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The Global Trade in Sex Slaves

This movie 'Trade' is a good portrayal of what's going on in terms of the ever-growing, insanely lucrative human trafficking business, with some interesting MK motifs/symbolism thrown in. Though I am always very suspicious why human trafficking movies rarely seem to show the most economical form of torture/MK/control, electroshocks. Thanks to jerry beck in the comments who suggested this film in relation to Alicja (Alice) Bachleda-Curus' potential MK (who I expect to be focusing more soon with her new film Ondine). It kicks off in Mexico with, panning across the city's various symbolic monuments and such (standard angel on the end of a phallus etc, symbolically it is the last thing focused on at the end of the musical intro/mexico montage [looks very similar to the Berlin Victory Column]), straight away blatant MK symbolism is shown as a marionette manipulator/puppeteer with his marionettes is consciously focused on (things get more blatant/MK formulaic throughout). The film is directed by young German director Marco Kreuzpaintner (MK), whose first film was a short called 'Entering Reality'.

Who is the faceless silhouette positioned behind the Marionette Manipulator? A politician of course! ([literally] all of them are puppets, even though most of them aren't MK'd [most make use of the establishment's sex-slaves and are then blackmailed/controlled]) Making the V, for Victory/Peace of course ;)

There are also clips of a naked protest in Mexico City against the corrupt Mexican political establishment (probably against something more specific); nudity has MK undertones as it's a standard depersonalization + humiliating technique (used by the Nazis in concentration camps and whatnot).

The monument the nude protesters are on above is the 'Statue of Cuauhtemoic', himself having been tortured by the Spanish invaders, so it's MK symbolic (torture is psychological manipulation to get someone do or say what you want/MK).

It then cuts to one of the two main victims of trafficking having a birthday party (13), Adriana played by Paulina Gaitan, she is symbolically called 'princess' and a pink (princess looking) pinata is shown (again more MK/torture symbolism/metaphors as you obviously beat it [blindfolded] until it breaks [producing the candy]).

Her big brother gives her a pink bicycle for her birthday, he had been pretending to advertise prostitutes to tourists but he was only tempting them with pictures then robbing them (so not actually involved; he spends most of the movie trying to rescue his sister).

Note the cigar (phallic symbolism [you cut the end off a cigar to smoke it ((castration symbolism; this is always used in movies/tv shows, usually cutting a vegetable with a knife and the like))]) as the 'don' explains some of the mechanics of human trafficking.

After riding on a bicycle alone for a bit she is kidnapped by Russian traffickers (above shows their kittens working in an outdoors cathouse, they are forced to aimlessly walk in circles, on display), but before that we are shown how Alicja's character Veronika was enslaved (I'll be referring to her as Alicja throughout) as she + a friend (who is run over and killed when trying to escape at the airport once they quickly realize something isn't right as the greeters took their passports for no apparent reason) are trying to get to Los Angeles (remember the 'angel on the end of a phallus' symbolism at the start; Los Angeles is part of this sex-slaves/victims as "Lost Angels" theme). They were told it would be cheaper to fly to Mexico then cross over the border on land rather than fly directly to L.A.

Alicja (left) and friend receive a warm welcome from the traffickers, they are given symbolic red roses (Venus/rosecrucian/etc symbolism, a 'red rose' is another standard visual trigger); they only begin to suspect something is wrong when they wonder why their passports were taken (obviously to keep them from escaping), they threaten Alicja by saying they know where her family and her son lives.

Note black/white duality stripes.

The female greeter is probably an ex-slave herself (if you side with the traffickers your life is much easier as a slave); using people like her to greet them is to put them at ease (if it was just the two dodgy guys they would be more suspicious).

Alicja is transported to a location where other slaves are being housed, this is where she meets Adriana.

As she enters this building, dehumanization symbolism is shown with a barking chained dog (with the traffickers/handlers barking orders at her 'Move it!').

