Thursday, 20 November 2008


Amy Winehouse's inevitable blood sacrifice is depicted in art laying in a pool of blood, after having been shot in the head, next to a Minnie Mouse Mask, which is obviously very important as at a party when she was 6 she also dressed up as Minnie (below, from here; no doubt some sick rituals/trauma took place at that). BTW the title of the post refers to (as well as obviously the 'OMG' type expletive) Britney Spears' (another future blood sacrifice; then Miley [obviously none are set in stone, they're just the most likely candidates]) song which is called 'If You Seek Amy' (obviously not the most blatant MK song on the album; gone into shattered glass, Mannequin etc in past posts, probably write it up in full in Britney Part 3 around her birthday) which sounds more like "All of all the boys and all of the girls are beggin' to F-U-C-K Me", hear it here. The piece is called 'The Only Good Rock Star Is A Dead Rock Star' by Marco Perego, bits/parts of her brain are splattered on the floor. I wonder if this William Burroughs (shot his wife in the head with a shotgun; this is based on that or something) fella was MK'd or more likely his wife... or I guess they're just celebrating his sadistic murderous mind [we know how these "people" love to shoot people in the face/head, see Cheney ;p]. Cheers to commenter for tip, here's the link.

Amy Age 6, dressed as Minnie Mouse (complete with white gloves)... Edit: Wonderful tip from commenter; Amy with an owl (major illuminist symbol, Bohemian Grove, head-spin, all seeing, etc) again as a child, and yeah like I said, deffo gone through some serious traumatic abuse (don't like to label it 'SRA' specifically, too much stigma attached to the term [occult/luciferian ritual is a massive part of it though, the whole "satanic" element is just to scare the christians + give the 'enlightened' masses something they can say they 'know' isn't true, merely the product of hysteria: 'SRA'... read the wiki page and see the ridiculous image they have and such to illustrate my point... the final sentence of the intro section in particular. All abuse is 'ritual' abuse (standard serious abuse at home, nothing to do with MK [but still connected because of the psychological effects on the child]) as it is usually always repeated numerous times (these people's 'urges' don't magically dissapear) in a ritualistic fashion and is always sadistic [SRA can stand for sadistic ritual abuse], so to say SRA doesn't exist is utter lunacy]).

+ Amy the ballerina [go into it somewhat in previous posts, main one here I guess; lots of spinning, infront of the mirror etc]

It was part of the gallery called... get this: “The Truth Is All of These Things. The Truth Is None of These Things. The Truth Is Some of These Things” at the Half Gallery. Link for more info + the pic looks different for some reason; added one below + a video 'Daddy's Girl' [the horse-shoe branding has 'Daddy's Girl' written around it with a topless girl below it].

Random strange paparazzi exchange, asking her who her favorite artist is: "Well I truly believe that Michael Jackson is magical."

Amy Winehouse Madness... I should stop adding videos; note the frenzy of flashing lights at some points.

Might as well add the info on her other tattoos.

Blue bird; pin-up with red shoes.


Winged Ankh... as ye do.

Marked property.


Miss MLE said...

'The Only Good Rock Star Is A Dead Rock Star' by Marco Perego: This is a reference to the Comedy Legend Bill Hicks. The man against "the man". Pls. indulge as I have to take the opportunity to quote another pertinent & profound saying by Bill: "Die, Lizard Scum!" ;)

Anonymous said...

"Daddy's girl"....ugh! You know the amount of times I've seen her with her dad in photos, and she lives with him, right? WTF is he doing for her? Every time I see him, he's smiling looking happy with a f**** shopping bag in his hand by some designer paid for by his slave daughter.

If that was my daughter I'd sedate her fly her to a remote island and hire round the clock nurses to help her detox. You know they have the money to do it and you know the law could be made to look the other way. So why haven't they?

Anonymous said...

When you think of the meaning of those tats, just terrifying. The BLUEBIRD is an obvious "intelligence" symbol

Anonymous said...

This is the original source, there's a video with the "artist" and he seems mighty shifty and like he doesn't really know why he did it, and is giving someone else's explanation of the piece, then sends it away to the guy in the suit, who's just talking some bullshit in my opinion to justify this garbage.

you're welcome ben ;)


Anonymous said...

sorry you had that last link up already. true.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, rite:

The winner of America's Next Bullshit: Interesting name and birthdat too: 9.09.1988. U can say BRITTANY "MCCAIN" SULLIVAN lol


Anonymous said...

