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Dark Duality Twins: The Secret Life of The Veronicas

I recently came across these identical twins from Oz so did my usual research into their past photoshoots and album covers etc (props to the obsessive fansites) and found exactly what I expected, a load of duality symbolism and the usual. They are Jessica and Lisa Origliasso, who are better known as 'The Veronicas' (the name is apparently based on a line from the film with MK'd Winona Ryder [playing Veronica] and Christian Slater 'Heathers'). Twins are symbolic of duality (for obvious reasons especially identical ones, there are two of them and are the same [like K/11 mirror symbolism]; "which means we were one egg which split into two... so we were actually one person") and twins are particularly useful to programmers throughout history as they share the exact same dna/genes (and it is known that identical twins often can have an almost 'telepathic' connection to the other and perhaps other 'psychic' potential which can be manifested/encouraged through various programming methods) and other attributes unique to identical twins (note below one of the twins' hexagonal optical illusion duality dress). Here is an image (+ more the Cybergirl break and generally throughout the post [the first image is very MK symbolic btw, in the positioning of the twins' faces; one in profile blocking out half of the other one's face, there is a somewhat similar example in the images in Illuminati Formula Deeper Insights, see here]) showing the conscious use of duality symbolism with these twins (logic suggests that all these layers of duality are beyond coincidence). Identical twins are also excellent for programming as you could easily confuse which twin is which (similar method/effect to the creation of alters using mirrors), genuinely making them not know which twin they actually are (through drugs/confusion/trauma/etc from an early age [loss of identity/sense of self is hugely important to MK]) is certainly possible (you often hear of identical twins joking about how they would pretend to be the other twin but it would be extremely traumatic to genuinely not know which twin you actually are, and 'swap personalities' at will when triggered [it is all obviously much more complex than that which ties into what I write below on twins]).

[More suggestive official merchandise further down]

So these twins from Oz (Brisbane) seem MK'd; their very early start in the industry also suggests this, they have been working in show business since 5 years old and were born in 1984 on Christmas Day (to me this sounds a lot like an organized ritual MK birth [born on Winter Solstice, twins and such]), in their earlier days they performed recurring roles in an Ozzie tv show called 'Cybergirl' (so you know it is MK immediately [confirmed by the trailer's 'one eye' opening and such]; the themes in the show [replicants/secret identity/super-powers/etc] also fit) about:

"Cybergirl is a superheroine living under the secret identity of ordinary teenage girl Ashley Campbell. In reality, she is a "Cyber Replicant" from a distant planet.

Her powers include super-human strength, super-human speed, and the ability to interface directly with electronic devices and computers; she is also able to physically change her appearance between that of the blue-haired, ethereal-looking Cybergirl and the less conspicuous, mousy-haired Ashley, and can alter her clothing at will.

She was originally known as the Cyber Replicant Human Prototype 6000, the only one of her model to be built. Not only are her powers far and above that of earlier models, she has a much wider emotional scope than her predecessors. She ran away from her planet of origin in order to explore the beings she was modeled after, namely humans." In it, the twins (pictured in it above) played 'Sapphire' and 'Emerald' (this show will have certainly played into their programming), daughters of the Mayor who are huge fans of 'Cybergirl' but shun Cybergirl's real identity at school (all very Hannah Montana-esque).

They should have spelled 'Veronicas' with a k.

[Spot the cats below! (there are more than you think; note wrists + pin on front)]

Here we see the twins pictured with the seal of the President of the United States pin, perhaps an overt suggestion that they are 'presidential model' Monarch programmed sex-slaves.