Things get really symbolic in the first rape scene; as Alicja is being raped, the bird cage/birds trapped in a cage allegory is shown (with her still in the frame) as she dissociates. The actual physical act of rape is of course the epitome of this mental state that the bird cage symbolizes (as it is probably the ultimate feeling of being trapped in your own head [like a bird in a cage], you can see from her eyes that her mind wants to dissociate and probably is). Please see the bird cage tag for more in-depth analysis of the bird cage allegory for mental captivity/slavery.

Before the actual rape, the trafficker tears an image of her son down the middle, splitting it in two (whilst saying "I know where your son lives"). He also punches her in the face just before, this is all part of heightening the traumatic effect of her very first sexual act (so in future rapes she won't fight back as their mind will expect a beating [triggering anxiety/fear/helplessness]).

You'll notice this 'split mind' (half face, general motif for someone having been through trauma and thus affected mentally [often resulting in splitting; it's worth mentioning there is a difference between dissociation/the mind 'splitting' off from conscious awareness, with 'splitting' in psychology; though that is also extremely important to MK also and related to dissociation]) symbolism on one of the top posters for the film (I can't stress enough just how obviously conscious all of this is), posted it here also to show this (note it is the three sex-slaves whose faces are halved [bottom right is the boy from Thailand]).

Note all the flower symbolism; this initial rape is used to 'program' her (looking after a flower in the right way so it blooms beautifully is the allegory here) for future services (her first/"virgin" rape; almost a 'deflowering' kind of experience).

I personally don't feel you can fake those dissociative eyes (+ her genuinely traumatized mental state).

Note the rape is symbolically framed behind the bird cage.

Evidence that she is dissociating at this point is shown as her 'mind escapes' (the bird cage is shown just before this flashback, Alicja seems to be looking up at it) and memories of just how she got into this situation are triggered to the surface (a friendly/trustworthy lady in a professional looking office, offering her a cheap deal to the US) and what she should have been more wary of (asking her parents' address). Which is of course better than being 'present', experiencing and remembering every single moment of the trauma (though that is sometimes the case; no two brains are alike, we all react differently, some people will dissociate very easily, some will not at all and will remember every horrific detail of their trauma).

"All Star Tours" I took this as a reference to the fact that many of our "stars" are really "trafficked" sex-slaves (most "trafficked" 'stars' [and higher class sex-slaves] are abused by a guardian then sold into the industry, are they "trafficked"? I would argue that the majority of sex-slaves are not "trafficked" in the classic sense of the word [i.e. a group of them "trafficked" like drugs/weapons are trafficked, across the globe ((like what's shown in the film)) by shadowy mafias, this will not be the case for most victims as they will travel with their 'uncle' or whoever is handling (long term abusing) them to where they'll be sold (or just used in a movie/photoshoot or whatever, then back to abuser/handler); rousing no suspicion at all (the type of 'kidnapped then trafficked' [movies seem to only focus on them] slaves shown here make up a small fraction of the larger slave market). The type of sex-trafficking shown in the film is not how most sex-slaves will be enslaved (most are 'born' into it; many of them undergo traumatic 'monarch trauma-based programming' and are programmed for sexual slavery, I doubt you'll ever see a movie about this!). This is part of the reason why we'll never know the true extent of sexual-slavery on the planet, the number of them throughout history is beyond comprehension. Historically speaking, the biggest users of 'slaves' are "elite" society/the ruling class (in ancient Greece for example slaves were viewed as objects as they are today by the powers that be), this has not changed in the slightest. It is easy to understand how sexual-slavery has gone under the radar for so long + you have to accept that most people don't want to consider that anything this evil could be going on in the world, it's "unbelievable"; they would rather turn a blind eye and live in blissful ignorance.])

They are given a pill, which appears to have been a sedative; to keep them docile. Alicja does not take it but the young children take it (thinking it's "vitamins to help the pain") without question.

They are transported/"trafficked" further (heading to the US) inside a truck where the effects of the drugs are shown (lethargy/sickness). This also shows one mechanic of human trafficking as they know the sronger girls will look after the weaker ones (saving handlers the trouble + less risk their expensive merchandise will expire as they are looked after).