Check out the new video of THE KILLERS, Brandon Flowers fervent fucked up Mor(mo)n:

After LEONA LEWIS, another winner called LEON in sight:

The "new sensation" YAEL NAIM:
I searched but didnt find the video on the youtube. Anyway the fish bowl appears again in the video/at the end of it. Symbolism of water/water goddess IMO.


Anonymous said...

Check this out:


Anonymous said...

Good lord! That bash in Dubai (the new Atlantis) had almost all of hollywood attending!

What makes these people so special? It can't just be the mind control. Someone like 40 yr. old Kylie is still so much in demand at these levels?? You cannot tell me a more talented, attractive singer cannot be found in the world besides her... What allows these people to get to the "top" like this?

There's got to be some kind of spiritual element here. My guess is they can all host high level demonic entities really really well at rituals, because judging by their looks and talent there's nothing particularly stand out about any of these people, not to mention without the plastic surgery makeup etc they would look like everyone else.

Its has to be something the public can't see that allows them to operate at these levels.

Anonymous said...

Its partly their ability to dissociate mixed in with who their ancestors were- DNA. Not everyone can be programmed where they BLACKOUT memories of things they were involved in. The bloodline people can, and sometimes the occasional non-bloodliner who can be made to do so.

Anonymous said...

And look 'normal' while doing it

Anonymous said...

Maybe they're looking for places they can eventually disappear to when the shit hits the fan fiercely. Maybe this was like a real huge real estate party.

Anonymous said...

Dubai is a mecca for plastic surgery. That's where all the 'cool' aliens and elite hang out with their new faces/bodies. Its their playground. Clones are welcome too :)

Devin said...

I am definitely not a Winehouse fan -or one of Spears or Madge-any of them really-But what is being done to them is inhuman. I agree with you Ben-this one is inevitable like the heat of the sun. Best to you-Devin

Anonymous said...

I believe Amy Winehouse is a victim
of horrible SRA. There is also a pic of her posing with a REAL owl on her shoulder as a child. Google it!

SyncNess said...

Did this get posted?

Amy Winehouse Wiki-
"Club nights
On 10 July 2008, Winehouse launched her own club night, Snakehips at the Monarch, in the Camden Monarch venue in London."

Project.Tachinid said...

I must share first that my
verification phrase was "psynest". Isn't that nice?

You're working for Them, aren't ya, Ben?

No I'm just picking on you.


I found the first historically verified use of the term x factor (in this case...factor x) was by Denis Rader.

Born in 1945. In Kansas.Wi(t)chita, Kansas.


note childish double repetition of verbs. also use of plastic bag as murder implement which lets aface it, didn't enter most normal people's minds until that video game where you can kill people with them. Which also has strong themes of institutionalised training and programming for assassination etc.

also note strongly torturous nature of killings, at a time in history when most serials were hit and run kind of offenders.

more particularly, note "prewiring" for use of "dead letter boxes" for communicating with authorities (along with expectation of them being read) a technique at the time of BTK's childhood (note wanting to be known by impersonal code) most used by intelligence operatives in the European theater of war.

^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^

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^^^^^^ ^^^^^^ ^^^^^^

Project.Tachinid at hush dot ai said...

Project.Tachinid@hush dot ai

goddess of spam diversion, forgive us.

sazzrah said...

Wanted to mention something about the photo of Amy with the owl. Not sure if you are familiar with British schools, but it is very common all across the country for schools to have falconry demonstrations. Almost all British adults under the age of 35-40 will have one of these exact same photos from school. After the demonstration you get a CHOICE between having a Snowy Owl on your shoulder or wearing a glove and holding a Falcon. Almost always girls chose the owl as it was so soft and gentle - they let you stroke them. Whereas boys often opted for the Falcon.

I myself have exactly the same photo of me as a child with a Snowy Owl on my shoulder in the oval frame, I'm not involved in the illuminati - honest ;). I guess if you insisted, you could still chalk it up to some illuminati symbolism - British kids all with owls! But seriously, that photo doesn't single Winehouse out as being involved in the illuminati - everyone in her school would have the exact same picture.

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