Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Pussycat Dolls and Electra in the MK Dollhouse

Apologiez for broken video embed (it'll probably break again). Maybe if corporations weren't such copyright Nazis, people (particularly younger generations) would not be so inclined to view them as faceless evil entities. I assume many of the videos throughout the blog are also broken which is a shame.

Checkout Pussycat Dolls' latest video; the M.C. Escher-style staircases [after the nude Nicole in a bath sequence], lots of shattered/fractured mind motifs (the disco ball symbolically positioned behind Nicole's head, some clothing [on the DJ/spinner]), even kitten Carmen Electra *(standard MK name/identity alteration/change from a 'Tara Leigh Patrick' [covered a similarly named kitten Tera Patrick at the 'Houses for Cats' post], Electra is a name I've covered a lot lately [mythology/psychology]; she was originally used as a theme park dancer in a show called "It's Magic!" [more on this further down], then androgynous Prince apparently gave her the advice to change her name, her later relationships with suspect people like Dave Navarro ["married" his first wife in a pagan ceremony, lots of symbolism in his various bands' videos if I remember correctly]; she's also been a pussycat doll at one point along with others I've posted on)* with a butterfly hairpin (very symbolic see posts like this and this). The video portrays main kitten Nicole in her various alters (housed in different rooms of the doll's house, accurate to the internal structures in dollhouse programming [you'll notice the Escher-style disorientating staircase ((Escher's paintings are well known to be used in programming due to their themes of illusion/disorientation/mirror images/infinite/etc, checkout In2Worlds' hugely influential MK movies article for this used in Labyrinth + a lot of the relevant symbols)) in a white hall; is positioned in the middle/centre of the dollhouse, so this is probably the area ((a primal part [also symbolized by the white/no colour/personality], early/core split which the programming is "built" on)) that allows her access to other compartments of the mind where the various alters are housed]): "Playing on the group's name, the video is set in a doll's house with the camera zooming in to show Nicole in different costumes in every rooms." quote from the Daily Mail's article. Perez Hilton almost makes me feel physically ill. For more on these Doll Kittens currently used in conditioning the male and female younger generations (more on this about Playboy in my next post [it's all part of the same twisted agenda]) see pussycat dolls label. I'll edit in some images and replace the video when better quality versions are put online (there were a few details I couldn't make out which I think were worth going into).

Shhh.... with a blue butterfly ring on one of the dolls (what's the secret?).

Note the interlocking squares (these types of 'linking'/infinite patterns and when they make a larger pattern/image when viewed from a distance are always symbolic [need to work on a description of them as this obviously isn't the best]) on the reflective/silver/blurry mirror wall. I think the swinging on chandalier theme has to do with light and glass/crystal symbolism as well as animal/dehumanization (as in movies/literature and such you often see monkeys swinging on chandeliers like this), swinging on it's own is also MK symbolic (pendulum + swinging/switching between identities); symbolically positioned at the top of the dollhouse.

Electro-Trance! (I'm not referring to the styles of music ;)

Hush Hush, these dolls are already broken. (listen to lyrics)

Carmen with her butterfly hairpin. I've added a few images of her below with the usual suggestions (+ first video to show her mental state [I've covered the role of paparazzi's flashing photography lights in MK a lot before; flashing/strobe lights is a well known hypnotic induction technique, more detail in past posts]).

Note all the interlocking rings/chains behind her as a Playboy bunny.

Purple Butterfly embroidery above, an extremely pink MTV awards with confirmed MK victim Anna Nicole (kept under constant control through drugs etc).

Carmen performing as a Pussycat Doll (usual leopard print shoes/bra thing; the image further up was very interesting as the pussycat dolls danced around/on a black/white duality cube).

As a Marilyn Kitten

Her voice over work is particularly relevant as she voiced the android/sexbot 'Six' (think Battlestar Galactica cylon 'Six' was also partly programmed for sex [seduced and manipulated Baltar]; the name parodies the 7 of 9 cyborg in Star Trek apparently and partly based on this sex-slave character in Lexx ['six' obviously relates to the whole 6/sex, 6/9, 69 deal; useful in programming]): "Six is a sexy cyborg that was designed as a sex slave." (from wiki) "A gorgeous sex cyborg. Six's programming makes her think about sex more than dorm full of college freshman!" (from official site)

The sexbot has also been voiced by other (MK'd/programmed kittens/sex slaves) like Jenny McCarthy, Gina Gershan and Terry Farrell.