They arrive at a destination where they hear the below symbolic line spoken by a corrupt official. I've posted on fruits = sex (in various ways associated with simple sexual metaphors [apples 'original sin', 'cherry' and such, I said specifically they regard children as "forbidden fruit" so this was an interesting reference] + more complex uses in MK programming [sexual programs are often represented by fruits in some alter systems' internal structures; which will work as external visual triggers ((these are entirely variable [literally anything can be programmed as triggers] and as a speculative example, a pomegranate could trigger a specific sexual alter, S&M dominatrix or whatever))]).

They think they are saved when Mexican officials open the back, but they are corrupt and accept monetary and sexual payment (one of them uses Alicja in the truck while the other receives money), while this occurs Adriana is forced into the appropriate clothing and made to pose (beginning to 'sell herself' against her will [most suggestible ((made more so by dissociative sensory bombardment [+most importantly flashing/strobe lights] 'clubs' where you are supposed to act in a certain way, 'Sex and the City' tv shows, listen to slaves like Britney Spears' sexual suggestive/programming lyrics and such)) teenage/20something girls who read these magazines are half-way programmed kittens already! (already have all the correct sexual poses/'dolled up' with make-up/etc)], the images are used for advertising her as a product on an internet auction).

They are then taken to another location to be housed for the night before crossing over the border the following day, here we see the handler with a ragdoll thing; worth bearing in mind many people involved in the slave trade are victims themselves (a relative may be kidnapped then they're forced to traffick people for them or they were slaves themselves who are working for them to make their own lives bearable [and a multitude of other ways they use slaves as cogs in keeping the global sex-slave machine going, and they've had at least hundreds of years to perfect the industry; "human trafficking" has always been going on throughout history, i.e. enslaved "barbarians" will have been "trafficked" by Roman slave masters to be used in Rome by the "elite" and the like]). It is vitally important that the main players are not used as foot soldiers, so if one trafficking run fails, it does not affect the business as a whole.

It is clear that this building has been used many times before this as the walls are covered in symbolic drawings (chalk drawings/writing on the walls is something you'll see often in MK stuff), a child with a rainbow over her, a butterfly, a skull and bones, flaming eyes... even the devil (this [abuse/slavery/mind control] is the real d'evil'). This is made more symbolic as the building also contains a checkerboard floor and also an actual checkerboard (slaves/victims/puppets are pawns to be used; those involved in trafficking them are just as much pawns as the slaves themselves), checkerboard symbolism is about duality, good/evil (etc); this the blackest of the black.

So note butterfly/skull and bones/crucifix etc. (worth clicking these for full size)

Probably the most symbolic chalk drawing portrays (click below) a rabbit along with a Marionette Manipulator (the marionette string appears to be a chain so even more MK symbolic), the victim/marionette is bowing in prayer before what looks like the pope (from the hat). This is particularly symbolic as the white rabbit actual represents the master/programmer/manipulator in Alice in Wonderland programming (victim "follows the white rabbit into wonderland"/dissociation), so having him pictured with an actual Marionette puppeteer has this clear interpretation.

It's worth mentioning Kevin Kline here (Pink Panther, Nutcracker), he is looking for his daughter who was also kidnapped some years ago (her own mother sold her for drugs [again another standard way people end up in slavery in reality]). There is an obvious reference to sex-slaves as kittens here as his wife discusses how her cat is unwell and has to be taken to the vet (why??? obviously this has a dual/symbolic meaning [aside from saying people are too wrapped up in their own craziness, they care more about their pets or whatever than fellow human beings, but using a cat specifically is obviously significant]), the original cat 'Ramona' dies ("The vet had to put her to sleep." the wife says); and then at the end, in hilarious fashion KK buys a new kitten (symbolically zoomed in on at the end)! In reality, KK's kitten (wearing leopard print/cats/kittens/etc are suggestive of their cat/kitten sex[slave] programming) is Phoebe Cates (born Phoebe Bell Katz [see Phoebe in Wonderland post for some more on the Phoebe name]), she is the daughter of a Lily; her most kitten suggestive role was as 'Lili' (see images below) in Lace, where she plays a sex symbol (many "sex symbols", Marilyn Monroe being the most obvious example ["presidential model" used by president JFK and countless others in the ruling class], are monarch multiple programmed kittens/sex-slaves) searching for her real mother (multigenerational slaves' relationships to their mothers are often manipulated in this way; they are currently estranged in reality).

