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Incestuous Butterfly Pia Zardora

Pia Zadora was born to Saturnina [Saturn/Satan; she worked in theatre (Pia was used in productions from a very early age)] and Alphonse Schipani a violinist. Her most famous film is 'Butterfly' due to it's controversial nature (and the fact that she received a Golden Globe from incestuous [literally and figuratively] Hollywood) involving incest between a father (played by Stacy Keach [caught smuggling cocaine at UK customs and such]) and daughter. She is of Polish descent, her name 'Zadora' is not her real name; it's partly based on her mother's maiden name 'Zadorowski', but it's also to do with the Polish coat of arms called 'Zadora' used by "elite" nobility from the region [the name makes me think of Zardoz also]. I should mention something about the top monarch butterfly animated gif image, it was created for her Myspace tribute page I think; that's where I found it anyway.

Edit: It's probably worth reminding [for people who haven't read all the relevant material like Illuminati Formula which I feel has the most extensive descriptions of what's going on (but you should of course read many other sources), despite some people's reservations about the author (the book does have some problems, but nothing's perfect; overall it is an excellent source I feel)], multigenerational incest abuse is a massive part of what Monarch mind control involves and is why the 'Monarch' term is used [monarch butterflies pass down 'knowledge/memory' (the same repeated lengthy migration that takes multiple generations to complete) genetically (see IF for more details on the significance)]; it is known that multigenerational abuse victims have a particularly high level of dissociation (so passed down from generation to generation similar to the monarch butterfly [butterfly symbolism goes much deeper too, see posts like this one where I go into their fragility/transformation and other 'MK symbolic' attributes]), so these families have been 'singled out' for ("Monarch") programming over many decades (generation to generation), and why the monarch butterfly is so extensive (in the media, I probably don't mention/warn about it enough but all of the symbols I post make for very effective triggers because of these kinds of associations to MK/mind control [which I've hopefully explained throughout the blog, how the numerous motifs/symbols/themes are associated with MK/enslavement/mental bondage/programming and such]) and the "Project Monarch" unofficial CIA codename.

Orson Welles also makes an appearance (supposed to be humorous I think) as a judge, note the lion in front of him.

I find it quite disturbing that her first child was named after her character in Butterfly 'Kady' [Katy/cat], considering the incest implications. Her male children are called 'Kristopher Brazie' and 'Jordan Maxwell' (reminding me of his namesake, the occult researcher [makes me a little suspicious of him + I heard that's not his real name or something also, though his research is top-notch for the most part]). Her "relationships" suggest MK to me as a wealthy Israeli businessman 'Meshulam Riklis' who, when they moved into the famous 'Pickfair' mansion in Hollywood: "To show his "love and affection", Riklis commissioned an oil portrait of Zadora nude. Visitors were greeted by the portrait."... doesn't sound like he's showing off his sex slave/kitten at all!!! It doesn't take much intuition to realize that Meshulam is a handler and child abuser (hence why he named his daughter after the incestuous character). Edit: Forgot to mention they divorced (in 1995 [originally "married" in 1977]) and her second marriage was to Jonathan Kaufer (1995, so married immediately after leaving Meshulam; Kaufer and Zadora divorced in 2001).

Lots of pertinent stuff in the below trailer for 'The Lonely Lady' (she is molested by a hose [phallic, goes without saying], all the hypnotic spinning, character relates to reality [raped by something phallic, then tries to make it in entertainment industry and loses her mind in parts] etc).

She was also in the below movies/shows.

Naked gun 33 1/3 (33/13; 1/3 is .333333 [so lots of Freemasonic 33 obsession]) has a shitload of MK'd individuals in it (OJ, Anna Nicole [posted 'that' video of Anna Nicole in child-like alter back here btw], Pia etc)

As Little Miss Muffet below:
Little Miss Muffet
Sat on a tuffet,
Eating her curds and whey;
Along came a spider,
Who sat down beside her
And frightened Miss Muffet away

Worth clicking below for pentagrams + standard MK themes of aliens/robots/santa/phallic rocket ship (in it, Pia plays a young martian girl).

