Monday, 18 May 2009

A Witch's Kitty and Broomstick

"Come Little Children. I'll take thee away, into a land of Enchantment"
What ever could Disney be hinting at I wonder?!?!

"Master wilst thou dancest with me?"

Here is the Stern Magazine (May 7th 2009 issue) cover advertising the startup of the new season of Germany's Next Top Model (more on English-speaking NTM's shortly), helpfully portraying Ms Klum as a witch illustrating the phallic symbolism of the broom, and how it is symbolizes the witch 'flying away' (dissociation). This is further backed up by the history of witches as their rituals often involved entering altered states (becoming "possessed" by a certain spirit/demon) using drugs (+ other known MK methods, ritualistic hypnotic chanting/drum beats/frenzied dancing/big fire/etc) like mandrake root (hallucinogenic [can also be used to put someone to sleep + vivid dreams], you may remember it featuring [obviously in a fictionalized/symbolic way, it doesn't come alive!] in Pan's Labyrinth given to little [ped]Ofelia in her Wonderland-esque trip). Jimson Weed (aka Mad Hatter [+ various occult terms]), which has interesting effects (as always, none of this stuff is 'bad' or 'evil' on it's own; but of course hallucinogenic/dissociative drugs can and have been used for evil [i.e. forcing someone to take it as part of programming them] I have posted on the Voodoo version of this; 'zombie cucumber' in the past here [a good first hand account of someone being enslaved by it ((+ other drugs/MK methods obviously)) is Clairvius Narcisse]): "The effects of Datura have been described as a living dream: consciousness falls in and out, people who don't exist or are miles away are conversed with, etc. The effects can last for days. Tropane alkaloids are some of the few substances which cause true hallucinations which cannot be distinguished from reality. It may be described as a "real" trance when a user under the effect can be awake but completely disconnected from his immediate environment. In this case, the user would ignore most stimuli and respond to unreal ones." What they hallucinate can be controlled/manipulated by the programmer/master through various suggestive techniques (i.e. simply repeatedly showing the victim an image [or moving pictures like the Wizard of Oz] over and over [+ other drugs]).

Belladonna is another one "witches" supposedly used (Belladonna/Deadly Nightshade still acts as a "mind-altering drug" on the internet through the porn star ;p [serious point though; one such fetish porn movie featuring her is above ((showing the use of checkerboard duality symbolism in the industry which I have discussed before... more checkerboards further down on other [mentally] "Disturbed" individuals))]), Bella Donna literally translates as "Beautiful Woman" and the plant was used as early cosmetic surgery (women have constantly been 'altered' by misogynistic society [monarch programmed enslavement is just a naturally progression of "their" mentality]) as an eye-drip to give 'elite' society kittens dilated pupils (so probably looking very tranced). When you consider this drug (along with opium [another drug used in MK, most are] and other plants) was turned into a liquidy paste which witches would anoint themselves with enabling them to fly on the broomstick (to my mind confirming that this 'flying' is really nothing more than drug-induced [and/or traumatic sexual abuse ((hence the phallic broomstick + pussycat witches always have))] dissociation/hallucination [I have described this flying/floating motif as being symbolic of dissociation, floating away from your conscious mind/reality]).

Their pointy hats probably have something to do with fertility or some other sexual symbolism.

One random author I came across in looking for pertinent images was 'Carter Brown', whose book covers I think illustrate a lot of this type of dominant mentality ("Dead Dolls Don't Cry"/"Wind up Doll") and some of the themes of this post (see Bella Donna further up and such).

As well as being phallic (though this still obviously ties in with the whole phallic symbolism/male dominance though), the broomstick is also representative of the role the fairer sex was/is expected to play in society (stay at home servants, clean the house, then wait for your man to come home like a good kitten [obviously society at large has progressed beyond this but the mentality still absolutely exists]), as society grew into modern times and technology progressed this was sometimes changed to a vacuum cleaner.

Epitomized by those child-mind-fuckers over at Walt Disney Corp who produced an occult film for kids, Hocus Pocus (note electroshock symbolism, cat, moon etc) which I watched countless times as a baby goat; unfortunately I only have it on VHS so no screen captures, I did find some good info/images online however. The talking cat transformed from a boy (video further down), pictured by Skull and Bones on a tombstone.

The extremely occult book Disney included in the film above (bound in human skin with an eye + snake symbolism).

