Thursday, 7 May 2009

LiLo goes Marilyn for Vogue

[Thought this had enough info in (her new MM inspired tattoo etc) to post; article from the Daily Mail, followup to 'Milan Marilyns' post as it's the same dress as one in that catwalk and the 'Checkered LiLo is Marilyn Monroe' post; this is typical Vogue. Cheers to Chris for the tip, also the back-masking of MM's Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend is definitely worth a listen, thanks to anony commenter.]

She's made no secret of her adoration for Marilyn Monroe and now for the second time Lindsay Lohan is posing as the late actress for a high fashion photoshoot.

Lindsay, who recreated Marilyn's famous 1962 nude shots called the 'final sitting' for New York magazine last February, got all dolled up as her idol this week for a photoshoot for Spanish Vogue.

Strike a pose: Lindsay Lohan channels her idol Marilyn Monroe and shows off some cleavage on the set of her Vogue photoshoot

Donning a curly blonde wig and wearing a billowing dress with a large image of Marilyn emblazoned on it, Lindsay, 22, looked in good form and healthier than she has in recent times on the Hollywood Hills set.

The Georgia Rule actress is said to be so taken with the screen icon she even reportedly got a new tattoo with a Marilyn Monroe quote tattooed on her wrist last month.

The tattoo says, 'Everyone's a star and deserves to sparkle', and is surrounded by yellow, blue and green stars.

Blonde ambition: Standing on a box in a dress with idol Marilyn Monroe's image on it Lindsay looks the part

The irony of Lindsay seeing Marilyn as an idol has not gone unnoticed.

Like the famous blonde, Lindsay's prodigious fame is not quite on par with her professional achievements.

She's also had her fair share of troubles and public meltdowns, and a penchant for courting the tabloids for her love life and scandals.

Speaking of her recent troubles Lindsay said: 'Everyone's turned on's [my life] absolute hell.' [back to Wonderland ((her old "rehab" centre)) then LiLo? ;]

Because I'm worth it: Lindsay has her Marilyn-inspired blonde wig attended to in between takes

Lady in red: Lindsay takes a quiet break on the Hollywood Hills set

Action girl: Back to work a wind-swept Lindsay looks ready to blown away in her dominatrix style black dress and hold-up stockings

On a high: A fierce looking Lindsay adds some edge to the shoot with a Marilyn-meets-Madonna look

[Unrelated but I wanted to post the latest chauvinistic Virgin ad, an insane amount phallic symbolism (obviously the train; going into the heart shaped tunnel... which is 777 yards long, the erupting bottles etc + standard MK with mirror/transformation themes); check out the last one here. I'm sure everyone already saw Branson's interesting use of a model recently on one of his islands, but I'll picture it here again for additional context (to the mentality behind the symbolism in the advert).]


Anonymous said...

Weird how she's always getting dolled up for these photo shoots when the tabloids would have you believe she's broke. However, it's obvious in one mag how she's being paid to hawk some line of drinks called Neuro. (I noticed it before she officially verbally promoted them, and I thought maybe it was short for "Neurotic", LOL!)

Neuro pic 1Neuro pic 2BTW, I, too, would like to see the comment feed continue even if you and Ioana add other websites and/or forums. Please?

Anonymous said...

hi bwn reading this post i felt compelled to ask whether youve ever done any research on the late actress jill ireland. she was married to charles bronson, and before that to actor david mccallum, whom i suspect was also mind controlled being blond haired and blue eyed. jill fit the mk criteria, being blond and blue eyed, a trained ballerina, and always looked stiff in photos with david mccallum. was he her handler. and was charles bronson brought in to take over the handler role when her marriage to david broke down? she had an affair with bronson whilst still married to mccallum. i would love you to do a feature about her.

Benjamin S said...

Hey last anony, Sharon, you may not see this but thought I should let you know that I can't seem to send a response about Jill Ireland to your email address, I keep getting a message back saying the sending failed and I can't think of any problems on my end (is your mailbox very full or something else might be the problem), perhaps you could email me an alternative address for you and I'll send it to that, if you see this message anyway. Cheers.

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