I haven't seen most of her "films" but I'd guess there are more relevant roles in them also (playing a humiliated blind girl in Scary Movie 4). [see her imdb for links/info on these films; no time to go through them myself]

It's posters are quite symbolic with Saw (spiral ventriloquist dummy etc) + tentacles/phallic symbolism + eye etc. The below ones with Hello Kitty + Saw, and a split mind/one eye suggestive blow-up sex doll poster (Grudge parody).

Note the black goat mask (or ram or whatever) at the very end of this video (after the scene with standard Carmen as a sexual object theme). Interpret the symbols/themes on the poster below for yourself (there's quite a few things there).

Carmen Electra in Meet the Spartans - The best video clips are here

She has been training future potential kittens all around the world with her "aerobics video" (note checkerboard floor). Below is the standard Howard Stern objectification and humiliation of slaves (I think the guy in control of the sybian [out of shot] usually wears a wrestling mask).

One of Disney's Dissociative Princesses. Speaking of Disney Dissociation, the Jonas Brothers' latest single 'Paranoid' couldn't be more blatant (tonnes of MK symbolism [also showing similar internal structure symbolism as PCD's; hallways/doors = accessing other compartments of the mind] + note the lyrics as always [cheers to emailer for tip]); WHAT COULD IT ALL MEAN?!?!?! Check out the hilariously true South Park parody, for more on JB/Disney.

But back to Carmen's MK suggestive images; here a few Lolita themed ones (potentially shot with her in a child-like alter) then things get a little too blatant (with the kitty, mannequin/robot/marionette[etc] image and such). These types of sexually explicit images I personally view as necessary for posting as they're often the most symbolic (and people need to realize how much sexuality is a factor in programming/general psychology), though I'm sure a lot of people get the wrong idea about these kinds of images.

Spot the butterfly (sorry), also note the creepy skulls and whatnot.

What do you think the gun and Eiffel Tower represent/symbolize in these images? (phallus) It's worth noting here the theme park she was first used as a performer in the show "It's Magic!" was in Kings Island, Mason, Ohio, which has a replica (1/3rd the size) of the Eiffel Tower as it's centrepiece.

Collared Kitten, drinking milk below (more kitten programming/suggestion [i.e. in dehumanizing the alter to a cat/kitten you force the victim to only drink milk and other things associated with cat behavior], it goes without saying that it's also suggestive of another white liquid [which you can easily relate to how these associations would be used in programming ((dehumanization etc)) cat/kitten sexual alters... i.e."Time for your milk kitty..." and the like; over time, this would create an almost "sexual thirst/hunger" in the victim ((usually only in a specific cat/kitten alter programmed for sex)) which is of course an important factor of sex-kittens]).


Azrael said...

That's so weird how those photographers in that video just keep saying "Carmen....Carmen....Carmen......" And I can't even believe that last picture, wow...

Anonymous said...

On the cover of ESQUIRE with CARMEN, ironically theres an item "Tom Hanks vs. Tom Hanks". Clue to MK? U bet...


Anonymous said...

Dont forget the story behind her alias, that she became CARMEN ELECTRA after an "artistic session" lol with Prince. CARMEN ELECTRA, the alter ego of TARA LEIGH PATRICK...


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

MISCHA BARTON said: “I grew up with pictures of Marianne Faithfull and Anita Pallenberg on my wall, they have always been my style. I am a weird replica of the 70s!" All possibilites are open...


jerry_beck said...

"According to Michael Ausiello, another familiar face from the Whedonverse will be appearing on Dollhouse next summer. SUMMER GLAU, of the recently canceled Terminator:The Sarah Connor Chronicles will be hanging at the house next season."

From robot to MK'd doll...interesting choice of roles :)

Anonymous said...

Caleb they do that to get her to look at their specific camera, as such pictures seem more "exclusive" and the photographer gets paid a higher rate for them. They're not trying to trance her, lol.

It's a shame about Carmen Electra, such an amazing face on that woman but such a head full of air. When she talks might as well have the word BIMBO stamped on her forehead. What a waste.

Anonymous said...

They should have just made Summer Glau the star of Dollhouse and be done with it, that other chick* is such a terribly shitty actress. At least Summer Glau has had a lot more experience with such roles.


Anonymous said...

That picture of Gaga on the RS cover she looks like Maria from Metropolis

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