Bette Midler and Kathy Najimy wikis.
The top Sarah Jessica Parker (she continued her "enchantment" of that same generation as they grew up because she went on to program them through "Sex and the City", which they would inevitably watch compulsively [I'm speaking from personal experience of two older sisters by the way]) video has obvious meaning (Pied Piper; Disney putting the children in a hypnotic trance ((symbolizing the conditioning they've been targeting at kids through tools like Miley Cyrus/Britney/etc)) by a beautiful 'witch' [well it's SJP, but in comparison to the other witches she is beautiful]), the adults are also essentially hypnotized by the MK song 'I Put a Spell On You' (remember spells/curses/etc are invariably some form of forced trance/altered-state; the song was composed by U.S. Army programmed "Screamin' J Hawkins" [one of many programmed Prisoners of War ((I wouldn't be surprised if elements within the U.S. Army were actively involved in choosing what torture method these POWs endured; they had no problem experimenting on their own troops so why not take advantage of "the enemy" who could get away with much more in terms of torture/drugs/etc))]) which puts them in a trance (dance until you die; very similar to the theme of Hans Christian Andersen's 'The Red Shoes' and others), it is a Halloween party so tonnes of masks and symbolic outfits (Madonna/Elvis/etc).

This film was one of Thora Birch's first movies (she spends most of the movie dressed as a witch [note sun/moon symbolism]; above in standard Catwoman mask + a scene from that film with her holding two cat things [+ zebra duality]); their obsession with virgin blood (more like "virgin pussy") is noted in the film as the witches are resurrected when a virgin lights the black flame candle. I covered Thora's movie 'The Hole' [another obvious euphamism] with many obvious MK themes at the post 'The Mind Control Rabbit Hole'. The fact that she is named after the mythical Thor and a type of tree, doesn't exactly bode well for her not being MK'd.

One of her first roles was in 'Purple People Eater', a one horned purple monster with one eye.... (covered purple in MK in the past [mixture of red/blue polarizing colours etc]) based on this childrens song from the 50's by suspicious Sheb Wooley.

These pictures from the movie/show actually made me quite angry and emotional. It's all just so in your face how can you miss it!?

Her photoshoots follow the predictable pattern, bear in mind she is the daughter of two porn stars (so probably introduced to sex at a very early age [if not outright monarch programmed]).

Ever wondered why 'catsuits' are called that when they (bodysuits) have nothing to do with cats, they do not look like anything feline based (oftentimes they'll attach a tail + ears but that doesn't constitute a 'catsuit') or anything like that (it's all about the cat/kitten sex programming [symbolic second skin if you will]).

SJP's (she kept her real first name 'Sarah' for her witch Disney role/personality) MK is shown in her perfume ad for 'Covet' where she fractures then shatters a glass window (symbolizing her shattered mind; loads on shattered glass symbolism throughout the blog) before being arrested (handcuffs/prison bars MK slavery symbolic) and sent to jail (in some kind of "Parisian Kitten" alter [she is driven towards the phallic Eiffel tower]).

Allison (Alice) is the love interest (of the protagonist played by Omri Katz)/Disney sex-object in Hocus Pocus, you can see her attending a masked ball at 16 seconds in of this video (added image above). She was played by Vinessa Shaw, who you may recognize (if you're into MK movies) as Cruise's prostitute/kitten (note tiger + purple dress) in MK ritual movie Eyes Wide Shut (more masks etc; covered in various posts i.e. here [with more on the very pertinent to this post, masked sex ritual orgy] and here).

Edit: Added a few more images of Vinessa (please heavily read into the below seventeen cover [the prostitute story is undoubtedly a reference to Vinessa's life also; as usual, in all magazines the words chosen to be in bold/red are worth noting]).

Her character in 'Garden Party' (she plays a pot dealer/ex-model/kitten [judging from the trailer anyway]) looks to be interesting (standard kitten image [leopard-print/sex] from it above [linked to show it is her]).

Another famous witch that springs to my mind is Sabrina the Teenage Witch (I was at that age where you would quite happily watch anything they put on Nickelodeon/Disney/etc at the time [I view a lot of us waking up as almost like a "Rise of the Machines" type scenario as us programmed-from-birth robots are finally waking up!]) starring Melissa Joan Hart as the young witch, and like Hocus Pocus it also has a talking smart-mouthed black kitty cat who was originally a human before being "cursed" and transformed into a cat (essentially the same as Hocus Pocus' cat [video below]).

Here you can see all the intros to the show; the first featuring the black cat/window, moon, pink Sabrina [with pentagram dotted i] + mirror transformations. The second with all the characters trapped in dream bubbles, and the third is probably most interesting with sun/moon symbolism, she jumps through a stained glass window (windows to different parts of the mind), multiple Sabrinas spinning on a streetlight (then all the characters are given the 'multiple' treatment).

