Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Undercover Kitty

Disney could not pass up the opportunity to remake a wonderfully effective cat/kitten-alter programming movie "Undercover Kitty" AKA "Minoes" (note the pink KITTY + full moon etc), which they will release in 2010 and I'll post on when they inevitably release some sex-kitten suggestive movie poster for it or whatever. Here is a plot description from wiki: "This film is about a woman who is actually a cat. She was set into human form. But sometimes in the film you'll find her on the roof with other cats, she lives with a journalist in the fictional town of Killendoorn. She still acts like a cat a lot. The man and her have trouble coming along. But in the end it all gets solved. During the film she learns to stop her cattish ways and become a human. But sometimes she doesn't understand everything. She manages to pull through and started acting a human." Obviously not the most well-written synopsis in the world but you get the idea anyway, Dutch readers will be able to take more from the below trailer (but standard kitten programming, + eating a raw-fish and all that).

Thought this moment of zen was a good synch. (often catch little things in TDS/Colbert but this one went overboard, see Hello Kitty tag; "nice little pink thing with a kitty, hello!"...)
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The movie is based on a book by Annie M.G. Schmidt, the Madame of 'Salon Kitty' was a Schmidt herself (Kitty Schmidt), which is an interesting synchronicity though obviously coincidental as Schmidt is just like 'Smith' in English so very common. The kitten who plays "the kitten that becomes a girl" is Carice Van Houten, who won a 'Golden Calf' award for the role. Carice means cherry. Her first English-speaking role (hence getting 'big roles' like Valykrie with scientology puppetprince Tom Cruise [the Daily Mail went nuts (interesting info + 'bowler hat' photo-shoot there too) over her kissing him, another sign they've got big plans for her] after) looks like the type of film I'd really enjoy showing a lot of home-truths regarding MPD (Edit: it does to an extent with some good descriptions of what happens and it goes in an interesting direction, probably would have liked it to have gone another way [i.e. elaborate on how the town ((particularly the dodgy priest)) was using the DID suffering kid as their own little ventriloquist dummy ((highlight to see specific spoilers I thought I should hide)) to access their dead friends/relatives' personalities ((there is a scene in the church where the priest is attempting to trigger/bring out the personality [she is actually channeling the dead though, with all their memories etc in tact; Carice is symbolically killed with a head injury and she becomes one of Dorothy's alters near the end] of one such deceased person for a parishioner, the priest had been using her as a 'service' to the town which he had been providing for years, probably ever since the initial split ((3 year old girl 'Mimi' I think it was called, the only one that wasn't a dead person; there are some good scenes of her in this alter-personality looking at herself in the mirror as the little 3 year old)) when she was younger)))] but it was pretty well executed on the whole and probably worth a post to cover things I haven't mentioned here and go into more detail/post images), misogyny in society, 'MPD sufferers viewed as witches/possessed' and religion being a root cause of much of the problem/ignorance; I may do a post on it once I've downloaded.

It is called DOROTHY (like Alice; another standard name for MK [Wizard of Oz] programming), she does not play the MPD victim but rather the psychiatrist who diagnoses the DID sufferer Dorothy Mills, played (looks to be excellently [wonder why...]) by Jenn Murray, this role apparently is sending her to stardom according to the Times (Murdoch always has fluff pieces on their future performing starpuppet slaves) 'Role of Dorothy [there is clearly a dual reference here to the well known Oz 'Dorothy'] puts Jenn Murray on the way to Hollywood'...

The film has been described as The Sixth Sense meets The Wicker Man. The joint Irish/French production features Carice van Houten, the Dutch actress, as a psychiatrist investigating the case of a disturbed 15-year-old girl accused of attempting to murder a baby on an Irish island. The deeply religious, closed community of people are haunted by a terrible secret and are hostile to outsiders.

Belfast-born Murray landed the part after being spotted by the film’s casting director at her graduation showcase in Trinity College last year. She portrays the seven different characters of a girl with a multiple personality disorder, including a three-year-old girl, a five-year-old boy, as well as a man in his late twenties.

“She really had to pull it out of the bag,” said Maureen Hughes, casting director on the film, who spent five months searching for an actress to play Dorothy. “She had to be really threatening and violent. The subject matter of the film is quite disturbing and there are some very dark places this character goes.”


Moving back to Disney (who will be remaking kitten programming movie 'Undercover Kitty'), here's a new trailer (note all the previous 2d suggestive Disney movies [Beauty and the Beast, love the Little Mermaid shot they went with, nothing suggestive there at all! it cuts straight from that to a cat in the lion king etc], I will get to more Disney parts covering these older movies btw, see the first one here though) for Disney's "The Frog and the Princess", note the skull and bones top hat (the voodoo "witchdoctor"/master/programmer [poster ((worth clicking)) makes this obvious with him sprinkling a drug (("curse"/poison/casting his "spell")) over her]; phallic skull and bones top hat [Edit: check out MM's new video "Arma God Damn Mother Fucking Geddon" for lots of top-hat/Disney ((p.s. I recommend reading Celtic Rebel when it comes to this kind of Disney sexual conditioning/social engineering and such)), MM ears/Nazified dollar symbol/etc, the message here is very obvious (made clearer by the lyrics)] + phallic cane with crystal ball at end, "curses" i.e. being transformed into a frog are invariably used for programming [a curse/spell puts the victim into a trance ((or whatever intended alter-state))]), Baphomet (horns), phallic snake, general occultism, frog/human transformation, usual Disney sexual suggestiveness, the fleur-de-lis (in the penultimate drumming voodoo-doll image), etc. Remember this story 'The Frog and the Princess' is based on the occultists/MK-practitioners Brothers Grimm's 'The Frog Prince' (see this post for more on Brothers Grimm/Disney/Enchanted).