Obviously the most well-known example of programming/experimenting on twins is Josef Mengele in Nazi Germany (and then onto South America, then on into the good ol' USofA) whose genetic and programming (all the "random/unnecessary/weird" traumas) experiments (the purpose of which he was extremely secretive of [it couldn't come out that it was MK programming as all sides wanted the benefits of "Uncle Mengele"'s research]) experiments focused a lot on twins (here is a mainstream article detailing some of this fact [outlines that he was secretive behind the purpose of his experiments and what some of the twin victims went through; a lot of this is layed out in Illuminati Formula, Whale has a good page on Mengele also]). Mengele's (AKA Dr Green/Greenbaum/etc/etc) most famous quote related to dissociation and the horrors of his human experimentation: "The more we do to you, the less you seem to believe we are doing it." [particularly relevant to today's world I feel (they got away with blowing up the twin towers ((and tonnes more)) ffs, 9/11 was all part of this same 11/mirror/duality symbolism/ritual by the way which I went into in this post)]

In their videos duality is also symbolized as in one of them (image above) they both have a black/white striped shield/badge and also black/white hair.

The below photo was used as the image for their single "Take Me On The Floor", with it's Katy Perry-esque sexually suggestive lyrics and lesbiam imagery in the video; has flamingos (pink long-legged creatures, in Disney's Wonderland and such) a big mirror and others (flowers, pink bed cover etc). The twins have worked with likes of Max Martin (posted a lot of in the big Britney posts), Clif Magnuss (worked with Avril Lavigne, who has an insane amount of this symbolism all over her stuff), Billy Steinberg (Madonna's Like a Virgin etc) and a bunch of others in the industry who created 50 tracks for them.

So this symbolism certainly suggests they are under the same corporate control as all the other media kittens which you can tell from the similar symbolism I have shown. I'm sure most people saw the MTV eye in a triangle a few years back (I've posted the youtube mtv video with the dramatic music before also); isn't it fitting that the Oz MTV awards would have that? This clear illuminist/freemasonic (it is blue, so more freemasonic) symbolism I think is essentially telling the masses that 'they' are in control (hence the skeletal arms coming out of the eye in a pyramid, and it is producing a speech bubble with MTV in it); I liken this type of 'in your face' symbolism to a sociopathic serial killer intentionally leaving behind clues at a crime scene (they think they can get away with it, gives them a perverse thrill/sense of power; but I think subconsciously they may actually want to get 'caught').

The following Oz MTV Awards also had pyramid symbolism (black triangles), note one of the twins' cat-ears (a common theme throughout the post; they often perform wearing cat-ears as was the case at these awards).

Of course they are also MTV butterflies/angels, reading from their bible/programming script below (note hair alteration black/white duality).

Some more Veronicas shots here (skull and bones [one eyed], leopard etc].

They have the usual array of symbolic tattoos used to mark slaves, including suggestive ones made for a handler "My blood is red for you" on like a glass/fragmented-type heart thing, "Pure"...

Twin/Mirrored Bluebirds... pin-up girls with "Forever and a Day" written on paper entwining (snake/phallic symbolism) the girl. And some others.

It's all painfully predictable (there is a reason why it's all so formulaic [MK follows a specific formula in terms of it's programming ((it always goes without saying that these symbols are often used triggers))]), but they are also Barbie Dolls... (see top video where they each bite the head off a barbie also)

...And Monarch Dolls!

Three Little Kittens (Demi [=half, posted about on Demi Moore] Lovato Disney slave in the centre, daughter of a 'Diana' butterfly 'Diana Hart' + a country music artist).

Note the Mona Lisa with her face blocked out (and "Animals Australia" has dual meaning).

Click your heels together 3 times together and repeat after me, there's no place like home (ruby slippers above [there are tonnes more I haven't pictured]; also note the tiger print).

More skull and bones (blue on the black/white striped duality socks), ruby slippers on the other one + they're handcuffed (lots of stuff in various pictures that I haven't mentioned).