The cartoon version of the show's intro is even more MK symbolic.

Britney is of course also "under their spell", she is a "witch" used to cast "her spell" (she is an innocent victim as far as I am concerned [I actually remember watching the below scene at the time... tv show theme songs are good memory triggers also]) on the world's youth, with great success [both Britney and Melissa have been driven "crazy", covered her in the Britney 'Crazy' video here]; speaking of Disney slaves, there is a whole episode dedicated to Sabrina and co taking a trip to 'Disneyworld'. Other Marionettes like Nsync (here), Avril (big post here, see video below) and others have also been on it

Avril's usual skull and bones jewelry, her blatant 'horned-one' (right into the camera) hand signal etc are all perfectly innocent of course.

Here Mellissa is transformed into a doll, the show is obviously full of standard MK themed scenes like that (i.e. sawing/split in half magick trick etc) and full episodes with leopard-print/pink wearing little girl who turns Sabrina into a doll in 'A Doll's Story' (video below comes from it, worth watching from about half way through, some interesting MK themes).

To round off Sabrina, here she is transformed into a cat then put into a cage (showing the MK cat alter programming relation to witches having cats).

I was planning on covering some real life "witches" and how many of them are severely exploited/abused, showing what the occult world is largely about (I'm not talking about your average innocent practicing Pagan/Wicca) using "Queen of Witches" Maxine Sanders as a primary example of this as she was sexually abused by her father as a child and then severely exploited by her husband Alex Sanders (himself a victim of child abuse, as a youngster he walked in on his [logic suggests also abused] grandmother in the kitchen standing naked in a circle, she pulled him into the circle stripped him naked and cut his scrotum which he says was his initiation into the occult [this guy was obviously 'onside' as he became a Knights Templar and was initiated into other 'elite' "secret societies"]); she also reveals in her autobiography that Sharon Tate was initiated (see user reviews) into Wicca/the occult in the movie Eye of the Devil which I kind of suggested in my 'In Shattered Dreams' post, this further confirms to my mind that she was a victim of occult ritual sacrifice (and obviously shows the occult's influence/control over the movie industry). In it she played a witch, which nicely rounds off this post (see the post for more details).


Tigerlily said...

I was wondering what all this meant? What is the point of displaying all of this illuminate/MK symbolism to the general public? I am pretty new to all this, and have been reading a lot, I just need one questioned answered: why?--why display all this symbolism to the public? What can 'they' accomplish by doing this?

I believe what you say is true, and more and more as I watch tv I can see the symbols you talk about (especially on MTV and VH1), it just seems pointless to me to show that these celebrities are mind-controlled. I think to myself, "how does this affect me?"


Emily L.

Anonymous said...

Emily L.,

the relevance this all has for us is that celebrities are made 'bigger than life' yet somehow realistic. And many people, particularly younger ones, follow their example- good or bad.

Celebrities teach us and the young how to dress, walk, talk, look, smell, eat, think and etc.!

They are made out to be 'cool,' and most young people want to be cool- so they usually follow at least one celebrity's example- good or bad.

This is dangerous, because these people often set horrible examples. Consider some of our society's most popular celebrities, and think about the examples they set for our society...

Domestic violence, cheating on spouses, dressing and dancing like hookers, drugs, alcohol, and etc.

Are these the role models you want for your our children?

skrambo said...

Emily - Maybe it's because you watch MTV and VH1. They are presenting completely alternate realities from what is really happening in the world. I would suggest that you turn your TV off, since whenever mine's on it releases sort of an "opiate" feeling that everything is fine and we don't need to worry about anything. The fact that so many people are entranced into these channels should tell you something.

Nice post Ben. Never watched much Sabrina (it was on in our house alot though, was put off by the overtly-fake talking cat, to be honest stuff from that era makes me remember how much I hated most shows) but I do remember the same actress was in Clarissa Explains It All (which was basically predictive programming for webcams and total invasion of privacy, since she regularly takes down the "4th wall" and speaks directly to the viewer) and I remember "Hocus Pocus" was really popular when I was young for some reason (along with that movie "The Witches" and "Matilda", both pretty damn occult) and I remember thinking "man, should the little kids in this movie really be exposed to this sort of stuff?". Then again I was into 'serial killers' and shit when I was young so who am I to speak...

Unknown said...

Stern magazine becomes Ernst reading from the "e"; ernst means "seriously" in German.

From The Alchemy Key:
"Euripides was referring to the even more potent substance that the melissae priestesses chose for their sacrificial king ritual, green or unripe honey. This deadly honey came from plants of the heath such as oleanders, azaleas, rhododendrons and laurel.