The princess who is turned into a frog is voiced by Anika Noni Rose, her most pertinent role (in terms of her potential kitten programming) is her last stage role as Maggie "The Cat" in 'The Cat On a Hot Tin Roof', a scene of which was recently recreated by kitten Gemma Arterton.

Looks like the Princess will be married over a checkerboard floor, like butterfly Princess Diana (whose niece is 'Kitty Spencer', not-at-all suggestively licking an icecream next to large balloons in her TATLER shoot [with usual kitten suggestions, the piece is titled 'HELLO KITTY' and she talks about her love for Marilyn Monroe and the usual MK'd suspects, I had planned on posting scans but never got round to it; maybe if she does another shoot which she has apparently been offered many, I bet they can't wait to photograph her with a Hello Kitty toy]).


Anonymous said...


Im sure of that, lol:


Anonymous said...

LADY GAGA with that shit on her head symbolizes SATURN (with its rings)/SATAN also...


jerry_beck said...

just big WOW at Lady gaga outfit...they hit with this between eyes...and people only thinks she is crazy celebrity

story of this Murray actress is similar to polish actress Bachleda-Curus...she is playing right know in N.Jordan Ondine (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1235796/ this would be full of symbolic/blatant stuff, N.Jordan is known for bizarre movies) playing nimph (Ondine is a water nymph from German mythology)...she has some interesting roles, in one german series (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0874684/) she is a macedonian girl sold by father to turkish mafia...in another TRADE (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0399095/) she played Veronica, a young Polish woman tricked into the slave trade...can't stop thinking this is something more to this, cause their family is notorious in Poland for it's ambition...not far fetched to think that she was sold...

Anonymous said...


Big cat:


Benjamin S said...

Cheers all great info/links. Jerry top analysis (was half aware of Ondine and noted the little mermaid programming theme when looking at Farrell's movies, should be an interesting one!), she's an Alicja (Alice) too! I'll deffo check out Trade also, + I've been meaning to download Ellie Parker so you're comment encouraged me to do that, may do a Watts post at some point.

Gordon Ramsay's "Professional Mistress" (aka kitten) is of course a leopard ;)

Suri continues her ballerina programming, 'The Little Ballerina'.

Lots of butterflies attended the 2009 Classical Brit Awards (Katherine Jenkins, checkout this video featuring the clear MK symbolism of 'flower coming into bloom', sunflower, and an obviously significant/meaningful monarch butterfly, not to mention the lyrics of 'Nella Fantasia', other butterflies like MK'd Myleene Klass [been meaning to post on her, and her macabre butterfly transformation ((don't think she presents it anymore, here's a clip with her showing the butterflies [0:47] along with the mirror and such)) totally evil ((in terms of image obsession and such)) plastic surgery show '10 Years Younger' also showed up]).

I'm on a bit of a break for a few days at the moment btw (fix some broken videos in the blog, reply [not very quickly, apologiez for general slowness, I will be in touch] to emails etc), may post some of this info in future posts though.

Anonymous said...

Life of a kitten:

Same case like in a Brazilian little town... Hmmm



Anonymous said...

Know what? I like Rosanna Arquette's ruby slippers:)



Anonymous said...

Hi I was just wondering what was you're first article?

Benjamin S said...

Heh Chris, saw those two also; did some searching for more info/images on Jean for a short post, she's an excellent example of a pre-Marilyn Hollywood kitten who I'd like to go into more detail on + some more kittens (+handlers) from a few decades back that attended a famous masked ball I'll include images of.

12:04 anony, first article I did was on FOX's TV Show Bones (there's a lot I'd change if I were writing some of those earlier posts today); I wasn't focusing on MK for that post (POM quickly evolved into that area though), more just on the occult symbolism in it + "synchromysticism".

jerry_beck said...

Little synchro with Gordon Ramsay's "Professional Mistress" - Alf (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0090390/) name was Gordon Shumway, and he loved to eat cats (kittens) -:)-:)

Anonymous said...

Simple Simons say is just a show:


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Anonymous said...

The rabbit hole goes deeper with Carice van Houten. She just so happens to be the Netherlands' ambassador to the Malthusian WWF and is narrating their funded film "Voices," which espouses globalist ideology for poor people of the world. Google image her, she has a telling photo of herself covering her left eye with a Venetian peacock feather. Even since that cat movie, she's been regularly doing nude scenes, and in Paul Verhoeven's "Black Book," there is a pointlessly gratuitous scene where she is nude and covered in urine and feces (cabalist ritual). Yeah, I think she's one of them.

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