The twins have been put with the usual crowd in staged events, they toured with the Jonas Brothers, done stuff with Miley and Zac Effron, many other Disney slaves/media kittens (pictured Demi Lovato further up) and insanely obvious androgynous Myspace male kitten Jeffree Star (check out his images, you'd be hard pressed finding one without pink hair and with some kind of kitten suggestion [i.e. below pink tiger; borrowed from Lena Headey ;p ((scroll to end)), he's usually pictured in Hello Kitty however... thinking of doing a post on some of these "scene teen queens"]).

Like many of the young Disney slaves (Miley's Hello Kitty one pictured above [for the sex-kitten emphasis, originally posted here], Ashley Tisdale and Katy Perry are with them above, and speaking of masked kitty kats here is the obligatory sex-kitten mask + ears on the other twin below), one of the twins, Jess also had some "leaked" photographs which in the interest of being thorough I've posted below.

The latest leaked image of Jess Origliasso even has the checkerboard floor in shot (the above shot is obviously her, her management have plausible deniability as the top of her face is out of shot).

Let's see what products these twins are being made to sell to the kids; some I've already posted further up such as the duality checkerboard 'Girlz Only' sexually suggestive 'do not disturb' door handle sign, which goes with the bed cover set (note black/white/red colours, birds, the meaning of the word 'love' has long been being chipped away at [soon it will be meaningless]).

Kittens as you'd expect feature on their clothes, and skull and bones and whatnot.

Note the butterfly (+ usual stuff) below on the red/white striped top.

More suitable clothing for little girls, the below right black/white (black/white/red is a very symbolic colour scheme used by the Nazis, Murdoch's Fox News and such [I posted a lot on this in one of my earlier postings on the film 'The Bank Job']) striped dress has a red kitty-cat head pin on it.

These two images from their Harper's Bazaar Magazine shoot, the twins both illustrating wonderfully two of the most commonly used ritual poses in photoshoots/music videos/etc (one eye covered/circled, all about the one eye emphasis [also note her subliminal eye ring above]; I'm not really sure about the 666 thing but it makes sense too obviously [shaped like the #6 with the 3 fingers separated ontop signifying there are 3 so 666; also note the big letter F=6]).

The twins partying with Mickey (note one twin in black one in white, duality), some lovely imagery below too! (in particular, Bambie!)

Anyway, I'll finish with this image from 'WHO Magazine' in Oz, portraying them as black angels in black latex catsuits and ballet fetish shoes; note the skull too and the twins' head-pieces [a black ship on one, looks like a skeleton on the other or something] (anyone knows of an HQ version of this please let me know).

The video that drew my attention to these twins was their 'Untouched' video with some interesting imagery; though they could have included a lot more. Essentially showing a party (is the undercurrent anyway, shown by the aimless walking around/tranced looking people, one masked girl and some in veils etc), the twins are seducing/kissing some guy on a bench (one disappears into thin air, their identity is confused; the guy doesn't know which one he is with etc), the statues; probably most symbolic/ritualistic looking is one of the twins' twin (one on each hand) big black hexagon ring and the wrist-cuffs (on both hands, slave-invoking) interlocking Chanel C's (interlocking rings [their fingers are interlocked/connected like the C's]/chains/mental prison symbolism, also duality) on the other. The band are somewhat symbolic also with one guitarist in a top hat and the drummer playing a black/white duality drum kit.


skrambo said...

Amazing work, Ben... The "V" shape is a symbol that has been going around lately, as seen in the electrical tape in a V shape on one of their bodies. Michael Tsarion has pointed out that making a V shape with two fingers is a sign of a 33rd degree mason (with three segments on each finger making 3 3), and even the "goat horns" so many people seem to enjoy making. V is also the 22nd letter of the alphabet, 11+11. The "serial killer leaving behind clues" thing is really accurate, especially when applied to the "Cybergirls" trailer...

Anonymous said...

Ah, Heathers! May as well call them the Vaginas, but the public isn't "quite" ready for that yet. Guess the next best thing to an mk'd mom/daughter team is two twins. We'll ask Hugo Hefner. For what it's worth, they do look a bit Jewish.