As with their Mediterranean counterparts, European witches applied a green Oyl to induce states of ecstasy. They applied the Oyl to their foreheads, forearms and underarms. [...] In the sixteenth century, the physician Andrés Laguna investigated the discovery of a jar of witch’s Oyl. The jar still had some of the green unguent used by the witches. He experimented with the Oyl by smearing it all over a woman. She promptly fell into a deep coma that lasted for thirty-six hours. Afterwards she described her erotic coma with considerable delight."

Maybe in another place or also in The Alchemy Key, someone mentioned the theory that the Oyl was applied vaginaly with a broom stick.

JB LeMage said...

Hi, folks, longtime lurker, first-time commentator. Emily, I think I can answer your question. I have been studying/deconstructing these, for the sake of simplicity, Satanists for 25 years now. Despite the chaos and madness they spread, they are LEGALISTS, i.e., they have RULES they must follow. And one of those rules is "making manifest that which is hidden." Before they can, oh, say, crash a couple of jets into a couple of skyscrapers, or capture the minds of a new generation of children, they must first tell the world at large what they intend to do. But here's the catch: They can tell us in any way they choose, whether it be a Lone Gunmen episode, or a Grade Z sci-fi or horror flick, a cheesy comic book or a hack paperback novel. This way, they can say, "Well, we put it right out there for them, and nobody said a peep!" For as Legalists, they know that SILENCE on our part = ACQUIESENCE. Thus, they have our "permission," and literally get away with murder.
Another aspect of this "hiding in plain sight," of blighting the landscape with their signs, symbols and sigils, is that they absolutely REVEL in being insiders to The Biggest Joke Ever Told. Inspect the back of a dollar bill sometime. Check out the layout and monuments of Washington, D.C. They love to rub the faces of the (wilfully?) ignorant in the filth they perpetrate, showing themselves to be superior to their fellow men and women. It's only (in)human nature. But so is forgetfulness, as in, they've forgotten that "pride goeth before a fall, and a haughty spirit before destruction."
And ViolatoR, you are correct about the "Oyl" being smeared on a broomstick and shoved where the sun don't shine. Hits the system that much faster and harder, that way...

Anonymous said...

Those Birch photos from Purple People Eater are sick. Idiots say: "What were they thinking?" Those semi-awake know they knew exactly what they were doing. Didn't know Birch was descended from two Ashkenazi porn stars. Wonder if they gave her this toy.

The image of the woman jamming her stargate exit with a witch broom, recalls this toy. YOu put three women on a screen with the word Pocus under them, it queues the mind to "Poke Us." Same with the placement of the word Focus.

jerry_beck said...

Thora Birch always, i mean ALWAYS look very sad...even whe she smiles you can notice this ocean of sadness underneath

to coplete this very interesting reply from JB Lemage this is also about SYMBOLS, symbols resonate with people, places, make reality (or what we take as a reality etc)..this is very complicated stuff i don't think there is one eprson who wholy understand it (even those who use it)...for this i recommend this reading (

I found also lately pretty good sythesis of what this is about...this is good for "starters"...

Anonymous said...

Great post and excellent comments everyone!

BTW, can a post about the "Charmed" ones be next? I've heard a little bit about Rose McGowan's abuse in the Children Of God cult, and I think the original three actresses were - interestingly enough - all started out as child actresses (Shannen Doherty on "Our House", Holly Marie Combs on "Picket Fences", Alyssa Milano, well everyone's heard of her...I'm sure some of you know of even earlier roles they had.)

Anonymous said...

Awesome post! A request: I'd love to see a post about Tori Amos, her new album came out yesterday "Abnormally Attracted To Sin" which is quite interesting, like all of her other albums.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic work as always Ben!
The awful thing is I let my daughter watch all this stuff when she was young but now she is older and I try to point out in a gentle way the symbols and influences behind the programmes,films and people she so loved she becomes very, very agressive and dismissive, telling me I am mad and weird. I truly believe 'they' have controlled from afar so many people who are programmed to resent and attack the 'disbelievers' to their false reality.
You are lucky Ben to have been able to escape from the programming and warn others. Too late for my daughter it seems.I think 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' was another very bad influence.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ben did you read this about Thora Birch?!


Tigerlily said...

@post above:

That was ubber-creepy, the thora birch thing! Gross!

sara said...

Ben, I have read many times that you mention the term, "onside"...what exactly does that mean?

Gerald Fnord said...

I'm not sure, but the pointy hats might be related to the similar hats Jews were forced to wear in many European areas during the mediæval period and beyond.

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