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The Final Destination: Your Mind in Pieces and Nazi Dehumanization

Rest In Pieces

Can't help but appreciate their dark MK humor, they're playing a game; they're Tweedledum, blogs like this are Tweedledee. These 'Final Destination' films follow the exact same pattern over and over ([except with different scenarios obviously] they're comedies if anything! but they do sort of suck you into the ridiculous plot [originally thought up as being an X-Files episode] and insane set pieces); this repetition ("cheat death" and death will come for you!) is probably for a specific programming purpose, with this looking like it could be the final one expect this one to be the climactic ultimate 'mind shattering' (the poster is a perfect depiction of the shattered/fractured mind symbolism I've shown many times) one.

A few other 'MK symbolic' posters from the series here (half face/split mind, in the mirror).

I recently saw Adam Resurrected and was pretty impressed with it's portrayal of how someone can be so dehumanized that they genuinely think of themselves as a dog/animal (the kid being the main example as Jeff Goldblum's character Adam isn't as dehumanized [he can still function as a human being]). I think it's a shame people don't recognize how useful the Nazi era was for the perfecting of mental/psychological manipulation/programming, history books talk about 'medical experiments' going on in the camps resulting in deaths but they always seem to portray it as simply mindless cruelty to exterminate as many people as possible and experiments done to affirm the Nazi's belief (most of it is just theatre to manipulate the masses) in the Untermensch/Ubermensch. Events like World Wars allow them to continue what they had been doing for centuries in torture chambers (remember these were built for the 'elite'/nobility in their prisons/castles); I'd be very surprised if throughout history torturers had not been documenting the physical and perceived psychological effects their torture was having on their victims up in the Tower of London and such. People forget just how brutal history is and who has been pulling it's strings; this brutality is predominantly limited only to those with the power and influence to practice it (again 'elite' torture chambers were VERY common in medieval times; I would argue that along with this, the incessant inbreeding over many centuries is part of what makes up "elite" society's sociopathic psychological makeup and their obsession with ritual/control/manipulation).

This is not a true story but there are obviously many examples of this type of thing going on throughout history (in terms of feral children, of course no one wants to think that anyone could be capable of intentionally manipulating someone, particularly an innocent child into this animalistic state but it absolutely goes on and is happening somewhere right now; dehumanization is an extremely common form of abuse and an essential mechanism for programming). Let's hope the forthcoming organized chaos does not allow something as horrific as the colossal level of dehumanization that occurred during the Nazi era to happen again (I'm not very optimistic [these things are cyclical by design, we're due another world war]).

Bird cage/feathers/masks/etc [1920's-30's Germany]

Jeff Goldblum plays circus entertainer/ringmaster 'Adam Stein' using his own daughter (Ana Geoanna according to a NY Times review, I can't find any info on her at all) in the knife-throwing show (obviously quite traumatic).

Willem Dafoe shows up as the Nazi bogeyman who, being a weak-minded individual thrives on the power the Nazi leadership gives him and punishes Goldblum for embarrassing him at one of his shows (Dafoe wearing the usual Nazi skull and bones + iron cross and other Nazi insignia). He knows of his 'dog trick' (manipulate a dog through mimicry) so takes this to the ultimate dehumanizing extreme as he is a fucked-in-the-head sociopathic Nazi (of course you could always read into this movie as being propaganda).

Speaking of Hitler and dog dehumanization; there's been a spate of Hitler related shows on TV recently (in England at least) and it's been interesting to hear of his physically abused childhood (I've gone into this fact in the past) and how this contributed to his own psychological makeup (though I think Hitler was manipulated far more than the show suggests [not that he wasn't "evil" I just think a lot of manipulators and people involved in the 'death camp infrastructure' ((IBM etc)) and such got off scott-free]). Hitler: The Rise of Evil also showed this dehumanization mentality in Hitler as he treated the niece he wanted to screw like a dog (made her go round in circles and stop on command, and basically outright calling her a dog and such [she kills herself]). It's worth mentioning that film has a lot of inaccuracies though it was good on the whole (also the director was fired for comparing the climate of fear Hitler rose to power in, with the War on Terrorism; which obviously 9/11 was the Bush family Nazis' Reichstag fire/false flag operation), Israel are gonna Bomb Bomb Bomb, Bomb Bomb Iran.

The story jumps from him in the mental asylum, where his damaged self is shown as he can only 'get off' apparently when dehumanizing others (symptom of this kind of this especially twisted psychological trauma) which he does to his love interest in the institution.

The dehumanized kid 'David' is shown chained and collared (and acting 100% like a dog having been dehumanized). He is played by Tudor Rapiteanu whose other role has him in a short film being used to traffick drugs (like young trafficked/mk slaves in reality [as they're not suspected by the authorities for obvious reasons]).

Why So Serious?! He's been made into a 'Joker'. I haven't gone into much detail here (did not want to turn this into a long post), there's more imagery/themes worth mentioning in the film.