Standard MK 'robot hand' + lots more themes in these posters (suggestively positioned guitar [phallus] and all the imagery behind them in space).

One of the programmed Jackson kids, Jermaine Jackson worked with her (note Jermaine's fractured glass motif on his jacket, in the video [duality theme; black biker gang vs white] Pia wears sunglasses, one eye with a white thing in the shape of a shard of glass over it).

She appeared in TV and print advertisements for the below alcoholic drink 'Dubonnet' (apparently the British Monarchs' favorite drink). Note the kitty cat on the print ad (with Pia as acting as a kitten).

As mentioned before, she had a daughter called 'Kady' (above) named after the butterfly in the movie. She has done some acting also, the below trailer features the standard clich├ęd MK setting, girls trapped in an institution and tormented by masked serial killers, not sure if she's in the actual trailer as her roles have been minor.

Pia and Kady in tutus at some typical fashion event.

Them both today (at recent a Inglourious Basterds premiere).

Dressed as a kitten Pia, with probable handler 'Meshulam Riklis'.


skrambo said...

Jordan Maxwell is still alive. Not sure where you heard that he passed away... Interesting that one of her children seems to be named after him, though.

"Voyage of the Rock Aliens"? Sounds awful, I'll have to check it out.

Benjamin S said...

Ah, got him mixed up with Kentroversy/Kent Daniel Bentkowski for some reason (was looking into their research at around the same time probably). Fixed, cheers Tommy.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of occult researchers, FRITZ SPRINGMEIER plagiarized others works and is a damm woman abuser/beater...


Azrael said...


Whose work did he plagarize? And how do you know he's a woman abuser?

skrambo said...

I wouldn't be too suspicious of Maxwell since his work on occult symbols was a gateway for a lot of people (including myself) but I do get that he is fearmongering just a little (he lives in poverty so I'm guessing he's somewhat on the right side), I'd probably be doing the same if I knew half as much about this stuff as he does (fear is one thing that will wake people up to what's going on unfortunately) and since he's been suppressed so much and had his life threatened his message gets subverted a little. Just saying...

I think the thing with Zadora's son's name is an actual coincidence (yes, those do occur sometimes), or maybe they are toying with Maxwell like they usually do (for instance, "The Da Vinci Code" was ripped off entirely from his work and he wasn't given any credit at all)

Too off topic, sorry. I think Springmeier gets the scale of things right, but I wouldn't be surprised if he had a shady history, considering he is basically an encyclopedia of knowledge on mind control techniques. Though, at times reading his work I wonder if some parts aren't just sick, deranged fantasy, but truth is stranger than fiction.

Lostworld said...

Great post on Pia Zadora! Thanks Ben for showing everybody the ugly truth... I'm always learning something new everytime I'm here.

Lostworld (from Icke's Stepford thread)

Anonymous said...

About Springmeier I found out from a David Icke's poster on his thread. I emailed him and thanked for the info but in response he said hes sorry he cant say more about the subject. And no word of him ever since... One in one, despite no solid evidence and despite the fact that I mite be considered naive, I believe him...


Anonymous said...

BAHAMAS again...


skrambo said...

Fashion over food... The "anorexic model" stereotype seems inherent of MK abuse, since most people do not actually resemble a bag of antlers (unless they are attempting to look like the models)


mal said...

I recently read an article in the mainstream press (Princess pedestal: How many girls are on one?) which in a round about way deals with the topic of your blog. The reporter never used the term "mind control" but that's what she's writing about.

Anonymous said...

Nice dig-up from the past. I remember her. A long time ago [when i was quite unawares], I remember someone asking me "how on earth she got in show business." My answer then was, "Cause she has a really nice round little ass on her." So close yet so far away.

Anonymous said...

I clicked on the link for the Illuminati Formula only to find the following message at the top of the page:

.."This content has been removed due to suspected copyright infringement.."

Wonder how that happened! lol

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