaning behind all these butterflies recently with posts like 'collecting butterflies'), and it's all pretty obvious if you've done your homework (if you haven't then obviously it's all just isolated imagery with no deeper meaning/symbolism so it's all "highly speculative, and on the verge of paranoia to the extreme.") I get where you're saying (and that a lot are probably coming from the same perspective when they read my stuff) though I'm not sure how you came to the conclusion I was saying that these slaves were the ones putting the symbolism/themes into their own works... the whole point of this is that they have little to no control obviously (again, whatever level of MK the 'star' is under we can only speculate on, so I try not to and just show what they are made to wear/the symbolism put in their videos/movies/tv shows/print ads/etc)[if I call them a 'Disney slave' or whatever I'm not even definitively saying they are high level MK'd multiples].

Cheers for your comment though, it was worth responding to I feel, hopefully my long-winded response clarified a few things if you can follow my writing style, and I'm glad you find this stuff interesting.

Not related to yourself but I have a feeling I'm about to come under attack from trolls (just got one in the Sandra Cantu post "YOUR A SICKO!", though I can understand that reaction to my stuff also) so may get worse at responding (more likely to respond to email; I don't see any point responding to scared/ignorant trolls who aren't willing to look into dark places and would rather live in blissful ignorance, but genuine comments I will try to, such as the above I think).

Anyway, thanks toure and tommy, great insights and same to jerry, wow nice find on the Jeremy Jackson checkerboard and on Training Day, Macy Gray's personality certainly gives the appearance of her being MK'd cheers for the screencaps with the standard stuff (her bathroom in real life is covered in leopard-print she's been quoted as saying).

Ioana said...

for that type of people who think this is paranoic bullshit, just see this movie about what MK is. Then think it over.
Everything you see here written about everything is true, no coincidences, no accidents.

Mind Kontrol

Anonymous said...

new video by country pop sensation taylor swift, has a monarch butterfly above her bed in the staged room. Interesting...

Anonymous said...

Also... Benjamin thanks for the long post. It did clarify a lot of things for me.

I just wonder still what exactly does all the symbolism and Mk-Ultra stuff do to our minds? When we see these butterflies, and other symbolism, what is their purpose exactly? Is it to send signals out to different people?

Anonymous said...

All these symbolism and pictures might prepare the folks slowly for something worse on the way in the near (?) future. To make the abnormal look like the sane, and the sane like beyond stupid. The purpose could be to influence people's subconscious so heavily, that they r not even aware of awful things happening around them. A masses brainwash to build Satans empire on earth. Just a thought ..

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