The random "dead kitty" story-arc pictured above; KK's wife in the film + cat that dies, the new kitten (in a basket) that is suggestively focused on near the end of the film is above also, KK's wife/kitten below in reality.

[She is not in the below film, see this post for analysis of it. (the below poster came out later, from this post)]

Note the small purple butterfly above (think it's a butterfly anyway; this was a promo shot for the 'Lace' show).

Note peacock feather, black/white feather (+ legs spread on a bed is always sex-slave suggestive).

Phoebe and Kevin with the kids Greta and Owen Kline (note the fleur-de-lis on Greta).

Below Phoebe attends the BAFTAs, one thing very symbolic about those British awards is the one eyed mask they hand out as the award (it's all about the MK'd, "one eyed" actors).

There is no phallic symbolism in the below picture whatsoever.

It certainly helps that our language is ready-made with dehumanization in mind, with words like 'bitch' being a standard dehumanizing insult (female dog). And 'pussy' commonly used for the vagina and sometimes generally for sex ("I got some pussy last night"); this is integral to the programming of sexual alters, which will often be programmed to see themselves as cats (I've covered all this pretty extensively throughout the blog); so the fact that society at large has already named females' sexual organs after felines is very significant to this (makes programming that much easier, and I think is part of the reason why cat/kitten programming imagery seems to be so pervasive in the media [it is the standard used for programming sex-alters]).

They get to a river which they have to cross to get across the border into America, American immigration officials soon show up but they just assume they are illegal immigrants (so locked in a cage) rather than trafficked sex slaves (another thing that happens all the time). They are sent back across the border to Mexico, but go straight back into America after.

One such conditioned Western girl (wearing pink/hearts) I was discussing earlier symbolically gives a Spanish Glamour Magazine to Adriana.

The model pictured is Ines Sastre, these types of fashion magazines are something I've focused a lot in as their advertisements and whatnot are always loaded with MK (mind-kontrol/mental manipulation motifs) themes (see fashion industry tag, many more throughout though).

Similar mirror symbolism to the above in her 'Lancome' tv advert below (very symbolic, walking on water, reflected pillars on the reflecting pool etc).

So they manage to get back into America and continue their journey, one interesting part of the film is the religious overtones throughout as even the 'evil' handlers say 'Hail Mary' and virtually all of them are wearing some saint. The Hail Mary prayer is very symbolic (fruit of thy womb etc), if one were to logically/critically analyze the story of the "virgin birth" you could argue Mary was probably raped by a Roman soldier and dissociated the memory.

Then things really get horrific as they are taken in the back of a van to a location to make a quick buck prostituting Adriana to a pedophile.

Invoking earlier when her brother called her a 'princess' above. He tells the buyer "But no fucking with this one. I have to keep her a little virgin." for the auction they intend to sell her at (this is also depicted in the film Taken [at the "elite" slave auction Maggie Grace is "certified pure"] and others).

The slow procession towards it is very symbolic, the first child shown clutching a baby doll, two little girls dressed in white (twin + white/pure/virgin symbolism).

Most symbolic though is the decapitated doll (+ note the dent in the head [symbolic "head trauma"]), which the camera lingers on for a good few seconds showing it's significance.

Minute timers are used to make sure no one goes over the time they've payed for; they are also used symbolically here due to the 'lost time' in dissociation.

Moving onwards, a boy from Thailand is injected with a drug (cooked on a spoon; probably heroin) and passes out because he needs to be transported to his new 'owner', KK and the brother spot the boy and his new owner in a fast food restaurant (which is how they find out where Adriana is being kept and eventually save her). KK symbolically walks infront of the checkerboard floor on a wall painting.