Good work as usual. What do you mean by "done stuff with Zack and Miley?" :-)

Anonymous said...

Yeah and The Veronicas have NOOOOOOOO idea what any of it means.

Ludacris also has no idea what any of the symbolism on the installation behind him means. You know, since he's black. And a rapper and dumb, and can't put two and two together. He just does what he's told, without questioning anything, because blacks were slaves so they're Mk'd. Right. Please...get real. I'm not saying he isn't i'm saying most of these people know what they're doing.

They might not think it's "pure evil" as someone else said on another post, but they know they are dealing with the dark side of things for a purpose.

These people are not as dumb as you think. Everyone is getting something.

Anonymous said...

"you often hear of identical twins joking about how they would pretend to be the other twin.."

YES, to play with and confuse OTHER people, not themselves.

Benjamin S said...

11.03 that is exactly what I meant... as we've all seen them doing it to mess with friends and such on TV (I assumed people would know this was what I was referring to when I said "you often hear of identical twins joking about how they would pretend to be the other twin", didn't think I had to add to that "to trick friends as part a game"), apologiez if that wasn't obvious from my wording (I was just using it; an example that everyone knows about of twins using 'confused identities', as context [but this obviously confused you; apologiez for that, I perhaps could have been clearer in my wording though I still think it should be easy enough to understand] for the very possible extreme [instead of just pretending to other people as part of a joke/game] in MK programming of the identical twins being constantly confused about which twin they actually are [i.e. the parents/programmer/handler confusing their names constantly on purpose and lots of other countless techniques to make them lose their sense of self/identity, creating the empty shell in them needed for programming ((using various types of mirrors on identical twins would be quite the mind-fuck for them; identical twins have many obvious benefits for programming alters))]).

10:44 I don't disagree with you at all really, I'm not sure why you seem to think we are poles apart in our thinking in every comment? I've said in the past that to be a successful in the entertainment industry you EITHER have to be on side OR under control (I've stated that it is extremely difficult to know which category each 'star' falls under). My blog isn't about 'proving' either way (obviously there's no way we can know for sure), it's about showing that there are malevolent forces behind the entertainment industry (which you obviously agree with, and I'd like to think you at least appreciate all the symbolism and such I've posted) by showing the symbolism that pervades it so clearly (i.e. all this duality/checkerboard/one eye/ all of it clearly illustrated on these twins), it's not about proving that everyone you'll ever see in the media is a monarch programmed slaves (though when I do suspect it I will say so [which is where you disagree I guess ((people like Britney and others who started in the industry at such an early age seem to obviously be slaves to me as they've never known anything different; of course they will still enjoy the benefits of their labor [but a gilded cage is still a cage] and perhaps get to know more of the truth/ what they've been used for as they get older [Madonna being a good example of this, JT is another and many more])), but overall I do think we are in agreement]).

There is no way we can possibly know how much these artists are aware of the meaning behind what's put in their work, it should go without saying that there are many performers out there that are fully aware but there are also many that aren't. Why are you so convinced that The Veronicas know what the stuff their stylists/designers/other handlers dress them up in/put on their album artwork/etc means? You say it like I'm being stupid for not writing in the post that the Veronicas have some idea of what's being put in their work, this is just speculation is it not? Whereas I try to show what's there (the symbolism used in their videos, which I think you may be overestimating their input on) and what I can actually physically show and draw some form of analysis to it (why are you so obsessed with this issue over how much the performer actually knows? In the grand scheme of things , is it really all that important [my point is these performers are just small cogs in the machine, I'm attempting to show whose pulling the levers of said machine; evidenced by the symbolism]? [apologiez if you aren't the same commenter, blame anonymous commenting]).

