Saturday, 2 May 2009

Masked Miley and her Black Butterflies

Oh Miley, Miley Miley Miley. I've followed her trip over to the UK and Europe for her Hannah Montana movie (will report when I've seen it; but already covered some of it [more detail here] and obviously the general 'alter-ego/personality' theme of Hannah Montana in older posts; also I've posted a tonne of her standard Monarch/butterfly imagery [click Miley Miley opening line]) with some interest, watching her interview with Jonathan Ross and such.... she is a total fucking machine! Shown by the fact that she is constantly in this weird hyper Disney promotional mode, even Jonathan Ross (whose dealt with his fair share of "insane" MK'd celebrities) was pretty freaked by her persona (you can watch part 1 here). She is literally (in terms of her MK programming anyway) some form of corporate global Lolita robot. In the UK, London she turned up to her premiere (over a yellow and purple 'red carpet') in an outrageously short gold dress (note it is sparkling/jewel-encrusted + pyramid shapes on her wrist jewelry and such); very fitting for her age and her pre-teen/tween market. But I'd like to do a bigger Miley post shortly, had to quickly do this post because at her Paris (very symbolic location for this; with the Eiffel Tower and such [it's historically famous for it's brothels/cathouses], butterfly Paris Hilton's name illustrates this) premiere she was covered in butterflies (black on a white background [so they're grey]; more black/white duality).

More images + info from the London premiere and such at Daily Mail.

Note Brandi's (one of Miley's sisters) head partially covering the Disney store logo (she is a Disney product; the whole Cyrus family is).

Surely one of the greatest inventions of our time is 'twittering', Miley has her own account of course; the internet offers a whole new fucked up way of exposing their slaves to the masses. Most of the time she writes about how "Jesus Christ Loves You" and standard crap you'd expect to hear from these people (talking about rainbows, john lennon [the background Lennon picture creeps me out], her daddy and such). But most interesting are probably her pictures, end this quick post off with her + her sister Brandi (pictured above with Miley at the French premier) wearing masks. Tonight she is attending a "Lollipops and Rainbows" (lmao) 'charity event' (according to her post from 1 hour ago; she is literally now performing [as 15 minutes ago she was 'about to perform']), so I'll probably add more images from that into this post (also wanted to post some other stuff; mainly regarding the usual imagery, and Trace [Miley's brother] + a clearly MK'd kitten of his and more on Brandi [Edit: delayed, may just leave all that for another post anyway]) depending on what goes on in said event.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say in the Jonathon Ross interview at 1:43 he mentions, "I'm just glad you didn't come out holding a cup and saucer", and then her eyes blink and said "yeah, yeah". Cup and Saucer seemed to be trigger words for her, used by Johnathon on her.

It's also interesting how Lady GaGa carries her cup and saucer with her.

Also it's interesting that the Tavistock Institute is in London who are known for their mind control operations.

Guess we have to play a game of connect the dots?

Anonymous said...

The queen of the world? :)


Sergio Alexis Florez Ortiz Jr said...

so a friend invited me to an india arie concert and here is what i observed. india had butterfly wings on and wouldnt stop talking butterflies and transformation. i dont know much about monarch butterflies and how they are used in mind control. where would be a good place to start for this information. fritz springmeier maybe? anywho, here are pics and a video of india with the butterfly wings related to said event.

more india with butterflies

Benjamin S said...

Fascinating comment Sergio, thanks for the videos/images, I'd never heard of her, definitely looks like she's a monarch anyway (random synch, have a new fashion image of a model in similar monarch wings queued for a post), some imagery on album covers (peacock feathers) and in videos (this one anyway [only one I've looked at really]with the image of someone riding a butterfly on the bass drum; the name 'Arie' means "lion of god" also makes me think of Ares god of war). On the Monarch butterfly use in MK/mind control, the Hidden Agendas blog has a good extract from Fritz's Illuminati Formula that's worth looking at for a general overview. And I've covered a lot of it in various posts whenever it's pertinent (i.e. Britney part 2 post and some recent butterfly-focused posts etc).

Great observations original anony, I didn't actually register the teacup/saucer Lady GaGa reference (wasn't paying that much attention to it mind) so much appreciated; and cheers Chris as always good link.

Anonymous said...

MOTHER/CUP trigger

^Search on that page for the word "cup"

Now read about Lady gaga's blue cup shenanigans below.

Although i disagree generally that these people are thoroughly MK'd puppets with no say whatsoever (bullshit),in this particular specific case i'd have to agree with this guy Ben because there is no way in my mind that Lady Gaga would have seen The Three Faces of Eve, at least not before being informed that she will now carry a blue teacup around for no reason whatsoever.

My theory about these artists is that THEY KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON AND AGREE TO GO ALONG and get paid. Their JOB IS TO TRIGGER PEOPLE. I have no pity for them. Dave Chapelle turned down a 50 MILLION dollar deal, got spooked and ran to Africa to get away from these fuckers. He PREFERRED not to sell his ass to the highest bidders.

EVERYONE has a choice but who wants to be a nobody? Certainly not the Britney's and Lady Gaga's of the world. It's horrible being a nobody, why i'd rather have my children taken away and be treated like a 5 year old than not be able to shake my ass all over the world and have people wanting to be me and "if you seek amy." It's my job.


A. Magnus Publius said...

Isn't Miley a little young to be wearing an engagement/promise ring? Check out the left hand on her short skirt pics you posted. I wonder who the lucky handler - I mean fellow is...

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