The American 'agent' (if you want to call him that) seems to be ex-military as he has military dog tags (standard military dehumanization), this is probably why the character is so obsessed with dehumanization as he goes out of his way to call the slaves 'dogs'/bitches repeatedly, for example in the below scene he comes in saying "It's party time." (in reference to taking the pill drug), Alicja refuses and is strangled so Adriana puts her hand out to take the pill (she probably dropped in the shower though as she knows not to take them). He says, "Ain't that a good little dog?" and "Swallow. Swallow like a good dog.", then once she's taken it, "Good dog!" and slaps her behind; this shows dehumanization's clear role in MK/slavery (it is much more severe than that in proper programming however). The military is probably what messed this guy's head up so much, as it has done to millions of people through it's "break you down to build you back up in it's image" training technique and the trauma of actual warfare.

His tattoo is very symbolic with a skull and the number 13 on the forehead, with a ring round the skull.

On the way she and Adriana manage to escape into a town, a parade is going (mk symbolic; all the spinning/clowns/marching in unison/etc), Alicja manages to call home and her mother tells her that her son has been taken by the "agency" which leaves her distraught, the main handler decides to punish her (belt whipping) but she jumps off a cliff (supposed to be more angel symbolism/ritual with her arms outstretched).

Straight after this, Adriana symbolically puts the two pieces of the split photograph of Alicja's son back together with tape.

Here the main handler tells Carly (seems to be [though this is never confirmed, the filmmaker's said they made that suggestion overt but left it open to the viewer to decide] KK's daughter who was sold; this is a good example of how many that might appear sadistic and unempathetic have been made that way and are still victims [these are the people they use as 'foot soldiers', whereas the real players will never be out in the open]), Alicja is often referred to simply as 'The Polish girl', so a reference to her real life experience. At the entrance of this house is a stone angel.

In a sequence describing how Carly was sold (child above, adult below), the mother who sold her is named symbolically as Alma, a grown-up Carly has black/white striped sleeves and takes sadistic pleasure from the knowledge that a little girl's hymen has just been broken (she "wants to see blood on the sheets"); but her personality just mirrors those that she was sold to (sadistic child abusers/drug dealers/pimps). Carly is housing numerous slaves in the basement, he eventually manages to leave with Adriana, she is arrested and the children are discovered. The brother returns Adriana to her mother in Mexico, then goes to kill 'Vadim' (the 'Russian gangster' boss who kidnapped Adriana and raped Alicja); in front of his son (so you feel empathy for the trafficker + a lesson there's no point in getting revenge as it just creates more problems for everyone including yourself).

As mentioned before there is a lot of flower MK symbolism (the above 'lilies' motif features a lot throughout [a plastic one in a hotel and such]) in this film (flowers need to be taken care of from 'birth' [i.e. programmed] in order for it to bloom [i.e. the intended result of the programming; victims being programmed 'like a flower coming into bloom']), this is also shown in the password for the auction as first of all it is 'orchid' and then 'greenhouse' (both obviously associated with flowers and "cultivating" them ['programming' in the MK metaphor]; greenhouses especially symbolic as they are predominantly made of glass).

Adriana is named, again symbolically [most imagery/names/etc in movies are made with conscious, symbolic intent] 'Maria', after the Virgin Mary who had been invoked so much. Adriana reminds me of another kitten programmed model from South/Central America, Adriana Lima.

Very informative video here (the scenarios described will have been repeated an infinite number of times throughout history around the world [abusive alcoholic parents ((probably abused themselves))/sold into slavery and the like]). This is just one head of the multi-headed eagle; I focus more on those used by corporations as performing puppets (not everyone you see in the media is a puppet, but many of them are and they are my primary focus) who I think experience similar lives at an early age [in terms of the abuse/programming; the majority of 'trafficked' sex-slaves are of course not specifically programmed with trauma-based Monarch programming to shatter the mind and manifest numerous alters with specific sexual perversions ((or whatever)) in mind, but as shown by the above video and others they are kept in the right mental state through electroshocks ((a major tool in shattering the mind)) and other known MK methods used in the more severe level of MK/mind-kontrol. MK = all forms of psychological/mental manipulation and all symbolism/motifs/etc associated with it ((i.e. the bird cage is easy to understand, illustrated in this post further up))]. Another pertinent video here on Cambodia, I'm focusing on it here because I came across the videos but obviously this happens everywhere else also.