You make a lot of assumptions regarding what I think (that EVERY artist is a 100% MK'd dumb puppet; I don't think I've ever said that, that all of them are anyway), I've said that many of these artists will have just been seduced by the lifestyle (in that post showing the masked sex-parties/LA mansions/etc in a video , showing how they would benefit from being 'on side' [though I assume you'll take some issue with my Beyonce 'Kitty Kat'/'Green Light' video analysis in it]).

Ludacris probably is fully aware of the meaning of what's behind him (but maybe he isn't?, this is what I'm saying there's no way of knowing so I'm not sure why you make it such a huge issue), but you still cannot know for sure how much he knows (amazing find by the way, though obviously I really resent your implication there about my thought processes [was that really necessary, you're implying I'm a racist and a bigot for starters...]) and I've said this about other artists like Pharrell who seem involved but not MK'd (but again there isn't really any way we can know how much they know, so why speculate; I can only show what they produce [all performers are either onside ((which is just another form of control/MK/manipulation anyway through bribery/seduction/etc)) or under total control, in the larger picture though I don't think it really matters which category each individual artist falls under ((I'm sure many of them are very aware; I'm more interested in the men behind the curtain however))]). Would you be happy if I put some kind of disclaimer in all my posts saying 'The artist in question here may be fully aware of the meaning behind the symbols used in their work that I have shown here', I don't see any point in wild speculation over what they may or may not be aware of (as I said, I'm sure many of them are more than aware), though my personal view in the case of the Veronicas is that they are victims, I saw no evidence that they were anything other than victims of the global corporate behemoth that's been running the circus (the symbolism/themes that saturate the media are a reflection of their thinking, not the individual performers' thinking [including all the MK/slavery, which do not immediately mean that the person portrayed with them is definitely MK'd; the powers that be are just obsessed with this kind of thing]). You are very wrong in assuming that I think they are all dumb idiots with no idea of what's going on, but I can see why you think that as I do tend to focus on the 'empty-headed' models and the artists that I do view as being obvious (to my mind anyway) victims (I kind of think it is common sense however that people like Ludacris, Timbaland and many others are involved and fully aware of what's going on and who they're working for, though I don't think you should rush to judgment over/and generally be more empathetic about those that were practically born into the business, I don't see them as ever having a choice).

Tommy thanks for great info. Celtic, I just meant performed at parties and such with them (I saw some newspaper cuttings/articles online featuring the usual [primarily Disney] suspects mentioned together); wasn't implying anything though now that you mention it it wouldn't surprise me!

Anonymous said...

Pressed for time, for now i'll just say sorry i did not mean to imply you are racist. The comment was generalization (i know, bad idea) about how people assume rappers are dumb because they choose to pander to a consumerist lifestyle.

skrambo said...

They might not think it's "pure evil" as someone else said on another post, but they know they are dealing with the dark side of things for a purpose.Since you've addressed it, I'm the one who always says it's "pure evil" and I stick by what I say. Yeah, I'm so sure they know everything behind mind control triggers (they might but only to make people buy more of their incredibly vapid soulless shit, they aren't the ones using them in their widely displayed media though), but oh, they use them in everything they do to wake us up to it by focusing only on the "dark side" of things. Yeah right. "Consumerist lifestyle" is a dead end road, a bland placebo for any real sort of life, where you are content with slavery in non-creative jobs just to get what you want, screw everyone else. MKUltra is documented fact. The world is a much darker place than you think and it's not just random insane people committing disgusting crimes as so many people like to think. People are already just fine with Big Brother watching over them, as long as they get what they want they simply don't care about what's happening where they can't immediately see.

Roxie Girl said...

It's amazing how the themes repeat among all of these MK slave; checkerboard, cat prints, s&m theme. The photo with one blonde, one brunette reminds me of a reality show about a pair of gay twins in the US. They were from Montana I think with minimal music talent hoping to "make it" in the music industry with some pretty pale pink songs. They were cute displaying a pale blond and goth black duality. Wish I could remember the name of the show.

Roxie Girl said...