The colour image of Goldblum with his daughter in the film further up comes from the New York Times review, whose reviews often seem to have a suggestive MK ring to them: "With his dark whirlpool eyes and sensual clown’s mouth, Jeff Goldblum has always suggested an actor poised to reveal a thousand faces, many of them nightmarish apparitions. In “The Fly” we saw a few of them; more emerge in the Holocaust survivor drama “Adam Resurrected.” The movie’s unsettling opening image is a close-up of his character, Adam Stein, in clown makeup, rolling his left eye while keeping the right stationary. In no particular order Mr. Goldblum’s shape-shifting character is an imperious circus magician and knife thrower, a dog whisperer, a wily seducer, a raging drunk and a traumatized observer of genocide." I thought this was an interesting interview from him about having to actually eat dirt at the behest of the director Paul Schrader who was abused/traumatized as a child by his nutjob religious parents (I'm sure many can relate to that): Paul Schrader's early life was based upon strict Dutch Calvinist principles and parental education. When he disobeyed his mother, she would stab his hand with a pin, asking, "You think that felt bad? Hell is like that, only every second and all over your body" [and speaking of religious/Christian programming the trailer for his Exorcist prequel displays some MK/MPD themes "Are you comfortable? How old are you? Is there someone inside of you? If I ask him to tell you will you let him answer?" then the "demon"/alter speaks]. He directed Cat People (click for detailed analysis), Patty Hearst (posted on her MK/brainwashing here) and wrote the script for Taxi Driver (+ many others, see wiki), so no prizes for guessing his involvement in MK/dehumanization!


48lawsNdreams said...

wow. I have to see this film! and, you're right, it seems like there's ALWAYS something on nazis/hitler every second on the history channel. why is the holocaust given so much publicity, only to for obvious reasons only tell a small percentage of the actual story and the actual agenda and what the REAL tragedies were...anything dealing with the holocaust is destined to be a success (actually, MADE a success by the corporations who pull the strings and say what's hot and what's not) from Anne Frank to last year's The Reader...would like to see you cover Kate Winslet one day, especially with her latest initiation/Oscar wins and her creepy threeway relationship with director Sam Mendes and Leo Dicaprio

mal said...

Schraeder also made a couple of movies, Auto-focus and Hardcore, about pornography. There's always a scene is his best movies where a character futilely attempts to reach out to another character who's MK'd. In my humble opinion, Taxi Driver is the best movie ever on the subject, especially the scene at the dinner between Robert De Niro and Jodie Foster. (Another Schraeder/MK connection -- after watching Taxi Driver, John Hinckley Jr. began stalking Foster and later attempted to assassinate Ronald Reagan.)

Dennis/87 said...

Always thought Goldblume was a sad clown of sorts. People use dogs and there barking to de-humanize others. Intentional dog training to bark at humans is an in-humane way to attack peoples sensibilities. People who like dogs more than humans are sick! People who let a dog lick their face are sick. My neighbor Wayne to the east is a sick MK meat puppet. Ok, you may guess I have been traumatized by his barking dogs. How can one cope with such tomfoolery? Dennis

Anonymous said...

Rocco's Death Still Undetermined, But No Foul Play]

29 May 2009 6:30 PM, PDT
Los Angeles officials have found no reason to believe celebrated filmmaker Marc Rocco's 1 May death was as a result of foul play.
But the cause of the writer, director and producer's death at 46 is still to be determined and investigations continue. He was 46.
The director of films like Murder in the First and the acclaimed Where the Day Takes You died alone at his home in California.
Rocco was the adopted son of The Godfather actor Alex Rocco.


anarchore said...

Another holohoax film, this time from Isr-el... when they gonna talk about the victims of the BolsheYids?

JB LeMage said...

Your comment that you'd be "very surprised if throughout history torturers had not been documenting the physical and perceived psychological effects their torture was having on their victims" reminded me of the torture scene in Rob Reiner's film adaptation of William Goldman's "The Princess Bride," where Count Rugen has Westley strapped to his state-of-the-art torture machine, and is interviewing Westley as he is being tortured, for inclusion in Humperdink's book on pain.

How droll.

skrambo said...

Ben - I sent you an email a couple of days ago but I think I might have gotten the wrong address since you haven't replied. My email's in my profile.

I heard an interview with Jeff Goldblum about Adam Resurrected and he was crying throughout pretty much the whole thing, he sounded really traumatized and distraught.

Anonymous said...

Ben I read about this film today - you must do a write up
(review by Metro)
French writer/director Pascal Laugier takes torture porn to new depths with this disturbing Gallic horror that many will struggle to consider entertainment.

It leaves you cold from the start, with a bleeding kidnap victim fleeing her tormentors.

Fifteen years later, said victim knocks on the door of the couple responsible and shoots them and their children. What seems to be a simple revenge storyline then takes an even darker turn as the nasty truth behind her abduction is revealed; in a nutshell, it involves a secret society and sadistic experimentation on young women.
Laugier might believe this tale is justified by its eschatological theme but that doesn't change the fact it's essentially 95 minutes of graphic brutality beyond belief with no ray of light at the end of it all.

Credit must go to Mylène Jampanoï and Morjana Alaoui for their chilling portrayals of the victims

Anonymous said...

Goldblum is an alien. Not kidding.

Anonymous said...

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