A video on Russian trafficking "The man who allegedly pulled the strings of the crime network is a senior official in Russian intelligence... he acquired documents for the women under the pretense they were needed for 'secret intelligence missions abroad'." It's time to severe both heads of the double headed eagle!!! Wikipedia has a pretty extensive history of sexual slavery (though the long-lasting, psychological damage [even from generation to generation] I personally feel should be more focused on). Recently I posted on a Pakistani 'cathouse' (brothel) who were likely using trafficked sex slaves, and a recent report from India says there are 1 million child sex slaves in India (again these 'statistics' never account for those that are being abused/used as sex-slaves by family members/guardians and the like [which I feel make up the true majority]).


Anonymous said...

In the line of what u posted, here are another 2 i recommend u. Mabe they're not as good as this one u mentioned or others, but they worth watching:




Anonymous said...

Great post [as always], Ben.... just queued "Trade" on Netflix for further dissection.

It is amazing/disgusting how MK, sex kitten programming, and dehumanization permeates the everyday public's culture. Your point about our own vernacular with phrases like "get some pussy", "c'mon bitch", etc was insightful... and I know I am guilty (and it is out of my usual character). There's no doubt our media-indoctrination is mostly at fault. And, I do not underestimate (as you repeatedly mention throughout your blog) how even seeing the occult symbols can trigger changes with the mind... even those not aware of their programming.

Even when at a night club, seeing female party-goers emulate or transform into these sexy, yet apathetic runway models, usually dancing by themselves or girlfriends, staring at themselves in the mirror, scared (not just picky) to dance with men. It's very strange. I'm wondering if this is some form of kitten-ization, but more a "look but don't touch". As though they're masterless and cannot be instructed?

Just a thought. Thanks for all your work and efforts.


KazarKiller said...

You can replace the Russians in this movie with Jews who are the number one importers and exporters of sex slaves on the planet. Russians are the popular scapegoats in movies for Jew activity as well as Americans (untrustworthy, greedy businessmen), Afghans (terrorist) and Colombians (drug dealers).
As for Mary being raped by a soldier, dude you need to be more objective on your articles and stop bringing your own traumatizations into your analysis. In all your postings you always have something to say about Christianity but always used the description, "and other religions," when you know it involves Judaism or something involving Jews. (although a Catholics prayer in view in this movie). Check out the website to get the other half of what you're not being told.

KazarKiller said...

One other thing I'd like to say is that you do a great job with your observations on MK and such. Very informative and more on target than other websites.
I use this site for as part of my education. Only problem is that if you're going to talk religion, know what your talking about. Not that Davinci Code crap.

Absolom said...

Another great example of Phoebe Cates' MK'd acting is her role in the film Drop Dead Fred, with Rik Mayall.

In it she plays an girl with an imaginary friend (Mayall) who acts out when he's released from confinement in a broken Jack in the Box.
Turns out that her father left her when she was young because the mother was a controlling megabitch. Mother controls/programmes her through abuse and trauma, turning her into a sedate little puppet who acts just like Mum.

She has a controlling boyfriend/ husband who the mother lusts after apparently. He's cheating on Cates with another girl called Annabella. Together they force her to take mind altering 'medicine' that the shrink claims have no side effects but 'simply deactivates the part of the brain that is malfunctioning'. It culminates with her collapsing into a dissociative state where she dreams of a twisted altered version of her Mother's house, with standard black/white tiles on the floor and many other obvious MK references such as a tree growing from her thoughts to allow her to reach a higher level.

She awakes from this 'dream' and leaves the husband,taking his flash car, going to her mother's and telling her she's leaving, to which the Mother responds "I'll be lonely" obviously her reason for controlling her daughter, or just a desperate attempt to play on her emotions. There's lots more in there to find, check it out sometime. It's impressively blatant for a film from 1991.

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