RE: Gay singing twins. Oh forgot to say they were originally from a Jehovah's Witness family. At the time, though I have known about MK, Monarch, I didn't connect the dots.

Anonymous said...

DUMBEST thing I've ever read xD

Anonymous said...

I went to school with these chickies.

I once got their older brother J*&#@^ baked off his mind ... he complained that it "made music sound funny" and gave up toking for quite a while thereafter. this from a bloke who's parents had set him up with quite the tidy DJ setup downstairs.

Nothing special here. They certainly weren't jehovah's witnesses, where do people get this shite?

Not to say that they haven't since been programmed, or are using as mass marketing techniques very programme oriented imagery (find me a strange teen who doesn't drawn pentagrams on things, hm?) but they certainly attended school as per usual, I've seen inside their parents home, nothing too whacky at all.

What they are using, is a lot of 60s go go throw backs. That has connotation in and of itself but then... millions of people own striped socks. Doesn't mean much in or of itself.

If you want Aussie (incidentally, in addition to the Oz association of Australia, many aussies refer to "aus" or "au" online... as in Danaus Plexippus) Monarchs, check out Delta (yes. delta) Goodrem.

Who is porking Brian McFadden who of course has done likewise with most of the british pop kittens. Who went "missing" for a couple of years and came back all Sarah Hamilton... rangy, manly, muscular.

website has some interesting fairytale imagery and her lyrics are pretty blatant.

the veronicas MAY be shifty... I could mention that close to both high schools attended by the girls are major military bases, or that their parents old house was close-ish to a formerly british funded biological facility, but the same would go for 300 thousand other kids. Myself included.

they're just scenesters, and low budget ones at that. keep your eyes on the higher ups... veronicas are the ripples in the pond, not the rock being dropped into it.

Anonymous said...

i dont mean to state the obvious, but the song absolutely the video they say their secret language, and its backwards...and they have some sort of "handlers" deciding on what lyrics to that i think about it...all these actresses/singers etc have been pre-chosen...i never really got the appeal of lynsdey lohan, now we know her parents are fucked up enough to sell their kids...

Anonymous said...

Biggest crock of shit I have read in my life. Why oh why do people like you continue to think there is some shady conspiracy involved with EVERYTHING!

maybe there are cats and skulls and black on all of their things because it is FASHIONABLE and it is what they LIKE! I like to wear black.. and i have blonde hair.. my sister has black hair.. does this make me evil? Wait a few years until you've grown up a bit and read this again.. hopefully you will see what dumbasses you have been by thinking something so completely out there and crazy..

insane asylum anyone?

Anonymous said...

LOOOOL!! OKAAAYY, someone needs a life. Maybe stop being so cynical and enjoy things and life as they are? Go out and make some friends.

Atlantean Times said...

Hi. Ben there are 2 twins currently missing presumed dead.

one of many links...

They are from St Sulpice (Meridian line / bloodline symbolism). Its a set up the father was clearly a mind control victim and the breeding programme which is producing these twins has gone wrong.

Cast your mind back.Madeline McCann was not the intended victim during that incident, this has become clear to me now. The intended victim in the mccann case was clearly the twins.

The mother of these twins has made several comments mentioning the word solidarity. This is identical to the appeals the Mccanns made for solidarity when their fiasco occured.

For twins info and symbolism everything we observe is related to one is the myth of the immortal twins.

read this...all of it dont skimp on the details...

Popul vuh tells the story of the immortal twins it contains the answers to every occult question you could possibly ask about what you are seeing in the article you have written.

incidentally popul vuh explains why the world cup was played out at the exact moment of the last full solar eclipse. The Ball game played out for the benefit of the gods.

anyway im starting to ramble...popul vuh and the immortal twins is the key..research it...take it all in it explains way more than just twin symbolism and anyone with half a brain can see why the twin tower were destroyed, while directly alligned with the celestial twins on the meridian of newyork.

oh one more thing..the twins are where do you think they are today....

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